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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, March 23, 2001

[1] Passed since census taken
[2] Nottingham, includes S. Trenton

A - L    M - Z

Samuel Maize 80 Ann Merritt Roxbury Morris
Isaac Manning 82 Isaac Manning Westfield Essex
John Mapes 92 John Mapes Gloucester Gloucester
Zebel Maps 84 Elias West Shrewsbury Monmouth
Leonard Martin 84 Leonard Martin Bethlehem Hunterdon
Sarah Martin 81 Benajah Martin Piscataway Middlesex
John Matthews 78 John Matthews Shrewsbury Monmouth
Leah Maxen 75 William Maxen Middletown Monmouth
Mary McGee 80 William McGee South Amboy Middlesex
William McIntire 77 Thomas McIntire Freehold Monmouth
Lewis Mead 75 Lewis Mead Wantage Sussex
Sarah Meeker 89 Zadock Meeker Clinton Essex
Michael Meeker 85 Michael Meeker Union Essex
Abm. Merserell 82 Stephen Wines North Brunswick Middlesex
Peter Mesler 79 Peter Mesler Morris Morris
Cornelius Messler 81 Isaac Messler Readington Hunterdon
Enoch Miller 80 Enoch Miller Westfield Essex
Luke Miller 82 Luke Miller Chatham Morris
Clark Miller 83 Clark Miller Westfield Essex
Joseph Miller, Sen. 89 Joseph Miller, Sen. Howell Monmouth
John Mires 81 Francis Mires Kingwood Hunterdon
Edward Mitchell 85 Jacob Mitchell Readington Hunterdon
Char. Mooney 73 Char. Mooney Rahway Essex
Jonathan Morgan 78 Jonathan Morgan Pequannock Morris
William Morris 87 Mary Barbour East Windsor Mercer
Jesse Mount 82 Ezekiel Mount Upper Freehold Monmouth
Catharine Mount 84 John H. Mount Freehold Monmouth
John Muir 77 Walter S. Dickerson Roxbury Morris
Gabriel Munday 81 Gabriel Munday Piscataway Middlesex
J. Martin Mundy 90 Isaac M. Mundy Mendham Morris
Sarah Murry 85 Elijah Shotwell Westfield Essex
Michael Neighmaster 77 John Leonard Freehold Monmouth
John Nevius 77 John Nevius North Brunswick Middlesex
Jacob Nitzer 97 Jacob Nitzer Lebanon Hunterdon
Hannah Norman 79 Edgar Hardenbrook North Brunswick Middlesex
Ziba Norris 78 Ziba Norris Bernard Somerset
William Ommuck 79 William Ommuck, Sen. Middletown Monmouth
Darby Oram 88 Darby Oram North Brunswick Middlesex
Nehemiah Osborn 79 Nehemiah Osborn Morris Morris
J. B. Osborn 86 J. B. Osborn Westfield Essex
J. H. Osborn 80 J. H. Osborn Westfield Essex
David Owens 80 David Owens South Amboy Middlesex
John Packer, Jr. 79 John Packer, Jr. Franklin Bergen
William Parent 83 William Parent Upper Freehold Monmouth
Daniel Park 84 Almshouse Washington Gloucester
Catharine Parker 80 Catharine Parker City of Newark--East Ward Essex
George Parker 76 George Parker Vernon Sussex
Joseph Parker, Sen. 81 Joseph Parker Nottingham [2] Mercer
Jesse Parr 80 Jonathan A. Parks H*te Warren
Catharine Parrot 78 Catharine Parrot Morris Morris
William Paviton 89 William Paviton Shrewsbury Monmouth
Isaac Pear 81 Isaac Pear Caldwell Essex
John Pennington 78 John Pennington Warren Somerset
James D. Perrien -- Henry Hagaman Franklin Somerset
Charity Perry 81 Catharine Wiggins Franklin Bergen
Amos Peters 81 John Peters Amwell Hunterdon
Reuben Peterson 88 Joseph Titus Piles' Grove Salem
Daniel Petty 77 John Burlew South Amboy Middlesex
Robert Phares 78 Elizabeth Nelson Nottingham [2] Mercer
Christopher Philhower 86 Adam J. Apgar Tewksbury Hunterdon
Sarah T. Phillips 37 Sarah T. Phillips Westfield Essex
Mary Pierson 79 Jonathan Cory Westfield Essex
Robert Pierson 81 Robert Pierson Hanover Morris
Ann Plum 77 Ann Plum City of Newark--South Ward Essex
Mary Pope 78 Mary Pope Paterson Passaic
John C. Post 79 John J. Post New Barbadoes Bergen
John H. Post 81 John H. Post Aquackawonk Passaic
John P. Post 79 John J. Post Franklin Bergen
Jacob Potter 85 Jacob Potter New Providence Essex
David Provost 90 David Provost Pequannock Morris
Peter J. Quick 81 Peter J. Quick Hillsborough Somerset
Margaret Quick 69
Montague Sussex
Thomas F. Randolph 77 Margaret Hutchings Springfield Essex
John Read 86 John Read Freehold Monmouth
Joseph Reed 92 Jane Hart Trenton Mercer
James Reed 76 James Reed Upper Alloway's Salem
Sarah Reeder 78 Charles Reeder Lawrence Mercer
William Ribbet 84 William Ribbet Middletown Monmouth
Sayres Roberts, Sen 85 Sayres Roberts, Sen. Clinton Essex
William Robinson 62 William Robinson Trenton Mercer
James Rodgers 79 James Rodgers Morris Morris
Samuel Romaine 84 Albert Romaine Franklin Bergen
Benjamin Romine 84 Peter Demarest Manchester Passaic
Henry Roome 77 Henry Roome Franklin Bergen
Caspar Rorick 89 Caspar Rorick Wantage Sussex
John Ross 83 John Ross Roxbury Morris
John Rue, Sen. 86 Joseph J. Rue West Windsor Mercer
John Rulshart 81 John Rulshart Middletown Monmouth
Hugh Runyan 84 Hugh Runyan Chester Morris
Richard Runyan 82 Richard Runyan Chester Morris
Abraham Rutan 77 Abraham Rutan Paterson Passaic
George N. S*amp 89 George N. Scamp Hillsborough Somerset
John Sanford 82 John Sanford Pequannock Morris
Isaac Sayre 79 Isaac Sayre Woodbridge Middlesex
Stephen Seabrook 82 William H. Herbert Freehold Monmouth
Philip Shimp 83 Philip Shimp Deerfield Cumberland
William Shippy 84 James Shippy Manchester Passaic
Peter Shirts, Sen. 92 Peter Shirts, Sen. Readington Hunterdon
David Silsbee 79 David Silsbee Frankford Sussex
Simon Simonson 93 Hannah Simonson New Barbadoes Bergen
Nathaniel Sisco 78 Nathaniel Sisco West Milford Passaic
Peter J. Sisco 84 Peter J. Sisco West Milford Passaic
Giles Sisco 94 Giles Sisco West Milford Passaic
William Smick 86 Andrew Shidener Upper Alloway's Salem
John E. Smith 86 John E. Smith Bloomfield Essex
Martin Smith 84 Peter Smith Raritan Hunterdon
Mathias Smith 87 Thomas M. Smith Freehold Monmouth
James Smith 91 James Smith Howell Monmouth
Isaac Snedaker 85 Peter Snedaker Monroe Middlesex
Henry Southard 92 Samuel S. Doty Bernard Somerset
Mary Speer 75 Samuel Davis City of Newark--East Ward Essex
John Springsteen 82 Enos Patterson Shrewsbury Monmouth
Phebe Steel 69 Geo. C. Steel Livingston Essex
John Steele, Sen. 85 John Steele, Sen. Bridgewater Somerset
John Stevens 82 John Stevens West Windsor Mercer
Nancy Stockman 81 Moses Stockman Clinton Essex
Mary H. Stockton 32 Mary Hunter Princeton Mercer
John Storms 77 John Bertholf, Jr. Franklin Bergen
Rachel Stout 74 Westly Burroughs Hopewell Mercer
Sarah Striker 78 Philip Striker Freehold Monmouth
Abel Studder 86 Rynear Vanderbick New Barbadoes Bergen
Benjamin Sturges 83 Benjamin Sturges Chatham Morris
Benjamin Sullard 75 Benjamin Sullard Piscataway Middlesex
Aaron Sutphen 79 John A. Sutphen Freehold Monmouth
David Sutphen 80 William R. S. Betts Freehold Monmouth
Richard Sutphen 85 Richard Sutphen South Brunswick Middlesex
Cornelius Suydam 79 Cornelius Suydam South Amboy Middlesex
Sarah Swaim 80 Sarah Swaim Hopewell Mercer Swain [?]
Daniel Swezey 84 Daniel Swezey Washington Morris
Willet Taylor 81 Gilbert B. Taylor Hillsborough Somerset
George Taylor 93 George Taylor Downes Cumberland
Nancy Terrill 76 Nancy Terrill Westfield Essex
Cornelius C. Teshune 79 Cornelius Teshune Hackensack Bergen
Aaron Thompson 82 Aaron Thompson City of Newark--East Ward Essex
Richard Thorn 86 Richard Thorn Freehold Monmouth
Joseph D. Tichenor 78 James Tichenor West Milford Passaic
Isaac T. Tichenor 79
Orange Essex
David Tichenor 82 David Tichenor City of Newark--South Ward Essex
John Tilton 85 James Tilton Egg Harbor Atlantic
John Tilue 85 John Tilue New Providence Essex
Lemuel Tingley 79 Lemuel Tingley Frankford Sussex
William Todd 79 William Todd Bedminster Somerset
Samuel Tomlinson 78 William Brookfield Deerfield Cumberland
Ichabod Tompkins 79 Evi S. Tompkins Vernon Sussex
John Toulin 69 Samuel Stanbury Bernard Somerset
James Tower 87 Daniel Ivins Mansfield Burlington
Charlotte Townly 83 Charlotte Townley Elizabethtown Essex
Jeremiah Towser 84 Jeremiah Clark Maurice River Cumberland
Samuel Tubs 66 Samuel Tubs Springfield Essex
Mary Tures 65 John Tures Aquackawonk Passaic
Mary Tuttle 80 Mary Tuttle Hanover Morris
James Underwood 77 Henry Seaght Delaware Hunterdon
William Updike 81 Levi Updike West Windsor Mercer
Dinah Van Cleaf 86 Jacob S. Van Cleaf Hillsborough Somerset
Joseph Van Cleaf 80 William J. Van Cleaf Freehold Monmouth
Daniel Van Horn 79 Daniel Van Horn Washington Bergen
John A. Van Houten 78 John A. Van Houten Franklin Bergen
Rulif Van Pelt 82 Rulif Van Pelt Bridgewater Somerset
Daniel Van Sciven 90 Benjamin Van Sciven Lodi Bergen
Hannah Van Sickel 84 Hannah Van Sickel Bernard Somerset
Ellen Van Tyne 78 Ellen Van Tyne Franklin Somerset
William Van Voorhis 84 John P. Smith Franklin Bergen
John Vandervenier 85 Jacob Wyckoff North Brunswick Middlesex
Evont Vangelder 88 Evont Vangelder Pequannock Morris
Cornelius Vansyche 84 Cornelius Vansyche Washington Morris
Abm. Vantine 93 John Strong North Brunswick Middlesex
David Vliet 93 David Vliet North Brunswick Middlesex
Aaron Voorhees 80 Aaron Voorhees Hanover Morris
Paul Voorhees 82 Philip A. Tunison Bridgewater Somerset
David Voorhees 83 David Voorhees North Brunswick Middlesex
Peter Voorhees 84 Bincar Staat Hillsborough Somerset
Lucius Vosseller 83 Lucius Vosseller Bridgewater Somerset
Ichabod Vreeland 75 Ichabod Vreeland New Barbadoes Bergen
Abraham Vreeland 82 Abraham Vreeland Pompton Passaic
Henry Vroom 83 Henry Vroom Bridgewater Somerset
Hannah Wager 78 Hannah Wager Morris Morris
Aaron F. Walker 81 William Crawford Freehold Monmouth
Mary Wall 88 James Schureman Shrewsbury Monmouth
Daniel Wallen 81 Daniel Wallen Middletown Monmouth
John Walling 76 John Walling Harrington Bergen
Sally Ward 79 James L. Ward Livingston Essex
Thomas Ware 87 Lewis Mairs Salem Salem
Elijah Warne 80 Abraham Warne Franklin Warren
Philip Weller 84 Philip Weller Greenwich Warren
Benjamin P. Westervelt 76 Benjamin P. Westervelt Hackensack Bergen
Nathaniel Whitaker 80 Nathaniel Whitaker Bernard Somerset
Garret Wickoff 81 Garret Wickoff Freehold Monmouth
James Wilcox 77 James Wilcox Union Essex
Daniel Wilcox 78 Daniel Wilcox Chatham Morris
John Wiley 86 John Wiley Roxbury Morris
John Wiley 78 Eli Rogers West Windsor Mercer
Euphemia Willet 75 Euphemia Willet Middletown Monmouth
William Williams 85 William Crawford Dover Monmouth
David Williams 81 William S. Williams Union Essex
David Williams 83 David Williams Elizabethtown Essex
Jacob Williamson 80 Jacob Williamson Amwell Hunterdon
Peter Williamson 77 Peter Williamson Amwell Hunterdon
Levah Williamson 86 Garret W. Wickoff Freehold Monmouth
Jacob Williamson, Sen. 86 Jacob Williamson Amwell Hunterdon
Henry Willis 83
City of Newark--West Ward Essex
John Wilson 89 John Wilson Franklin Warren
Charles Wintzell 90 Benjamin Fogg Upper Alloway's Creek Salem
John Witing [1] 77 Nathaniel Witing Alexandria Hunterdon
Thomas Woodruff 71 David M. Woodruff Union Essex
Robert Woodruff 83 James Enders Westfield Essex
Nicholas World 84 Nicholas World Middletown Monmouth
John C. Wyckoff 83 John C. Wyckoff Franklin Somerset
Peter Wyckoff 83 Johnson Stout South Brunswick Middlesex
James Yetman 80 William McDormat Freehold Monmouth

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