Revolutionary War

  Bunker Hill by Howard Pyle.
The Battle of Bunker Hill The American Revolutionary War


"If this be treason, make the most of it"
— Patrick Henry, Virginia Convention, 29 May 1765


A new 2-volume book - "The American Revolution", by John Fiske - is now available online! A big thank you to Janice Farnsworth for her dedication and hard work to get this available to you!

Volume 1 - Timeframe about 1761-1778
Volume 2 - Timeframe about 1778-1782

  A Timeline for Independence — Beginning in 1763 (the end of the French-Indian War), through 1789 when the Bill of Rights was presented to Congress, including links to battles, documents and a variety of additional online historical perspectives
(The American Revolutionary War)

  Revolutionary Period A timeline highlighting important events in history.

  Timeline -- America during the Age of Revolution
(American Memory Library of Congress)


  Military Records Collection — New searchable site. Accepts submissions

  Colonial America - from Exploration through the Revolution
(includes Kathy Leigh's transcription of the book, "History of the United States of America," by Henry William Elson, The MacMillan Company, New York, 1904)

  The George Washington Papers, 1741-1799
(Library of Congress) 

  War of Independence On-Line Bookshelves
(U. S. Army Center of Military History

 The Only Oracle of Man
Ethan Allen

 Thomas Paine - Common Sense

 Genuki Biography of the Earl of Chatham

 "The Death of the Earl of Chatham" -famous painting by John Singleton Copley,

  Documents (See Also Constitutional Law, Kathy Leigh)

  A Farmer's Letter by John Dickinson in 1767-8. In them, he attacks British policy towards the American colonies.

  Articles of Confederation (NARA)

  Bill of Rights (NARA)

  Constitution (NARA)

  Declaration of Independence

  Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention
     (Library of Congress)

  Loudoun County, Virginia Resolution, 14 Jun 1774
     (Combs &c. Families)

  1835 Southern States Pension Lists
     (William Navey)


  Revolutionary War Maps
      (U.S. Military Acadameny, West Point)


  A Naval History of the American Revolution by Gardner W. Allen

  Merchant Mariners in the Revolutionary War

  History of the U.S. Navy, 1775-1890

  Dictionary of American Fighting Ships - John Hancock

  Traditional Music

  Songs of War (, midi files)

  Loyalist & British Songs & Poetry


Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama, Being a List of Names, Compiled from Authentic Sources, of Soldiers of the American Revolutin, who resided in the State of Alabama, compiled by Thomas M. Owen, Alabama Dept. of Archives and hIstory, 1911...
  The American Revolution in Georgia

  GASSAR Chaplaincy Corps - Georgia Chaplaincy Corps of the Georgia Society, (GASSAR), of the Sons Of The American Revolution.



  MA Revolutionary War Soldiers
     (listing over 3500 participants)

  Beneath Old Roof Trees New book online about the Rev War around Concord, MA

  Beside Old Hearth-stones Footprints of the Patriots. New book online about the Rev War around Lexington, Shirley, Pepperell, Groton, MA



  Revolutionary War Veterans of Ionia County

  New Hampshire

  Candia, Rockingham County

  Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys

  New York

  History of New York State and the Revolutionary War

  North Carolina

  Surry County Loyalists


  Bedford Co, PA in the Revolution
     (Mother Bedford)


  Tennesseans in the Revolutionary War
     (TNGenWeb Project)

  East Tennessee, Pre-1796
     (TNGenWeb Project)


  History of the Fifth Virginia Regiment

  1781 Militia List, Montgomery
     (Combs &c. Families)


  More American Revolution Sites

  The History Place - American Revolution

  Black Patriots of the American Revolution

  National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution

  Sons of the American Revolution

  Is Your Ancestor Missing?    

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