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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, April 10, 2001

[1] Town name blurry, maybe "Pine"
[2] Town name blurry, maybe "Ross"
[3] Town name blurry, maybe "Pinegrove"
[4] Town name blurry, maybe "Tyrone"

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U - Z
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
George Ullery 62 George Ullery Bullskin Fayette
George Upham 53 George Sergeant Springfield Bradford
Samuel Van Gorden 76 Chancy Terry Charleston Tioga
Samuel Van Scoy 74 Daniel Van Scoy Exeter Luzerne
Elias Van Winkle 81 Elias Van Winkle Gibson Susquehanna
Martin Van Worken 72
Washington Erie
Margaret Vananaken 75
Middle Smithfield Monroe
Benjamin Vandergrift 81 Benjamin Vandergrift Oxford Philadelphia
Anthony Vanderpool 95 Henry Pool, Jun. Asylum Bradford
Andrew Vanemon 84 Andrew Vanemon Somerset Washington
Cornelius Vanfleat 84 Cornelius Vanfleat Washington Lycoming
Cornelius Vanhorn 90 Cornelius Vanhorn Vernon Crawford
Isaiah Vanhorn 80 Isaiah Vanhorn Mahoning Indiana
Benjamin Vanhorn 81
Chesnut Hill Monroe
William Vanhorne 83 William Vanhorne Hepburn Lycoming
Timothy Vanskyhock 72 Timothy Vanskyhock Antes Huntingdon
John Varner 81 John Varner Salem Luzerne
Daniel Vergison 76 Daniel Vergison Lycoming Lycoming
Enoch Vernum 75 Enoch Vernum Parker Butler
Godfrey Vought 79 Godfrey Vought Rome Bradford
Epaphras Wadsworth 86 Epaphras Wadsworth Huntingdon Luzerne
Mary Wakelee 73 Arad Wakelee Springville Susquehanna
Mary Waklee 72 John Waklee Wellsboro' Tioga
Catharine Walborn 85 John Walborn Bethel Lebanon
Michael Walizer 87 John Walizer Turbut Northumberland
Alexander Walker 70
Robinson Allegany
Nathaniel Walker 77
Harbor Creek Erie
Joseph Walker 82
Washington Erie
James Walker 68 James Walker Kittaning Armstrong
William Walker 48 William Walker West Bradford Chester
Charles Wallace 79 Edmund Taylor West Fallowfield Chester
James Wallace 89 James Wallace Jefferson Allegany
Jacob Walter 84
Rockland Berks
John Walter 86 John Walter [1] Allegany
William Walton 77 Abram Walton Plymouth Luzerne
Philip Wambaugh 85 Adam Musser York York
Thomas Ward 92 Thomas Ward Briar Creek Columbia
Charles Warick 79 Charles Warick Saltlick Fayette
Michael Warner 78 Henry Stauffer York Borough-North ward York
Moses Warner 82
Borough of Waterford Erie
John Warner 87 John Warner Donegal Butler
John Washington 69 John Washington Bullskin Fayette
John G. Watmough 45 John G. Watmough South Ward City of Philadelphia
James Watson 75 David R**l [2] Allegany Reel
James Watt 85 John Fye Potter Centre
Peter D. Watts 84
Girard Erie
Michael Waugh 67 Joseph Bush Unity Westmoreland
Mary Weaver 75 Jacob Weaver Lebanon--North ward Lebanon
Adam Weaver 89 Adam Weaver Unity Westmoreland
Christian Weest 95
Hamilton Franklin
John Weir 81 John Weir Washington Green
Justina Weiser 82 John Lingle Harrisburg-South war Dauphin
Elizabeth Weitzel 75
Borough of Sunbury Northumberland
John Welsh 78 John Welsh Mercer Butler
Josiah Weslick 59 Josiah Weslick Delaware Mercer
Abraham Westbrook 78 Abraham Westbrook Sullivan Tioga
Rachel Weston 81
Salem Wayne
James Whaley 52 James Whaley Connellsville Fayette
Abraham Whitaker 76 Henry Whitaker Warren Bradford
Caleb White 79 David White Granville Bradford
David White 89 David White Franklin Columbia
William White 84 William White Montgomery Indiana
George White 53 George White Hanover Beaver
Potter White 72 Potter White Summerhill Crawford
Azor White 74 Nathan Philo Falls Luzerne
Rhoda White 82 Samuel Beckwith Sergeant McKean
Enos Whitney 78 Enos Whitney Gibson Susquehanna
John Wilber 79 John Wilber Troy Bradford
John Wilfong, Sen. 80 John Wilfong, Sen. Lower Merion Montgomery
Sarah Wiliard 70 Jacob Wiliard Kittaning Armstrong
George Wilkey 78 George Hagerdy Canonsburg Washington
John Wilkins 69 John Wilkins Snyder Jefferson
Mott Wilkinson 75
Blairsville Indiana
William Willard 76
Newton Bucks
Henry Williams 79 Henry Williams North Shenango Crawford
Eli Williams 81
Meno Mifflin
Benjamin Williams 65 Michael Ressinger Centre Indiana
Charles Williams 49 Charles Williams Union Township Fayette
Ephraim Williams 85
Newport Perry
Margaret Williams 70
City of Allegany Allegany
William Williams 78 William Williams Wharton Fayette
Henry Wilmer 30 Sarah Philips Southwark-2d ward Philadelphia
Samuel Wilson 76 Samuel Wilson [4] Fayette
Joseph Wilson 80 Joseph Wilson Luzerne Fayette
Alexander Wilson 80
Harbor Creek Erie
Robert M. Wilson 84 Robert M. Wilson Southwark-1st ward Philadelphia
Noah Wilson 79 Noah Wilson Canton Bradford
David Wilson, Captain 89 Captain David Wilson Hamilton Ban. Adams
John Wilson, Sen. 71 John Wilson Toby Armstrong
Jacob Wilt 79 Andrew Wilt Salisbury Lehigh
Thomas Wilt 82 Jacob Wilt Greenfield Bedford
Jacob Wink 82
Maxatawny Berks
Nathan Winton 80 Bradley Winton Oil Creek Crawford
John Wintworth 75 John Wintworth Fairfield Crawford
George Wiscarver 82 Meredith Ingram Cumberland Green
Jacob Wise 83 Jacob Wise Borough of Mifflingtown Juniata
Ludwick Wisinger 84 George Wisinger Conemaugh Cambria
Jacob Wisner 78 Jacob Wisner Charlestown Chester
Philip Witmoyer 80 Philip Witmoyer East Hanover Lebanon
Peter Witmoyer 80 F. Witmoyer Swatara Lebanon
Margaret Wolcott 83 Benjamin Wolcott Litchfield Bradford
George Wolf 79 Christian Smith Heidelberg Lebanon
John Wood 86 John Wood, Jun. Asylum Bradford
Sarah Woodman 81 William S. Woodman Tredyfrin Chester
Gideon Woodman 82
Preston Wayne
Joseph Woods 81
Derry Mifflin
Henry Woods 79 David Woods Fallstown Beaver
Christopher Woolheaver 85 Christopher Woolheaver Madison Columbia
Hugh Workman 81 Hugh Workman Washington Washington
Lewis Wright 87 Lewis Wright Washington Green
Aaron Wright 78
Reading Berks
Mercy Wright 75 J. N. Wright Tioga Tioga
James Wygant 79 James Wygant Woodcock Crawford
Daniel Yansen 86 Daniel Yansen Lehigh Ward Northampton
George Yeager 76 Peter Landes Upper Swatara Dauphin
John Yeager --
Oyey Berks
Anna Barbara Yeagley 78 Anna Barbara Yeagley Swatara Lebanon
Henry Yelles 87
Gwynedd Montgomery
James Young 79 James Young Lackawannock Mercer
Henry Young 86 Edwin Runkle Germantown Philadelphia
John Young 86
Salem Westmoreland
Philip Young 83 John Bales Big Beaver Beaver
Peter Yungst 80 Peter Yungst Allegheny Armstrong
George Zegman 83
Wayne Schuylkill
Abraham Zimerman 83
Upper Mahantango Schuylkill
Jacob Zombro 80 John Byer Coventry Chester

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