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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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G - H
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Andrew Gallup 79 Andrew Gallup Ledyard New London
Nehemiah Gallup 88 Nehemiah Gallup Ledyard New London
Amos Gallup 84 Amos Gallup Stonington New London
Daniel Galpin 83 Daniel Galpin Berlin Hartford
Amos Galpin 86 Amos Galpin Woodstock Windham
Francis P. Gardner 26 Frances Fowler Waterbury New Haven
Chauncey Garnsey 80 Chauncey Garnsey Watertown Litchfield
Asel Gay 84 Asel Gay Lebanon New London
Deodate Gaylord 80
Wilton Fairfield
Eleanor Geer 83 Joseph Thompson Manchester Hartford
William Gelston 84 William Gelston East Haddam Middlesex
William Gibbs 86 William Gibbs Litchfield Litchfield
Solomon Gibbs 80 Solomon Gibbs Litchfield Litchfield
Gershom Gibbs 90 Willis Gibbs Litchfield Litchfield
Patience Gibbs 75 Jarvis Grisnold Litchfield Litchfield
Achsah Giddings 77 Achsah Giddings Hartland Hartford
Affiah Giddings 69 Henry Fuller Hartland Hartford
Mary Giddings 76 Charles Brewster Preston New London
Hooker Gilbert 88 Hooker Gilbert Berlin Hartford
Thomas Gilbert 85
Huntington Fairfield
Mary Gilbert 74 Franklin Gilbert Barkhamstead Litchfield
Benjamin Gilbert 79 Benjamin Gilbert Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Athnel Gileot 81 Athnel Gileot Litchfield Litchfield
Benjamin Gillet 82 Benjamin Gillet Milford New Haven
Joseph Gillet 85 B. F. Gillet East Lyme New London
Benoni Gillett 78 Benoni Gillett Granby Hartford
Ephraim Gillett 79 James Gillett Granby Hartford
Benoni Gillett 80 Benoni Gillett City of New Haven New Haven
Jonathan Gillettt 78 Jonathan Gillett Canaan Litchfield
Elizabeth Gladden 70 Elizabeth Gladden Bristol Hartford
Mary Glenney -- William Glenney Milford New Haven
Ebenezer Godard 88 Arsepheus Godard Granby Hartford
John Godard 81 Grove Godard Granby Hartford
Jonathan Godfrey 87 Samuel Smith Weston Fairfield
Reuben Godfrey 83 Benjamin Godfrey City of Norwich New London
Gideon Goff 79 Gideon Goff Weathersfield Hartford
Samuel Golpin 81 Samuel Golpin Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Susanna Goodell 68 Amos Goodell Thompson Windham
Deborah Goodrich 72 Allen Robins Weathersfield Hartford
Ichabod Goodrich 81 Jasper Goodrich Weathersfield Hartford
James Goodrich 82 Joseph Goodrich Branford New Haven
Abigail Goodsel 94 Trueman Colt East Haven New Haven
Stephen Goodyear 78 Stephen Goodyear Hartland Hartford
Phineas Gorham 83 Phineas Gorham Milford Litchfield
Sarah Gould 83 Aaron Gould Reading Fairfield
Roxannah Gowdy 68 Henry Gowdy Enfield Hartford
Jemima Graham 85 Ruth Bartholomew Windsor Hartford
Jesse Graham 79 Jesse Graham Chatham Middlesex
Jared Grannis 85 Frederic Grannis East Haven New Haven
Gustavus Grant 81 Lucius Grant East Windsor Hartford
Lucy Grant 79 Harvey Grant East Windsor Hartford
Hannah Grant 82 Elisha Kinney North Stonington New London
Elnathan Grant 78 Elnathan Grant Tolland Tolland
Timothy Grave 81 Timothy Grave Madison New Haven
Joseph Gray 82 Joseph Gray Fairfield Fairfield
Grace Green 83 Asahel Green East Windsor Hartford
Ebenezer Greene 81 Samuel Greene Thompson Windham
James Greenfield 88 James Greenfield Lyme New London
Josiah Gregory 79 Josiah Gregory Westport Fairfield
John Gregory 79 John Gregory Danbury Fairfield
Sarah Gregory 73
Norwalk Fairfield
Nathan Gregory 79 Nathan Gregory Southbury New Haven
Elias Gregory 89
New Canaan Fairfield
David Griffin 77 David Griffin Clinton Middlesex
Elijah Griswold 78 Elijah Griswold Simsbury Hartford
Anna Griswold 70 Joseph A. Griswold City of Norwich New London
Ebenezer Grover 86 Ebenezer Grover Tolland Tolland
Eunice Guile 81 Alfred Guile Preston New London
Betsey Gunn 71 Betsey Gunn Danbury Fairfield
Samuel Gurn 78 Joseph Fowler Milford New Haven
Zerviah Haden 94 Edward Haden East Windsor Hartford
Thede Hale 86 Simeon Hale Weathersfield Hartford
Timothy Hall 82 Timothy Hall East Hartford Hartford
Ruth Hall 74 Ruth Hall Wallingford New Haven
Andrews Hall 81 Andrews Hall Wallingford New Haven
Wildman Hall 75 Wildman Hall Weston Fairfield
John Hall 85 John Hall Litchfield Litchfield
Ebenezer Hall 82 Brack Zophar Bethlehem Litchfield
Ruth Hallock 71 Garrett Smith Derby New Haven
Philip Halsey 80 Henry Halsey Windsor Hartford
Benjamin Hamblin 76 Benjamin Hamblin Milford Litchfield
Russell Hamlin 85 Russell Hamlin Danbury Fairfield
Ezra Hanchell 81 Ezra Hanchell Suffield Hartford
Betsey Hanford 82 Samuel Disbro Westport Fairfield
Jemima Harding 80 Hezekiah Bugbee Woodstock Windham
Jehiel Harmon 79 Jehiel Harmon Suffield Hartford
Hezekiah Hart 82 Mary Meriman Berlin Hartford
Ruth Hart 98 Lucy Hartford Berlin Hartford
Sarah Hart 71 Horace Hart Berlin Hartford
Mary Hart 73 George London Guilford New Haven
Titus Hart 83 Titus Hart Colebrook Litchfield
Ruth Hart 79 Warren Brown Goshen Litchfield
George Harvey 77 George Harvey Preston New London
Abigail Hatch -- Washington Hatch Winchester Litchfield
John Hatch 80 Daniel Hatch Sharon Litchfield
Elijah Hatchkiss 78 Elijah Hatchkiss County of New Haven New Haven
Eben. Hatchkiss 82 Eben Hatchkiss Prospect New Haven
Samuel Hawkins 78 Samuel Hawkins Derby New Haven
Anna Hawkins 84 Isaac Hawkins Derby New Haven
Lucy Hawley 75 Lucy Hawley City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Anna Hawley 81 Benjamin Hawley Brookfield Fairfield
Elisha Hawley 83 Elisha Hawley Bridgefield Fairfield
Thomas Hawley 84 Thomas Hawley Bridgefield Fairfield
Dudley Hayes 80 Dudley Hayes Granby Hartford
Joseph Hayes 84 Joseph Hayes Fairfield Fairfield
Enoch Hayes 75 Enoch Hayes Woodbury Litchfield
Jesse Hayes 77 Jesse Hayes Woodbury Litchfield
Mary Heady 79 John Heady Norfolk Litchfield
Mary Heath 81 Mary Heath Groton New London
Sarah Henman 78 Sarah Henman Southbury New Haven
Fanny Henry 73 Fanny Henry Wallingford New Haven
Hezekiah Herrendeen -- Hezekiah Herrendeen Woodstock Windham
Enos Herringway 85 Enos Herringway East Haven New Haven
Thomas Heth 85 Thomas Heth Sharon Litchfield
Simeon Hewitt -- Charles E. Hewitt Preston New London
Samuel Hicks 82 George Sandford City of New Haven New Haven
Hannah Hidd**dge 70 Hannah H****** Groton New London
Samuel Higby 81 Samuel Higby Milford New Haven
Obed Higley 83 Obed Higley, Jr. Simsbury Hartford
Hannah Hilliard 79
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Mercy Hinman 73 Thomas Bennett Sherman Fairfield
Samuel Hitchcock 83 Samuel Hitchcock Southington Hartford
Ebenezer Hoadley 83 Ebenezer Hoadley Hartland Hartford
Culpepper Hoadley 75 Culpepper Hoadley Waterbury New Haven
Mason Hobart 88 Mason Hobart Branford New Haven
Philo Hodge 83 Philo Hodge Roxbury Litchfield
Job Hodges 82
Wilton Fairfield
Abel Holbrook 77 Thomas C. Holbrook Derby New Haven
Calvin Holbrook 82 Calvin Holbrook Woodstock Windham
Ahinoam Holcomb 80 Elihu E. Holcomb Granby Hartford
Chloe Holcomb 76 Ebenezer S. Holcomb Granby Hartford
Mary Holcomb 69 Mary Holcomb Granby Hartford
Abraham Holcomb 78 Timothy Morton Canaan Litchfield
Robert Holdridge 77 Robert Holdridge Hebron Tolland
Joseph Hollista 88 Horace Hollista Salisbury Litchfield
Thomas Holmes 84 Thomas Holmes Weathersfield Hartford
Elisha Holms 81 Jonathan Forseth Montville New London
Abby Holt 75 Elizabeth Cox City of Norwich New London
Anna Holt 79 Ezra D. Beers Hampton Windham
Nathaniel Hooker 79 Nathaniel Hooker City of Hartford Hartford
Hannah Hooker 79 Seth Hooker Berlin Hartford
Hannah Hooker 78 George Cornwall Berlin Hartford
Daniel Hooker 79 Daniel Hooker Bloomfield Hartford
Ambrose Hoskins 78 Ambrose Hoskins Simsbury Hartford
David Hoskins 81 Lyman Hoskins Barkhamstead Litchfield
Samuel Hotchkiss 84 Samuel Hotchkiss Burlington Hartford
Temperance Hotchkiss 79 Lyman Hotchkiss East Haven New Haven
Asahel Hotchkiss 80 Asahel Hotchkiss Sharon Litchfield
Martha Hough 77 Samuel L. Hough Canterbury Windham
Esther House 81 Elisha Smith East Hartford Hartford
Louis House 77 Giles House Glastonbury Hartford
Benjamin House 82 Benjamin House Coventry Tolland
Dudley Hovey 78 Dudley Hovey Windham Windham
Israel How 81 Israel How Stafford Tolland
Mary Howe 85 Mary Howe Goshen Litchfield
Ebenezer Hoyt 76 Ebenezer Hoyt Darien Fairfield
Daniel Hoyt 82
Norwalk Fairfield
Warren Hoyt 78
New Canaan Fairfield
Sillimon Hubbel 75 Silliman Hubbel Winchester Litchfield
Aaron Hubbell 79 Aaron Hubbel Fairfield Fairfield
Thaddeus Hubbell 74 Thaddeus Hubbell Fairfield Fairfield
Mary Hubbell 82 Mary Hubbell Stratford Fairfield
Isaac Hubbell 82 Hannah Fanton Weston Fairfield
Elizabeth Hubbell 77 Chester Hubbell Kent Litchfield
Joel Huff 83 Silas Andrews Hamden New Haven
Mabel Hull 82 Thaddeus Austin City of New Haven New Haven
Jeremiah Hull 77 Jeremiah Hull Wallingford New Haven
Benjamin Hull 76 John P. Hungerford Watertown Litchfield
Levi Humphrey 75 Levi Humphrey Simsbury Hartford
Olive Hungerford 82 Olive Hungerford East Haddam Middlesex
Samuel Hunn 77 Samuel Hunn East Windsor Hartford
Esther Hunt 77 John Hunt Canaan Litchfield
Nathaniel Hunter 82 Nathaniel Hunter Sharon Litchfield
Rebecca Huntington 79 Rebecca Huntington Stafford Tolland
Naomi Huntley 85 Naomi Huntley Lyme New London
Howell Huntley -- Howell Huntley Lyme New London
Wilson Hurd 77 Wilson Hurd Derby New Haven
Jacob Hurd 79 Jacob Hurd Chatham Middlesex
Benjamin Hurd 77 Benjamin Hurd Chatham Middlesex
Crippen Hurd 77 Crippen Hurd East Haddam Middlesex
Elnathan Hurd 83 Elnathan Hurd Clinton Middlesex
Mahelible Hurlbut 74 Roswall Hurlbut Hartford City1 Hartford
Seymour Hurlbut 83 Seymour Hurlbut Chatham Middlesex
Shubal Hutchins 81 Shubal Hutchins Killingly Windham
Lucy Hutchinson 77 Hazard Hawkins Griswold New London
Stephen Hyatt 79
Norwalk Fairfield
Abigail Hyde 75
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Ebenezer Hyde 81 Laurens Hyde Southbury New Haven
Joel Hyde 76 Joel Hyde Lisbon New London
Olive Hyde 79 William Sherman Pomfret Windham

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