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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, July 12, 2001

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U - Z
J**** [James] ***** 72 Thomas Evans
Fentress Middle
J**** ****** 7* Mai* Ru***
Sumner Middle
Thom** ******* 80 Th*** *******
Sumner Middle
Reuben ****ett 80 R*ub** P***
Sumner Middle
Benjamin *a*** 94 Thoma* H*****
Sumner Middle
Sames Vales 82 Samuel Vales, Jr.
Hardiman Western
Thomas Vernon 88 Thoma* Vern** 27th Regiment Monroe Eastern
Richard Vernon 82 Leonard Vernon
Williamson Middle
John Vick 84 John Vick
Montgomery Middle
Joseph Vick 78 Joseph Vick Civil District No. 9 Davidson Middle
John R. Vickers 91 John R. Vickers District No. 23 Lincoln Middle
Vincent Voss 84 E. O. Chambers
Tipton Western
Martin Waddle 80 Martin Waddle
Greene Eastern
Samuel Wadkins 80 Samuel Wadkins
Benton Western
Henry Wakefield 8* Henry Wakefield
Smith Middle
Thomas Wakefield 76 Thomas Wakefield
Franklin Middle
Robert Walker 86 Robert Walker
Marshall Middle
William W. Walker *5 [25?] William W. Walk**
Robertson Middle
Isaac Walker 85 Isaac Walker
Dickson Middle
Samuel Walker 80 Wailliam Parker
Polk Eastern
Martin Walton 79 Martin Walton
Robertson Middle
Benjamin C. Waters 92 Benjamin C. Waters
Dickson Middle
James Waters, Sen. 88 James Waters, Sen.
Lawrence Middle
William Watkins 85 William E. Watkins Civil District No. 12 Davidson Middle
Spencer Watkins 80 Spencer Watkins Northern Division Jefferson Eastern
John Watkins 83 John Watkins
Giles Middle
Samuel Watson 79 Richard Suttle
Giles Middle
Nathaniel Watson 99 John Har*** 26th Regiment Monroe Eastern Harris
Joseph Weatherington 82 Joseph Weatherington
Henry Western
Samuel Weaver 78 Reuben Briles District No. 12 White Middle
Shadrach Weaver 74 Shadrach Weaver
Marshall Middle
John Weaver 78 John Weaver District No. 12 White Middle
Jesse Webb 74 J***e Webb Southern Division Jefferson Eastern
Jesse Webb 63 Jesse W*bb
Claiborne Eastern
Thomas Welch 91 Thomas Welch District No. 11 White Middle
Jess* Wells 91 Michael Davi*
Knox Eastern Davis
Stephen White 77 Stephen White
Rutherford Middle
Ann White 81 Ann Wh**e
Robertson Middle
John White, Sen. 83 John White, ***
Sumner Middle
William Whitesides 77 John Whitesides
Carroll Western
A** Wil**n 40 Mrs. Ann Wil*on
Franklin Middle Wilson
Thomas Wilkerson 77 Jesse Jinkins District No. 2 Jackson Middle
S**th Willi 78 Smith Willi
Fentress Middle
Thomas William 79 Henry E. William
Giles Middle
Elisha Williams 80 Elisha Wil**** 23d Civil District Maury Middle
J. J. Williams 81 J. J. Williams
Anderson Eastern
Nancy Williams 83 Nancy Williams
Wilson Middle
Beverly Williams 57 Beverly Williams
Gibson Western
John Williams 80 John Williams
Morgan Eastern
Matthew Williams 85 Matthew Williams
Morgan Eastern
John Williams 79 John Williams
Bedford Middle
Samuel Williams 80 Samuel Williams
Wilson Middle
John Williamson 79 John Williamson Civil District No. 10 Davidson Middle
William Willie 9* Reddick Myatt
Dickson Middle
Jordan Williford 85 Robert Williford
Rutherford Middle
William Wilson 82 William Wilson, Jr.
Johnson Eastern
James Wilson 86 James Wilson
Marshall Middle
Francis Winstead 81 Margaret Winstead
Hawkins Eastern
Nathaniel Winston 73 Nathaniel Winston
Rutherford Middle
Peter Wise 89 Joseph Wise
Cocke Eastern
Bergass Wit 79 Bergis W** 26th Regiment Monroe Eastern
Zadoc Wood 74 E. B. Jones
Bedford Middle
John Wood 9* [92?] Philip Candia District No. 5 Jackson Middle
Elles Wood 87 George Erwin
Giles Middle
John Wooddy 81 Samuel Wooddy
Roane Eastern
Edward Wyatt 84 Daniel White
Roane Eastern
J**eph Yadon 84 Joseph Yadon
Grainger Eastern
Solomon Yager, Sen. 82 Solomon Yager, Sen. District No. 13 White Middle
Henry Yarbrough, Sen. 84 Henry Yarbrough
Tipton Western
Samuel Yeates 83 Samuel Yeates
Cocke Eastern
Jacob W. Young 78 Jacob W. Yo*** 22d Civil District Maury Middle
John Zeck 81 John Zeck
Robertson Middle

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