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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, March 23, 2001

[1] Passed since census taken
[2] Nottingham, includes S. Trenton

A - L     M - Z

John Abbott, Sen. 82 John Abbot, Sen. Amwell Hunterdon
Cornelius Ackerman 85 Cornelius Ackerman Harrington Bergen
Hugh Aggings 86 Hugh Aggings Greenwich Gloucester
Joshua Allen 51 Josiah Allen Mannington Salem
John Anderson 88 John Anderson Freehold Monmouth
Joseph Annin 89 Joseph Annin Bedminster Somerset
George Anthony 77 George Anthony Hardyston Sussex
William Applegate 81 William Applegate Freehold Monmouth
Daniel Applegate 82 Mathias Applegate Freehold Monmouth
Bartholomew Applegate 83 Bartholomew Applegate Dover Monmouth
Jabez Ashmore 79 Jabez Ashmore Nottingham [2] Mercer
Archibald Augar 75 Archibald Augar Woodbridge Middlesex
John Aumock 81 John Aumock Freehold Monmouth
John A. Autin 78 John A. Autin Bridgewater Somerset
Robert Ayres 86 Robert Ayres West Windsor Mercer
U. Baldwin 80 William W. Baldwin City of Newark--West Ward Essex
Abner Ball 80 Abner Ball Livingston Essex
William Ball 86 William Ball Hanover Morris
Aaron Ball 85 Aaron Ball, Jr. Westfield Essex
Ann Bamper 86 Garret A. Bamper Franklin Bergen
Samuel Barber 84 Samuel Barber Delaware Hunterdon
Runyon Barcalew 84 Runyon Barcalew North Brunswick Middlesex
Moses Bateman 80 Moses Bateman Fairfield Cumberland
Daniel Bateman 83 Daniel Bateman Fairfield Cumberland
Benjamin Bates 81 Benoni Bates Gloucester Gloucester
Anthony Beam 88 Josiah Beam Pompton Passaic
Isaac Bedell 78 Isaac Bedell Mendham Morris
Adam Bellis 91 John Hall Hillsborough Somerset
Thomas Belton 108 Thomas Belton City of Newark--East Ward Essex
Lewis Bender 108 John E. Bender Woolwich Gloucester
David Bennet 78 David Bennet Chatham Morris
Samuel Bennett 79 Samuel Bennett Stafford Monmouth
Henry Berdan 88 Henry Berdan New Barbadoes Bergen
John S. Bertholf 79 John Bertholf, Jr. Franklin Bergen
John Besson 90 Andrew Bearder Raritan Hunterdon
Timothy Bigelow 76 Timothy Bigelow Clinton Essex
John Bigler 84 John Bigler Bethlehem Hunterdon
John Blane 82 John Blane Lebanon Hunterdon
Thomas Blane 90 Thomas Blane Manchester Passaic
John A. Blauvelt 79 Abraham J. Blauvelt Harrington Bergen
Sarah Blauvelt 80 John R. Blauvelt Washington Bergen
James J. Blauvett 77 James J. Blauvett Franklin Bergen
Thomas Bloomfield 70 Thomas Bloomfield Woodbridge Middlesex
John Booraem 80 John Booraem South Amboy Middlesex
James Bowne 86 James Bowne Middletown Monmouth
John Bray 85 John Bray Kingwood Hunterdon
Garret Breese 80 Garret Breese South Brunswick Middlesex
John Brewer 80 Aaron Brewer Middletown Monmouth
Jacob Briant 84 Richard Burt Pittsgrove Salem
James Brinkerhoff 82 Jacob J. Brinkerhoff Lodi Bergen
Isaac Brokaw -- Isaac Brokaw Franklin Somerset
Richard Brokaw 83 Richard Brokaw Bridgewater Somerset
Brown Brookfield 80 Brown Brookfield Chatham Morris
Mary Brower 79 Mary Brower Paterson Passaic
William Brown 84 William Brown Upper Alloway's Creek Salem
Elizabeth Burk 86 Joseph T. Parker Freehold Monmouth
Ruth Burlew 73 John Burlew South Amboy Middlesex
John Burroughs 86 Charles Burroughs Trenton Mercer
Andrew Butterfoss 81 Andrew Butterfoss Delaware Hunterdon
James Campbell 80 Rice Campbell South Amboy Middlesex
Catharine Campbell 84 Mary G. Francisco Belleville Essex
John Campfield 83 John Campfield Chatham Morris
Israel Canfield 79 Israel Canfield Morris Morris
Martha Cannon 93 Hannah Thompson Nottingham [2] Mercer
John Carhart 84 Jacob Von Brockle Middletown Monmouth
Thomas Carman 76 Thomas Carman Pompton Passaic
Ephraim Carns 88 Ephraim Carns Mendham Morris
Robert Carson 77 Washington Carson Nottingham [2] Mercer
Tunis Case 79 Tunis Case Delaware Hunterdon
Eunice Casterline 78 Daniel Casterline Hanover Morris
Jonas Cattell 82 Jonas Cattell Deptford Gloucester
John Chacy 85 John Chacy Middletown Monmouth
Aaron Chamberlin 85 Aaron Chamberlin Howell Monmouth
David Chambers 94 Mary L*wi* South Brunswick Middlesex Lewis
James Chambers 76 James Chambers Freehold Monmouth
Charles P. Christian 56 Charles P. Christian Hanover Morris
Ichabod Clark 78 Ichabod Clark Westfield Essex
Henry Clark 82 Henry Clark Mendham Morris
William Clark 85 William Clark Westfield Essex
Reuben Clark 86 Reuben Clark, Sen. Galloway Atlantic
Parker Clark 74 James H. Clark Galloway Atlantic
John Clayton 76 John Clayton Freehold Monmouth
John Clifford 92 John Clifford Bethlehem Hunterdon
James Clinton 87 James Clinton Monroe Middlesex
John Coddington 78 John Coddington Warren Somerset
Anthony Collins 78 Anthony Collins North Brunswich Middlesex
Sarah Colt 82 Sarah Colt Paterson Passaic
Job Compton 76 Job Compton Middletown Monmouth
Japhia Condit 89 Japhia Condit Orange Essex
John Conk 78 William Conk Freehold Monmouth
Ann Conover 77 Ann Conover Freehold Monmouth
Lewis Conover 88 Lewis Conover Freehold Monmouth
Stephen Cook 87 Stephen Cook Hanover Morris
John Cooper 77 John Cooper Vernon Sussex
James B. Cooper 80 James B. Cooper Newton Gloucester
Henry Cooper 79 Francis Hendrick Manchester Passaic
Henry Cortleyou 79 Hendrick Cortleyou South Brunswick Middlesex
William Courter 78 Henry Starr Franklin Bergen
Elizabeth Craig 71 Elizabeth Craig Freehold Monmouth
Benjamine Crane 79 Benjamin Crane Westfield Essex
Jerusha Crittendon 81 Sophia Crittendon Elizabethtown Essex
Benjamin Crozier 96 Benjamin Crozier Downes Cumberland
Sarah Cummings 78 Sarah Cummings City of Newark--North Ward Essex
Edwin Dalrymple 88 Elizabeth Dalrymple Alexandria Hunterdon
Sarah Daniels 83 Sarah Daniels Downes Cumberland
Mary Dare 80 Philip Dare Deerfield Cumberland
Mary Davis 77 Joseph Ashmore Nottingham [2] Mercer
John Daylay 80 Philip Daylay Oxford Warren
Rachel De Camp 81 Rachel De Camp Westfield Essex
David Dean 76 David Dean Springfield Essex
Luke Degraw 81 Luke Degraw Vernon Sussex
Jacob Degroot 90 Jacob Degroot Bridgewater Somerset
Peter D. Demarest 75 Peter D. Demarest Hackensack Bergen
Sarah Demarest 74 Sarah P. Demarest Hackensack Bergen
Samuel Denike 79 Samuel Denike Mullica Atlantic
Mattias Denman 89 Matthias Denman Springfield Essex
Isaac Dickerson 89 Henry M. Sherrer Hardwick Warren
Moses Dickerson 87 Moses Dickerson Westfield Essex
William Dilts 86 William Dilts Delaware Hunterdon
Isaac Dodd 78 Isaac Dodd Bloomfield Essex
Mary Dolbeer 85 Mary Dolbeer Westfield Essex
Margaret Dorland 74 Margaret Dorland Chester Morris
James Doty 83 James Doty New Providence Essex
Edward Downs 82 Edward Downs Hamilton Atlantic
Jacob Drake 84 Jacob Drake Newton Sussex
John Dunham 78 John Dunham Westfield Essex
Enoch Dunham 79 Enoch Dunham North Brunswick Middlesex
James T. Dunn 80 James T. Dunn Piscataway Middlesex
Jacob Edwards 77 Jacob Edwards Livingston Essex
John Eldridge 81 John Eldridge Middletown Monmouth
Nathan Elmer 78 Nathan Elmer New Providence Essex
Ebenezer Elmer 88 Ebenezer Elmer Deerfield Cumberland
Martha Emmet 81 Martha Emmet Morris Morris
Daniel Ent 83 Daniel Ent Delaware Hunterdon
Thomas Errickson 78 Thomas Errickson Freehold Monmouth
John Estler 92 James Doremus Pequannock Morris
William Everingham 93 William Everingham Chesterfield Burlington
Abraham Fairchild 86 Abraham Fairchild Hanover Morris
Frederick Fauver 77 Frederick Fauver Deerfield Cumberland
Henry Feaster 80 Henry Feaster Maurice River Cumberland
Tunis Felter 78 Tunis Felter Pompton Passaic
Mary G. Fergeson 80 Mary G. Fergeson Princeton Mercer
James Ferrell 91 James Ferrell Franklin Gloucester
John Fidler 82 John Fidler Hopewell Mercer
Hendrick Field 88 Hendrick Field Bedminster Somerset
Dennis Field 79 Dennis Field Piscataway Middlesex
Benjamin Field 77 Michael Field Piscataway Middlesex
William Fisher 81 Samuel Chamberlain East Windsor Mercer
Daniel Fitch 79 Daniel Fitch City of Newark--East Ward Essex
Richard Galway 32 Richard Galway Paterson Passaic
David Gandy 80 Almshouse Hopewell Cumberland
Mary Gardner 81 Samuel J. Gardner City of Newark--East Ward Essex
John Garrigus 80 John Garrigus Hanover Morris
Abraham H. Garrison 82 Abraham H. Garrison Franklin Bergen
Aaron Garrison 85 Peter A. Garrison Franklin Bergen
Thomas Gearon 80 Thomas Gearon, Jr. Freehold Monmouth
William Geary 85 E. Butterfoss Delaware Hunterdon
Isaac Genung 63 Isaac Genung Chatham Morris
Deborah Golden 76 Anna Lewis Hopewell Mercer
David Gordon 84 David Gordon Hanover Morris
Timothy Gould 88 Timothy Gould Bloomfield Essex
Josiah Gould 79 Josiah Gould Caldwell Essex
William Gould 82 William Gould Caldwell Essex
Robert Gould 78 Robert Gould Pompton Passaic
Josiah Gray 84 Josiah Gray Rahway Essex
Jacob Gray 93 Jacob Gray Princeton Mercer
Joseph Gray, Sen. 81 Joseph Gray, Sen. Raritan Hunterdon
Joseph Green 81 Joseph Green Livingston Essex
Elizabeth Green 83 James B. Green Ewing Mercer
Benjamin Griggs 85 Reuben Griggs South Brunswick Middlesex
Elizabeth Groves 79 John Slover South Brunswick Middlesex
John Groves 92 John R. Applegate South Brunswick Middlesex
John Gulick 80 John Gulick South Brunswick Middlesex
George Haley 80 George Haley Upper Freehold Monmouth
Jacob Hall 89 John Shepard East Windsor Mercer
David Hall 82 David Hall South Amboy Middlesex
Aaron Hand 76 Isaac M. Hand Springfield Essex
Jonathan Hand 78 Jonathan Hand Downes Cumberland
Garret F. Haring 78 Garret F. Haring Washington Bergen
Abraham Harris 94 Samuel Harris Upper Alloway's Creek Salem
Moses Harrison 79 Moses Harrison Bloomfield Essex
Abijah Harrison 89 Abijah Harrison, Jr. Orange Essex
Thomas Harrison 81 Henry Harrison Orange Essex
Mary Harriss 84 Samuel D. Harriss City of Newark--North Ward Essex
John R. Hart 87 Dean Hart Hopewell Mercer
Daniel Hatfield 84 Daniel Hatfield Westfield Essex
Elizabeth Hays 78 Charles Hays Freehold Monmouth
John Head 83 James Smith Bethlehem Hunterdon
Stephen Headley 79 Stephen Headley Union Essex
Richard Heath 84 Richard Heath Kingwood Hunterdon
James Hendrickson 88 James Hendrickson Howell Monmouth
Peter Hendrixon 79 Peter Hendrixon Morris Morris
Samuel Herbert 85 Samuel Herbert Freehold Monmouth
Mary Hillyer 81 Ruth Martin South Amboy Middlesex
Catharine Hogland 85 James Larreson Alexandria Hunterdon
Henry Holdron 84
Montague Sussex
Anthony Holmes 81 Anthony Holmes Shrewsbury Monmouth
John A. Hopper 78 John A. Hopper Franklin Bergen
David Horton 89 David Horton Hanover Morris
John Howe 96 John Dilts Raritan Hunterdon
Jeremiah Howell 92 Jeremiah Howell Hanover Morris
John Hulfish 81 John Hulfish West Windsor Mercer
Turner Hull 67 Hugh Heath City of Newark--South Ward Essex
Margaret Hulse 78 Margaret Hulse North Brunswick Middlesex
Matthew M. Hulshart 84 Matthew M. Hulshart Freehold Monmouth
Elijah Hummell 84 Elijah Hummell Delaware Hunterdon
Israel Hunt 83 Israel Hunt Hopewell Mercer
Oliver Hunt 84 David Bartine Princeton Mercer
Mary S. Hunter 79 Mary Hunter Princeton Mercer
Dayton Irelan 84 Dayton Irelan Downes Cumberland
John Jeffrys 82 Nicholas Jeffrys Egg Harbor Atlantic
Lewis Johnson 80 Lewis Johnson North Brunswick Middlesex
Peter Johnson 80 Peter Johnson Mullica Atlantic
Samuel Johnson 79 Samuel Johnson Howell Monmouth
Peter M. Johnson 89 Peter M. Johnson Freehold Monmouth
Henry Johnson 85 Lambert Johnson Middletown Monmouth
Adrian Johnson 85 Adrian Johnson Readington Hunterdon
Jacob Johnston 87 Jacob S. Johnston Bethlehem Hunterdon
Daniel Jones 83 Daniel Jones Roxbury Morris
Abraham Jones 80 Nehemiah Cowgill Greenwich Gloucester
Josiah Jones 79 Clemens Jones Trenton Mercer
John Jourden 80 John Jourden Upper Penn's Neck Salem
Walter Karr 81 Walter Karr Upper Freehold Monmouth
Lewis Keeler 81 Stephen Lawrence Franklin Bergen
Lewis Keeler 82 Mary Burk Franklin Bergen
Daniel Kemper 91 Daniel Kemper North Brunswick Middlesex
Peter Kempton 80 William Blake Millville Cumberland
Mary Kennan 76 Alva Lewis Bernard Somerset
Joseph Kennan 58 Jonathan Hand Bernard Somerset
Sarah Kent 78 Samuel Stelle Piscataway Middlesex
Jacob Kent 87 Simon Kent Caldwell Essex
Ada King 77 Ada King Chester Morris
Mary King 74 Mary King Livingston Essex
Aury King 86 Moses R. King City of Newark--South Ward Essex
Aury King 86 Edmund H. Davey Bloomfield Essex
Peter Kise 82 Peter Kise Mendham Morris
Abraham Kittle 82
Montague Sussex
Thomas Lamberson 87 Thomas Lamberson South Amboy Middlesex
David Lamberson 80 David Lamberson South Amboy Middlesex
James Lambert 85 James Lambert Westfield Essex
Samuel Lambert 82 Samuel Lambert Wantage Sussex
Henry Lane 78 Henry Lane Caldwell Essex
Mary Laning 72 Ralph Laning Ewing Mercer
Ralph Laning 81 Ralph Laning Lawrence Mercer
Samuel Lard 80 Samuel Lard Downes Cumberland
Cornelius Latourette 85 James Williams Readington Hunterdon
Harriet Leayre 76 Harriet Leayre City of Newark--North Ward Essex
Thomas Lee 76 Adam Lee Woodbridge Middlesex
John P. Leister 76 John P. Leister Middletown Monmouth
Francis Letts 81 James Townsend North Brunswick Middlesex
Robert Levick 78 Robert Levick Fairfield Cumberland
David Lindsly 79 David Lindsly Morris Morris
Sarah Lipes 68 William H. Dye Nottingham [2] Mercer
Amelia Lippincott 89 Amelia Lippincott Shrewsbury Monmouth
Christy Little 77 Christy Little Kingwood Hunterdon
Robert Little 86 Robert Little Bridgewater Somerset
Ebenezer Little 82 Ebenezer Little Morris Morris
John Locke 86 John Locke Chester Morris
James Longstaff 86 Henry Longstaff Piscataway Middlesex
Job Loree 79 Job Loree Mendham Morris
John Lott 83 John Lott Lawrence Mercer
Gershom Loveless 84 Gershom Loveless Nottingham [2] Mercer
Margaret Ludlow 74 John Ludlow Westfield Essex
Joseph Lyon 76 Joseph Lyon Clinton Essex
Stephen Lyon 84 Stephen Lyon Springfield Essex
Naomi Lyon 74 John Lyon Manchester Passaic
Johanna Lyon 74 Johanna Lyon City of Newark--East Ward Essex

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