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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, March 11, 2001

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I - L
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Jesse Ide 80 Jesse Ide Essex Chittenden
Edmond Ingalls 83 Edward Ingalls Londonderry Windham
Margaret Ingersol 80
Pittsford Rutland
Mary Ingham 77 Abner Wing Ferrisburgh Addison
Jehiel Isham 78 Jehiel Isham St. George Chittenden
Daniel Isham 88 Daniel Isham Williston Chittenden
William Isham 81 Asahel Isham St. Albans Franklin
Mary Ives 75 John Ives Wallingford Rutland
Ephraim Jackson 80
Rutland Rutland
Hannah Jackson 86
Pittsford Rutland
Nathaniel Jacobs 78 Nathaniel Jacobs Calais Washington
Hannah Jenison 68 Elias Jenison Jamaica Windham
Lemuel Jenkins 82 Lemuel Jenkins St. Johnsbury Caledonia
Boomer Jenks 79 Andrew N. Jenks Marlborough Windham
Judith Jennerson 74 Joseph Jennerson Acton Windham
John Jenness 79 John Jenness Newport Orleans
David Jillson 79 David Jillson, Jr. Whittingham Windham
David Jipson 77 D. Jipson, Jr. Pownal Bennington
John Johnson 82 Nathaniel Johnson Highgate Franklin
Samuel Johnson 78 Hugh Johnson Ryegate Caledonia
Joshua Johnson 76 Joshua Johnson Albany Orleans
Samuel Johnson 77 Joseph Whitcher Newbury Orange
Ozias Johnson 82 Ozias Johnson Benson Rutland
Elisha Johnson 104 Elisha Johnson Westminster Windham
Calvin Johnson 84 Calvin Johnson Norwich Windsor
Windsor Johnson 78 Lewis Johnson Bridport Addison
Hepzebah Johnstone 85 Barnard Brickett Groton Caledonia
Israel Jones 80 Israel Jones Highgate Franklin
Israel Jones 79 Israel Jones Town of Halifax Windham
Income Jones 83 Benson Jones Brattleboro Windham
William Jones 81 William Jones Shoreham Addison
Noah Jones 81 Noah Jones Shoreham Addison
Joshua Jordan 79 Joshua Jordan Chester Windsor
John B. Joyall 96 John B. Joyall Swanton Franklin
Lydia Judd 73 Daniel Judd Middlebury Addison
Samuel Judkins 80 Bradford Freeman Orange Orange
Gershom Justin 89 Azim M. Goodrich Whiting Addison
Hezekiah Keeler 81 Lewis Keeler St. Albans Franklin
Sally Keith 77 Scot Keith Waterville Lamoille
Luvitia Kellogg 76
Pittsford Rutland
Jerusha Kellogg 77 Alpheus Kellogg Jamaica Windham
Lucy Kelsey 77 Aaron Kelsey Brattleboro Windham
Timothy Kendall 79 Samuel Kendall Brookfield Orange
Balah Kendall 82 Ebenezer Sparks Dover Windham
Samuel Kenney 84 Almond B. Freeman Wardboro Windham
Simeon Keth 75 Aaron Harrington Chester Windsor
Thomas Keyes 85 Thomas Keyes Fairfax Franklin
Ezra Keyes 77 Ezra Keyes Readsboro Bennington
Nathaniel Keyes 80 Nathaniel Keyes Wallingford Rutland
Ruth Kibbee 80 Ruth Kibbee Randolph Orange
John Kibling 83 Joshua Church, Jr. Chester Windsor
John Kider 79 John Kider Grafton Windham
Hannah Kilbee 81 Samuel Nutt Hartford Windsor
James Kilburn 76 L.. A. Simons Williamstown Orange
William Kilburne 77 William Kilburne Burlington Chittenden
William King 78 Wm. King Newfane Windham
Reuben King 94 Isaac King Brattleboro Windham
Stephen King 84 Stephen King Shoreham Addison
Joseph Kinneson 76 Joseph Kinneson, Jr. Washington Orange
Hannah Kinney 88 L. S. Kinney Barnard Windsor
Prudence Kirk 75 William Kirk Springfield Windsor
Hannah Knapp 86 Cyrus Knapp Woodford Bennington
Joel Knight 79 Joel Knight Dummerston Windham
Esther Knight 73 Elbridge Knight Plymouth Windsor
Isaac Lackey 86 Samuel Plumley, Jr. Eden Lamoille
Sarah Ladd 72 Sarah Ladd Newbury Orange
Sarah Ladd 79 Ward Buell Newbury Orange
Joseph Lamb 76 Nathan Lamb Sheldon Franklin
Elizabeth Lamphear 73 David Lamphear Hartland Windsor
Elizabeth Lamphear 75 Reuben Lamphear Hartland Windsor
Samuel Larabee 82 Samuel Larabee Guilford Windham
Sylvanus Larnard 77 Sylvanus Larnard Ryegate Caledonia
Moses Larned 78 Nathan Larned Town of Halifax Windham
Susanna Latham 88 James Latham Northfield Washington
David Lathe 42 David Lathe Coventry Orleans
Amos Lawrence 82
Pittsford Rutland
Nicholas Lawrence 76 Nicholas Lawrence Weston Windsor
Israel Lawton 82 Israel Lawton Wilmington Windham
Sibal Leach 84 Sibal Leach Pawlet Rutland
Ellen Lee 89 Ellen Lee Jericho Chittenden
Lydia Leland 76 Phineas Leland Chester Windsor
Mary Leonard 82 Edward Brownson Arlington Bennington
Martha Lester 87 A. Stockwell Dummerston Windham
Jonathan Lewis 82 Jonathan Lewis Kirby Caledonia
William Lewis 83 William Lewis Poultney Rutland
Abner Lewis 84 Abner Lewis Wardboro Windham
Eli Lewis 77 Eli Lewis Granville Addison
Elisha Lilley 76 Elisha Lilley Randolph Orange
Mary Lillie 89 John Hilliard Strafford Orange
Jerusha Lilly 86 Caleb Lilly Pownal Bennington
Elijah Lilly 84 Hiram Lilly Danby Rutland
Samuel Lincoln 87 Samuel Lincoln Chelsea Orange
Ruama Lincoln 74 Wm Johnson Danby Rutland
Elizabeth Lincoln 74 Amasa Lincoln Newfane Windham
Reuben Lippenwill 80 Reuben Lippenwill Westminster Windham
Caleb Litchfield 80 Caleb Litchfield Weathersfield Windsor
James Little 82 Roswell Clark Morristown Lamoille
Simeon Littlefield 74 Simeon Littlefield Arlington Bennington
Jonathan Lougee 83 Jonathan Lougee West Fairlee Orange
Nathan M. Loundsberry 84
Rutland Rutland
Daniel Lovejoy 79 Daniel Lovejoy Royalton Windsor
George Loveland 80 R. Loveland Brattleboro Windham
Thomas Low 53 Thomas Low Townshend Windham
Daniel Lowden 80 Daniel Lowden Castleton Rutland
John Loyd 51 David R. Tilden Northfield Washington
Jonathan Luke 78 Daniel Luke Springfield Windsor
Mary Luther 74 Moses Luther Canaan Essex
Fifield Lyford 78 Fifield Lyford Cabot Caledonia
Mehitable Lyman 73 Richard Lyman Duxbury Washington
Philomela Lyman 80 Elijah Howes Brookfield Orange
Hannah Lynds 85 Aaron P. Lynds Springfield Windsor

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