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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 15, 2001

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A - L
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name Variation
Lydia A*wood 78 Husey Bradford Bristol Bristol Atwod; Atwood; Atwoode; Bradforde
William Albert 78 William Al**** Tiverton Newport
Joel Aldrich 83 Joel Aldrich Smithfield Providence Aldridge
Olive Aldrich 88 Welcome Aldrich Smithfield Providence Aldridge
Huldah Aldrich 90 Huldah Aldrich Scituate Providence Aldridge
John Aldrich 81 Luke Aldrich South Kingston Washington Aldridge
Rebecca Alger 81 Mary Richmond Newport Newport
Jabez Allen 78 Mary Montgomery City of Providence-1st ward Providence Allin; Allyn; Allyne
Elizabeth Allen 84 Job Gray Portsmouth Newport Allin; Allyn; Allyne
Mary Allen 95 Mary Allen West Greenwich Kent Allin; Allyn; Allyne
Peleg Almy 79 Peleg Almy Portsmouth Newport
John Almy 82 John Almy Little Compton Newport
Sandford Almy 80 Sanford Almy, Jr. Little Compton Newport
John Alverson 83 John Alverson Johnston Providence
Francis Anderson 92 William Vars Newport Newport Andreson
Sarah Andrews 81 Sarah Andrews Glocester Providence
George Andrews 86 George Andrews Coventry Kent
Jonathan Andros 78 Jonathan Andros East Greenwich Kent Androes; Androwes
Fenna Angell 83 Fenna Angell City of Providence-2d ward Providence
Susanna Anthony 85 Burrington Anthony City of Providence-4th ward Providence Anthonye
Margaret Anthony 69 Margaret Anthony Charlestown Washington Anthonye
Jesse Armstrong 80 Job Armstrong Glocester Providence Armestrong; Armestronge
Israel Arnold 85 Israel Arnold Smithfield Providence Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Nathaniel Arnold 77 John Waiscott Smithfield Providence Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Elisha Arnold 76 Elisha Arnold Cranston Providence Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
John Arnold 76 John Arnold Cranston Providence Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Oliver Arnold 80 Oliver Arnold Foster Providence Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Joseph Arnold 84
Warwick Kent Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Caleb Arnold 86
Warwick Kent Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Hannah Arnold 81
Warwick Kent Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Elizabeth Arnold 81
Warwick Kent Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Remington Arnold 79
Warwick Kent Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Richard Arnold 78 Richard Arnold Coventry Kent Arnolde; Arnould; Arnoulde
Roby Atwood 84 Job W. Fiske Scituate Providence Attwoodd; Atwode; Fisk
Ezekiel Austin 83 Ezekiel Austin, Jr. Exeter Washington Austen; Austyne; Awsten
Paul Babcock 80 Paul Babcock, Jr. Westerly Washington
Elsey Babcock 77 Elsey Babcock North Kingston Washington
Joseph Bailey 84 Joseph Bailey West Greenwich Kent Bailie; Baily; Baley; Balie; Bayley
Lois Baker 79 Benjamin F. Holley Smithfield Providence Bakar; Holly
Sarah Baker 81 Sarah Baker Scituate Providence Bakar
Betsey Baker 88
Warwick Kent Bakar
Ebenezer Balcome 48 Ebenezer Balcome Smithfield Providence Balcomb
Sarah Bales 86 Sarah Bales Exeter Washington Bayles
Noah Ballow 89 Noah Ballow Cumberland Providence
Margaret Barber 94 Moses Barber South Kingston Washington Barbar; Barbarr
Daniel Barber 92 Daniel Barber Exeter Washington Barbar; Barbarr
Aaron Bardine 77 Horace Bardine Glocester Providence Barden; Bardin
James Barker 60 James Barker Newport Newport Barkar
Rhoda Barton 88 Rhoda Barton City of Providence-2d ward Providence Bartonn
William Battey 80 William Battey Scituate Providence Battie; Batty; Battye
Mary Bennet 84 Mary Bennet West Greenwich Kent Benet; Benit; Bennett
Mary Bennett 82 Mary Bennett Foster Providence Benet; Benit; Bennet
Mary Bennett 83 Asher Bennett Foster Providence Benet; Benit; Bennet
Mary Bennett 87
Warwick Kent Benet; Benit; Bennet
Amy Bicknal 77 Amy Bicknal Barrington Bristol
Thomas Billington 83 William Hill South Kingston Washington
Ezekiel Bishop 78 Ezekiel Bishop Scituate Providence Bishope; Bishopp; Bisschop; Bisshoppe
David Bissel 79 David Bissel North Kingston Washington
Betty Blanchard 85 Oliver Greene Coventry Kent Green
Nathan Blivin 79 Nathan Blivin Westerly Washington
Benjamin Boss 83 Benjamin Boss Scituate Providence Bosse
Sarah Boss 82 Sarah Boss Newport Newport Bosse
Tabitha Bosworth 81 Ann Stor** Bristol Bristol
Rachel Bourn 72 John Chadwick Bristol Bristol Bourne
Ephraim Bowen 87 Ephraim Bowen City of Providence-4th ward Providence
James Bowen 80 James Bowen Glocester Providence
Simeon Bowen 82 Lyman Bowen Glocester Providence
Rose Bowen 69 Rose Bowen Burrillville Providence
Susanna Bradford 80 Susanna Bradford City of Providence-1st ward Providence
Joseph Braman 77 George W. Braman Hopkinton Washington
Mary Brayton 86 Mary Brayton Cranston Providence Brayden; Braydon
Patience Brayton 77 John Brayton Foster Providence Brayden; Braydon
Francis Brayton 76 Francis Brayton Foster Providence Brayden; Braydon
Borden Brayton 80 Borden Brayton Tiverton Newport Brayden; Braydon
Thankful Briggs 78 Gilbert Stanton Newport Newport Brigges
Thomas Briggs 80 Thomas Briggs Little Compton Newport Brigges
Sweet Briggs 85 Job Briggs South Kingston Washington Brigges
Abigail Briggs 83 Joseph Hart Coventry Kent Brigges
Joseph Briggs 83 Joseph Briggs East Greenwich Kent Brigges
Thomas Brightman 89 Thomas Brightman Hopkinton Washington
Rosamond Brown 79 John Humphrey City of Providence-5th ward Providence Browne; Humphry
Waite Brown 87 Jason Young North Providence Providence Browne
Esek Brown 85 Esek Brown Glocester Providence Browne
George Brown 82 Humphrey Bro**** Little Compton Newport Browne
John Brown 78 John Brown Little Compton Newport Browne
Sarah Brown 85 Sarah Brown North Kingston Washington Browne
Joshua Brown 83 Joshua Brown Exeter Washington Browne
Christopher Brown 89 Christopher Brown Hopkinton Washington Browne
Mary Brown 86 William Hoar Bristol Bristol Browne; Hoare; Hore
Jesse Brown 80 Francil W. Brown Warren Bristol Browne
Phebe Brownell 83 Phebe Brownell Little Compton Newport
Stephen Brownell 78 Stephen Brownell Little Compton Newport
Deborah Brownell 91 James Brownell Little Compton Newport
Ruth Brownell 82 Israel Pal*** Little Compton Newport Palmer
Samuel Browning 86 Stephen Smith North Kingston Washington Smithe; Smyth; Smythe
Susanna Browning 81
Warwick Kent
Perry Brumbley 81 Perry Brumbley Westerly Washington Brumley
Anna Budlong 80
Warwick Kent
Mary A. Budlong 86
Warwick Kent
Stephen Budlong 78
Warwick Kent
Samuel Buffam 85 Gardiner Smith Newport Newport Smithe; Smyth; Smythe
Lydia Bunn 74 Bosworth M***** Bristol Bristol
Isaiah Burdich 79 Augustus Burdich Charlestown Washington Burdick
David Burlingame 83 David Burlingame Scituate Providence
Pardon Burlingame 84 Pardon Burlingame Cranston Providence
Andrew Burnett 69 Andrew Burnett City of Providence-2d ward Providence Burnette
Benjamin Burrell 81 Benjamin Bu***** North Providence Providence
Noah Butterworth 79 Susan Bullock Cumberland Providence Bullocke; Butterworthe
James Calder 85 John Calder City of Providence-2d ward Providence Caulder
Mary Calvin 89 Caleb Calvin Cranston Providence
David Calwell 85 Willard Calwell Smithfield Providence
James Capevill 84 James Capevill Coventry Kent
Joseph Capron 89 Elisha Capron Cumberland Providence
Greene Capron 82 Greene Capron East Greenwich Kent
William Card 87 William Card Newport Newport
Peleg Card 85 Peleg Card North Kingston Washington
Joseph Carpenter 84 Joseph Carpenter Scituate Providence Carpender
John Carpenter 90 Colonel A. Carpenter East Greenwich Kent Carpender
John Carr 79 John Carr Tiverton Newport Carre
Jesse Carrol 77 Jesse Carrol Smithfield Providence Carrel
Wanton Casey 81 Wanton Casey East Greenwich Kent
Stephen Chace 81 Stephen Chace Cumberland Providence Chase
Joseph Champlin 81 Frederick Chappell South Kingston Washington Champline; Chaple; Chapple
Adam B. Champlin 77 Adam B. Champlin Hopkinton Washington Champline
Lois Chapman 80 Lois Chapman Westerly Washington
Thomas Chappell 84 Scranton Chappell Charlestown Washington Chaple; Chapple
Grindal Chase 83 Grindal Chase Barrington Bristol Chace
Gideon Church 78 Lydia Church Little Compton Newport Churche
Thomas Church 79 Thomas Church Bristol Bristol Churche
Dorecas Clanning 76
Warwick Kent
Ruth Clapp 86 Abner Brownell Little Compton Newport
Anna Clapp 94
Warwick Kent
Moses Clark 92 Moses Clark Richmond Washington Clarck; Clarcke; Clarke
Thankful Clarke 83 Pardon Clarke City of Providence-5th ward Providence Clark; Clarck; Clarcke
Hannah Clarke 75 Sally Clarke Newport Newport Clark; Clarck; Clarcke
Sarah Clarke 66 Russell J. Clarke Newport Newport Clark; Clarck; Clarcke
William C. Clarke 83 William C. Clarke South Kingston Washington Clark; Clarck; Clarcke
Sarah Clarke 86 Sarah Clarke North Kingston Washington Clark; Clarck; Clarcke
Lydia Cole 80 Lydia Cole Scituate Providence Coll; Colle
Dorothy Cole 71 Dorothy Cole Foster Providence Coll; Colle
Anna Cole 83 Benjamin Greene Bristol Bristol Coll; Colle; Green; Greine; Grene
Anna Cole 85 Samuel Luther, 2d Warren Bristol Coll; Colle
Seth Cole 84 Andrew Cole Warren Bristol Coll; Colle
Elizabeth Cole 87 Elizabeth Cole Warren Bristol Coll; Colle
Ichabod Cole 91 Philip Short Warren Bristol Coll; Colle
Sarah Collins 68 Welcome Collins City of Providence-4th ward Providence Collines; Collyns
Roby Collins 83 Richard Matteson Scituate Providence Collines; Collyns; Madison
Elizabeth Colvin 84 Moses Colvin Scituate Providence
Martha Colwell 77 Uriah Colwell Scituate Providence
George Congdon 80 George Congdon North Kingston Washington
John W. Cook 78 John W. Cook Scituate Providence Cooche; Coocke; Cooke
Nathaniel Cook 92 Nathaniel Cook Cumberland Providence Cooche; Coocke; Cooke
Martha Cook 84 John Arnold Burrillville Providence Arnolde; Cooche; Coocke; Cooke
William Cook 84 William Cook Tiverton Newport Cooche; Coocke; Cooke
Joseph Corey 83 Joseph Corey North Kingston Washington
Martha Cornell 87 Daniel Walker Foster Providence
Samuel Cory 83 Samuel Cory Portsmouth Newport
James Crandal 77 James Crandal Westerly Washington Crandall
Ethan Crandall 82 Ethan Crandall Charlestown Washington Crandal
Mary Cranston 85 William B. Cranston City of Providence-4th ward Providence
John Cranston 87 John Cranston Westerly Washington
Noah Crossman 86 Alpheus Crossman Smithfield Providence Crosman
Thomas Cruff 86 Thomas Cruff Coventry Kent
Arnold Crumb 87 Coddington Bliven Westerly Washington Arnolde; Crum
Samuel Currie 79 Samuel Currie City of Providence-5th ward Providence Currey; Curry
Mary Daggett 84 Mary Daggett City of Providence-1st ward Providence
Sarah Daggett 76 Seril M. Daggett Glocester Providence
Jerusha Darling 83 Jerusha Darling Cumberland Providence Darlinge
Priscilla Davis 77 Stephen R. Davis Scituate Providence Davice; Davise; Davys
Elizabeth Dawley 83 Welthon Dawley City of Providence-5th ward Providence
Mary Dayton 83 Mary Dayton Newport Newport Daton
Daniel Dexter 82 Stanton Thurber City of Providence-2d ward Providence
John S. Dexter 86 John S. Dexter Cumberland Providence
Elisha Dillingham 75 Elisha Dillingham City of Providence-1st ward Providence
William Diman 81 Calvin Simmons Bristol Bristol Dimon
Elizabeth Dimond 80 Fanny M. Jones Bristol Bristol
Elizabeth Divelly 78 Elizabeth Divelly Tiverton Newport
Susanna Dring 72 Thomas D**ng Tiverton Newport
Betsey Drown 81 Betsey Drown Foster Providence
Jonathan J. Drown 79 Jonathan J. Drown Barrington Bristol
Richard Durfee 81 Richard Durfee Tiverton Newport
Mary Durfee 86 Mary Durfee Tiverton Newport
Sarah Dyer 95 Sarah Dyer City of Providence-4th ward Providence
Esck Dyer 82 Esck Dyer Cranston Providence
Aaron Easterbrooks 89 Aaron Easterbrooks Bristol Bristol Eastebrooke; Estabrooks
Obadiah Easton 90 Obadiah Easton Foster Providence
Benjamin Eddy 26 Benjamin Eddy City of Providence-4th ward Providence Edye
Barnard Eddy 77 Barnard Eddy City of Providence-5th ward Providence Edye
Christopher Edwards 83 Otis Mathewson Scituate Providence Edwardes; Matthewson
Temperance Edwards 75 Temperance Edwards Glocester Providence Edwardes
Catharine Edwards 83 Clarke Edwards Westerly Washington Edwardes
Rebecca Eldred 78 Rebecca Eldred Scituate Providence
Robert Eldred 79 Robert Eldred North Kingston Washington
Desiah Ellis 86 Desigh Ellis West Greenwich Kent Ellise
John Esteen 78 John Esteen Burrillville Providence
Samuel Ethforth 85 Samuel Ethforth City of Providence-3d ward Providence
Benjamin Evans 77 Benjamin Evans Smithfield Providence Evanes; Evens
Martha Fa*es 77 Betsey Paine City of Providence-5th ward Providence Pain; Payne
Jonathan Fales 89 Jona. Fales Bristol Bristol
Priscilla Faxon 75 Horatio Stockbridge Cumberland Providence
Lydia Fenner 73 Cornelius G. F***** City of Providence-6th ward Providence
Richard Fenner 87 Welcome Fenner Cranston Providence
Zipporah Field 77 Zapporah Field City of Providence-5th ward Providence
Lucy Field 75 Lucy Field North Providence Providence
Amey Fisk 79 Amey Fisk Cumberland Providence Fiske
William Follett 82 William Follett Cumberland Providence
Salsbury Freeman 80 Salsbury Freeman Smithfield Providence Freman
Andrew Fry 77 Andrew Fry East Greenwich Kent Frie; Frye
Silas Gardner 85 Cranston Gardner South Kingston Washington Gardener; Gardiner; Gardnr; Gardyner
Mary Gardner 81 Mary G***** South Kingston Washington Gardener; Gardiner; Gardnr; Gardyner
Abigail Gardner 78 James A. Gardner South Kingston Washington Gardener; Gardiner; Gardnr; Gardyner
Abigail Gardner 94 William Sims South Kingston Washington Gardener; Gardiner; Gardnr; Gardyner; Simms
Sarah Ann Gardner 75 Varnum Gardner Exeter Washington Gardener; Gardiner; Gardnr; Gardyner
Waity Gardner 76
Warwick Kent Gardener; Gardiner; Gardnr; Gardyner
Benjamin Gardner 84 Betsey Tanner East Greenwich Kent Gardener; Gardiner; Gardnr; Gardyner
Asa Gates 84 Asa Gates Newport Newport Gaits
Elihu Gi**ord 81 Elihu G****d Tiverton Newport Gifford; Gillord
Phebe Gladding 77 John Gladding City of Providence-5th ward Providence
Phebe Gorton 87
Warwick Kent
Mary Gorton 79 Mary Gorton Coventry Kent
Desire Govit 86 Benajah Govit Westerly Washington Govett
Elizabeth Grant 74 Eliab Whipple Cumberland Providence
Sarah Greene 83 Caleb Williams Cranston Providence Green; Greine; Grene
Stephen Greene 84 Stephen Greene South Kingston Washington Green; Greine; Grene
Esther Greene 78 Charles K. Greene Westerly Washington Green; Greine; Grene
William Greene 85 Christopher C. Greene Exeter Washington Green; Greine; Grene
James Greene 83
Warwick Kent Green;Greine; Grene
Benjamin Greene 80 Benjamin Greene Coventry Kent Green; Greine; Grene
Gideon Greenman 88 Gideon Greenman South Kingston Washington
Elizabeth Gregory 91 Joseph Smith North Providence Providence Gregorie; Gregorye; Smithe; Smyth; Smythe
Hannah Gross 83 Stephen Gross Smithfield Providence Grosse
Bernard Haile 81 Stillman Welsh Bristol Bristol Hale
Russell Hall 84 Russell Hall Johnston Providence Halle; Haul; Haule; Hawell; Hawle;
Isaac Hall 79 Isaac Hall, Jr. North Kingston Washington Halle; Haul; Haule; Hawell; Hawle;
Nathaniel Hall 76 Nathaniel Hall Hopkinton Washington Halle; Haul; Haule; Hawell; Hawle;
John Hammond 84 John Hammond Coventry Kent Hamond
William Harding 80 William Harding City of Providence-2d ward Providence Hardinge
Robert Harnes 84 William Harris Coventry Kent Harrice; Harries; Harrise; Harrys
Josiah Harrington 80 Josiah Harrington Foster Providence Herrington
Freelove Harrington 72 Freelove Harrington Foster Providence Herrington
Pernilepa Harrington 85 Peleg Harrington Foster Providence Herrington
Job Harrington 80 Job Harrington West Greenwich Kent Herrington
Stephen Harris 81 Russell Harris Scituate Providence Harrice; Harries; Harrise; Harrys
Oliver Harris 81 Oliver Harris Cumberland Providence Harrice; Harries; Harrise; Harrys
Lepha Haskill 72 Lepha Haskill Cumberland Providence
Samuel Haskill 85 Whipple Weatherhead Cumberland Providence Wetherhead; Wthrhead
Abigail Havens 75 Lovett Havens Cumberland Providence
Sarah Hawkins 80 Sarah Hawkins North Providence Providence Hawkens
Stephen Hawkins 86 Hannah Taylor Smithfield Providence Hawkens; Tailer; Taler; Taylar; Tayler; Taylour; Tayloure
Darius Hawkins 81 Rufus Hawkins Cumberland Providence Hawkens
Mary Healy -- Asahel Matteson Coventry Kent Healey; Heely; Madison
Rebecca Heath 60 Rebecca Heath Newport Newport Heathe
Anne Heath 95 Anne Heath Barrington Bristol Heathe
Samuel Henrys 83 Samuel Henrys Scituate Providence Henry
Lewis Hill 49 Lewis Hill City of Providence-1st ward Providence Hille
Hannah Hill 89 Thomas Hill Scituate Providence Hille
James Hill 87 James A. Hill Cranston Providence Hille
Stukely Hill 85 Stukely Hill North Kingston Washington Hille
Clarke Hiscox 79 Clarke Hiscox Westerly Washington
Benjamin Hodges 87 Peter Langley City of Providence-3d ward Providence Hodgis
Edith Holt 87 Nathaniel Holt Newport Newport Holte
Peleg Hopkins 85 Peleg Hopkins Foster Providence Hopkyns
Ezekiel Hopkins 82 Ezekiel Hopkins Foster Providence Hopkyns
Peter Hopkins 85 Peter Hopkins Foster Providence Hopkyns
Mary Hoppin 88 Royal Farnum City of Providence-4th ward Providence Farnaham; Farnham
Mary Howard 84 Ichabod Howard Cumberland Providence Howarde
Dorothy Howard 82 Dorothy Howard Foster Providence Howarde
James Howard 81 James Howard Foster Providence Howarde
John Howland 82 John Howland City of Providence-3d ward Providence
Welthan Hughes 83 Welthan Hughes Scituate Providence Hues
Elizabeth Hull 80 Jacob C. Gould City of Providence-5th ward Providence Gold; Golde; Goulde; Hulle
Peleg Hull 85 Peleg Hull City of Providence-6th ward Providence Hulle
Lydia Humphrey 78 Lydia Humphrey Tiverton Newport Humfrey; Humphrie
Elizabeth Humphrey 78 Elizabeth Humphrey Barrington Bristol Humfrey; Humphrie
Betsey Hunt 84 Betsey Hunt Little Compton Newport Hunte; Hunnt
Simeon Ingraham 91 Simeon Ingraham City of Providence-3d ward Providence Ingram; Ingrom; Ingromn
Joanna Inmon 87 Jeremiah Mowry Burrillville Providence Inman
Phebe James 72 Phebe James West Greenwich Kent
Abigail Jencks 84 Abigail Jencks Scituate Providence Jenks
Jedediah Jencks 79 Welcome Whipple Cumberland Providence Jenks
Sylvester Johnson 84 Sylvester Johnson North Kingston Washington Johnsone; Johnsonne
Ezekiel Johnson 80 Ezekiel Johnson Coventry Kent Johnsone; Johnsonne
Rachel Keech 89 Stephen Keech Glocester Providence
David Kelley 88 Abel Whitaker Glocester Providence Kelly; Kellye; Whittaker
Samuel Kemball 78 Robert S. W. Hopkins Scituate Providence Hopkyns; Kimbal; Kimball
Martha Kenyon 78 Martha Kenyon Charlestown Washington Kenion; Kennion; Kennyon
William Kenyon 84 William Kenyon Richmond Washington Kenion; Kennion; Kennyon
Lydia Kinnecutt 86 Oliver Johonnell Warren Bristol
Anne Kinsley 73 Caleb Lawton Exeter Washington Kingsley; Laughton; Lawghton
Israel Knight 79 Israel Knight Scituate Providence Knighte
Comfort Knight 80 John Graves Scituate Providence Knighte
Jonathan Knight 80 Sheldon Knight Cranston Providence Knighte
David Knight 84 Nathan Knight South Kingston Washington Knighte
Elizabeth Knight 90 Lawton Johnson Coventry Kent Johnsone; Johnsonne; Knighte
Giles Lake 88 Christopher Lake Portsmouth Newport Laake; Laike
David Lake 78 David Lake Tiverton Newport Laake; Laike
Sarah Larned 72 Sarah Larned City of Providence-4th ward Providence
William Lawton 85 William Lawton Portsmouth Newport Laughton; Lawghton
Levi Lee 81 Levi Lee Cumberland Providence Lea; Leigh; Leighe
Nathan B. Leonard 78 Luther Buthington City of Providence-5th ward Providence Leonnarde
Phebe Levally 78
Warwick Kent
Enoch Lewis 87 Enoch Lewis South Kingston Washington Lewes; Lewys
Augustus J. Lewis 81 Joseph H. Lewis Charlestown Washington Lewes; Lewys
Gideon Lillibridge 86 Gideon Lillibridge South Kingston Washington
Catharine Lindsey 88 Catharine Lindsey Bristol Bristol Lindsay
Palmela Lindsey 65 Palmela Lindsey Bristol Bristol Lindsay
Charles Lippitt 86 Charles Lippitt City of Providence-5th ward Providence Lippet
Rachel Logee 83 Joseph Emerson Burrillville Providence Emersone; Emmerson
Mary Low 85 Mary Low City of Providence-6th ward Providence Loe; Lowe
William Lunt 95 William Lunt South Kingston Washington
Thomas Luther 87 Josias L. Luther City of Providence-1st ward Providence
Waity Luther 81 Zadoc Luther Scituate Providence
Benjamin Luther 79 Sylvester Luther Bristol Bristol
Frederick Luther 78 Allen Luther Warren Bristol
Martin Luther 75 Martin Luther Warren Bristol

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