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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, March 11, 2001

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First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Moses Quimby 84 Z. Snow Lunenburg Essex
Samuel Randal 74 Samuel Randal Groton Caledonia
Jeremiah Rann 78
Pittsford Rutland
Bailey Rawson 79 Bailey Rawson Jamaica Windham
Reuben Ray 72 Reuben Ray Chester Windsor
Dorothy Raymond 69 Simon Raymond Corinth Orange
Elizabeth Raymond 82 David Rogers Hartland Windsor
Elisha Raymond 79 J. Harris Stamford Bennington
Daniel Read 79 Daniel Read, Jr. Wardboro Windham
Thomas Read 74 Thomas Reed Londonderry Windham
Hinds Reed 82 J. M. Darling Concord Essex
Isaac Reed 85 Solomon T. Reed Pawlet Rutland
Joshua Reed 79 Joshua Reed, Jr. Rockingham Windham
Huldah Reed 80 F. T. Glynn Putney Windham
Stephen Reed 86 Stephen Reed Weathersfield Windsor
Elnathan Reed 85 Elnathan Reed Cavendish Windsor
John Rey****s 81 John Reynolds, Jr. Strafford Orange Reynolds
Elisha Reynolds 77 Elisha Reynolds Isle La Mott Grand Isle
Peter Reynolds 79 John Hull Sudbury Rutland
Ephraim Rice 82 Ephraim Rice Wardboro Windham
Jason Rice 79 Jason Rice Chester Windsor
Abiah Rice 81 Abiah Rice Reading Windsor
Stephen Rich 78 Stephen Rich Marshfield Washington
Mark Richards 79 Mark Richards Westminster Windham
Samuel Richards 81 Samuel Richards, Jr. Cornwall Addison
Hannah Richardson 83 Hannah Richardson Hartland Windsor
Amaziah Richmond 78 Amaziah Richmond Westminster Windham
Nathaniel Richmond 75 Nathaniel Richmond Barnard Windsor
Esther Rider 73 Esther Rider Underhill Chittenden
Samuel Ridley 87 Samuel Ridley Duxbury Washington
Richard Ringe 84 Davis Flint Calais Washington
Rebecca Rist 82 Samuel Rist Brookline Windham
Ezra Ritter 79 Ezra Ritter Weston Windsor
Daniel Robbins 76 Daniel Robbins Richmond Chittenden
Joel Roberts 78 Joel Roberts St. Johnsbury Caledonia
William Robertson 89 William Robertson Dummerston Windham
Jonathan Robinson 75 Jonathan Robinson Barton Orleans
Nathaniel Robinson 88 Nathaniel Robinson Pawlet Rutland
Ephraim Robinson 80 Ephraim Robinson, Jr. Pawlet Rutland
Mary Robinson 78 Nathaniel Robinson Bridgewater Windsor
Noah Robinson 83 John R. Robinson Stowe Lamoille
Esther Robinson 89 Stafford Robinson Bennington Bennington
Ebenezer Robinson 75 Ebenezer Robinson Reading Windsor
______ Robinson 72 Ezra Robinson Reading Windsor
Henry Roby 81 Henry Roby Woodstock Windsor
Samuel Rockwood 83 Samuel Rockwood Bennington Bennington
Thomas Rogers 81 Thomas Rogers Tinmouth Rutland
Eliphalet Rogers 83 Eliphalet Rogers Hartland Windsor
Silas Roise 80 Silas Roise Northfield Washington
Sarah Rollins 92 Benjamin Rollins Danville Caledonia
Polly Root 71 Stephen E. Root Royalton Windsor
Rufus Root 77 Rufus Root Windsor Windsor
Eunice Rose 83 George Rose Guilford Windham
John Rosier 85 Lewis Carpenter Belvidere Lamoille
John Rowen 90 David Little Sunderland Bennington
Elijah Royce 80 Chester Royce Woodstock Windsor
Sarah Rudd 95 Enos Rudd Bennington Bennington
Joshua Rugg 78 Eli Vasney Lincoln Addison
Seth Ruggles 83 Seth Ruggles Poultney Rutland
Stephen Rumney 49 Stephen Rumney Roxbury Washington
John Rumsey 82 John Rumsey Hubbardton Rutland
Sarah Runnels 70 Ebenezer Runnels Fairfield Franklin
David Russell 82 David Russell Burlington Chittenden
Stephen Russell 75 Stephen Russell Burlington Chittenden
Samuel Russell 43 Samuel Russell Albany Orleans
Lucy Rust 88 Oliver Rust Reading Windsor
Jacob Sacks 82 Jacob Sacks Pawlet Rutland
Benjamin Sampson 84 Benjamin Sampson Roxbury Washington
George Sampson 81 George Sampson Woodstock Windsor
Philemon Sampson 78 Philemon Sampson Woodstock Windsor
Elizabeth Sanbern 68 Jonathan Clifford Danville Caledonia
Isaac Sanderson 85 Parley Wilkins Mendon Rutland
Phineas Sanderson 80 Artimas Sanderson Bridgewater Windsor
Sylvanus Sartwell 82 M. Sartwell Brattleboro Windham
Thomas Savery 82 William Savery Salisbury Addison
Jerome Sawins 78 Jerome Sawins Windsor Windsor
Lydia Sawyer 65 Lydia Sawyer Burlington Chittenden
Ebenezer Sawyer 84 Jeremiah Kittredge Danville Caledonia
William Sawyer 84 William Sawyer, Jr. Charleston Orleans
Nabby Sawyer 74 Moses H. Sawyer Berlin Washington
Jacob Schoff 83 Jacob Schoff Maidstone Essex
Ethiel Scott 78 Ethiel Scott Georgia Franklin
Joseph Scott 79 Joseph Scott Craftsbury Orleans
Mary Seargeant 81 Ruth Dunkle Townshend Windham
Benj. B. Searle 74 Benjamin B. Searle Berkshire Franklin
Ebenezer Sears 83 Ebenezer Sears, Jr. Dover Windham
Calvin Seaver 82 Otis Seaver Norwich Windsor
Elijah Segar 83 Elijah Segar Pittsfield Rutland
John Sergeant 79 John Sergeant Dorset Bennington
Oliver Sexton 75 H. Fuller Sharon Windsor
Nathan Seymour 84 William Seymour Burlington Chittenden
William Seymour 76 William Seymour Newhaven Addison
Mary Shalluck 81 Silas Davis Londonderry Windham
Daniel Sharp 86 Daniel Sharp, Jr. Barnard Windsor
Phebe Shattuck 74 James M. Shattuck Plainfield Washington
Mary Shattuck 80 Maria Walker Landgrove Bennington
Elisha Shaw 78 Elisha Shaw Berkshire Franklin
Hannah Shaw 75 Barnabas Thompson Woodstock Windsor
Sylvanus Shaw 88 Sylvanus Shaw Woodstock Windsor
Crispas Shaw 76 Crispas Shaw Morristown Lamoille
James Shaw 77 Amos Rice Granville Addison
Josiah Sheldon 85 Josiah Sheldon Underhill Chittenden
Caleb Sheldon 84 Caleb Sheldon Underhill Chittenden
Cephas Sheldon 86 Cephas Sheldon Waterbury Washington
Moses Sheldon 89 Aaron Shelder Rupert Bennington
Philip Shelters 78 Philip Shelters Highgate Franklin
Samuel Shepard 79 Samuel Shepard Thetford Orange
Ruel Sherman 77 Elias D. Sherman Warren Washington
John Sherman 84 J. Sherman Pownal Bennington
Enoch Shirman 77
Rupert Bennington
Benoni Shurtleff 83 Benoni Shurtleff Middlebury Addison
Timothy Shurtliff 82 George Miller Walden Caledonia
Thomas Simpson 85 Thomas Simpson Wardboro Windham
Temperance Skinner 79 Jonathan Kinney Royalton Windsor
Isaac Skinner 81 Isaac Skinner Royalton Windsor
John Slade 88 John Slade Brookfield Orange
Jonathan Slason 80 Jonathan Slason Hubbardton Rutland
Amos Smith 83 Amos Smith, Jr. Greensborough Orleans
Jedediah Smith 78 Jedediah Smith Roxbury Washington
Mary Smith 75 Ithamer Smith Waitsfield Washington
Shubal Smith 78 Shubal Smith Washington Orange
Enos Smith 78 Enos Smith Chelsea Orange
Solomon Smith 77 Jos. G. Smith Brookfield Orange
John Smith 82 John Smith Newbury Orange
Mary Smith 79 Jonathan Smith Newbury Orange
David Smith 82 Jabez Smith Braintree Orange
Sarah Smith 82 John Smith Randolph Orange
Frederick Smith 69
Manchester Bennington
John Smith 78 John C. Smith Clarendon Rutland
Sarah Smith 84 John Learnard Clarendon Rutland
Roger Smith 78
Brandon Rutland
Lucy Smith 82 Gardner Smith Wardboro Windham
Hezekiah Smith 88 Elisha Harris Town of Halifax Windham
James Smith 90 James Smith Windham Windham
Tabitha Smith 83 Tabitha Smith Guilford Windham
Asahel Smith 84 Asahel Smith Windsor Windsor
Oliver Smith 75 Ephraim C. Goodale Addison Addison
John Smith, 1st 81 John Smith, 1st Putney Windham
Mary Snow 84 Joseph Thompson Chelsea Orange
Abram Snow 78 Abram Snow Woodstock Windsor
Caleb Snow 75 Eliphalet Wood Plymouth Windsor
Jeremiah Snow 72 Jeremiah Snow Granville Addison
Jesse Soper 78 Jesse Soper Poultney Rutland
Samuel Southworth 83 Sewel Godfrey Vershire Orange
Isaac Southworth 81 Isaac Southworth Clarendon Rutland
Eunice Soverence 75 John Ives Wallingford Rutland
Samuel Spalding 76 Carlton Spalding Waterford Caledonia
Reuben Spalding 82 Reuben Spalding Sharon Windsor
Ezra Spalding 88 Bela Spalding Barnard Windsor
Samuel Spaulding 79 Samuel Spaulding Grafton Windham
John Spaulding 79 John Spaulding Cavendish Windsor
Stephen Spear 76 Stephen Spear Worcester Washington
Jonathan Spear 74 Jonathan Spear Norwich Windsor
Thomas Spears 80 Thomas Spears Berlin Washington
Ebenezer Spencer 76 Ebenezer Spencer Peacham Caledonia
Charles Spooner 76 Charles Spooner Barnard Windsor
Benjamin Spooner 93 Benjamin Spooner Springfield Windsor
Jonathan Sprague 82 Jonathan Sprague Sutton Caledonia
Hosea Sprague 89 Hosea Sprague Lowell Orleans
Philip Sprague 75 Philip Sprague Hartford Windsor
Ebenezer Squires 82
Brandon Rutland
John Stacy 79 John Stacy Burlington Chittenden
Malin Stacy 76 Malin Stacy Barre Washington
Samuel Stafford 84 Samuel Stafford, Jr. Town of Halifax Windham
Pliny Stannard 83 James Kelly Weybridge Addison
Roswell Staples 80
Rutland Rutland
Eunice Starks 93
Fairfax Franklin
Seth Starling 77 Seth Starling Woodstock Windsor
Sarah Stearnes 75 Benjamin W. Harvey Cambridge Lamoille
Jonathan Stearns 77 Jonathan Stearns Rockingham Windham
William Stearns 84 William Stearns Rockingham Windham
John Stearns 77 William B. Stearns Rockingham Windham
Reuben Stearns 81 Reuben Stearns Brattleboro Windham
Jotham Stebbins 79 Jothan Stebbins Brookline Windham
Esther Sterns 78 Jacob Eaton Woodstock Windsor
Roger Stevens 79 Roger Stevens Jericho Chittenden
Jonathan Stevens 79 Jonathan Stevens Hardwick Caledonia
Daniel Stevens 75 Daniel Stevens Corinth Orange
Elkanah Stevens 79 Elkanah Stevens Chelsea Orange
Adams Stevens 89 Adams Stevens Sudbury Rutland
Elias Stevens 85 Elias Stevens Royalton Windsor
Henry Stevens 79 Henry Stevens Windsor Windsor
Lincoln Stiles 76 Lincoln Stiles Cavendish Windsor
David Stimson 78 David Stimson Springfield Windsor
Philo Stoddard 81 Philo Stoddard Middletown Rutland
Benjamin Stone 81 Benjamin Stone Westminster Windham
Lucretia Stone 65 Lucretia Stone Weathersfield Windsor
William Stoodley 75 Amos G. Gould Chester Windsor
Isaac Stowell 82 Lewis Pierce St. Johnsbury Caledonia
William Strobridge 84 William Strobridge Barnet Caledonia
Mendwell Strong 82 Samuel H. Clark Norwich Windsor
Allen Stuart 86 Cyrus Heath Ryegate Caledonia
Adam Sumner 65 Daniel F. Gates Morristown Lamoille
Ebenezer Sumner 82 Ebenezer Sumner Middlebury Addison
Samuel Sunderland 87 Charles Turner Shoreham Addison
James Sweet 79 James Sweet Shaftsbury Bennington
Joseph Swinington 78 Adin A. Swinington Leicester Addison
Ashbel Sykes 85
Rupert Bennington
Harry Sykes 47 Harry Sykes Rupert Bennington
Artemus Taft 90
Rutland Rutland
Lydia Taggart 73 Lydia Taggart Stockbridge Windsor
James Taylor 75 Bartholomew F. Taylor Essex Chittenden
James Taylor 72 James Taylor Morgan Orleans
Joel Taylor 76 Stephen Taylor Rupert Bennington
Isaac Taylor 79 John Foster Dummerston Windham
Chancy L. Temple 38 Chancy L. Temple Randolph Orange
Ebenezer Temple 83 E. Temple Woodford Bennington
Simeon Thayer 75 S. Thayer Bennington Bennington
Isaac Thayr 76 J. C. Thayr Randolph Orange
Jesse Thomas 77 Samuel Ho** Glover Orleans
Joseph Thorp 79 Joseph Thorp Pownal Bennington
John Thurston 83 John Thurston Chester Windsor
William Tice 80 Joshua Bayley, Jr. Newbury Orange
Josiah Tilden 80 Josiah Tilden Hartford Windsor
Hezekiah Tinkham 81 Hezekiah Tinkham Montpelier Washington
Seth Tinkham 79 Seth Tinkham Rochester Windsor
Abel Titus 79 Abel Titus Clarendon Rutland
Thomas Tolman 84 John C. Ellsworth Greensborough Orleans
James Topliff 80 Josiah Joslin, Jr. Bridgewater Windsor
Deborah Tothingham 78 Burden Lake Whittingham Windham
Savia Tower 86 Amos Tower Ira Rutland
Nella Towle 85 Ira Towle Corinth Orange
Edmund Town 77 Ira Town Bolton Chittenden
Lucy Town 84 Nehemiah Town Stowe Lamoille
Elisha Town 81 Amos Paine Sterling Lamoille
Molly Townsend 81 Abraham Townsend Berlin Washington
Cyrus Tracy 82 Moses Lunt Tunbridge Orange
Phebe Tracy 73
Brandon Rutland
Lemuel Tracy 79 Lemuel Tracy Monkton Addison
Clariss Trescott 72 Matilda Bussell Danville Caledonia
Robert Trumbull 86 Robert Trumbull Craftsbury Orleans
Lemuel Tubbs 91 Amos C. Richardson Colchester Chittenden
Benj. Tucker 78 Benj. Tucker Strafford Orange
Eunice Tucker 74
Manchester Bennington
Jos. Tucker 87 Asa Whitcomb Norwich Windsor
Bates Turner 80 Bates Turner St. Albans Franklin
Amasa Turner 51 Amasa Turner Chester Windsor
Stephen Turrill 94 Lucy Simons Charlotte Chittenden
Abraham Tuttle 85 Sylvester Tuttle Rockingham Windham
James Tyler 80 James Tyler Thetford Orange
Jeremiah Tyler 74 Wm. M. Tyler Thetford Orange

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