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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, July 17, 2001

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I - L
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
George ******* 84
*efferson Fayette
C***** ******* 7*
Union Fayette
Walter N. ****n 79
Walnut Fairfield
Mathias **gu 87
Jefferson Franklin
R*** **vic ** ***** ***** ******** Perry
Rufus Inman 77 Aaron Inman Warren Washington
Ezekiel Irvin 80 Ezekiel Irvin Turtle Creek Warren
James Irwin 82 James Irwin Union Butler
James Jack 60 James Jack Ottawa Putnam
Peter Jackson 84
Deerfield Ross
Benjamin Jackson 88 Benjamin Jackson Morris Knox
Jacob Jenks 8* [80?] John Sherman Saybrook Ashtabula
Isbuel Jennings -- Isbuel Jennings Kinkley Medina
Ephraim Jewell 80 Ephraim Jewell Newbury Geauga
Joseph M. Jewett 77 Joseph M. Jewett Wayne Ashtabula
John Johnson 81 Thomas Berry Jackson Muskingum
Henry Jolly 82 Vachel Dickerson Jersey Licking
William C. Jone 80 William C. Jones Hartford Trumbull
Elkanah Jones 79 Jonathan Goldsmith Painesville Lake
Joseph Jones 84 Joseph Jones Green Richland
Johanna Jones 80 Johanna Jones Berkshire Delaware
John Jones 84 John Jones Clark Clinton
Silas Jones 78 Silas Jones Fowler Trumbull
Amos Jordan 84 Amos Jordan Royalton Lucas
Joseph K***** 91 Joseph Kroning *ar*r*** Stark
David Keeton 83
Huntington Gallia
Nathaniel Kelley 75 Nathaniel Kelley Lordstown Trumbull
John Kelley 80 John Kelley Union Muskingum
John Kendall 47 John Kendall Gorham Lucas
Thomas Kent 94 Thomas Kent Middleton Columbiana
John Kent 92 John Kent Wayne Muskingum
Philip Kerner 75
Colerain Ross
Peter Kesler 81 Peter Kesler German Montgomery
Peter Kesling 90 Peter Kesling Clear Creek Warren
Elias Keyes 77 Elias Keyes Royalton Cuyahoga
John Killin 83 John Killin West Union Adams
Abel Kimball 74 Abel Kimball, 2d Madison Lake
William King**ury 66 John Kingsbury Lexington Stark
Alexander Kingman 75 Alexander Kingman Lincoln Delaware
Jos. Kingsbury 79 Austin Kingsbury Brighton Lorain
Lemuel Kingsbury 81 Lemuel Kingsbury Wakeman Huron
Stephen Kinney 78 John E. Kinney Clear Creek Warren
Codema Knapp 76 Sarah J. Brooks Jefferson Logan
William Knox 70 Robert S. Knox Liberty Butler
Henry Kudisilly 85 Josiah Whitecar Perry Logan
John Lamont 82
Harpersfield Ashtabula
Ebenezer Landon 79 Ebenezer Landon Berkshire Delaware
Samuel Lane 81 Samuel Lane Lawrence Lawrence
J. Lane 85 John Lane Ravenna Portage
Submit Langden 90 F. Langden Lagrange Lorain
John W. Langdon 81
Colum**a [Columbia?] Hamilton
John Larabee, Sen. 86 John Larabee, Sen. Madison Licking
Paul Larkcom 76 Arvillas C. Larkcom Freedom Portage
Jacob Larose 86 Jacob Larose Miami Montgomery
Joshua Leach 85 Joshua Leach Hanover Butler
Zebulon Lee 83 Richard Lee Amanda Hancock
David Lee 56 David Lee Perry Coshocton
Thomas Leland 83 Thomas Leland Guilford Medina
John Lewis 68 John Lewis Liberty Guernsey
Stephen Lindsley 79 Stephen Lindsley Gustavus Trumbull
John Line 76 John Line Liberty Butler
Samuel Lippencot 81 Samuel Lippencot Pike Clark
George E. Lloyd 82 J. D. Shank Etna Licking
David Lockwood 70 David Lockwood Mead Belmont
Othniel Looker 83
Crosby Hamilton
Abner Looveland 76 S. H. Looveland Brighton Lorain
Ichabod Lord 77 Ichabod Lord Shalersville Portage
William Losey 89 William Losey Rome Lawrence
Joel Louther 85 Asa Wade Alexander Athens
C***le* Love 60 Charl** Love Prebble Pike
Henry Love 85
Colerain Hamilton
Frederick Loveland 76 Frederick Loveland Newbury Geauga
Amo* Loveland 78 Daniel Loveland Coitsville Trumbull
Barton Lowe 78 Barton Lowe Monroe Clermont
James Lyon 85
Mill Creek Hamilton
Samuel Lyons 78 Samuel Lyons Liverpool Columbiana

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