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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, July 17, 2001

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Q - T
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
George ******* 84
*efferson Fayette
C***** ******* 7*
Union Fayette
Walter N. ****n 79
Walnut Fairfield
Mathias **gu 87
Jefferson Franklin
R*** **vic ** ***** ***** ******** Perry
Samuel Quigley, Sen. 84 Samuel Quigley, Sen. Calcutta Columbiana
Katharine Raduback 75 Thomas Raduback Guilford Medina
John Raignsbearger 81 John Raignsbearger Orange Carroll
William Ramsey 84 William Ramsey Morristown, Union Township Belmont
Reuben Randall 73 Reuben Randall Streetsborough Portage
Edmund Rathban 83 Edmund Rathban Newburgh Cuyahoga
Joseph Rathburn 78 Joseph Rathburn Monroe Ashtabula
John Reddick 81 John Reddick Hopewell Muskingum
John Reed 74 John Reed German Dark
Benjamin Reed 84 James Brakenridge Ridgefield Huron
Nathaniel Reeves 84 Nathaniel Reeves Batavia Clermont
Luther Reeves 81 Luther Reeves New Lyme Ashtabula
William Reeves 76 William Reeves Washington Brown
Joseph Reeves 85 J. F. Reeves Warren Village Trumbull
James Reiley 93 J. and F. Reiley St. Clair Butler
John Reily 77 John Reily Hamilton Butler
Joseph M. Remington 77 Joseph Turner *o***n Erie
Hannah Remmington 77 William P. Barnes Fowler Trumbull
William Rennison 83 Joseph Rankin Richland Belmont
Nathaniel Reynolds 77 Charity Reynolds Green Adams
Christian Riblet 80 Christian Riblet Sandusky Richland
Nathan Rice 79 Nathan Rice Union Washington
Jason Rice 88 Sabinas Rice Ames Athens
Isaac Rice 78 Phebe Rice Vernon Trumbull
Je**e Richards *4 Jam** M*F***** East Union Wayne McFadden
John Richardson 78
Concord Highland
Philip Richcreek 77 Philip Richcreek Perry Muskingum
Gershom Richerson 79 James C**sing Ash***** Lorain
John Ridley 81 John Ridley, Jr. Duchouquet Allen
Martin Rinehart 82 George Rinchart Hanover Butler
John Riney -- John Riney Chester Knox
Ben. Rising 92 Oliver Rising Huntington Lorain
William Roach 100 Jeremiah Roach Ross [or Rome] Jefferson
John Robbins 82 John Robbins Madison Highland
Peter Robinson 84
Scioto Ross
Lewis Robinson 86
White Oak Highland
Josiah Rogers 74 Josiah Rogers **ssel [Russel?] Geauga
Joseph Rogers 87 Joseph Rogers Denmark Ashtabula
William Rogers 83 William Rogers Moorfield Clark
Samuel Rogers 73 Samuel Rogers Concord Lake
Martin Rohrer 68 Martin Rohrer Newton Muskingum
Azariah Root 78 Azariah Root Delaware Delaware
Achsa Rose 77 C. C. Rose Granville Licking
Hendrick Roseboon 84
Concord Ross
Ezekiel Ross 84 Amos Ross Hanover Butler
Charles Rounds 80 Nathaniel Rounds Lagrange Lorain
James Rounds 82 James Rounds Clark Brown
George Roush 80 George Roush Sutton Meigs
Jonas Roush 77 David Chemiller Sutton Meigs
Joseph L. Rowley 90 Thomas Rowley Fayette Lawrence
John Runnels *9 [89?]
*******k Fairfield
Aaron Ruse 78 Aaron Ruse Clark Clinton
Esther Russell 78 Moses Russell Salem Meigs
Enoch Russell 81
Washington Jackson
John C. C. S***h ** [78?] Z*** S*** ******** Pickaway
Skene D. Sackett 76 Jonathan Wilder Windsor Ashtabula
James Salter 84 Robert Kenady Porter Scioto
Elijah Sargent 82
Delhi Hamilton
James Sargent 85 James Sargent Harrison Logan
Sybil Sawtle 77 Benjamin Sawtle Brooklyn Cuyahoga
Philip Saylor 89 Philip Saylor Deerfield Morgan
Pierson Sayre 77 Pierson Sayre Hamilton Butler
Nancy Schermerhorn 84 John D. Clute Sheffield Ashtabula
Amasa Schoville 80 Amasa Schoville Vienna Trumbull
Oliver Scott 74 Oliver Scott Racoon Gallia
John Scott 80
Hamilton Warren
Rachel Scovell 78 David Scovell Johnstown Licking
Abraham Searl 92 Jesse Bailey Austentown Trumbull
William Seberel 54 William Seberel Ba*lsville Sandusky
William G. Servace 53 William G. Servace Bethel Clark
Edward Sevens 81 John Barnett **ange [Orange?] Shelby
Benjamin Severance 78 Benjamin Severance Brookfield Morgan
John Seward 82 John Seward Aurora Portage
Ezra Sexton 89 [or 83?] William C. Sexton Saybrook Ashtabula
Philip Shafer 82 Philip Shafer Montgomery (incl. Ashland) Richland
Andrew Shaper, Sen. 81 Andrew Shaper, Sen. Danville Highland
Richard Shaw 89 Richard Shaw Weathersfield Trumbull
Frederick Shawhen 79 Lorenzo Shawhen Hopewell Seneca
Anna Shenefelt 78 John Shenefelt Newark Licking
Phineas Shepard 83 Phineas Shepard Brooklyn Cuyahoga
David Shields 87
Liberty Clinton
Mary Shields 79 William Shields Guilford Medina
Noah Shirtleff 75 Selah Shirtleff Shalersville Portage
Matthias Shirts 90 Matthias Shirts, Jun. Middleton Columbiana
John Shreve 79 Jo** Shreve Lexington Stark
Je* [Jet?} Sim*** 79 Je* Sim*** Ma*** Perry Simins, Samins
Horace Simmons 78 Horace Simmons Willoughby Lake Additional note below
Thomas Simmons 75 Thomas Simmons Wayne Butler
James Skaats, Sen. 87
City of Cincinnati, 6th Ward Hamilton
Hannah Skinner 87
Harpersfield Ashtabula
James Small 81 James Small Xenia Greene
Samuel Smead 93 Oliver Smead Madison Lake
John N. Smith 76 John N. Smith Flushing Belmont
Thomas Smith 81 Thomas Smith *** ** ****** Third Ward Franklin
George Smith 79 George Smith Orwell Ashtabula
Eunice Smith 76 William Smith Bennington Delaware
William Smith 90 Thomas Miller Concord Highland
Jonathan Smith 86 Jonathan Smith Youngstown Trumbull
John Smith 78 John Smith Reiley Butler
Jesse Smith 81 Ezra Smith Springfield Muskingum
Richard Smith 48 Richard Smith West Carlisle Coshocton
David Smith 77 David Smith Auburn Geauga
James Smith 84 James Smith St. Clair Columbiana
Martin Smith 78 Martin Smith Vernon Trumbull
David Snell 79 David Snell Congress Richland
George Snider 89 George Snider Dayton Montgomery
Peter Snider 86 Jacob Snider Paint Highland
William Snyder 55 William Snyder Green Columbiana
Anthony Sonner 79 Anthony Sonner White Oak Highland
John W. Sparger, Sen. 86 John W. Sparger, Sen. Paint Highland
George Sparling 62 George Sparling Upper Lawrence
Abel Spaulding 75 John Spaulding Norton Delaware
George Speckard, Sen. 84 George Speckard, Sen. Dodson Highland
James Sprague 84 James Sprague Monroe Muskingum
Betsey Squires 73 Andrew Myers Elyria Lorain
Amos Stackhouse 82 Joshua Hinds Homer Athens
Daniel Staggs 68
Turtle Creek Warren
William Stanly 65 V. C. Stanly Homer Athens
Pardon Starks 76 Pardon Starks Madison Butler
William Starr 100 William Starr Ross [or Rome] Jefferson
Samuel M. Starr 74 Samuel M. Starr Hampden Geauga
John Stearns 89 Daniel Stearns Brunswick Medina
Isaac Steel 76
Stow Summet
Eldad Steele 76 Eldad Steele Newark Licking
Obadiah Stephenson 82 Obadiah Stephenson Ravenna Portage
Elizabeth Stephenson 71 G. W. Stephenson Sharon Medina
Phineas Stevens 87 Zelotus Parkhurst Townsend Sandusky
Charles Stevenson 78 Charles Stevenson Monroe Adams
William Steward 88 James White Porter Delaware
John Steward 92 John Steward Beaver Pike
Charles Stewart 72 Charles Stewart Vermilion Richland
Daniel Stewart 77 D. Stewart Athens Athens
Alfred Stewart 51 Alfred Stewart Unity Columbiana
Daniel Stivers 77 John Cam Orange Meigs
John Stivers 74 Robert Stivers Liberty Adams
Jesse Stockwell 81 Benjamin Bills St. Albans Licking
Sarah Stoner 74 Ann Amith Jackson Clermont
Abraham Storm 85 Abraham Storm Turtle Creek Warren
Henry Stoving 57 Henry Stoving *** ** ****** Third Ward Franklin
Henry Straight 80 Henry Straight Rome Ashtabula
John Straighter 82 John Straighter Harrison Gallia
John Strange 85 John Strange Madison Highland
Nancy Streeton 80 Rhoda Knowl* Saybrook Ashtabula Knowles
Isaac Suddith 80
Nottingham Harrison
Benjamin Sutton 87 Benjamin Sutton Decatur Brown
Jonathan Sweat 79 Jonathan Sweat Ames Athens
James Sweney 84 James Sweney Montgomery (incl. Ashland) Richland
Simeon Tappan 74 Simeon Tappan Boston Summet
Captain James Taylor 71 James Taylor Falls Muskingum
Samuel Taylor 49 Samuel Taylor Madison Richland
James Taylor 86 James Taylor, Jr. Union Licking
Henry Taylor 81 Henry Taylor Brookfield Trumbull
John Taylor 87? Nicholas Taylor Eaton Lorain
Eunice Terrel 81 Wyllis Terrel Ridgeville Lorain
Elihu Terrel 81 David M. Tyler Ridgeville Lorain
Caleb Thomas 77 Oliver Loomis, Jr. Windsor Ashtabula
Josiah Thomas 83 William Thomas Harrison Muskingum
William Thompson 95 William Thompson Thompson Geauga
Price Thompson 84
Sycamore Hamilton
Robert Thompson 81 Poorhouse Richland Belmont
Job Thompson 81 James Thompson Shalersville Portage
William Thompson 83 William Thompson Mill Creek Union
John Thompson 82
*o*k*n* Fairfield
Joseph Thompson 79 James L. McGregor Virginia Coshocton
Samuel Thompson 45 Samuel Thompson Sandusky Sandusky
Amos Thurber 80 Amos Thurber Palmyra Portage
John Tilton 82 John Tilton Orange Richland
Richard Tiney 77 Richard Tiney Royalton Lucas
Uriah Tippy 82 Uriah Tippy Alexander Athens
Thomas Tipton 108 Asahel Wilkinson Adams Champaign
Luke Tipton 85 Adam Bible Mill Creek Coshocton
William Todd 84 Alexander Todd Nottingham Harrison
John Toland 76 John Toland Green Adams
Robert Townsend 84 Daniel Dutton Scipio Meigs
Retire Trask 82 Cooper Blakeslee Thompson Geauga
Henry Trevitt 80 Henry Trevitt St. Albans Licking
Da*** [David?] Trua* 84
****n Preble Truax
Ezra Tryon 80
Jackson Wayne
Henry Tucker 84
Springfield Hamilton
E. A. Turner 49 E. A. Turner Grafton Lorain
Allen Turner 78 Lewis M. Turner Hiram Portage
John Turrel 78
Shalersville Portage
Jacob Tyler 79 William Fox Concord Lake
Daniel Tyler 83 Daniel Tyler Fairfield Highland

Ohio - Lake County - Willoughby - Simmons, Horace age 78.

Horace Simmons was actually the head of household at the age of 40 years (b 1799 in Connecticut). But his Father was Peleg Simmons - age 78 (b 1761 in Connecticut) who was the Patriot who lived at this household with his son Horace. The Census taker must have mistook the information from the person dictating the family information. Peleg is not found anywhere in the Census for 1840 because his son was the head of household. He is listed on the Revolutionary Veterans list.

The first time we saw this, we thought Peleg had a brother named Horace but this is not correct.

Peleg is my wife's GGGGG Grandfather. His birth ranges from 1761 to 1765 depending on which document you look at.

Can you please correct this information if possible?

Submitted by: James A. Wendorf

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