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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, July 12, 2001

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I - L
J**** [James] ***** 72 Thomas Evans
Fentress Middle
J**** ****** 7* Mai* Ru***
Sumner Middle
Thom** ******* 80 Th*** *******
Sumner Middle
Reuben ****ett 80 R*ub** P***
Sumner Middle
Benjamin *a*** 94 Thoma* H*****
Sumner Middle
Adam Ingle 86 Adam Ingle
Washington Eastern
Samuel Isaacs 82 Samuel Isaacs District No. 3 Lincoln Middle
Thomas Ives 82 Thomas Ives
Roane Eastern
David Ivey 82 David Ivey 20th District Williamson Middle
Richard J**n*on 80 W. A. Sand**
Sumner Middle Johnson
Vincent Jack*on 95 Alexander Bl***
Knox Eastern Jackson
Perkinson Jackman 77 Perkinson Jackman
Davidson Middle
William Jackson 78 William Jackson
Franklin Middle
Elizabeth Jackson 75 Alfred Jackson
Washington Eastern
William James 45 William James
Dickson Middle
Joseph Jared, Sen. 80 Joseph Jared, Sen. District No. 13 Jackson Middle
Peter Jennings 88 Peter Jennin**
Rutherford Middle
William Jewell 97 William Jewell
Hawkins Eastern
Robert John*on 81 Robert John*on
Knox Eastern Johnson
Gideon Johnson 86 George Chadwell
Davidson Middle
Peter Johnson 81 Peter Johnson
Anderson Eastern
Abner Johnson 81 Abner Johnson 17th Civil District Maury Middle
Benjamin Jone* 81 Simeon Jones
Smith Middle
John Jones 90 H**** Jones
Giles Middle
Morton Jones 91 Morton Jones
Coffee Middle
Richard Jones 77 Richard Jones
Giles Middle
Darling Jones 77 Darling Jones
Washington Eastern
James Jones 88 James Jones
Robertson Middle
Joseph Jones 82 Joseph Jones
Giles Middle
David Jones 86 David Jones, Sen.
Robertson Middle
Westword A. Jones 64 James Waddill
Haywood Western
Thomas Jones 78 Thomas Jones
Sullivan Eastern
John Jones, Sen. 77 John Jones, Sen.
Claiborne Eastern
Daniel Jones, Sen. 86 Daniel Jones, Jr.
Hawkins Eastern
Richard Keel 87 Richard Keel
Bedford Middle
Richard Kelley 76 Richard Kelley School District No. 8 Carter Eastern
Allen Kelley 55 Allen Kelley Northern Division Jefferson Eastern
James Kelly 81 James Kelly
Perry Western
Palmore Kendred 85 William Ayers
Lawrence Middle
William Kennedy 85 William Kennedy
Williamson Middle
Peter Kent 80 Peter Kent
Greene Eastern
John Kersy 84 Jonah Duty
Warren Middle
John Kesterson 85 John Kesterston Northern Division Greene Eastern
Jeremiah Keys 43 Jeremiah Keys
Washington Eastern
Thomas Kindred 81 Thomas Kindred
Morgan Eastern
William King 88 Benjamin H. King
Sullivan Eastern
Hugh King 85 Hugh King
Giles Middle
Thomas King 86 Thomas King
Sullivan Eastern
Samuel Knox 83 William Eoff
Bedford Middle Eoft
Philip Koonce 75 Philip Koonce Districts No. 10 & 11 Lincoln Middle
John Ku** 85 John Ku**
McMinn Eastern
Joseph L*r*e 84 Jo**ph L*****
Knox Eastern Large
Turner La*e, Sen. 78 Turn** ******
Sumner Middle
Joseph La*k*** 84 J***ph L*****
Sumner Middle Larken
Elizabeth Lacky 80 Elizabeth Hundley
Washington Eastern
Joseph Lain 83 Joseph Lain
Bradley Eastern
Charles Lain 81 Charles Lain
Bradley Eastern
Thomas Landrim 86 Thomas Landrim
Roane Eastern
Gishin Lane 89 James C. Greer
Cannon Middle
Tide Lane 78 Tide Lane Northern Division Jefferson Eastern
Isaac Lane 81 Isaac Lane
McMinn Eastern
Hardy Lassetor 88 Luke Lassetor
Cannon Middle
Jacob Lawrance 82 John Lawrance
Marshall Middle
Momon Lawson 95 P**e Law*on
Hawkins Eastern
Thomas Lay 79 Thomas Lay
Grainger Eastern
Jacob Layman 78 Jacob Layman
Sevier Eastern
John M. Leak 88 John M. Leak
Rutherford Middle
William Ledmon 67 William Ledmon
Washington Eastern
John Leonard 82 John Leonard
Hawkins Eastern
Peter Leslie 80 Peter Leslie
Davidson Middle
Solomon Lewis 90 David Rogers
Claiborne Eastern
John Light, Sen. 76 John Light, Sen.
Hawkins Eastern
Tapley M. Lightfoot 81 Tapley M. Lightfoot
Williamson Middle
Joseph Ligon 85 Joseph Ligon
Montgomery Middle
Robert Liles 81 Robert D. Liles
Roane Eastern
William Lingo 44 William Lingo 1st District Hardin Western
Norvell Lipscomb 84 James Walker
Davidson Middle
Jackson Lisle 78 Jackson Lisle
Bedford Middle
John Lockheart 83 Robert Tate
Warren Middle
William Lockie 77 W. L**kie
Rutherford Middle
James Lockridge 84 Jam** L**k***** 23d Civil District Maury Middle
David Long 82 David Long 23d Civil District Maury Middle
Richard Long, Sen. 82 Richard Long, Sen.
Marshall Middle
Jonathan Long, Sen. 78 Jonathan Long, Sen.
Hawkins Eastern
William Longley 82 William Longley
Polk Eastern
James Love 78 James Love 15th Civil District Maury Middle
James Lovin 81 Edmund Lovin
Hawkins Eastern
Hugh Luckey 77 Hugh Luckey
Fayette Western
David Lyles 84 Joshua Draper District No. 11 Jackson Middle

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