Note: I have received information from a researcher that there is a common grave of some of Rogers' men near Granby, Vermont. Travel the road between East Burke and Guildhall, Vermont you will come to the town of Granby - in that immediate area take the dirt road North (maybe the road to the fire warden and is so marked). "About a half mile up you will see a square rock cairn encompassed by a split rail fence and marked "Rogers Rangers, Ambushed here (date). I believe these were members of a hunting party dispatched to find game for the near-starving Rangers. The site is on the way to the Connecticut River, about 20 miles from south east of Newport." -- Thanks to Neil Shee!

Another note received about the location--
...saw the Rangers Graves. If you are coming from East Burke/Victory after you cross the town line the road to go up to the graves is the first left after you get into Granby. It goes straight up the mountain. You will come to a Log home with a beautiful view almost at the top of the road and the graves are on the left just past this home. Hopes this helps. If you are coming in from Guildhall or Lancaster NH on Granby Road go past the Little store and house next to it and it will be the next right. On Granby Rd at the turn you will see a stop sign on your left for people coming down the road from the gravesite.--Sent by Laurie Gilman, 10/11/04

Further info:
I can definitely confirm there is a memorial called the Rogers Rangers grave. You may want to update your website to say this road is Porrell Road in Granby VT. The grave is clearly marked with a plaque and flags about 5 feet off the road by the log cabin.--Many thanks to Mr. Roy for the additional directions. 6/23/2009



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