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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted by Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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A - B
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Abigail ______ 82 Asa Smith Bozrah New London
David ______ 79 David ______ Milford Litchfield
Jonathan ______ 78 Jonathan _______ Milford Litchfield
David ______ 76 Henry Van Densen Sharon Litchfield
Levy ______ 74 Levi ________ Litchfield Litchfield
Lydia Abbey 75 Lydia Abbey Enfield Hartford
Aaron Abbott 82
New Canaan Fairfield
Abel Abel 77 Abel Abel Chatham Middlesex
Elijah Abel 79 Elijah Abel Chatham Middlesex
George Aboy 78 Elisha R. Wells Weathersfield Hartford
Hamet Achmet 81 Hamet Achmet City of Middletown Middlesex
Solomon Ackart 90 David Ackart Canton Hartford
Isaac C. Ackeley 80 Isaac C. Ackeley East Haddam Middlesex
Marian Ackley 76 John Flint Weathersfield Hartford
Samuel C. Adam 76 Samuel C. Adam Canterbury Windham
William Adams 87 Roswell Adams Lisbon New London
Susanna Adams 98 Peleg Lewis Canterbury Windham
Hannah Adams 80 Joseph Adams Killingly Windham
David Adkins 80 David Adkins Plymouth Litchfield
Thomas Aiken 81
Norwalk Fairfield
Lydia Alcox 74 Lydia Alcox Wolcott New Haven
Aber Alford 79 Aber Alford Canton Hartford
Phebe Allen 79 Ambrose Bemont Suffield Hartford
Arnold Allen 71 Arnold Allen East Windsor Hartford
Daniel Allen 82 Enoch Summers Orange New Haven
Abigail Allen 85 Octural Catlin Orange New Haven
Mabel Allen 75 Mabel Allen Wallingford New Haven
William Allen 75 William Allen Westport Fairfield
Stephen Allen 74 Stephen Allen Danbury Fairfield
Electa Allen 79 Roger Allen Plymouth Litchfield
Sarah Allton 77 Daniel Allton Thompson Windham
John Alvord 90 Nehemiah B. Alvord Fairfield Fairfield
Hannah Ambler 77 Thomas Ambler Danbury Fairfield
Hannah Ames 80 Erasmus Ames Norwich (without the city limits) New London
Daniel Ames 84 Daniel Ames Montville New London
Samuel Ames 47 Samuel Ames Sharon Litchfield
Abigail Anderson 81 Jesse B. Bull Hartford City1 Hartford
Timothy Anderson 78 Norman Anderson East Hartford Hartford
Ellis Anderson 72 Thomas Anderson Willington Tolland
Rhoda Andrews 83 Selah Andrews Berlin Hartford
Benjamin Andrews 84 Benjamin H. Andrews Woodbury Litchfield
Catharine Andrus 87 Abigail Andrus Simsbury Hartford
Sophia Andrus 76 Henry Andrus Canton Hartford
Nabby Armstrong 75 Cheney Armstrong Franklin New London
Meriam Armstrong 84 Meriam Armstrong Washington Litchfield
Isaac Arnold 76 Isaac Arnold Mansfield Tolland
William Ashcraft 86 Joshua Getchel New London New London
Joseph Ashley 84 Joseph Ashley Hampton Windham
Daniel Ashley 82 Daniel Ashley Hampton Windham
Ichabod Atwater 80 Ichabod Atwater Norfolk Litchfield
Samuel Atwell 80 Samuel Atwell Montville New London
Jonathan Atwood 79 Jonathan Atwood Mansfield Tolland
Jedediah Austin 78 Jedediah Austin Stonington New London
David Avery 75
Lebanon New London
Rufus Avery 81 Rufus Avery Groton New London
Mary Avery 71 Mary Avery Groton New London
Ebenezer Avery 78 Ebenezer Avery Preston New London
Oliver Avery 83 Stanton Hewitt, Jr North Stonington New London
Abel Avery 79 Abel Avery Cornwell Litchfield
Daniel Avery 78 Daniel Avery Coventry Tolland
Esther Ayatt 77
Norwalk Fairfield
Seth Babbit 80 Silas Tucker Killingly Windham
Edward Babbit 77 Edward Babbit Killingly Windham
William Babcock 54 William Babcock East Haddam Middlesex
Simon Babcock 82 Simon Babcock Columbia Tolland
Elizabeth Backus 74 Gurdon Pendleton City of Norwich New London
Abner Backus 78 Abner Backus Bolton Tolland
Francis Bacon 81 Alvin Bacon Canton Hartford
Josiah Bacon 84 William H. Bacon Woodbury Litchfield
William Bacon 82 Oliver Atkins Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Ichabod Badcock 82 Ichabod Badcock Ledyard New London
Hezekiah Bailey 85 Hezekiah Bailey Danbury Fairfield
Michael Bailey 96 Philo Bailey Kent Litchfield
Enoch Baker 86 Enoch Baker Griswold New London
Abigail Baldwin 77 Abigail Baldwin Milford New Haven
Desire Baldwin 84 Bessie Levi North Branford New Haven
Kesiah Baldwin 76 Anson Baldwin North Branford New Haven
Desire Baldwin 83 Desire Baldwin Branford New Haven
Archibald Baldwin 87
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Asa Baldwin 84 Asa Baldwin Stonington New London
Joseph Baldwin 89 Joseph Baldwin Lisbon New London
Philemon Baldwin -- Philemon Baldwin North Stonington New London
James Baldwin 82 James Baldwin Litchfield Litchfield
Erastus Baldwin 80 Erastus Baldwin Harrington Litchfield
Jane Baldwin 81 Henry Baldwin Cornwell Litchfield
Anna Ball 82 Abel Baldwin Milford New Haven
Nathan Banks 80 Nathan Banks Fairfield Fairfield
Ruth Banks 86 Abraham Banks Fairfield Fairfield
Hyat Banks 76 Hyat Banks Fairfield Fairfield
Mabel Banks 64 Benjamin Wilson Fairfield Fairfield
Esther Banks 79
Norwalk Fairfield
Elizabeth Barber 86 Alson Barber Canton Hartford
Abi Barber 73 Miles Foot Canton Hartford
Simeon Barbour 87 Simeon Barbour Harrington Litchfield
Huldah Barker 80 Huldah Barker City of New Haven New Haven
Mary Barker 78 James Barker Branford New Haven
John Barkhardt -- Daniel Thompson Durham Middlesex
Elijah Barnes 77 Elijah Barnes Avon Hartford
Oliver Barnes 92 Caleb Barnes Burlington Hartford
Sibenu Barnes 80 Merit Barnes North Haven New Haven
David Barnes 76 David Barnes Wallingford New Haven
Widow Barnes 78 Barson Barnes Harrington Litchfield
Tamma Barnham 74 Tamma Barnham Hampton Windham
Nathan Barns -- Nathan Barns New Hartford Litchfield
Israel Barns 82 Israel Barns New Hartford Litchfield
Wakeman Barrett 87 Wakeman Barrett Bridgefield Fairfield
Samuel Barstow 80 Samuel Barstow Columbia Tolland
James Bartholomew 80 James C. Bartholomew Granby Hartford
Isaac H. Bartram 88 Isaac H. Bartram Reading Fairfield
Olive Barwes 89 Rufus Ames Litchfield Litchfield
James Bassett 83 Josiah Bassett Derby New Haven
Edward Bassett 84 Edward Bassett Oxford New Haven
Mary Bassett 81 Bronson Wheeler Southbury New Haven
Stephen Baterson 79 Stephen Baterson Reading Fairfield
Asa Bates 82 Asa Bates Windham Windham
Jonathan Batholomew 85 Jonathan Batholomew Wallingford New Haven
Mary Batterson 77 Mary Batterson Warren Litchfield
Phebe Beach 82 John Beach Branford New Haven
Julius Beach 75 Julius Beach Goshen Litchfield
Susan Beard 81 Joseph Beard Milford New Haven
Sally Beardslee 73
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Margaret Beardslee 78 John W. Beardslee Fairfield Fairfield
James Beardslee 83
Trumbull Fairfield
Thomas Beardsley 85 Nathan Beardsley Roxbury Litchfield
_______ Beardsley 57 Sylvester R. Lane Milford Litchfield
Richard Beckley 80 Richard Beckley Norfolk Litchfield
Jesse Beckwith 88 Israel Beckwith Salem New London
Hannah Bedlow 86 Hannah Bedlow Ashford Windham
William C. Beebe 68 William C. Beebe Salem New London
Francis Beech 85 Francis Beach Goshen Litchfield
Daniel Beeman 84 Daniel Beeman Warren Litchfield
Tracy Beeman 78 Tracy Beeman Kent Litchfield
Nathan Beers 87 Nathan Beers, Sr City of New Haven New Haven
John Beers 81 John Beers Derby New Haven
Fanton Beers 85 Fanton Beers Weston Fairfield
Samuel Beers 81
Norwalk Fairfield
Nathan Belcher 82 Nathan Belcher Griswold New London
Mary Belden 76 Mary Belden Weathersfield Hartford
Mary Belden 82 Erastus F. Cook Weathersfield Hartford
Christina Belden 85 Christina Belden Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Jonathan Bell 85 Jonathan Bell Darien Fairfield
Thadeus Bell 81 Thadeus Bell Darien Fairfield Belle
Benjamin Bement 85 Benjamin Bement Wolcott New Haven
Aaron Benedict 95 Aaron Benedict Middlebury New Haven
Darius Benedict 83
Norwalk Fairfield
Isaac Benedict 89
New Canaan Fairfield
Lois Benham 85 Lois Benham Burlington Hartford
Ebenezer Benham 84 Ebenezer Benham Burlington Hartford
Elizabeth Benham 81 Elizabeth Benham Meriden New Haven
Samuel Benjamin 83 Samuel Benjamin Granby Hartford
Dorothy Benjamin 72 Dorothy Benjamin Stratford Fairfield
Stephen Bennet 83 Stephen Bennet Plainfield Windham
John Bennett 78 J. Hubbard Wellis East Hartford Hartford
Elizabeth Bennett 73 Marvin O. Bennett Westport Fairfield
Benjamin Bennett 86 Henry C. Graves Fairfield Fairfield
Josiah Bennett 74 Josiah Bennett Danbury Fairfield
Elias Bennett 88 Elias Bennett Weston Fairfield
Temperance Bennett 95 Temperance Bennett Mansfield Tolland
Esther Bennett 79 Ann Bills Mansfield Tolland
Sarah Benson 88 Ebenezer Thompson Thompson Windham
Anna Bently 83 George W. Bentley North Stonington New London
Noah Benton 77 Noah Benton Madison New Haven
Jacob Benton 80 Jacob Benton Tolland Tolland
Kellogg Berry 77 Kellogg Berry Newtown Fairfield
Isaiah Betts 75
Wilton Fairfield
Daniel Betts 84
Wilton Fairfield
Elizabeth Bidwell 83 Elizabeth Bidwell Glastonbury Hartford
Eleazer Bidwell 88 Phincas Bidwell Colebrook Litchfield
Benajah Bill 79 L*dowick Bill Lyme New London
Joshua Bill 79 Gurdon Bill Ledyard New London
Joshua Bill 78 Robert M. Palmer Preston New London
Eleazer Bill 81
Lebanon New London
Lucretia Billings 91 Sanford Main North Stonington New London
John S. Billings 77 Gilbert Billings Windham Windham
Daniel Bills 82 Daniel Bills Hartland Hartford
Sylvanus Bills 74 Sylvanus Bills City of New Haven New Haven
Mercy Bingham 97 _______ Lincolm Windham Windham
Daniel Birchard 80
Wilton Fairfield
Ellen Birdsey 79 Hepsabah Wooster Stratford Fairfield
James Birge 82 James Birge Litchfield Litchfield
Rhoda Birrell 78 Henry Bristol Torrington Litchfield
Jane Birtch 81 George Howe Stonington New London
Thomas F. Bishop 76 Thomas F. Bishop Avon Hartford
Anna Bishop 74 Anna Bishop Bristol Hartford
Jacob Bishop 85
Norwalk Fairfield
Anna Bishop 82 Robert Bishop Montville New London
Seth Bishop 82 Alonzo Bishop Winchester Litchfield
Elizabeth Bishop 71 Henry Canfield Durham Middlesex
Thomas Bissell 89 Thomas Bissell East Windsor Hartford
Aaron Bixby 79 Aaron Bixby Thompson Windham
Molly Bixby 72 Halsey Bixby Thompson Windham
David Blackman 82
Huntington Fairfield
Jacob Blackmar 80 Jacob Blackmar Thompson Windham
Sarah Blakeman 83 Be*** Blakeman Stratford Fairfield
Jo**** Blakeman 79 Gould Blakeman Stratford Fairfield
Samuel Blakesly 80 Samuel Blakesly Litchfield Litchfield
Ezra Blish 72 Ezra Blish Marlborough Hartford
Isaac Bliss 80 Isaac Bliss City of Hartford Hartford
Moses Bliss 87 Henry A. Pikes Suffield Hartford
Elizabeth Bliss 75
Lebanon New London
Abigail Blodgett 87 Abijah Blodget Stafford Tolland
Joshua Bolden 77 Jeremiah Bolden Canaan Litchfield
Concurrance Bonfoy 78 Concurrance Bonfoy Haddam Middlesex
Sarah Bonton 88
Norwalk Fairfield
Seth Bonton 86
Wilton Fairfield
Josiah Boot 87 Betsey Buck Southington Hartford
David Booth 79
Trumbull Fairfield
Anna Bostwick 84 Asa Reeler Brookfield Fairfield
Jacob Bosworth 79 David Fuller Ashford Windham
Mary Botsford 82 Jabez B. Botsford Newtown Fairfield
Samuel Botsford 79 Samuel Botsford Southbury New Haven
Huldah Bourn 77 John Bourn Somers Tolland
Eleazer Bowen 86 Eli R. Gleason Thompson Windham
Catherine Bowers 79 Cyrus Bowers East Windsor Hartford
Alpheus Bowers 85 Delano White Thompson Windham
Rebecca Bowers 82 Rebecca Bowers Chatham Middlesex
Bela Boynton 87 Bela Boyton Coventry Tolland
Daniel Brace 83 Daniel Brace Somers Tolland
Thaddeus Brack 76 Janus Brack Plymouth Litchfield
Philena Bradford 70 Archibald Bradford Canterbury Windham
Lydia Bradley 87 Nathan Thomas City of New Haven New Haven
Elijah Bradley 80 Elijah Bradley East Haven New Haven
Gilead Bradley 83 Gilead Bradley Madison New Haven
Anne Bradley 82 Anne Bradley Watertown Litchfield
Lydia Brainerd 82 Lydia Brainerd East Haddam Middlesex
Robert Bramble 78 Robert Bramble Lyme New London
Frederick Brewster 77 Frederick Brewster Franklin New London
Reuben Briant 77 Reuben Briant Plainfield Windham
Dow C. Brigham 77 D. C. Brigham Coventry Tolland
Mary Brigham 87 Elisha Atwood Willington Tolland
Mary Brightman 71 William P. Br****** Groton New London
Candes Lilly Bristee 83 Theodore Bristee Canterbury Windham
David Bristol 76 David Bristol Milford New Haven
Joel Brockett 80 Joel Brockett North Haven New Haven
Giles Brockett 79 Giles Brockett Waterbury New Haven
John Brockway 85 John Brockway Lyme New London
Alas Bromley 75 Alas Bromley Preston New London
Fidelia Bronson 77 Theodore Bronson Berlin Hartford
Selah Bronson 77 Selah Bronson Waterbury New Haven
Isaac Bronson 78 Isaac Bronson Wolcott New Haven
Hannah Bronson 85 Hannah Bronson Middlebury New Haven
Asahel Bronson 80 Asahel Bronson Middlebury New Haven
Marilla Bronson 71 Greene Capron Mansfield Tolland
John, Sr. Brooks 76 John Brooks, Sr. Bridgeport Fairfield
Benjamin Brothwell 81 Benjamin Brothwell Fairfield Fairfield
Thomas Brothwill 74 Thomas Brothwill Fairfield Fairfield
Elias Brown 81 Elias Brown Farmington Hartford
Jerusha Brown 76 Jerusha Brown Meriden New Haven
Sylvia Brown 76 Sylvia Brown East Haven New Haven
Ebezer Brown 82 Samuel Bunnell Waterbury New Haven
Lebius Brown 83 Charlotte Buckley Fairfield Fairfield
Christopher Brown 81 Christopher Brown Waterford New London
Jeptha Brown 82 Jeptha Brown North Stonington New London
Abigail Brown 70 Abigail Brown Canterbury Windham
Ambrose Brown 73 Ambrose Brown Ashford Windham
Mary Brown 80 Sylvester Coe Torrington Litchfield
Sarah Brown 78 Leman Thomas Bethlehem Litchfield
Ephraim Brown 68 Ephraim Brown Norfolk Litchfield
Deborah Brown 81 Harvey Brown Hebron Tolland
Nathaniel Brown 83 Nathaniel Brown Mansfield Tolland
Orthanial Brown 81 Orthanial Brown Union Tolland
William Browne 83 William Brown Goshen Litchfield
Mary Bryan 79 Addison Beard Milford New Haven
John Bryan 86 Thomas Painter Orange New Haven
Aaron Buck 86 Aaron Buck Killingly Windham
Jonathan Bucklan 76 Jonathan Buckland Ellington Tolland
George Buckland 82 George Buckland Manchester Hartford
Joseph Buckley 81 William Bradley Fairfield Fairfield
Amelia Buckley 86 Timothy Buckley Fairfield Fairfield
Eleazer Buckley 77 Eleazer Buckley Fairfield Fairfield
Marlin Buel 81 Marlin Buel Wallingford New Haven
David Buel 83 David Buel Roxbury Litchfield
Sarah Bugbee 88 Aaron Tucker Pomfret Windham
Martha Bugbee 82 Martha Bugbee Ashford Windham
Hannah Bugbee 77 Alanson Bugbee Tolland Tolland
Charles Bukely 87 Charles Bukely New London New London
Windsor Buker 82 Austin King Enfield Hartford
Lydia Bukwith 79
Waterford New London
Martha Bull 76 John Bull Harrington Litchfield
Phineas Bundle 81 Gilbert Close Greenwich Fairfield
Elijah H. Bundy 72 Elijah H. Bundy Salisbury Litchfield
-------- Bunnel 83 Luther Stocking Berlin Hartford
John Bunnel 81 Alfred Baley Berlin Hartford
Pure Bunnel 85 Luther Bunnel North Branford New Haven
Henry Burbeck 85 Henry Burbeck New London New London
Sarah Burney 80 Julia Gotham City of New Haven New Haven
Roger Burnham 79 Roger Burnham East Windsor Hartford
Mehitable Burnham -- William S. Ely Lyme New London
Oliver Burnham 79 Oliver Burnham Cornwell Litchfield
Nathan Burnham 81 Nathan Burnham East Haddam Middlesex
Zabina Burr 88 Zabina Burr Granby Hartford
Sarah A. Burr 78 Sarah A. Burr Fairfield Fairfield
Catharine M. Burr 40 Catharine Mills Fairfield Fairfield
William Burr 78 William Burr Southbury New Haven
Rebecca Burr 78 William Warner City of Middletown Middlesex
Nathan Burrett 77 Nathan Burrett Stratford Fairfield
Sally Burrett 79 Josiah Hubb*** Stratford Fairfield
Cathine Burrows 82 Caleb Lath*m Groton New London Latham
Lewis Burton 78
Trumbull Fairfield
Naomi Burton 92 Joseph Benson Kent Litchfield
George Bush 83 George Bush Chatham Middlesex
Isaac Bussett 82 Isaac Bussett City of New Haven New Haven
Samuel Butler 74 Samuel Cutler Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Isaac Butts 80 Almira Bellows Franklin New London

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