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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, July 17, 2001

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M - P
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household Town County Possible Spelling
George ******* 84
*efferson Fayette
C***** ******* 7*
Union Fayette
Walter N. ****n 79
Walnut Fairfield
Mathias **gu 87
Jefferson Franklin
R*** **vic ** ***** ***** ******** Perry
Thomas M**** 7* ***** Moo** Ma*** Perry Moore
David M*dill 77 Samuel Austin ***** Preble
John Mahappy 81 Andrew Mahappy White Oak Highland
Perris Main 77 Perris Main Troy Delaware
William Mankins 80 William Mankins Elk Run Columbiana
Thomas Manning 77 Thomas Manning Ohio Clermont
Joseph Mapes 79 Joseph Mapes T***** Franklin
William Mar*s 76 William Mar** Hamilton Warren Mares
George Marshall 82 George Marshall Washington Brown
Reuben Martin 93 Samuel Martin Westfield Delaware
Henry Martin 83 Henry Martin Orange Carroll
Jacob Martin 100 Jacob Martin Johnstown Licking
Alexander Martin 80
Sycamore Hamilton
James Martindale 93 James Martindale Cheshire Gallia
Nathan Mason 83 Calvin Mason Andover Ashtabula
Ebenezer Mattox 45 Ebenezer Mattox Madison Licking
Benjamin Mattsly 90 Daniel Mattsly Southington Trumbull
Felix Mc***** 90 Felix McElhane Union Fayette
James McClelland 80 James McClelland Centre Columbiana
Carey McClelland 89
Pleasant Knox
Samuel McCloud 80 Samuel McCloud Granger Medina
Joseph McClung 40 Joseph McClung Jerome Union
Robert McClurg 86 Samuel J. McClurg Wayne Scioto
Thomas B. McCohan --
****n Preble
Sarah McCoy 71 John Snapson Trenton Delaware
Chloe McCuller 81 W. W. Blake St. Albans Licking
Joseph McCumber 72 Joseph McCumber Green Richland
Thomas McCune 86 James McCune Warren Jefferson
Edward McDaniel 95 Edward McDaniel Huntington Brown
Campbell McDonald 86 Campbell McDonald Gilead Marion
Alex. McDougle 86 John A. McDougle Madison Richland
John McElroy 85 John McElroy Warren Jefferson
Alpheus McIntyre 51 Alpheus McIntyre Townsend Sandusky
James McKenzie 71 James McKenzie Orange Richland
Adam McKnight 76 Adam McKnight Genoa Delaware
John McManners 80 John McManners Sheffield Ashtabula
John McMillen 80 John McMillen Huron Erie
Alexander McNutt 62
Colerain Hamilton
John McPike 90 John McPike Liberty Adams
Stephen Mead 81 Stephen Mead Granville Licking
Theodore Melott 89 Prater Melott Green Brown
Japhet Mentzer 87
Jacksontown Licking
Conrad Metsker ** Conrad Metsker ***en [Green?] Wayne
J. Meyreck 84 Justin Meyreck Strongsville Cuyahoga
John Middleton 85
Brush Creek Highland
Beverly Milner 85 Beverly Milner Fairfield Highland
John Miner 78 John Miner Royalton Cuyahoga
Amos Mitchel 80
Anderson Hamilton
Nancy Mitchell 78 Nancy Mitchell Lawrence Washington
Elijah Mitchell 79
***** ** Preble
Eve Mitchell 85 Sarah Berry Union Belmont
Josiah Mix 86 Samuel R. Mix Rootstown Portage
Amos Mix 82 Amos Mix Muskingum Muskingum
Joseph Mo** 84 William ******* Rip*** Huron
Casper Mohler 84 Casper Mohler Manchester Morgan
Michael L. Montgomery 101 Michael L. Montgomery Millwood Guernsey
Robert Montgomery 81 Robert Montgomery Paint Highland
Joseph Moor 76 J. Moor Avon Lorain
John More 90 John More Chester Geauga
Katharine Morey 73 Moses Stragler Thompson Geauga
Jesse Morgan 79 E. H. Morgan Carlisle Lorain
Pelatiah Morgan 74 Ira Blackman Kingston Delaware
Daniel Morgan 87 Lydia Brigham Hampden Geauga
George Morgan 92 George Morgan Somerset Belmont
Ezekiel Morley 81 Ezekiel Morley Chester Geauga
Thomas Morley 82 Alfred Morley Kirtland Lake
Benjamin Morris 76 Benjamin Morris Cynthiana Shelby
George W. Morrison 47 George W. Morrison Wells Guernsey
Seth Morse 83 Seth Morse Brownhelm Lorain
Isaac Moss 91 Jeptha Dains Orange Meigs
Daniel Moss 91
City of Cincinnati, 5th Ward Hamilton
John Mowdy 95 John Mowdy Vermilion Richland
Hugh Mulloy 88 Hugh Mulloy Monroe Clermont
William Musgrove 79 William Musgrove Union Belmont
Christian Musser 80 Christian Musser Perry Coshocton
Nathan Muzzy 77 Nathan Muzzy Palmyra Portage
Christopher Myers 83
Liberty Knox
Jacob Nagle 79 John Black Canton Stark
William Neal 78 William Neal Ta**mad** [Tallmadge?] Summet
Philip Negly 92 John C. Negly German Montgomery
Christian Neighbarger 76 Jacob W. Neighbarger Rush Creek Logan
John Nelson 77
City of Cincinnati, 5th Ward Hamilton
Moses Nelson 80 Charles Hertz Plain Stark
William Netterfield 89 William Netterfield Warren Township Trumbull
James L. New 77 James L. New Ruch Creek Logan
Ethan Newcomb 78 Daniel Newcomb Brookfield Trumbull
John Newell 86 John Newell Weathersfield Trumbull
Benjamin Newell 73 Peter Poland Delaware Delaware
John Newlin 97 Nich. Newlin Concord Fayette
Alice Newton 82
Green Gallia
George Nixon 89
Washington Clinton
Bethnal Norris 89
Sycamore Hamilton
Andrew Norris 78
Springfield Hamilton
Jos. Northrup 89
Pleasant Knox
Azuba, Mrs. Norton 87 Asher Norton Parma Cuyahoga
Noah W. Norton 76 Z. C. Norton Clarksfield Huron
Ozias Norton 80 Leverett Norton Charlestown Portage
Miles Oakley 84 Bennett Oakley Olive Meigs
Stephen Ogden 84
Concord Highland
Sibel Orton 78 Polly Gall Trenton Delaware
Hugh Osborn 76 Ezra Osborn Bristol Morgan
Jeriah Osborn 78 John Coleler Olive Meigs
Barnabas Otis 83 Barnabas Otis Fearing Washington
George Owry 87 William Johnston Weathersfield Trumbull
John P**** 82
Green Fayette
John P***** 81
Mechanic Holmes Palmer
S****** Pa***** 8* ******* P***** ******** Perry
Edward Paine 96 Sally M. Paine Painesville Lake
Ephraim Palmer 79 Ephraim Palmer Chatham Medina
Cypnam Parish 74 Lewish Parish Painesville Lake
John Parker 81
Washington Harrison
Stiles Parker 75 Stiles Parker Berkshire Delaware
Michael Parks 82 Michael Parks Dr****** Huron
George W. Parks 47 George W. Parks Newark Licking
Nathan Parks 81 Nathan Parks Benton Geauga
Abraham Parmetor 79
Colum**a [Columbia?] Hamilton
John Parsons 93 George Parsons Mad River Clark
Elizabeth Patee 75 Henry Patee Westfield Delaware
John Payne 79 John Payne Waterford Washington
Solomon Payne 79 Solomon Payne Rootstown Portage
Joel Pease 79 Joel Pease Wayne Ashtabula
Leonard Peckinpaugh 82 Leonard Peckinpaugh Turtle Creek Warren
Elijah Pelham 82
Turtle Creek Warren
Samuel Pelton 83 Samuel Pelton Wellington Lorain
Hannah Pelton 87 Corydon Culver Guilford Medina
Eli Pember 78 Eli Pember Carlisle Lorain
Henry Penney 86 Henry Penney Twin Dark
Mary Perkins 85 Wesley Perkins Bennington Licking
Thomas Perry 84 Thomas Perry Wesley Washington
Ira Phelps 78 Richard Phelps Troy Geauga
Abijah Phelps 79
City of Cincinnati, 1st Ward Hamilton
Lavina Phelps 77 Lavina Phelps Chester Geauga
Samuel Phillips 80 Samuel Phillips Colebrook Ashtabula
Samuel Phips 104 Jeptha Carlton Worthington Richland
William Pi** 96 William Pi** **ta* Pike Pipe
Samuel Pickerill 77 Samuel Pickerill Boyd Brown
John Pickett 86 Luther Wight Andover Ashtabula
Hugh Pierce 84 Hugh Pierce Marion Hancock
Anthony Pitzer 70 Anthony Pitzer Jacksontown Licking
Christian Placard 88 Jeremiah Gaskins Ohio Clermont
Ann Place 76 Abraham Miller Amanda Allen
Caspar Pliley 77 William Pliley Twin Ross
John Poc 91
Scioto Ross
Elizabeth Poe 87 D. W. Poe Harrisville Medina
Ichabod Pomeroy 83 Noah Pomeroy Hampden Geauga
Joseph Porter 89 John Porter Dover Cuyahoga
David Post 87 John Post Springfield Richland
Elnathan Pratt 83 Ranseller S. Pratt Williamsfield Ashtabula
Ephraim Pratt 80 Luther Pratt Brown Athens
Sampson Price 77 Sampson Price Huntington Ross
Nathaniel Pritchard 77 Nathaniel Pritchard Rome Lawrence
Lloyd Pyott 52 Lloyd Pyott Washington Coshocton

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