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The following is from Saints and Strangers, by George F. Willison; Appendix A p. 437


Who should properly be included in the Pilgrim Company?

The question is almost wholly one of definition. Many lists have been drawn, some more inclusive than others. By the criteria I have chosen to use, which are as broad as they can reasonably be made, the company includes:

With the exception of the "Straggling Saints" and "Merchant Adventurers," the several groups are listed under the name of the ship on which each came.

An asterisk (*) indicates the remarkably few Pilgrims from Scrooby.

Those addressed as "Master" (sometimes written "Mister," occasionally "Mr.") were relatively the aristocrats of the company--in general, those with means to bring indentured servants.

1. MAYFLOWER -- of Harwich (180 tons); Christopher Jones, master; out of London, mid-July, 1620, dropping anchor off tip of Cape Cod, November 11th, Old Style, with 102 passengers, including Oceanus Hopkins, born at sea.

(Names in italics are of those who died in General Sickness or within six months of landing.)

(17 men, 10 women, 14 children)

Allerton, Master Isaac (c. 1586-1659)--of London, tailor "the first Yankee trader" Probably one of Ancient Brethren, Amsterdam; citizen, Leyden, 1614; asst. governor, Plymouth, 1621-c. 1631; married, 1626, to 2nd wife, Fear Brewster (see Anne Saints); 1 child; Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker and London business agent, 1627-c. 1631; dismissed in disgrace, went to Marblehead, operating fishing fleet until asked to leave by Mass. authorities, c. 1635; merchant, New Amersterdam, c. 1636-46; married, c. 1644, to 3rd wife, Joanna _________; merchant, New Haven, c. 1647-59, making fortune in Virginia and West Indian trade; died insolvent.

_______, Mrs. Mary (Morris) (c. 1588-1621)--of Newbury, Berks Married, Leyden, 1611; died on Mayflower in Plymouth harbor several days after being delivered of still-born child at height of winter gale.

Bartholomew (c. 1612- ) After father's disgrace, returned to England, becoming minister there.
Remember (c. 1614-c.1655) Married, c. 1633, to Moses Maverick, pastor at Marblehead; 6 children.
Mary (c. 1616-1699) Married, c. 1635, to Thomas Cushman (see Fortune Saints); last survivor of Mayflower company; 4 children.

*Bradford, Master William (1589-1657)--of Austerfield, Yorks.; fustian maker. "a commone blesing and father to them all" Early orphaned and virtually adopted by Brewster, c. 1602; silk worker, Amsterdam, 1607-09; citizen, Leyden, 1612; governor or asst. gov., Plymouth, 1621-57; Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker, 1627-41; leader in opposing attempt to establish toleration, 1646; presiding officer of United Colonies, 1648 and 1646; left £900 estate.

________, Mrs. Dorothy (May) (1597-1620)--of Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire; daughter of Henry May, elder of Ancient Brethren and later of Ainsworthians, subsequently joining Leyden church Married, Leyden, 1613, drowned at tip of Cape Cod, "falling" from Mayflower while at anchor; 1 child, John (see Straggling Saints).

*Brewster, Master William (c. 1566-1643)--probably born in Scrooby or vicinity "wise and discreete and well spoken …qualified above many" Peterhouse College, Cambridge, 1580-c.1583; employ of Sir William Davison, c. 1583-89; postmaster and bailiff-receiver, Scrooby, 1590-1607; instrumental in organizing Scrooby congregation, 1606-07; Amsterdam, 1608-09; tutoring and odd jobs, Leyden, 1609-1616; ruling elder, 1609-43; operated Choir Alley press, 1616-19; flight and hiding in England, 1619-20; Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker, 1627-41; argues against Roger Williams' retention as "teacher," 1633.

*_________, Mrs. Mary (Wentworth?) (c.1568-1627)--perhaps daughter of Thomas Wentworth, Brewster's predecessor at Scrooby Manor Married, Scrooby, 1591; died Plymouth; 5 children.

Love (1611-1650) Married Sarah Collier (see Merchant Adventurers), 1634, and early removed to Duxbury where he died.
Wrestling (1614-c.1635) Went to Piscataqua (Portsmouth), N. H., as a young man and soon died there.

Carver, John (c. 1566-1621)--of Doncaster, Yorks.; merchant "Of singular piety, and rare for humilitie" First appears in Leyden records as connected with church, 1616; negotiations with merchant adventurers and purchasing of supplies, 1617-20; deacon, c.1617-21; died of sunstroke while toiling in cornfields.

_________, Mrs. Catherine (White) (c.1580-1621)--of Sturton le Steeple, eldest sister of Bridget, John Robinson's wife Married George Leggatt, 1596; 1 child, Marie, who evidently died young; married Carver, c.1600; died "of a broken heart" soon after husband; no children.

Minter, Desire (c.1600- )--daughter of Thomas Minter, member of Green Gate congregation, citizen of Leyden Returned to England, c.1625, and died there.

*Cooke, Francis (1577-1633)--wool comber, of Blyth, Notts Amsterdam, 1607-09; Leyden, 1609-20; Purchaser, 1626; died Plymouth (for family, see Anne Saints).

John (1612-1695) Married Sarah Warren (see Anne Strangers), 1634; deacon, c.1634; deprived of office and excommunicated for turning Baptist during religious troubles, 1657; removed to Dartmouth (New Bedford) and became occasional Baptist preacher there.

Crackston, John (           )--of Colchester.

John (   -1628) Lost himself in woods and froze feet, dying of gangrene.

Fletcher, Moses (           )--smith, of Sandwich Married Mrs. Sarah Dingby, Leyden, 1613.

Fuller, Master Samuel (c.1585-1633)--say maker, of Redenhall, Norfolk; Pilgrims' "physition & chirurgeon" "a great help & comforte unto them" Leader of seceding Ancient Brethren, 1609; deacon, c. 1609-33; married Agnes Carpenter, 1613; married Bridget Lee, 1617; Purchaser, 1626; "bled" and converted Puritans at Salem and Boston, 1628-30. (for wife, see Anne Saints).

Goodman, John (c.1595-1621)--linen weaver Married, Leyden, 1619, to Sarah Hooper. Brought only dogs on ship, large mastiff bitch and small spaniel; Peter Browne's companion on deer and "lyon" hunt.

Priest, Degory (c.1580-1621)--hatter, of London Married, Leyden, 1611, to Mrs. Sarah (Allerton) Vincent; citizen, Leyden, 1615.

Rogers, Thomas (           )--camlet merchant Citizen, Leyden, 1618.

Joseph (c.1608-1678) Married Hannah (________) and removed to Eastham, 1644; 7 children.

Tilley, Edward (     -1621)--cloth maker, of London Joined with Captain Standish "for counsel and advise" on First Discovery; almost froze on "Thievish Harbor" exploration.

________, Mrs. Anne (_______) (     -1621) Brought along two small "cousins," Humility Cooper and "Henery" Samson (see Strangers below).

Tilley, John (     -1621)--silk worker, of London On Third Discovery, probably on First and Second as well.

________, Mrs. Elizabeth (Comyngs) (c.1585-1621)--of St. Andrew Undershaft, London Married, London, 1605

Elizabeth (1606-1687)--once presumed to be Carver's daughter Married John Howland (see Servants below), c. 1624; died at Swansea; 9 children.

Tinker, Thomas (     -1621)--wood sawyer Citizen, Leyden, 1617.

________, Mrs. (_________) (     -1621).
________(son) (     -1621).

Turner, John (     -1621).--merchant Citizen, Leyden, 1610.

________(son) (     -1621).
________(son) (     -1621).

White, Master William (c. 1592-1621)--wool carder Perhaps related to White family of Sturton le Steeple, into which Carver and Robinson married.

________, Mrs. Susanna (Fuller) (c. 1594-1680)--sister of Deacon Samuel Fuller (see above) Married, Leyden, 1612; became 2nd wife of Edward Winslow see below), 1621.

Resolved (c.1615-1680) Married Judith Vassall of Scituate, 1640, and settled there, removing to Marshfield, 1662; died at Salem; 5 children.
Peregrine (1620-1703) Born on Mayflower month after arrival; 1648, married Sarah Bassett, (see Fortune Saints); granted 200 acres by General Court, 1665, "in respect that he was the first of the English that was born in these parts"; captain of militia, 1673; did not join church till 1698, in 78th year; died at Marshfield; 6 children.

Winslow, Master Edward (1595-1655)--of Droitwich, Worcestershire; printer Assistant printer at Choir Alley Press, 1617-19; member of parties sent out to explore Cape Cod and environs; married, Plymouth, 1621, to Mrs. Susanna (Fuller) White (see above); diplomatic mission to Massasoit, 1621; author of "come-on" literature to attract settlers; agent to England, 1623; opened trade along Kennebec, 1625; member of General Court as governor or asst. governor, 1624-46; Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker, 1627-41; jailed in London by Archbishop Laud, 1635; removed to Marshfield, 1637; commissioner to New England Confederacy, 1643-44; sailed for London, 1646, and never returned; chairman of joint English-Dutch commission to assess damage done English ships by Dutch in neutral Danish ports; chief of 3 commissioners appointed by Oliver Cromwell to conquer Spanish West Indies; died of tropical fever on flagship off Jamaica, buried at sea with salvo of cannon.

_______, Mrs. Elizabeth (Barker) (c. 1597-1621)--of Chester or Chatham Married, Leyden, 1618; no children.

(17 men, 9 women, 14 children)

Billington, John (c. 1590-1630)--of London "one of ye profanest families amongst them" Tied up by neck and heels for cursing Standish when called to perform military duty, 1622; mixed up in Lyford-Oldham "mutiny," 1624; Purchaser, 1626; hanged for murder, 1630.

________, Mrs. Ellen (c. 1592-     )--of London Married, Plymouth, 1638, to Gregory Armstrong,

Francis (c.1612-     ) Almost blew up Mayflower by shooting off squibs near powder kegs; discovered Billington Sea, small lake behind Plymouth; married, Plymouth, 1634, to Mrs. Christian (Penn) Eaton (see Anne Strangers); removed to Yarmouth and died there; 9 children.

John (c.1614-c.1628) Lost himself in woods and turned up on Cape Cod, 1621, leading to first acquaintance with Cape tribes.

Britteridge, Richard (     -1620)

Browne, Peter (c.1600-1633)--of Great Burstead, Essex. John Goodman's companion on deer and "lyon" hunt; married, Plymouth, 1623, to Mrs. Martha Ford (see Fortune Strangers); Purchaser, 1626; married to Mary ________, 1628; 2 children by 1st marriage and 3 by second.

Chilton, James (c.1563-1620)--of Canterbury, tailor

_________, Mrs. _______ (________) (     -1621).

Mary (c.1605-1679) Reputedly first Pilgrim to step foot on Plymouth Rock; married, Plymouth, 1624, to John Winslow (see Fortune Strangers); removed to Boston, 1655, and died there; 10 children.

Clarke, Richard (     -1612)

Cooper, Humility (c.1612-     )--of London One or two small "cousins" brought along by Edward Tilleys (see above); "was sent for into England, and dyed there."

Eaton, Francis (c.1595-1633)--of Bristol, carpenter and shipwright Married, Plymouth, c. 1622, to 2nd wife, ______ _______; married Christian Penn (see Anne Strangers), c. 1626; 4 children

________, Mrs. Sarah (_______) (c.1590-1621)--presumably of Bristol

Samuel (1620-     )--arrived in mother's arms, "a suckling child" Married, Plymouth, to Elizabeth ________, c. 1647; in 1661 to Martha Billington, daughter of father's third wife by her second husband, Francis Billington (see above).

Fuller, Edward (     -1621)--of Redenhall, Norfolk Probably Deacon Samuel Fuller's brother, but apparently not of the Leyden congregation.

________, Mrs. Ann (_______) (     -1621).

Samuel (c.1616-1683) Removed to Barnstable, c.1640, and married Jane Lothrop, local pastor's daughter; 3 or more children.

Gardiner, Richard (c.1600-1621)--of Harwich, Essex, John Alden's home town

Hopkins, Master Stephen (c.1585-1644)--of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire Shipwrecked on Bermuda while on way to Virginia and condemned to death for leading mutiny there, 1609-1610; joined to Captain Standish for "counsel and advice on First Discovery, being only one of passengers with any knowledge of New World; accompanies Winslow on visit to Massasoit at Sowams, 1621; Purchaser, 1626; asst. governor, 1633-36, and probably 1624-32; frequently in conflict with authorities in later years.

_______, Mrs. Elizabeth (_______) (     -c.1640)--Hopkins' second wife Bore five more children at Plymouth (Giles and Constance were Hopkins' children by 1st wife).

Giles (c.1607-1690) Married, Plymouth, 1639, to Catharine Wheldon, and removed to Yarmouth; died Eastham; 7 children.
Constance (c.1605-1677) Married, Plymouth, c. 1627, to Nicholas Snow (see Anne Strangers); died at Eastham.
Damaris (c.1617-c.1627)
Oceanus (1620-     ) Born at sea on Mayflower, dying before 1627.

Margeson, Edmund (     -1621)

Martin, Master Christopher (c.1575-1621)--of Great Burstead, Essex "he so insulteth over our poore people, with shuch scorne & contempte, as if they were not good enough to wife his shoes"
Named by merchant adventurers to represent Strangers in purchase of provisions for voyage, 1619-1620; treasurer of emigrant company and "governour" of passengers on Mayflower; accounts found to be in great disorder, the beginning of Pilgrims' extended financial troubles.

_______, Mrs. _______ (_______) (     -1621)

Prower, Solomon (     -1620) Martin's stepson.

Mullins, Master William (c.1580-1621)--shopkeeper, of Dorking, Surrey

_______, Mrs. Alice (_______) (     -1621) Probably Mullins' 2nd or 3rd wife.

Priscilla (c.1602-1685) Married John Alden (see Hired Hands below), c.1622; 9 children.
Joseph (c.1614-1621)

Rigdale, John (     -1621)--of London

_______, Mrs. Alice (_______) (     -1621)

Samson, Henry (     -1684)--of London Married Ann Plummer and removed to Duxbury; 8 children.

Standish, Captain Myles (c.1584-1656)--probably of Chorley, Lancashire "a little chimney is quickly fired" Soldier in English forces sent to aid Dutch, c. 1600-02; leader of First Discovery, 1620; saves Pilgrim party in "huggery" at Eastham, 1620; organizes Pilgrim army and explores Mass. Bay, 1621; brings Wituwamat's head home in triumph from Wessagusset, 1623; married, Plymouth, 1623, to 2nd wife, Barbara _________ (see Anne Strangers); vainly attempts to recover Cape Ann, 1625; sent to England and returns with news of Robinson's death, 1626; Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker, 1627-41; arrests Thomas Morton at Merry Mounta, 1629; removed to Duxbury, c.1632; asst. governor almost continuously from 1633, and probably from 1624; favors religious toleration, 1646; treasurer, 1652-55; left estate of £360; alone of Pilgrim leaders, never joined church.

_______, Mrs. Rose (______) (     -1621) Nothing whatever is known of Standish's wife.

Warren, Master Richard (c.1580-1628)--of London, merchant "a usefull instrumente" Member of exploration parties along Cape Cod; probably asst, governor 1624-28 (for family, see Anne Strangers).

Williams, Thomas (     -1621)--of Yarmouth, Norfolk

Winslow, Gilbert (1600-     )--Edward Winslow's third brother Returned to England, c.1646, and died there.

(5 men)

Alden, John (1599-1686)--cooper of Harwich, Essex "a hopfull yong man" Married, c. 1622, to Priscilla Mullins (see Strangers above); removed to Duxbury, c.1632; asst. governor, 1633-39, 1651-86, and probably 1631-32; arrested at Boston for murder, 1634; opposes religious toleration, 1646; leader in Quaker and Baptist persecutions, 1657; treasurer, 1656-58; being "low in his estate," granted £10 in consideration of his public services, 1660.

Allerton, John (     -1621)--mariner Hired to go back for those at Leyden.

Ellis, ________ (     )--sailor Engaged to remain a year in colony, returned to England on Fortune.

English, Thomas (     -1621)--mariner Hired to take charge of Pilgrim shallop.

Trevore, William (       )--sailor Returned to England with Ellis and spread lavish tales about richness of Plimoth Plantation.

(11 men, 1 woman, 6 children)


Hooke, John (     -1621)--"a servante boy"


More, Richard (c.1613-c.1684)--of London One of family of orphaned waifs forced, as was common practice at the time, to become indentured servants under auspices of church and Lord Mayor of London; was living with one of adventurers, Thomas Weston, when "transported"; migrated to Massachusetts; married Christian Hunt and Jane Hollingsworth; died Salem; 4 children.
More, ________ (     -1621)--Richard's brother


More, Jasper, (     -1620)
Wilder, Roger (     -1621)--"Man-servant"
______, _____ ( )--"Maid-Servant"Catherine Carver's "maid servant maried, & died a year or two after, here in this place."
Latham, William (     -c.1645)--servant boy After more than 20 years at Plymouth, returned to England and thence to Bahamas, where, "with some others, was starved for want of food."
Howland, John (1592-1672)--of London "a plaine-hearted Christian" Evidentyly inherited Carver's estate and immediately bought his freedom; married Elizabeth Tilley (see Saints above), c. 1624; Purchaser, 1626; Undertaker, 1627-41; asst. governor, 1633-35, and probably 1629-32; in charge of Kennebec trading post at time of Hocking murder, 1634; apparently held somewhat to blame, for never again entrusted with public office; died Swansea; 9 children.


Butten, William (1598-1620)--of Austerfield Died before land was sighted, and buried at sea.


Dotey, Edward (c.1600-1655)--of London Perhaps one of leaders of mutiny on Mayflower; with Leister (see below), fought first and last duel in colony, 1621; Purchaser, 1626; married _______ _______ and then Faith (Clarke), c. 1635; died at Yarmouth; 9 children.
Leister, Edward (c.1600-     )--of London "..after he was at liberty, went to Virginia, & there dyed."


Langemore, John (     -1620)


Carter, Robert (     -1621)


Holbeck, William (     -1621)
Thompson, Edward (     -1620).


More, Ellen (     -1621)--"a little girle that was put to this family."
Story, Elias (     -1621)--man servant, of London
Soule, George (c.1600-1680)--of Eckington, Worcestershire Married Mary Becket (see Anne Strangers), c.1627; died Duxbury; 7 children.


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