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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, March 11, 2001

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M - P
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Archibald Mack 87 Archibald Mack Windham Windham
John Macomber 80 John Macomber Essex Chittenden
George Magars 85 George Magars Fairfax Franklin
Edward Magoon 83 Edward M. Magoon Wheelock Caledonia
John Magoon 75 John Magoon Pownal Bennington
Peter V. Mahew 89 Paul Bickford Corinth Orange
John Mallard 77 Samuel Mace Weathersfield Windsor
Elizabeth Manly 72 William Manly Dorset Bennington
Bille Mann 83 Richard Scott Stratton Windham
William Manning 82 Joel Manning Benson Rutland
Joseph Manning 78 Hiram H. Swallow Poultney Rutland
Martha Mansfield 86 Harry Cary Townshend Windham
Amos Mansfield, Jr. 47 Amos Mansfield Colchester Chittenden
Elizabeth Marcy 77 Elizabeth Marcy Hartland Windsor
Rhoda Marsh 74 Henry Marsh Woodstock Windsor
Zuriah Marshall 87 Levi Bowker Lunenburg Essex
William Marsk 76 William Marsk Guilford Windham
John Martin 80 John Martin Calais Washington
Samuel Martin 80 Samuel C. Martin Lunenburg Essex
Reuben Martin 85 William Martin Bradford Orange
Elizabeth Martin 74 Joshua Martin Randolph Orange
Solomon Martin 87 Ebenezer Martin Benson Rutland
Stephen Martindale 80 Stephen Martindale Dorset Bennington
Huldah Mather 81 Rufus Mather Marlborough Windham
Stephen May 85 Elisha May West Fairlee Orange
Reuben McAlister 81 Reuben McAlister Windsor Windsor
John McCloud 63 John McCloud Hydepark Lamoille
James McFarlin 81 Francis De Cato Bradford Orange
John McIntire 79 Reuben McIntire Randolph Orange
Mary McKenzie 78 William McKenzie Salisbury Addison
Amos McKinstry 81 George McKinstry Hydepark Lamoille
John McLane 83 John McLane Cavendish Windsor
Edward S. Meeder 47 Edward S. Meeder Thetford Orange
Daniel B. Meigs 77 Daniel B. Meigs St. Albans Franklin
John Melendy 83 John Melendy Waterford Caledonia
Thomas Mellen 83 Thomas Mellen Newbury Orange
David Meriam 80
Brandon Rutland
Samuel S. Merriam 78 S. S. Merriam Wells Rutland
Noah Merritt 85 Noah Merritt Sudbury Rutland
Elias Metcalf 80 Elias Metcalf Montpelier Washington
Benjamin Metcalf 84 John Mamsel Sharon Windsor
Samuel Metcalf 77 Samuel Metcalf Royalton Windsor
Phebe Mil**** 76 Moses Miller Strafford Orange Miller
Solomon S. Miller 79 Harry Miller Williston Chittenden
Dennis Miller 83
Pittsford Rutland
Samuel Mills 77 Samuel Mills Shelburn Chittenden
James Miner 82 James Miner Peacham Caledonia
John B. Mitchell 81 John B. Mitchell Fairfield Franklin
Jesse Mix 76 Jesse Mix Fayston Washington
Judah Moffit 79 Judah Moffit Pawlet Rutland
Prudence Molton 76
Pittsford Rutland
John Moncam 73 John Moncam Barton Orleans
Claud Monty 88 John Monty Colchester Chittenden
Gideon Moody 76 Gideon Moody Manchester Bennington
Thomas Moore 84 Salmon J. Moore Chelsea Orange
Judah Moore 85 Zephaniah S. Moore Wilmington Windham
Rachel Moore 72 Martin Moore Dummerston Windham
Skiff Morgan 79 Skiff Morgan Charlotte Chittenden
Joshua Morrill 80 Aaron B. Morrill Morristown Lamoille
Hebbord Morrill 82 Hebbord Morrill Starksborough Addison
Calvin Morse 47 Calvin Morse West Fairlee Orange
Elijah Morse 82 Joseph Morse Somerset Windham
Daniel Morse 79 Ezekiel P. Morse Waterville Lamoille
Eunice Morse 90 Abel Burbank Cavendish Windsor
Lydia Morsell 78 Lydia Morsell Tunbridge Orange
John Moses 81 Jonathan Moses Huntington Chittenden
Abraham Moses 84 Abraham Moses Stowe Lamoille
Jesse Mosman 88 Levi Cushman Wilmington Windham
Calvin Munn 79 Calvin Munn Dummerston Windham
Josiah Munroe 76 Josiah Munroe Pawlet Rutland
Stephen Murray 82 Stephen Murray Sudbury Rutland
Joseph Muzzy 77 Joseph Muzzy Rockingham Windham
Asa Narramore 78 Samuel L. Narramore Charlotte Chittenden
Jabez Newland 76 Jabez Newland Wolcott Lamoille
Jason Newton 78 Jason Newton Ira Rutland
Gideon Newton 79 Gideon Newton Barnard Windsor
Dorcas Nichols 103 Isaac Nichols Braintree Orange
William Nichols 84 William Nichols Weathersfield Windsor
Bathsheba Nichols 78 Amos Williams Reading Windsor
Betsey Nickols 67 William Nickols Northfield Washington
Jonas Nickols 95 Peter Nickols Barre Washington
Ephraim Niles 86 Oliver Niles Lyndon Caledonia
William Niles 84 William Niles Monkton Addison
James Noble 79 James Noble Benson Rutland
Jonathan Norris 67 Jonathan Norris Stockbridge Windsor
Ruth North 81 Ruth North Shoreham Addison
Lemuel Northrop 92 Joseph Northrop Peacham Caledonia
Martin Norton 75 Martin Norton Bennington Bennington
Eleazer Nutting 79 Moses B. Nutting Danville Caledonia
Solomon Nye 76 Solomon Nye Berlin Washington
Nathan Nye 78 Perley Orcott Randolph Orange
Daniel Nye 84 Daniel Nye Norwich Windsor
George Olds 90 Peter Martin Underhill Chittenden
Sally Orcutt 79 Roland Fletcher Reading Windsor
Josiah Osgood 82 Lucy Page Fairfield Franklin
Thomas Osgood 79 Thomas Osgood Cabot Caledonia
Nathan Osgood 79
Rutland Rutland
Oliver Osgood 78 Oliver Osgood Windsor Windsor
John Otis 81 Joseph Otis Swanton Franklin
Elisha Owen 80 Elisha Owen Milton Chittenden
Ephraim Page 45 Ephraim Page Charlotte Chittenden
Reuben Page 86 Reuben Page, Jr. Corinth Orange
Parker Page 79 Amos Page Cambridge Lamoille
Richard Paine 83 Richard Paine Montpelier Washington
Jesse Paine 81 Jesse Paine Vershire Orange
Jabez Paine 84 Jabez Paine Westminster Windham
George Palmer 79 Robert Palmer Hinesburg Chittenden
John Palmer 84 D. W. Palmer Charleston Orleans
Margaret Palmer 78 Hiram Palmer Grafton Windham
Isaac Palmer 89 R. W. Palmer Putney Windham
Dorothy Palmer 76 Simeon Palmer Lincoln Addison
Abel Parker 74
Georgia Franklin
Asa Parker 81 Asa Parker, Jr. Bradleysvale Caledonia
Rebecca Parker 75 John Parker Barre Washington
Eunice Parker 74 Justus Newcomb Thetford Orange
John Parker 83
Rupert Bennington
Samuel Parker 85 Joseph Parker Clarendon Rutland
Ephraim Parker 80 Ephraim Parker Clarendon Rutland
David Parker 77 David Parker Middletown Rutland
Samuel Parker 76 L. A. Warner Whittingham Windham
Lucretia Parker 78 D. C. Hatch Cambridge Lamoille
Silas Parker 81 William F. Parker Springfield Windsor
Benjamin Parkhurst 95 Simon Parkhurst Royalton Windsor
Mercy Parsons 93 David Hill Sandgate Bennington
Amos Parsons 81 Amos Parsons Stratton Windham
Ansel Paterson 77 Ansel Paterson Barre Washington
Samuel Patterson 87 Samuel Patterson Montpelier Washington
Kiles Paul 84 Kiles Paul Rochester Windsor
Edmund Pease 76 Edward Pease Brookfield Orange
Rreuben Peck 80 Reuben Peck Cornwall Addison
Josiah Peckham 85 Josiah Peckham Sheldon Franklin
Benjamin Peirce 74 Benjamin Peirce Dummerston Windham
Esther Peirce 97 Samuel Stiles Wolcott Lamoille
Joel F. Perham 79 Joel F. Perham Cambridge Lamoille
Francis Perkins 81 Francis Perkins Middletown Rutland
Hannah Perkins 78 John Short Hartland Windsor
Daniel Perkins 77 Joseph Fletcher Johnson Lamoille
Nathaniel Perkins, 1st 84 Nathaniel Perkins Walden Caledonia
James Perley 75 James Perley Berlin Washington
Anna Perry 77 A. P. Perry Dover Windham
Calvin P. Perry 61 Calvin P. Perry Wilmington Windham
Stephen Persons 81 Jeremiah Persons Berlin Washington
Eli Pettibone 84 Eli Pettibone Manchester Bennington
Oliver Phelps 77 Oliver Phelps St. Johnsbury Caledonia
Bissel Phelps 86 Bissel Phelps Moretown Washington
David Phelps 85 David Dow Duxbury Washington
Francis Phelps 83 Francis Phelps, Jr. Town of Halifax Windham
John Philips 78 John Philips Marlborough Windham
Nehemiah Phillips 78 Nehemiah Phillips Wheelock Caledonia
Pain Phillips 76 George Phillips Newfane Windham
Elizabeth Phillips 81 Joel Bartlett Wardboro Windham
Nathan Pierce 82 Lemuel Church Vershire Orange
Benjamin Pierce 78 Benjamin Pierce Londonderry Windham
Ezekiel Pierce 86 Ezekiel Pierce Putney Windham
Hannah Pierce 79 William Pierce Salisbury Addison
Dorcas Pierson 73 Hiram Pierson Shelburn Chittenden
John Pike 78 Sylvester Pike Marshfield Washington
Elijah Pike 77 Elijah Pike Town of Halifax Windham
Merrill Pillsbury 44 Merrill Pillsbury Albany Orleans
Isaac Pinney 82 Isaac Pinney, Jr. Royalton Windsor
Samuel Plumley 80 William Plumley Eden Lamoille
Asa Poland 75 Asa Poland Stowe Lamoille
Walter Pollard 78 Walter Pollard Stockbridge Windsor
Hepsebeth Pollord 79 Hepsebeth Pollard Arlington Bennington
Simeon Pomeroy 86 Thomas M. Pomeroy Windsor Windsor
Ezekiel Pond 79 John Busbee Berkshire Franklin
Zebulon Pond 75
Pittsford Rutland
Ruth Poor 82 Thomas W. Poor Norwich Windsor
Simeon Pope 78 Simeon Pope Derby Orleans
George Porter 81 George Porter Athens Windham
Sarah Porter 81 Timothy O. Flanagan Weybridge Addison
William Portler 91 Oliver Portler Warren Washington
Simeon Post 88
Rutland Rutland
Jacob Post 78 Jacob Post Addison Addison
Noel Potter 79 Levi Beals St. Albans Franklin
Thaddeus Potter 76 Thaddeus Potter Waterford Caledonia
Trueman Powell 81 Egbert Powell Cambridge Lamoille
Jonathan Powers 82 Jonathan Powe* Lowell Orleans
Peter Powers 75
Pittsford Rutland
Asahel Powers 81 Asahel Powers Springfield Windsor
Rebecca Powers 72 Hartwell Powers Ferrisburgh Addison
Elizabeth Pratt 80 Elizabeth Pratt Bradford Orange
James Pratt 78 Ervin Pratt Pawlet Rutland
Nathan Pratt 88 Hiram Pratt Bridgewater Windsor
Asa Pratt 81 Asa Pratt Plymouth Windsor
William Pratt 73 Trueman Dewey Cornwall Addison
Martha Pratt 85 Benjamin Hunt Shoreham Addison
Thomas Prentiss 81 Thomas Prentiss Weathersfield Windsor
Amos Preston 85 Amos Preston Colchester Chittenden
Joseph Priest 78 Joseph Priest Coventry Orleans
Joel Priest 92 Joel Priest Brownington Orleans
John Priest 95 John Priest Westminster Windham
Samuel Prindle 93 Samuel Prindle Poultney Rutland
Elizabeth Prior 82 Alva Prior Cambridge Lamoille
Silas Proctor 89 Silas Proctor Mount Holly Rutland
Samuel Proctor 75 Samuel Proctor Weston Windsor
Sally Proctor 78 Stilman Proctor Cavendish Windsor
Burpy Prouty 78 Burpy Prouty Hartford Windsor
Amos Prouty 76 Fosdick Prouty Marlborough Windham
Esther Puffer 78 Sally Puffer Jamaica Windham
Martha Purdy 78
Manchester Bennington
John Putnam 76 John Putnam Montpelier Washington
Israel Putnam 79 Israel Putnam Bradford Orange
Hannah Putnam 73 P. B. Putnam Somerset Windham
Stephen Putnam 79 Stephen Putnam Whittingham Windham
Ezra Putnam 88 Daniel Putnam Bethel Windsor

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