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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, March 11, 2001

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First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Nathaniel Vial 78
Dorset Bennington
Samuel Vial 81
Manchester Bennington
Jeremiah Virginia 83 Jeremiah Virginia St. Albans Franklin
Abraham Vreedenburgh 53 A. Vreedenburgh Bristol Addison
Joshua Wade 75 Joshua Wade Montgomery Franklin
Israel Wadsworth 80 William Dewey Middlebury Addison
G*rdner Wait 81 Gardner Wait Isle La Mott Grand Isle
Samson Wait 69 James B. Davis Brunswick Essex
William Waite 84 Nathaniel Waite Fayston Washington
Abigail Wakefield 76
Manchester Bennington
Deborah Wakely 69 Deborah Wakely Sandgate Bennington
Sarah Waldo 67 Warren Waldo Royalton Windsor
Elizabeth Waldron 76 L. Ransom Woodstock Windsor
Lydia Wales 81 Anson Wales Randolph Orange
Mary Wales 77 Mary Wales Woodstock Windsor
Simeon Walker 84 Abel Walker Peacham Caledonia
Samuel Walker 87 Hiram Walker Manchester Bennington
James Walker 80
Pittsford Rutland
Edward Walker 84 Bliss Walker Wardboro Windham
Thankful Walker 88 Thankful Walker Andover Windsor
Thankful Wallice 87 Frederick Wallice Duxbury Washington
Barnard Ward 76 Barnard Ward Underhill Chittenden
Luther Ward 80 Wm. M. Wood Dover Windham
Jed. Ward 80 Simeon Randall Springfield Windsor
J. I. Warner 79 J. I. Warner Jericho Chittenden
Deborah Warner 78 Oliver A. Warner Cabot Caledonia
Daniel Warner 87 Daniel Warner Rupert Bennington
Jonathan Warner 80 Elisha Warner Grafton Windham
Abner Washburn 82 John Smith Randolph Orange
Eliel Washburn 86 Joel Eddy Guilford Windham
Ruth Waterman 83 Joel Morris Norwich Windsor
Sarah Waterman 78 Aaron Keyes Norwich Windsor
Abraham Waterman 85 Abraham Waterman Royalton Windsor
William Waterman 82 William Waterman Royalton Windsor
Stephen Watkins 75 Stephen Watkins Kirby Caledonia
Ebenezer Watson 52 Ebenezer Watson Albany Orleans
Amos Weatherby 82 Newel Weatherby Chester Windsor
Daniel Weatherby 82 Daniel Weatherby Reading Windsor
Thomas Weatherby 82 Thomas Weatherby Ludlow Windsor
Azariah Webb 93 J. R. Webb Lunenburg Essex
David Webster 81 John S. Webster Colchester Chittenden
Mehitable Webster 80 Alpha Webster Cabot Caledonia
Moses Webster 85 john Webster Hartland Windsor
Dorothy Weed 88 Isaac Weed Topsham Orange
Edward Welch 72 Edward Welch Coventry Orleans
Timothy Wellman 83 Deluis Wellman Brookline Windham
Rebecca Wells 85 Rebecca Wells Underhill Chittenden
Nicholas C. Wells 70 L. Harrington Sharon Windsor
Edward West 85 Edward West Montpelier Washington
Joseph E. Westgate 79 William Westgate Morristown Lamoille
Huldah Weston 73 Edman Weston Randolph Orange
Reuben Wheatley 79 Ward Wheatley Hardwick Caledonia
Rufus Wheeden 79
Pittsford Rutland
Comfort Wheeler 82 Comfort Wheeler Monroe Washington
Prosper Wheeler 83 B. Wheeler Shaftsbury Bennington
Jeremiah Wheeler 82 Jeremiah Wheeler Londonderry Windham
Eleazer Wheelock 83
Rutland Rutland
Asa Wheelock 82 Asa Wheelock Wardboro Windham
Francis Whitcomb 79 Daniel West West Fairlee Orange
Jonathan Whitcomb 78 Hiram Whitcomb Ludlow Windsor
Thaddeus White 81 Thaddeus White Washington Orange
William White 77 William White Tunbridge Orange
Solomon White 81 Solomon White Norwich Windsor
Elijah White 77 Lyman P. White Whiting Addison
Nathan Whiting 75 Jabez Temple Londonderry Windham
Abial Whitman 82 Abial Whitman Windham Windham
Benjamin Whitman 83 Benjamin Whitman Leicester Addison
Edward Whitmore 77 Edward Whitmore Berkshire Franklin
Benjamin Whitmore 89 Benjamin Whitney Chester Windsor
Elijah Whitney 85 Elijah Whitney, Jr. Williamstown Orange
Eleazer Whitney 85 Jonathan Whitney Town of Halifax Windham
David Whitney 83 David Whitney Bridport Addison
Nanny Wilcox 88 John Wilcox Hinesburg Chittenden
Nathan Wilcox 81 John M. Wilcox Morgan Orleans
Elisha Wilcox 77 Elisha Wilcox Brookfield Orange
Eunice Wild 76 Isaac Wild Guilford Windham
Levi Wilder 81 Levi Wilder Randolph Orange
Jacob Wilder 83 Jacob Wilder Woodstock Windsor
Aaron Wilder 86 John Wilder Guilford Windham
Jacob Wilds 78 Jacob Wilds Topsham Orange
Phebe Wilkins 86 Aaron Wilkins Morristown Lamoille
Joel Will 80
Pittsford Rutland
Elizabeth Williams 83 Hezekiah Williams Brookfield Orange
Azel Williams 80 Azel Williams Sudbury Rutland
Damaris Williams 81 Jasper Williams Springfield Windsor
Elijah Williams 82 Elijah Williams Reading Windsor
Jonathan Willis 82 Jonathan Willis Marshfield Washington
Huldah Wilmouth 84 Henry Woodruff Essex Chittenden
Solomon Wilson 79 George Wilson Chester Windsor
Sarah Winchester 71 Franklin Winchester Wilmington Windham
Samuel Winslow 85 James Ruggles Sutton Caledonia
Oliver Wolcott 79
Pittsford Rutland
Gideon Wood 79 Gideon Wood Richford Franklin
Eleazer Wood 78 Orrin Wood Woodstock Windsor
Joseph Wood 79 Joseph Wood Bethel Windsor
Abram Woodard 51 Abram Woodard North Hero Grand Isle
Artemas Woodard 80 Benjamin Woodard Town of Halifax Windham
Hannah Woodbury 76 Hannah Woodbury Concord Essex
Martha Woodbury 80 Benjamin Woodbury Concord Essex
Asa Woodward 83 Asa Woodward, Jr. Fairlee Orange
Eunice Woodward 85 N. Woodward Springfield Windsor
Benj. Woodworth 84 Wm. Woodworth Randolph Orange
Jonathan Woolley 82 Jonathan Woolley Brookline Windham
Nathan Woolley 83 Nathan Woolley Rockingham Windham
Nancy Wright 69 Tilman Wright Waterbury Washington
Mary Wright 86 Wm. C. Campbell Arlington Bennington
Azel Wright 89 Azel Wright Hubbardton Rutland
Oliver Wright 70 Oliver Wright Poultney Rutland
James Wrin 79 James Wrin Dorset Bennington
Asa M. Wvman 82 Asa Wvman Grafton Windham Wyman
Peter Wylie 84 Peter Wylie Eden Lamoille
John Wyman 81 John Wyman Sandgate Bennington
Lydia Wyman 75 John Wyman Rockingham Windham
Gashum York 88 W. York Brookfield Orange
Sarah You 88 G. W. Lee Vernon Windham
Clark Young 87 Clark Young Rochester Windsor
Thomas Youngman 80 Simeon Whitcomb Morristown Lamoille

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