They then marched without any unusual incident, to Ossipee lake, where one of their number, Benjamin Kidder of Nutfield, now Londonderry, being sick, they built a small fort, as a place of refuge, in case of mishap. While the fort was building, a portion of the men were kept out on scout duty, and discovered the tracks of Indians. After a tarry of two or three days, leaving the sick man, the doctor to take charge of him, and Sergeant Nathaniel Woods, of Dunstable, with seven men to hold the fort, Lovewell and his men, now reduced in number to thirty-four, boldly marched for Pequauquauke, distant some twenty miles. The names of these thirty-four men were:

Asten, Abiel, Haverhill
Ayer, Ebenezer, "
Barron, Elias, Groton
Chamberlane, John, "
Davis, Eleazer, Concord
Davis, Josiah, "
Farrah, Jacob, "
Farrah, Joseph, "
Farwell, Josiah, Lieut. Dunstable
Frye, Jonathan, Chap. Andover
Fullam, Jacob, Serg. Weston
Gilson, Joseph, Groton
Harwood, Jno., Ensign, Dunstable
Hassel, Benjamin, Corporal, "
Jefts, John, Groton
Johnson, Ichabod, Woburn
Johnson, Josiah, "
Johnson, Noah, Serg. Dunstable
Jones, Josiah, Concord
Kies, Solomon, Billerica
Kittredge, Jonathan, "
Lakin, Isaac, Groton
Lingfield, Edward, Corp. Nutfield
Lovewell, John, Capt. Dunstable
Melvin, Daniel, Concord
Melvin, Eleazar, "
Robbins, Jona., Ensign, Dunstable
Richardson, Thos., Corp., Woburn
Richardson, Timothy, "
Usher, Robert, Dunstable
Whiting, Samuel, "
Woods, Daniel, Groton
Woods, Thomas, Ensign, "
Wyman, Seth, Woburn

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