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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, April 10, 2001

[1] Town name blurry, maybe "Pine"
[2] Town name blurry, maybe "Ross"
[3] Town name blurry, maybe "Pinegrove"
[4] Town name blurry, maybe "Tyrone"
[5] A researcher has indicated that the county should be Greene County not Columbia

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M - P
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
Nicholas Mack 93 Ann McNichols Moyamensing Philadelphia
Benjamin Mackey 55 Benjamin Mackey [4] Fayette
Jacob Madlock 83
Northern Liberties-7th ward Philadelphia
Ezekiel Maine 80 Ezekiel Maine Bridgewater Susquehanna
Daniel Malarkey 68 Daniel Malarkey Buffalo Butler
Nathaniel Mallory 79
Le Boeuf Erie
John Mann 83 John Mann Lower Sawcon Northampton
William Maple 77 William Maple Franklin Columbia
Stephen Maple 81 Stephen Maple Monongahela Green
Christian Marical 81 Christian Marical Briar Creek Columbia
John Marsden 84 John Marsden Howard Centre
Lewis Martin 79 William L. Martin Center Green
Philip Mason 77 Jacob Grostcost, Jr. South Beaver Beaver
William Masters 83 John Lafferly Londonderry Bedford
Elizabeth Mathewson 75 E. Mathewson Athens Bradford
Elizabeth Matthias 90 Charles Silverthorn Roxborough Philadelphia
Christian Mattis 84 Christian Mattis Limerick Montgomery
Peter Mattocks 81 Peter Mattocks Fallowfield Crawford
Peter Maurer 83
Monheim Lancaster
James Maxwell 83 Peter Sharpnack Jefferson Columbia
Ann Mayhew 70 Enoch Mayhew Newmarket Ward City of Philadelphia
Benjamin McAffee 77 Benjamin McAffee Springfield Bradford
James McCaine 64 James McCaine Plum Creek Armstrong
Samuel McCall 70 Samuel McCall Centre Butler
Abijah McClain 85 Abijah McClain Jefferson Columbia
Thomas McClanen 76 Thomas McClanen Findley Allegany
Anna M. McClelland 80 Peter McClelland Colombia Bradford
Andrew McClure 85 Andrew McClure Roaring Creek Columbia
James McCollough 86 James McCollough City of Pittsburg-East ward Allegany
Rachel McCoy 85 Robert McCoy Washingtonville Columbia
John McCrackin 89 Joseph Mortimore Napier Bedford
John McCullough 70 John McCullough Butler Township & Borough Butler
Daniel McDarmit 95 Daniel Hunter Lower St. Clair Allegany
Joseph McDarmit 90 Rober* Hays Lower St. Clair Allegany
Joseph McDonald 77 Joseph McDonald Franklin Armstrong
Alexander McDugle 81 Alexander McDugle German Fayette
Manassa McFadden 53 Manassa McFadden Franklin Armstrong
William McGaw 88 William McGaw Coolspring Mercer
Mrs. Margaret McGee 76 Henry McGee Limestone Warren
Hugh McGill 64 Hugh McGill West Salem Mercer
James McGriger 85
Meno Mifflin
William McHenry 70 William McHenry, Jr. Washington Indiana
Peter McKinney 75 Peter McKinney Conequenessing Butler
Archibald McNair 82 A. McNair Lackawannock Mercer
James McNamara 93 James McNamara Meadville Crawford
John McNey 75 John McNey Hopewell Bedford
Clark McPherrin 37 Clark McPherrin Butler Township & Borough Butler
John McVaugh 88 John McVaugh Oxford Philadelphia
Samuel McWilliams 85 Samuel McWilliams Ferguson Centre
George McWilliams 69 John McWilliams Franklin Westmoreland
Cory Meeker 88 Cory Meeker Cranberry Butler
Samuel Mehaffy 84
Salem Westmoreland
Martin Meily 78 Martin Meily Swatara Lebanon
Joseph Mendenhall 94 Joseph Mendenhall Menallen Fayette
Adam Mengle 87
West Brunswick Schuylkill
Thomas Meredith -- Joshua Rea Clarion Armstrong
Hugh Merrill 62 Alms House West Philadelphia Philadelphia
Polly Merrit -- George Merrit Lancaster City Lancaster
Sebastian Mershomer 84 Henry Mershomer Shenango Beaver
Reuben Mickle 77 Reuben Mickle Franklin Columbia[5]
John Middaugh 81 Asher Middaugh Turbet Juniata
William Miles 80
Union Erie
Andrew Miller 86 Andrew Miller Old Codorus York
Christian Miller 85
Reading Berks
Benjamin Miller 61 Benjamin Miller Henry Clay Fayette
Valentine Miller 86 Valentine Miller Cumberland Bedford
George Miller 81 George Miller Union Union
M. Miller 69
Bushkill Northampton
Frederick Miller 79 Jonas Freed Pottsgrove Montgomery
Elsa Miller 75 Joseph P. Miller New Milford Susquehanna
John Miller 71 John Miller Allentown Lehigh
Walter S. Minthorn 56 Walter S. Minthorn Rome Bradford
James Mitchell 90 John Wright Peters Washington
Amos Mix 85 Hiram Mix Borough of Towanda Bradford
John Montgomery 80 Martha Errington Conemaugh Indiana
Jacob Mook 86 Jacob Mook East Buffalo Union
James Moon 70 James Moon Perry Fayette
James Moore 82 John Borring New Sewickly Beaver
William Moore 82 William Moore Salem Luzerne
John Moore 70 John Moore Neshanock Mercer
William Moore, Sen. 84 William Moore, Sen. Brandywine Chester
Joseph Moorhead 72
Centre Indiana
Moses Moreland 88 Moses Moreland Whitely Green
Jesse Morgan 78
Canaan Wayne
Peter Morgan 82 Peter Morgan Colerain Bedford
Daniel Morris 87 Daniel Morris Wolf Lycoming
Jonathan Morris 88 Jonathan Morris Dunkard Green
James Morrison 83
Conneaut Erie
John Morrison 82 John Morrison Sandy Creek Venango
John Moser 85 John Moser Donegal Butler
John Muler 76
East Brunswick Schuylkill
Matthew Murdock 84 John Colmery South Strabane Washington
Samuel Murphey 82 Samuel Murphey Buffalo Armstrong
John Murphy 81 John Murphy Carroll Perry
Paul Musser 84
Rye Perry
Andrew Myres 78 Andrew Myres Dunkard Green
Elizabeth Nagle 48 Elizabeth Nagle Locust Ward City of Philadelphia
John P. Nagle 83
Reading Berks
Henry Neavel 87
Gwynedd Montgomery
Thomas Neil 78 Thomas Neil Mahoning Indiana
Alexander Neisbit 85 Mary Robinson East Nantmeal Chester
William Nelles 77 William Nelles Cranberry Venango
Adam Netrow 52 Adam Netrow Juniata Perry
_______ Newland 84 William Sprowls East Findley Washington
Sarah Nicholson 87 Sarah Nicholson Tuscarora Juniata
Elizabeth Niles 80
Spring Garden-1st ward Philadelphia
Philip Nimon 80 Jacob Nimon Coventry Chester
Caleb North, Colonel 87 Colonel Caleb North Coventry Chester
Adam Northamer 81
Caernarvon Lancaster
Gideon Northrop 86 David Northrop [3] Warren
Jared Norton 83 Jared Norton Sheshequin Bradford
Philip Noyes 84
Maxatawny Berks
John Nugent 57 Prudence Taylor Southwark-2d ward Philadelphia
Edith Nunemaker 79 Joseph H. Hoffman Roxborough Philadelphia
James Nuniniacher 80
West Penn Schuylkill
William O'Bryon 95 William O'Bryon Greenfield Luzerne
Isaac O'Donnel 67
West Hempfield Lancaster
James O'Donnell 63 Alms House West Philadelphia Philadelphia
Sarah O'Neill 83 Humphrey Hunt Cedar Ward City of Philadelphia
Thomas Olden 83 Sophia Stephens Union Borough Fayette
Stephen Oliver 75
McKean Erie
Catharine Orgin 90 James Coulter Versailles Allegany
Darius Orton 84
Union Erie
Jeremiah Osgood 78
Salem Wayne
Andrew Ott 103
Bensalem Bucks
Catharine Owen 97 William Lawrence Spring Garden-3d ward Philadelphia
Christopher Ozies 89 Christopher Ozies Roxborough Philadelphia
Thomas Paine 105 Thomas Paine Donegal Westmoreland
Sarah Palhaines 85 Abraham Palhaines Loyalsock Lycoming
Thomas Pardy -- Peter Pardy City of Allegany Allegany
Abigail Park 79 Thomas Park Litchfield Bradford
Zebulon Parke 87
Donegal Westmoreland
Nathan Parker 80
Le Boeuf Erie
Sarah Parris 73 Sarah Parris Locust Ward City of Philadelphia
Ebenezer Parrish 79 Ebenezer Parrish, Jr Monroe Luzerne
Leonora Parsons 77 L. Parsons Locust Ward City of Philadelphia
John Partredge 88 John Partredge South Beaver Beaver
Robert Patrick, Sen. 68 Robert Patrick, Sen. Pine Armstrong
Sarah Patterson 72
Derry Westmoreland
John Patterson 81
East Hempfield Lancaster
William Patton 82 William Patton Turbet Juniata
Job Pearce 88 George Pearce Montgomery Indiana
Thomas Pearce 85 Thomas Pearce Wharton Fayette
Sampson Pearsal 76 Sampson Pearsal North Sewickly Beaver
Ebenezer Pease 80 Ebenezer Pease Smithfield Bradford
Josiah Pell 75 Josiah Pell Greenfield Luzerne
Aaron Perkins 77 Aaron Perkins Kingston Luzerne
Peter Perrine 83 Peter Perrine Cross Creek Washington
Joseph Peterman -- Mrs. Peterman Lancaster City Lancaster
Rowena Phelps 76 Augustus Phelps Smithfield Bradford
Oliver Phelps 75 Oliver Phelps Elkland Tioga
Squire Philips 82 Squire Philips [3] Warren
Mary T. Philler 57 Andrew Philler Southwark-1st ward Philadelphia
Peter Pinkey 70
Surgan Franklin
Joseph Pipes 75 Joseph Pipes Morris Washington
William Pittman 56 William Pittman Moon Beaver
George Platz 75 George Platz Allegheny Somerset
John Plott 85 Joseph Plott Summerhill Cambria
John Plum 75 John Plum Windham Bradford
David Pollock 86
McKean Erie
Medad Pomroy 84
Conneaut Erie
Christian Poorman 51 C. W. Bloss Borough of Bridgewater Beaver
Joseph Potter 79 Joseph Potter Huntingdon Luzerne
Eshi Powers 96 John Graham Pitt Township Allegany
Levi Preston 76 Ebenezer Preston Troy Bradford
Jacob Price 49 Jacob Price Georges Fayette
John Price 35 Sarah Richardson Southwark-2d ward Philadelphia
William Prikhe 86
Moorland Montgomery
Henry Primes 74 Henry Primes Bridgewater Susquehanna
William Pugh 85 Barbary Stronnan Jefferson Columbia
John Putnam 72 Luman Putnam Granville Bradford

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