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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, July 18, 2001

First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
William Armstrong 82 John Reed Columbia Boone
Levi Arthur -- Levi Arthur Merrimac Crawford
John Bailey 85 John Bailey Union Washington
Sylvester Baker 83 A. J. Baker Cote-Sans-Dessein Callaway
William Baylis 81 William Baylis Leabo Rives
Cornelius Beazly 82 Jacob Rhoades Cuivre Pike
Reuben Bernus 30 James A. Eads Portage St. Charles
Zachariah Birch 83 Zachariah Birch Spencer Pike
William Boren 74 Sarah Ann Duncan Twelve-Mile Township Madison
Samuel Bowles 90 Thomas Bowles Fulton Callaway
Thomas Boyd 79 Thomas Boyd Cedar Callaway
Robert Brevard 76 Robert Brevard Randle Cape Girardeau
Jarret Bricky 83 Jarret Bricky Cortois Crawford
Uriah Brock 79 Hartwell Brock Moreland Scott
Joseph Brown 86 Shadrach Woodson Woodson Lincoln
William R. Brown 84 John S. Brown Dovey St. Genevieve
Jesse Brown 45 Jesse Brown
Elizabeth Burks 78 George Sexton Persia Boone
Samuel Burks 77 William Burks Twelve-Mile Township Madison
John Burnes 48 John Burnes Van Buren Polk
William Burton 84 Ja*** Wallace Prairie Howard
William Butler 84 William Butler Hurricane Lincoln
Nealey Bybee 77 Nealey Bybee South Fork Monroe
James Cannon 82 James Cannon Hurricane Lincoln
Christopher Casey 88 Hardin Casey Jefferson Township Cole
William L. Cearnel 38 Archibald Cearnel Jefferson Township Cole
John Chambers 110 James Chambers Clark Lincoln
Benjamin Chambers 76 Benjamin Chambers Marion Saline
John Chitcoat 80 John Chitcoat Richland Morgan
John Connelly 78 Sanford Connelly Rocky Fork Boone
James Crowley 75 James Crowley
James Cunningham 84 James Cunningham St. Francois St. Francois
Bracket Davison 46 B. Davison Benton Polk
John Deavenport 48 John Deavenport Rocky Fork Boone
Charles Dildy 77 Charles Dildy Smith Barry
Abel Dood 76 Thomas Miller Bourbon Callaway
William Drinning, Sen. 76 William Drinning, Sen. Merrimac Jefferson
Samuel Elgin 82 Samuel Elgin Missouri Boone
George W. Elliott 48 George W. Elliott Calvary Franklin
John Evans 64 John Evans
Jesse Evans 81

Moses Ferguson, Sen. 78 Moses Ferguson, Sen. Jackson Johnson
Charles Finnell 77

Gershom Fleeke 43 Gershom Fleeke Cedar Boone
James Fletcher 83 Elias Fletcher Goshen Macon
Ann Gentry 49 Ann Gentry Columbia Boone
Michael Glass 78 Charles Helfly Clark Lincoln
William Goodson 80 William Goodson Waconda Creek Township Carroll
Ignatius Granville 90 William Little Salt River Ralls
Abrm. Grindstaff 45 Abrm. Grindstaff Cedar Boone
William Hall 79 William Hall Danville Montgomery
John Hamilton 90

Thomas Hampton 81 John S. Besser Woodson Lincoln
George Harding 84 George Harding Fulton Callaway
Reuben Hatton 78 Reuben Hatton Missouri Boone
John Hawkins 80 John Hawkins Union Washington
Abram Hill 81 William Hill Fishing River Township Ray
Thomas Hill 79 Thomas Hill Apple Creek Cape Girardeau
Ithamer Huble 78 Ithamer Huble Byrd Cape Girardeau
James Hutchison 82 James Hutchison Lorance Cape Girardeau
Robert Jamerson 84 Willis M. Jamerson Spencer Ralls
Jonathan James 46 Jonathan James Bowling Green Pettis
William Jeffries 83 James W. Jeffries Round Grove Marion
James Kelly 86 James Kelly Maniteau Cooper
Jos. Kingry 73 Greenbury Kingry Jefferson Township Cole
John Kippers 79 Samuel Kippers Jackson Monroe
Robert Kirkpatrick 77 John Read Lebanon Cooper
Hugh Larremore 81 R. Larremore Maniteau Cooper
Robert Lemon 85 Robert Lemon Missouri Boone
Henry Linch 80
Liberty Macon
Anderson Long 80 Anderson Long Round Grove Marion
William Lumley 82 William Lumley Smith Barry
John Majors 81 Elisha Majors
D. Martin 44 Mrs. Molly Martin Bonhomme St. Louis
Radford McCargo 78 Radford McCargo Rocky Fork Boone
James McHenry 78 John McHenry Osage Van Buren
David McLane 82 David McLane Randle Cape Girardeau
Frederic McLinn 46 Frederic McLinn
Judith Miller 75 Nicholas Shukman Boeuff ? Franklin
William Mitchell 76 William Mitchell Liberty Crawford
John Mulherrin 85 William Mulherrin Calumet Pike
Hezekiah Murphy 74 Hezekiah Murphy Clark Lincoln
Samuel Nelson 88
Smith Barry
James Noble 82 Robert Shaw Richmond Howard
George Oathey 85 James McCormick Flat Creek Pettis
Jesse D. Oldham 48 Jesse D. Oldham Fulton Callaway
Henry Overley 76 Pearson W. Overley Nine Mile Prairie Callaway
John Paul 80 John Paul Union Washington
William Pennington 55 William Pennington Missouri Boone
William Pollard 79 William Pollard Liberty Marion
James Potter 81 Bently Potter
John Pritchett 48 John Pritchett Bowles Franklin
J. D. Putnam 48 John Putnam St. Ferdinand St. Louis
Robert Raphael 21 Philip Megerle Jefferson City Cole
Daniel Rardin 61 Daniel Rardin
John Reams 58 John Reams Rocky Fork Boone
Joshua Roberts 75 Joshua Roberts Marion Saline
Edward Robertson 85 Edward Robertson C**r*'s Fork Cooper
Peter Rock 92 Andrew Hunter Lower Loutre Montgomery
Robert S. Russel 79 Robert S. Russel Bourbon Callaway
Andrew Salisbury 96 William J. McKay Henry Miller
John Sconce 49 John Sconce Richmond Ray
James Sewell 80 James Sewell
Benjamin Sharp 78 Benjamin Sharp Charette Warren
Thomas Sherley 85 Jordan Sherley Harmony Washington
William Sherwood 80 John Calvin Calumet Pike
Richard Simms 86 Richard Simms
Augustin Sims 78
Smith Barry
Rodam Sims 86 Lewis Garnet Clay Ralls
Robert Sinclaire 83 Charles Sinclaire Liberty Madison
Thomas Snelson 84 Mary Snelson Merrimac Crawford
Sabert Sollers 84 Mahala Sollers
Page Stanley 40 Page Stanley Marion Buchanan
Samuel Steel 77 Calbe Headlee
Jacob Stuart 57 Jacob Stuart
Benjamin Taylor 79 Benjamin Taylor
Edward Thomas 85 Reuben Thomas Belview Washington
James Thomas 77 George Thomas Fulton Callaway
Thomas Thompson 79 Malcom McDougal
Bennet Tilley 89 Bennet Tilley Liberty Macon
Enoch Tobe 80 Enoch Tobe Walken [or Walker] Cole
Samuel Turner 87 Samuel Turner Salt River Ralls
William Turney 67 William Turney St. Charles St. Charles
Nicholas Tuttle 82 Pleasant Tuttle Chariton Macon
Thomas Walker 90 Thomas Walker Smith Barry
John Welch 86 John Welch Watkins Crawford
James Wells 78 David Wells
Alphonso Wetmore -- Alphonso Wetmore City of St. Louis St. Louis
Edward Williams 79 E****d Williams Prairie Howard
John Wyatt, Sen. 81 John Wyatt, Sen. Charette Warren
Mary Zumwalt 74 Solomon Zumwalt Cuivre St. Charles

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