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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, July 17, 2001

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U - Z
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
George ******* 84
*efferson Fayette
C***** ******* 7*
Union Fayette
Walter N. ****n 79
Walnut Fairfield
Mathias **gu 87
Jefferson Franklin
R*** **vic ** ***** ***** ******** Perry
Isaac Underwood 74 Isaac Underwood Chippewa Wayne
Oakey Van Osdol 83 Oakey Van Osdol Tate Clermont
Cornelius Vanarsdall 81 Minedred W. Vanarsdall Mason Lawrence
Barnab** Vander**** ** Barnaba* Vande**** Washington Preble Vanderemer, Vanderenter
C. Vanderhoff 89 C. Vanderhoff Carthage Athens
Joshua Vanfleet 76 Joshua Vanfleet Big Island Marion
Peter Vansickle 90 Ira Finch Porter Delaware
William Vanwinkle 84 William Vanwinkle Newmarket Highland
Charles Vathier 78 Charles Vathier Delhi Hamilton
Gideon Viah 84 Samuel Viah Addison Gallia
John Violet 90 John Violet **ta* Pike
John Waggner 77 John Waggner Sandusky Sandusky
James Waits 78 James Waits Sterling Brown
Peter Wakefield 75 Peter Wakefield Upper Lawrence
Timothy Wale 78 Timothy Wale Jackson Shelby
Asher Walker 80
Bucks Tuscarawas
John Walker 77 John Walker, Jr. Hudson Summet
John Walker, Sen. 75 John Walker, Sen. Fairfield Butler
William Wallace 86 William Wallace, Jr. Spencer Guernsey
Ashabel Waller 81 Ashabel Waller Union Butler
Frederick Walters 80 Frederick Walters Stock Harrison
Josiah Ward 78 J. Ward Brighton Lorain
Israel Ward 77
Colum**a [Columbia?] Hamilton
Benjamin Ward 77 Benjamin Ward Wayne Ashtabula
Edward Ward 86 Edward W*** Ma*** Perry
Nehemiah Ward 84 Nehemiah Ward Ohio Clermont
Obadiah Ward 87 Elijah Ward Kingsville Ashtabula
Moses Warner 80 Moses Warner Warrensville Cuyahoga
William Warrington 86 William Warrington Scioto Delaware
Ignatius Waterman 82 Ignatius Waterman Salem Washington
Phebe Waterman 83 Jonas Smith Troy Athens
Benjamin Waters 78 Benjamin Waters Lenox Ashtabula
Allen Waters 81 William Waters Green Creek Sandusky
Robert Watson 64
Springfield Hamilton
William Watson 84 George Beckley Perry Coshocton
Peterson Watson 75 James S. Sparks Scipio Seneca
Joseph Waugh 76 Lemmon Waugh Buckskin Ross
Sarah Webb 80 Nathan Webb John's Town Trumbull
David Welch 85 Peter Welch Middleburg Knox
Abraham Wellman 60 Abraham Wellman Elyria Lorain
Rebecca Wellman 78 Chauncey Remington Henrietta Lorain
Benjamin Wells 88 Benjamin Wells Franklin Brown
Charles D. Wells 82 Charles D. Wells Town of Cadiz Harrison
Robert Welsh 58
Anderson Hamilton
Benning Wentworth 77 Benning Wentworth Huntington Ross
John West 84
Paint Highland
Jos. West 83 Benjamin West Brush Creek Highland
Robert West 86 James West Orange Carroll
Clement West 82 Clement West Green Richland
Diana Westfall 80 Simeon Westfall August Carroll
James Whaly 90 James Whaly Salisbury Meigs
John Wheeler 88 William Wheeler Ohio Clermont
Elijah Whipple 89
Gustavus Trumbull
Zebulon Whipple 76 Zebulon Whipple Streetsborough Portage
John White 82 Samuel Fair Chester Meigs
George Whiteman 80 George Whiteman *** ** ****** Third Ward Franklin
Daniel Wiggin 85 Daniel Wiggin Green Gallia
Jehiel Wilcox 81 Jehiel Wilcox Marlborough Delaware
Samuel Wiley 83 Samuel Wiley Keene Coshocton
John Wilkinson 80
Springfield Hamilton
James Willard 78 James Willard Milford Union
Joseph Willcox 8* [86 or88?] Doolittle Willcox Bricksville Cuyahoga
Caleb Williams 75 Caleb Williams Stark [or Starr] Hocking
James Williams 82 Newton Williams Jefferson Adams
Jere. Williams 81 Jere. Williams Adams Seneca
William Williams 77
Jackson Preble
Ebenezer Williams 82 Ebenezer Williams Deerfield Portage
Benjamin Williams 77 Benjamin Willliams Green Gallia
Thomas Williams 78 Abel Goodwin Columbia Lorain
Thomas Willis 81 Asahel Willis Plymouth Ashtabula
--------- Willis 90 Isaac Willis Saline Jefferson
Benjamin Wills 87 Sarah Rice Franklin Brown
Isaac Wilson 80 Isaac Wilson Madison Clark
Matthew Wilson 85 Matthew Wilson Bristol Morgan
Israel Wilson 81 Lyman Williams Montville Geauga
Jane Wilson 82 James Huffman Guilford Medina
Sarah Windham 79 Sarah Windham Goshen Belmont
Conrad Witters 83 Conrad Witters Clay Montgomery
James Witty 78 James Witty Wayne Champaign
Peter Wo**ng 83
*******k Fairfield
Philip Wol**berger 90 Philip Wol****** Beaver Pike
David Wolcott 75 David Wolcott Windham Portage
George Wolf 87 George Wolf Ames Athens
John Wolf 80 Michael Wolf Harrison Muskingum
Charles Wood 90 Charles Wood Canfield Trumbull
Charles Wooden 85
Stow Summet
James Woodruff 64
Springfield Hamilton
Jeremiah Woods 86 Jeremiah Woods Newton Muskingum
Jonathan Woods 82 Alva* Woods Tus*arwa* Stark
Samuel Woodward 84 Samuel Woodward Green Shelby
Oliver Woodward 91 Eleanor Wright Newport Washington
Richard Woodworth 85 Richard Woodworth Jefferson Adams
John Wort 84 Israel B. Wort Trenton Delaware
William Worthington 91
City of Cincinnati, 4th Ward Hamilton
Eli Wright 76 Eli Wright Seneca Seneca
Job Wright 80 Job Wright Green Creek Sandusky
William Wright 79 William Wright Liberty Butler
Samuel Wycott 82 Jacob Alexander Salt Creek Hocking
William Yates 90 William Yates Monroe Adams
Morgan Young 89 Andrew Young Berkshire Delaware
Charles Young 80 Sol. Gladden Monroe Richland
Matthias Young 84 Michael Young Mifflin Richland
H. H. Young 82 H. H. Young Monroe Knox
Chris. Young 81 Jacob Miller Huntington Ross

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