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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, April 10, 2001

[1] Town name blurry, maybe "Pine"
[2] Town name blurry, maybe "Ross"
[3] Town name blurry, maybe "Pinegrove"
[4] Town name blurry, maybe "Tyrone"

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First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
Cary Quigley 108 John McKee Versailles Allegany
Samuel Quimby 87 Charles S. Quimby Hickory Mercer
Conrad Rager, Sen. 85 Jacob Rager Georges Fayette
John Ralston 80 John Ralston Fallowfield Crawford
John Ramage -- John Ramage Grove Allegany
James Randolph, Sen. 70 James Randolph, Sen. Fallowfield Crawford
Thomas Rankin 58 Thomas Rankin West Nantmeal Chester
George P. Ransom 78 George P. Ransom Plymouth Luzerne
Eleanor Rayburn 72 James Rayburn Buffalo Armstrong
Zacheus Raymond 78 Zacheus Raymond Columbus Warren
James Read 89 Andrew McCullock Moon Beaver
Andrea Ream 84
East ****li** Lancaster
Dragoon Recruitz -- Samuel F. Eltz. Spring Garden-1st ward Philadelphia
Martha Reed 85 Francis Pierce Cranberry Butler
William Reed 79 William Reed North Shenango Crawford
Henry Reefer 48 Henry Reefer Buffalo Armstrong
Jacob Reinert 81
Upper Mahantango Schuylkill
Elizabeth Rencill 90 Elizabeth Recill Donegal Butler
John Renfrew 87
Green Franklin
John Revel 40 John Revel Northern Liberties-5th ward Philadelphia
john Reynolds 86 John Reynolds Bridgewater Susquehanna
Benedict Reynolds 82 Benedict Reynolds South Strabane Washington
George Reynolds 79 William Rice Abington Luzerne
Simeon Reynolds 78 Simeon Reynolds Bridgewater Susquehanna
Benjamin Reynolds 79 Benjamin Reynolds Leroy Bradford
Hardy Reynolds 80 George Wall*** [1] Allegany Wallace
George Rhiam 83 Jonas Hauffman Walker Juniata
Christian Rice 77 Christian Rice Milford Somerset
Charles Richard 85
Mount Pleasant Westmoreland
Comfort Richards 80 Delia Richards Locust Ward City of Philadelphia
Joseph Richardson 80
Shamokin Northumberland
Huldah Richardson 75 Caleb C. Richardson Harford Susquehanna
Adam Richert 88 Adam Richert West Rockhill Bucks
George Richey 98 George Richey Franklin Westmoreland
John Ricker, Sen. 79 John Ricker, Sen. Upper Swatara Dauphin
Robert Riddle 72 Robert Riddle Buffalo Butler
John Ridean 82
Derry Mifflin
Melchor Riffel 90 Melchor Riffel Manheim York
Phebe Righter 81 Phebe Righter Roxborough Philadelphia
George S. Rinehart 94
Frankford Cumberland
Henry Rinehold 82
West ***alico Lancaster
Catharine Rinker 64 Catharine Rinker Southwark-5th ward Philadelphia
James Ritchey 80 James Ritchey German Fayette
Jacob Rittenhouse 82 Jacob Rittenhouse Sugarloaf Luzerne
John Roberson -- Mrs. Roberson Lancaster City Lancaster
Gideon Roberts 83
Amity Erie
Andrew Robeson 81 Joshua Robeson Londonderry Lebanon
Chandler Robinson 79 Chandler Robinson Windham Luzerne
Michael Robison 81 William Robison Juniata Perry
James Robison 82 James Robison Slippery Rock Beaver
James Rodgers 73 James Rodgers Saltlick Fayette
Barnet Rogan 21 Lewis Perot Pine Ward City of Philadelphia
Josiah Rogers 79 Josiah Rogers Windham Luzerne
Lemuel Root 80 L. Root Antes Huntingdon
Maria Rose 83 Solomon Burtis Harrison Potter
Jacob Rosensteel 54 Jacob Rosensteel Franklin Allegany
Susan Roth -- Mrs. Moyel Lancaster City Lancaster
Simon Ru**am 97 George Huey Bullskin Fayette
John Ruckman 96 John Ruckman Amwell Washington
George Rudolph 60 William W. Lyle Lower Oxford Chester
Jacob Rudy 91 Jacob Rudy York Borough-South ward York
George Rumfeldt 86 Elizabeth Rumfeldt Upper Saucon Lehigh
Jeremiah Rumsey 77 Jeremiah Rumsey Sullivan Tioga
Andrew Rupp 82 Jeremiah Snyder Weisenberg Lehigh
William Rush 91 Michael Rush Morris Green
Jacob Rush 85 Jacob Rush Turkeyfoot Somerset
Catharine Rushon 80 John Shaid Marlboro Montgomery
Paul Russell 83 Paul Russell Spring Garden-3d ward Philadelphia
Isaac Rynearson 82 Cornelius Rynearson Bush Susquehanna
Zavan Sackett 91 Zavan Sackett Mead Crawford
Peter Sailor 77 Peter Sailor Swatara Lebanon
John Salada 76 John Salada Marlboro Montgomery
William Salisberry 82 Chauncey Guthin Springfield Bradford
John Sample 85 William Sample Turbut Northumberland
Bristol B. Sampson 84 Bristol B. Sampson Brooklyn Susquehanna
Andrew Sands 86 Andrew Sands Dublin Huntingdon
James Satterlee 77 James Satterlee Smithfield Bradford
Cynthia Satterlee 71 J. F. Satterlee Athens Bradford
Mary Savel 95 Mary Savel Locust Ward City of Philadelphia
Jacob Scheller 80
Londonderry Dauphin
John A. Schenck 80
Canaan Wayne
C. Schlegel 85 C. Schlegel Moore Northampton
Elizabeth Schmick 85
Augusta Northumberland
Garre* Schned*a* 85 Anna Newman New Milford Susquehanna
Christopher Schoonover 77 Christopher Schoonover Deerfield Tioga
Jacob Schope 78
Lower Paxton Dauphin
Adam Schout 86 George Baker East Buffalo Union
Zerah Scott 75 Zerah Scott Lenox Susquehanna
Robert Scott 84 Robert Scott [1] Allegany
Sarah Scott 78
Rush Northumberland
Abraham Scott 87 Abraham Scott Cumberland Green
John Scott 82
Jordan Clearfield
John Scott 60
Southampton Bucks
Mary Scott 88 John Scott Smithfield Bradford
Elizabeth Scott 70 Elizabeth Scott Conequenessing Butler
Jacob Scouten 85 William Nicholls, Jr. Burlington Bradford
Westol Scovill 85 Daniel Chamberlin Choconut Susquehanna
Ichabod Seaver 81 Ichabod Seaver Harford Susquehanna
Michael Sechler 79 Michael Sechler Clinton Lycoming
Samuel Seeley 98 Amos Ackler Monroe Bradford
Abigail Seely 75
Canaan Wayne
William Seifert 78
Bushkill Northampton
Frederich Seip -- Rudolph Suter Lancaster City Lancaster
Frederick Septer 78
Mount Pleasant Westmoreland
Godfrey Settlemyre 88 Godfrey Settlemyre Summerhill Cambria
Azuba Severence 77 Samuel Severence Springfield Bradford
Jacob Sewank 81 Jacob Sewank Mifflin Columbia
Mary Sexton 79 Silas W. Sexton Spring Garden-4th ward Philadelphia
Adam Shafer 75 Adam Shafer Fairmount Luzerne
Thomas S. Shaffer 84 Thomas Shaffer Fallowfield Washington
John Shalley 79 John Shalley Swatara Lebanon
Elizabeth Shannon 77
City of Allegany Allegany
Andrew Sharp 75 Andrew Sharp Rothland Tioga
Ichabod Shaw 94 John Glass Union Luzerne
David Shaw 87
Salem Westmoreland
Margaret E. Shaw 50 Wm. H. Odenheimer Pine Ward City of Philadelphia
Thomas Shay -- Thomas Shay Lancaster City Lancaster
Sears Shay 64 Sears Shay Fairmount Luzerne
Jeremiah She***er 50 Jeremiah Sh**** Dunstable Allegany Shearer
Peter Sheaffer 89
West Donegal Lancaster
David Shearer 82 Samuel Shearer Dimock Susquehanna
Adam Sheffer 80 Joseph Redick Richland Venango
Stratton Sherwood 91 Stratton Sherwood Windham Bradford
David Shields 80 Hans Ferguson Red Bank Armstrong
James Shields 101 Robert Shields Mahoning Indiana
Peter Shindle 80 Peter Shindle Lancaster City Lancaster
Lewis Shive 80 Lewis Shive York Borough-South ward York
Catharine Shively 79 John Haring Marlboro Montgomery
Abraham Shoemaker 81 Abraham Shoemaker Hemlock Columbia
Frederick Shoff 88 Frederick R. Shoff Delaware Pike
Valentine Shoufler 88 Valentine Shoufler Swatara Lebanon
Ludwick Shoup 76 Ludwick Shoup Lower Mount Bethel Northampton
Laurence Shrist 77 Thomas Knox Mifflin Columbia
Margaret Shrum 76 Margaret Shrum Franklin Allegany
William Shufelt 79 William Shufelt Bridgewater Susquehanna
Thomas Silaman 84 Thomas Silaman Lower Mount Bethel Northampton
Frederick Simons 78 Frederick Simons Cumberland Bedford
Christopher Simonson 79 Garret Simonson Ulster Bradford
Stephen Simpson 90 Stephen Simpson Morris Green
John Sipe 70 John Sipe Buffalo Armstrong
Jacob Skully 84
Antrim Franklin
William Slick 91 William Slick St. Clair Bedford
Christian Smick 76
Maxatawny Berks
Thomas Smith 85 Hugh Smith Franklin Columbia
Griffith Smith 79 Griffith Smith Lower Merion Montgomery
Mary Smith 75
Ross Monroe
Jemima Smith 72 James S. Smith Southwark-1st ward Philadelphia
Elizabeth Smith 72 Elizabeth Smith Dunkard Green
Simeon Smith 85
Borough of Erie Erie
John Smith 86 John Smith Jackson Lebanon
Mrs. Hannah Smith 71 John R. Smith Southwest Warren
Sarah Smith 67 James Robb Plum Creek Armstrong
Joseph Snabble 84
Reading Berks
Adam Snyder 82
Wayne Schuylkill
Jacob Snyder 87
Lower Dublin Philadelphia
Mary Soliday 72 Jacob Money Madison Armstrong
Peter Sones 84 Peter Sones Moreland Lycoming
Hannah Southell 75 Asahel Southell Forest Lake Susquehanna
William Southworth 82
Springfield Erie
Wealthy Ann Spalding 73 Zebulon R. Spalding Sheshequin Bradford
Lavina Sparks 71 William Sparks Hebron Potter
Michael Spats 78
Reading Berks
James Spears 71 John Spears Lackawannock Mercer
Daniel Spencer 79 John Waldon Dallas Luzerne
Elam Spencer 76 Simeon Spencer Dallas Luzerne
Orange Spencer 76
North East Erie
Melchoir Spohn 81 Melchoir Spohn Madison Perry
Mary Squires 97 Charles Squires Herrick Bradford
Abraham Staggers 67 George Wright Richhill Green
Eve Mary Stahler 92 Joh* P. Klingeman Mifflin Columbia
Peter Stambaugh 89
Green Franklin
Comfort Stancliff 88
McKean Erie
Samuel Stancliff 75
McKean Erie
Sarah Stanert 81 Edward Dickinson N. Mulberry Ward City of Philadelphia
Jason Stanton 79
Clinton Wayne
Robert Stanton 78 Robert Stanton Rome Crawford
Lydia Staples 95 Daniel Lyon Great Bend Susquehanna
John Staples 87
Hamilton Monroe
Ann Steel 81 Lester F. Donnell Southwark-2d ward Philadelphia
Isaac Steel, Sen. 77 Isaac Steel Sugar Creek Armstrong
Peter Steighwalt 78
West Penn Schuylkill
John Steiner 55 Eli Kenderhine Uninc. Northern Liberties Philadelphia
P. Steinmetz 69
Bushkill Northampton
Elizabeth Stellwagon 95 Elizabeth Stellwagon Connellsville Fayette
Thomas Stevens 82 Thomas Stevens Huntingdon Luzerne
Jonathan Stevens 75 Jonathan Stevens Wysox Bradford
James Steward 83 John Winter East Hanover Lebanon
Archibald Stewart 80 Edward Bell Union Township Fayette
Peter Stickles 78
Reading Berks
Job Stiels 81 Job Stiles Ridgebury Bradford
Peter Stiger 80
Greenwich Berks
Joseph Stillwell 85 John Stillwell Georges Fayette
Henry Stine 71
Richmond Berks
William Stinson 81 William Stinson Lower Mount Bethel Northampton
William Stockdale 56 William Stockdale Robinson Allegany
Baltus Stone 96 George Copes Southwark-2d ward Philadelphia
Martha Stone 77
Plum Creek Armstrong
Jacob Stoneking 75 Jacob Stoneking Dunkard Green
Jesse Stover --
Brecknock Lancaster
Michael Fitz Strasburg 84
Letterkenny Franklin
Thomas Stratton 80 Samuel Stratton Chippewa Beaver
Jacob Stremback 85 Jacob Stremback South Ward City of Philadelphia
Margaret Stritzel 79 Margaret Stritzel Roxborough Philadelphia
John Stroman 84 John Stroman York Borough-South ward York
Lydia Strong 82 Josiah Rogers Northmoreland Luzerne
Eve Stroup 79 Daniel Stroup Rockland Venango
Fred. Stucky 100
Hamilton Franklin
Henry Styles 84
Reading Berks
Adam Sundy 77 Adam Sundy Gregg Centre
John Sutherland 93 Margaret Sutherland Cross Creek Washington
John Sutherland 84 John Sutherland Wolf Creek Mercer
Harman Sutton 34 Henry Davis Uninc. Northern Liberties Philadelphia
George Swager 70 George Swager Little Beaver Beaver
John Swan 85
Jordan Clearfield
Moses Swartwood 75 John Actman Hamilton Monroe
Barnadus Swartwood 80
Lehman Pike
Philip Swartz 86
East Brunswick Schuylkill
Conrad Swartzlander 85 George Swartzlander Centre Union
Barbara Sweigan --
Brecknock Lancaster
George Switzer 77 Jesse Barnes Dover York
Henry Sycks 83 Henry Sycks Monongahela Green
Michael Tanno 65
Carlisle Cumberland
Lawrence Tarpinning 78 Lawrence Tarpinning Bridgewater Susquehanna
Reuben Taylor 75 Reuben Taylor Greenfield Luzerne
Thomas Taylor 85 Thomas Taylor Huntingdon Luzerne
William Taylor 74 William Taylor Haines Centre
Reuben Taylor 85 Reuben Taylor Greenfield Luzerne
Joseph Taylor 65 Joseph Taylor Union Township Fayette
Thomas Taylor 70 Thomas Taylor Pine Armstrong
Ezekiel H. Teal 71 Ezekiel Teal Southwark-2d ward Philadelphia
Reuben Thasp 86 William Thasp Wharton Fayette
John Thatcher 80 Daniel Thatcher Harford Susquehanna
Eseck Thayre 77 Eseck Thare Bridgewater Susquehanna
James Thomas 83 James Thomas West Vincent Chester
Rufus Thompson 78
Conneaut Erie
Joseph Throckmorton 75 E. Throckmorton Hector Potter
David Thurston 78 David Thurston Mead Crawford
John Titlow 81 John Titlow Upper Milford Lehigh
Benjamin Titus 81 Benjamin Titus Dunkard Green
Rossin Tivis -- R. Tivis City of Allegany Allegany
Lucy Tower 82 Rial Tower Bush Susquehanna
Elijah Towner 81 Jos. Towner Rome Bradford
Julius Tozer 76 Julius Tozer Athens Bradford
Philip Trausu 82
Tobyhanna Monroe
William Trenary 98 Henry Trenary [1] Allegany
George Tripner 78 George Tripner Spring Garden-1st ward Philadelphia
Eliza Trisler -- Mrs. C. Trisler Lancaster City Lancaster
Peter Troutman 81 Peter Troutman Southampton Somerset
Sarah Truax 78 Hester Truax Bethel Bedford
Michael Truby, Sen. -- Michael Truby, Jr. Kittaning Armstrong
John Tschoop 82
Lower Mahanoy Northumberland
Samuel Tubbs 85 Benjamin Tubbs Ekland Tioga
Isaac Tunells 77 David Watson Franklin Susquehanna
William Turner 86 William R. Turner Saltlick Fayette
George Turner 93
Spring Garden-1st ward Philadelphia
Hannah Turney 87
Southwark-4th ward Philadelphia
Moses Tyler 74 Moses Tyler Bridgewater Susquehanna
Silas Tyler 94
Preston Wayne

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