Bunker Hill by Howard Pyle.
The Battle of Bunker Hill The American Revolutionary War
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"If this be treason, make the most of it"
— Patrick Henry, Virginia Convention, 29 May 1765

Timeline for Independence
Beginning with Events Leading up to the War...
Concluding with the Bill of Rights

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02/10/1763The French and Indian War ends (See A Brief History of the French and Indian War, The Philadelphia Print Shop)
10/07/1763 The King's Proclamation of 1763 (Avalon Project, Yale Law School) bans westward migration in the colonies.
04/05/1764 The Sugar Act (Founder's Library)
03/22/1765 The Stamp Act
05/29/1765"If this be treason, make the most of it." (Patrick Henry, Virginia Convention)
10/07/1765The Stamp Act Congress, the first independent colonial conference, convenes in New York in response to a call from the Massachusetts House of Representatives for a general congress to meet and discuss the colonists' grievances against Parliament. Delegates from nine colonies participated.
02/19/17661,000 armed "sons of Liberty" in Brunswick Town, North Carolina confront Royal Governor William Tryon in resistance of the Stamp Act
06/29/1767Townshend Act (levied duties on glass, lead, paper, paint, and tea)
03/05/1770The Boston Massacre (British troops fire into a crowd, killing five and wounding six)
05/16/1771 Battle of Alamance, North Carolina, the first battle fought against Britain. Eleven hundred North Carolina Royal Militiamen defeat two thousand Regulators, ending the War of the Regulation (State Library of North Carolina)
12/16/1773 The Boston Tea Party (American Revolution-an HTML Project) A group of men dressed as Mohawk Indians, led by Samuel Adams, dump 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor(See also "An Eyewitness Account", History Place)
06/14/1774 Loudoun County, Virginia Resolution (Combs &c. Families)
09/05/1774The First Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia, with all colonies present except Georgia (Declarations and Resolves...), Avalon Project, Yale Law School)
10/10/1774Battle of Point Pleasant, when Chief Cornstalk, with over a thousand Shawnees and Mingos, launched a surprise attack on the colonial militia at Point Pleasant (Battle of Point Pleasant and another link Battle of Point Pleasant)
03/23/1775 "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" --Patrick Henry, Virginia Convention (Liberty Online)
04/18/1775The Rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes ("One if by land, two if by sea...")
04/19/1775 The Battles of Lexington and Concord (Worcester Polytechnic Institute).
05/10/1775Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys Seize Fort Ticonderoga
05/10/1775The Second Continental Congress, Philadelphia (Journals of the Second Continental Congress, Library of Congress)
05/20/1775 Mecklenburg (NC) Declaration of Independence (Charlotte's Web, NC)
06/15/1775George Washington named Commander in Chief
06/17/1775 Battle of Bunker Hill (Mother Bedford)
07/06/1775 Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms, Second Continental Congress (Gerald Murphy, Cleveland Free Net
07/19/1775500 Minute Men under Robert Howe attack and burn Fort Johnson, near Brunswick Town, NC, which had been under British control, leaving the Cape Fear River unguarded throughout the Revolutionary War.
11/13/1775Montgomery captures Montreal for Americans
12/22/1775Esek Hopkins appointed Commander of newly-authorized American Navy.
12/30/1775Benedict Arnold's failed attack on Quebec
1/15/1776 "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine (Liberty Online)
2/24/1776Patriots defeat loyalists at the Battle of Moore's Creek, NC
03/03/1776Continental fleet, including the Sloop Katy (later the Providence), captures New Providence Island in the Bahamas
03/17/1776The British evacuate Boston
06/7/1776Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposes Independence
06/12/1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights (Avalon Project, Yale Law School)
06/28/1776British defend Fort Moultrie, SC
07/04/1776 Declaration of Independence adopted; signed 08/02/1776 (NARA)
07/12/1776 Articles of Confederation (final version adopted in 1781) (National Parks Service)
1776Over 30,000 British troops arrive in New York harbor
08/30/1776British win the Battle of Long Island (See also Maryland's Brave 400, SAR)
09/15/1776British occupy New York City
09/16/1776British win the Battle of Harlem Heights
09/22/1776Patriot Spy Nathan Hale is executed ("I only regret, that I have but one life to lose for my country." )
10/11/1776Benedict Arnold defeated at Lake Champlain
10/28/1776American retreat at the Battle of White Plains
11/16/1776British capture Fort Washington, NY and Fort Lee, NJ
12/26/1776Washington crosses the Delaware and captures Trenton
01/03/1777Washington wins the Battle of Princeton
01/06/1777Washington winters in Morristown, NJ
06/14/1777Flag Resolution (possibly designed by Hopkinson, likely sewn by Betsy Ross)
07/05/1777St. Clair surrenders Fort Ticonderoga to the British
07/27/1777Lafayette arrives in Philadelphia
08/06/1777Patriots under Herkimer defeat the British under St. Leger at Fort Stanwix, in the Mohawk Valley in Oriskany, New York
08/16/1777Patriot Militia under General Stark triumph over Hessians at Bennington
08/25/1777British General Howe lands at Head of Elk, Maryland
09/11/1777 Battle of Brandywine, PA -- Under General Howe, the British defeat Washington's troops (US History); The Battle of the Brandywine by Edward J. Lengel (War Times Journal)
09/16/1777Washington and Howe meet 10 miles north of Brandywine for the "Battle of the Clouds" which was "rained out."
09/19/1777Burgoyne checked by Americans under Gates at Freeman's Farm, NY (1st Battle of Saratoga)
09/21/1777 Paoli Massacre, PA
09/26/1777British under Howe occupy Philadelphia
10/04/1777Patriots driven off at the Battle of Germantown
10/07/1777 Battle of Saratoga
10/07/1777Burgoyne loses second battle of Freeman's Farm, NY at Bemis Heights (Second Battle of Saratoga)
10/17/1777Burgoyne surrenders to Patriot General Gates at Saratoga, NY
10/22/1777Hessians unsuccessfully attack Fort Mercer, NJ
11/16/1777British capture Fort Mifflin, PA
12/07/1777Americans repulse British at Whitemarsh, PA
12/19/1777The Winter at Valley Forge, PA
02/06/1778The French Alliance
03/07/1778British General William Howe replaced by Henry Clinton
1778Van Steuben arrives at Valley Forge
05/20/1778Battle of Barren Hill, PA
06/28/1778 Battle of Monmouth
07/04/1778George Rogers Clark captured Kaskaskia, a French village near Detroit
08/08/1778French and American forces besiege Newport, RI
12/29/1778British troops occupy Savannah, GA, and a month later, Augusta. Patriots retreat to South Carolina.
02/14/1779Patriots beats Tories at Kettle Creek
02/25/1779Patriot George Rogers Clark captures Vincennes on the Wabash (Western Campaign)
07/08/1779Fairfield, CT, burned by British
07/11/1779British burn Norwalk, CT
07/15-16/1779Patriot "Mad" Anthony Wayne captures Stony Point, NY
08/19/1779 Light Horse Harry Lee attacks Paulus Hook, NJ
09/23/1779 John Paul Jones, aboard the Bonhomme Richard, captures British man-of-war Serapis near English coast
09/28/1779The Tappan Massacre "No Flint" Grey kills 30 Americans by bayonet
10/09/1779Patriots fail to recapture Savannah, GA
1780Coldest Winter of the war, Washington at Morristown, NJ
05/12/1780British capture Charleston, SC
05/29/1780British defeat Americans at Waxhaw Creek, SC
06/20/1780Battle of Ramsour's Mill, NC. 1,000 Tories under Lt. Col. John Moore and Maj. Nicholas Welch were defeated after an attack by 500 militiamen under Col. Francis Locke and Maj. Joseph McDowell.
07/11/1780French troops arrive at Newport, RI, to aid the American cause
07/21/1780Battle of Colson's Mill, NC (close to the junction of the Rocky and Pee Dee Rivers). Tories defeated by Patriots under Col. William Lee Davidson attacked and defeated them.
08/06/1780Patriots defeat Tories at Hanging Rock, SC
08/16/1780British defeat Americans at Battle of Camden, South Carolina (U.S. Army Center of Military History)
09/25/1780Benedict Arnold's plan to cede West Point to the British uncovered
10/07/1780 Battle of King's Mountain, South Carolina (Tennesseans in the Revolutionary War, TNGenWeb), won by the Overmountain Men (credited with turning the tide of the war in the South). Cornwallis falls back into South Carolina
10/14/1780Washington names Nathanael Greene commander of the Southern Army
10/14/1780 Battle of Shallowford, Surry, NC (Ann Brownlee)
01/01/1781Mutiny of unpaid Pennsylvania soldiers (See http://www.americanrevolution.org/mutiny.html">The Norfolk Chronicle, (England) Saturday, February 17, 1781
01/17/1781Morgan defeats British Col. Tarleton at The Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina (U.S. Army Center of Military History) (See The Battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens)
03/15/1781 Battle of Guilford Courthouse (National Parks Service) General Nathanael Greene's American forces (4,400) and Charles, Second Earl Cornwallis' British forces (1,900) finally met in battle. Although the British claimed the field of battle, their greater losses, more than a quarter of the army, greatly weakened them ("Another such victory would destroy the British Army" -- Charles James Fox) (State Library of North Carolina)
04/25/1781Greene defeated Hobkirk's Hill, SC
05/15/1781Corwallis clashes with Greene at Guilford Courthouse, NC
06/06/1781Americans recapture Augusta, GA
06/18/1781British hold off Americans at Ninety Six, SC
07/06/1781"Mad" Anthony Wayne repulsed at Green Springs Farm, VA
1781 Battle of Elizabethtown (Bladen Co, NC) Seventy Patriots under Col. Thomas Robeson defeat 400 Tories (thanks to Patriot "Spy" Sally Salter) (Bladen Community College)
09/08/1781Greene defeated at Eutaw Springs, SC
09/15/1781French fleet drives British naval force from Chesapeake Bay
10/19/1781Seige of Yorktown; Cornwallis Surrenders, Yorktown, VA (See The Virginia Campaign and the Blockade and Seige of Yorktown, 1781 (U.S. Army Center of Military History)
03/20/1782Lord North resigns as British Prime Minister
07/11/1782British evacuate Savannah, GA
11/30/1782British sign Articles of Peace
12/14/1782British leave Charleston, SC
04/19/1783Congress ratifies preliminary peace treaty
09/03/1783/ Treaty of Paris (Avalon Project, Yale University Law School)
11/25/1783British troops leave New York
12/23/1783 Washington resigns as Commander (Papers of George Washington, University of Virginia)
09/17/1787 U.S. Constitution ratified (NARA)
04/30/1789George Washington inaugurated as first President of the United States
09/25/1789 Bill of Rights presented to Congress (NARA)

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