WILLIAM MULLINS (or Molines), with his wife Alice, son and daughter, came in the "Mayflower" in 1620. His name appears as the tenth signer of the "Mayflower Compact."

It is supposed that the Molines family were Walloons or French Huguenots.

"William Molines and his daughter Priscilla, (afterwards wife of John Alden), and Philip De la'Noye and others remained in Leyden. That is when the French Huguenots went to Guiana. After this they went to England and joined the Pilgrims there. They embarked in the "Speedwell," but in the readjustment of the passengers after the ship "Speedwell" gave out, we find them in the "Mayflower."

William Mullins and his wife died in Plymouth, Mass., the first winter--1620-1.

When William Mullins died he left a will which was proved in Dorking County, Surrey, England.


  1. Joseph.
  2. Priscilla, m. John Alden.
  3. William

SOURCE: The Tucker Genealogy, A Record of Gilbert Ruggles and Evelina Christina (Snyder) Tucker; by Tyler Seymour Morris; Chicago 1902; pp. 159


William Mullins
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