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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 15, 2001

[1] Unable to read a portion of the page and all I could read was "ington" and believe that the town was Limington through a process of elimination in that county.
[2] Same as [1]; could read "merick"
[3] Town of Bowdoin listed in Lincoln Co, is now in Sagadahoc Co.
# Had died since July 1

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A - D
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name Variation
Han*** ***** 77 Hannah Lord Limmerick[2] York
**sia* ***** 78 Joseph Berry Limmerick[2] York
****** ****** 76 Jacob Rhodes Lyman York
****** ****** 89
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 74
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 85
Limington[1] York
Ida ****** 76
Limington[1] York
L*ds ****** 70
Limington[1] York
Libb* ****** 76 Libby Harvey Limington[1] York
Lo*** ****** 76 Rufus Meserve Limington[1] York
Jose** ****** 78 Ambrose P. Rose Limington[1] York
D****** ****** 80 Daniel Small Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82 Ebenezer Sawyer Limington[1] York
Mar* ****** 79 Mary Leavitt Limmerick[2] York
****** ******d 72 Joanna Littlefield Lyman York
Sarah *****ell 84 Stillman Getchell Machias Washington
****** *****k 84
Limington[1] York
Ca**** *****n 94 Joshua Spencer Limington[1] York
Dani*** *****n 75 Daniel Warren Limmerick[2] York
Spe**** *****s 76 Spencer Thomas Limington[1] York
****** ****kett 78
Limington[1] York
Eliza**** ****ll 81 Elizabeth Small Limington[1] York
****** ****rly 79
Limington[1] York
****** ***berts 88 Love Robberts Lebanon York Roberts
Nath*** ***by 77 Nathaniel Libby, Esq. Limmerick[2] York
Wa*** ***gins 75
Limington[1] York Wiggins
Deb*** ***inson 77 Eliakim Robinson Limington[1] York
**iza**** ***thby 80 Elizabeth Boothby Limmerick[2] York
Isaac Abbot 78
Fryeburg Oxford Abbott
Philip Abbot 83 Henry Abbot Rumford Oxford Abbott
Henry Abbot 85 Henry Abott Boothbay Lincoln Abbott
Betsey Abbot 73 Joel Abbot Montville Waldo Abbott
Susannah Adams 72 Moses Adams Greene Kennebec Addams
Samuel Adams 83 Hannah P. Adams Bowdoin Lincoln[3] Addams
Rebecca Adams 77 Stephen Cromwell Bowdoinham Lincoln[3] Addams
Jemima Adams 83 Cornelius Irish Union Lincoln Addams
Susan Adams 99
Corinna Penobscot Addams
Amos Adams 94 Ephraim Washburn Madison Somerset Addams
Joseph Adams 74 Abrazus Adams Jay Franklin Addams
John Addison 89
Freeport Cumberland
Peter Adley 79 Peter Adley Berlin Franklin
Samuel Akley 76 Samuel Akley Rumford Oxford
Mary Aldrich 79
Freeport Cumberland
Jonathan Allbee 97
Lexington Somerset Albee
Barsham Allen 76 Barsham Allen South Berwick York
Jacob Allen 82 Jacob Allen North Berwick York
Joseph Allen 81 Emery Allen Gray Cumberland
Isaac Allen 83 Isaac Allen Minot Cumberland
W***am Allen 83 Reuben Allen Poland Cumberland
Job Allen 77 Job Allen Pownal Cumberland
Nehemiah Allen 87 David Allen Pownal Cumberland
Jacob Allen 76 Jacob Allen Scarborough Cumberland
Daniel Allen 80 Rufus Allen Bowdoin Lincoln[3]
Susannah Allen 69 Stephen Elliot Bowdoinham Lincoln[3] Eliot; Elliott
John Allen 81 John Allen Vienna Kennebec
Daniel Allen 86 Daniel Allen Winthrop Kennebec
Ebezer Allen 80 Nelson Allen Montville Waldo
Ephraim Alley 80 John Alley Boothbay Lincoln
Silas Alven 74 Louis Packar* Jay Franklin Alvin
Eliphalet Alvin 80 Chandler Perry Waterford Oxford Alven
Samuel Ames 81 Baker Ames Norway Oxford Eames
Deborah Ames 79 Alexander Thomas Camden Waldo Eames
Jacob Ames 83 Robert Redman Brooksville Hancock Eames
Robert Anderson 79 Samuel P. Anderson Otisfield Cumberland
Robert Anderson 84 Barton Anderson Lewiston Lincoln
Samuel Andress 85 Samuel Andress, Jr.(?) China Kennebec
Robert Andrews 87 Robert Andrews Bridgton Cumberland
Ephraim Andrews 83 Robert Herring Guilford Piscataquis
Simeon Applebee 88 Benjamin Applebee North Berwick York
Nancy Aspenwall 77 Hezekiah Chase, 2d Unity Waldo
Joel Atherton 77 Joel Atherton Waterford Oxford
William Atkinson 75 William Atkinson Lewiston Lincoln
Lunun Atus -- Lunun Atus Machias Washington
Nathan Atwood 82 Zabeth Atwood Bucksport Hancock
Ezekiel Averill 85 Ezekiel Averill Wiscasset Lincoln
Moses Averrill 85 Moses Averrill Wilton Franklin
Benjamin Ayer 76 William Richardson Monmouth Kennebec
Benjamin Babcock 82 William Keniston Boothbay Lincoln Kenniston
Stephen Bachelder 85 Stephen Bachelder Exeter Penobscot Batchalder; Batchelder
Timothy Bacon 70-80 Timothy Bacon Gorham Cumberland
Lucy Bailey 73 Edmund Penny Minot Cumberland Bayley; Penney
Rebecca Bailey 91 Sally N. Waite Portland-5th Waite Cumberland Bayley
Thaddeus Bailey 80 Thaddeus Bailey Palermo Waldo Bayley
Mary Baker 88 Mark Fernald York York
Mary Baker 71 Samuel Baker North Yarmouth Cumberland
Asa G. Baker 50 Asa G. Baker Boothbay Lincoln
Samuel Baker 85 Ralph Baker Albion Kennebec
Silas Baker 82 James P. Baker Strong Franklin
Nahum Baldwin 78 Nahum Baldwin Mercer Somerset
Uriah Ballard 80
Fryeburg Oxford
Frederick Ballard 77 Joshua W. Ballard Greenwood Oxford
Betty Ballard 83 Jonathan A. Ballard Temple Franklin
Sarah Banks 88 Sarah Banks York York
Benjamin Barker 77 Moses Coburn, Jr. Newry Oxford
Jesse Barker 75 Jesse Barker Newry Oxford
James Barker 80 James Barker Greenwood Oxford
Sarah Barnard 80 Sarah Barnard Union Lincoln
Nathaniel Barrett 74 Nathaniel Barrett Fairfield Somerset Barret
Peter Barrows 85 Peter Barrows Camden Waldo
Joseph Barter 57 Joseph Barter St. George Lincoln
Mark Barter 54 Mark Barter St. George Lincoln
Thaddeus Bartlett 81 James C. Bean Bethel Oxford Bartlet
John Bartlett 89 Evan Robinson Sumner Oxford Bartlet; Robbinson
Samuel Bassett 94 Jabez Bassett Vassalborough Kennebec
William Batchelder 79 William Batchelder Pittston Kennebec Bachalder; Bachelder
Phineas Batchelder 80 John H. Batchelder Garland Penobscot Bachalder; Bachelder
Jacob Bates 80 Jacob Bates Minot Cumberland
Mary Bates 77 William Bates Leeds Kennebec
Thomas Bates 83 Thomas Bates, Jr. Waterville Kennebec
Susannah Bates 82 Susannah Bates Fairfield Somerset
Reliance Baxter 84 Daniel Baxter Vassalborough Kennebec
Jarvis Beal 41 Jarvis Beal Durham Cumberland Beale
Elizabeth T. Beal 78
Freeport Cumberland Beale
James R. Bean 67 James R. Bean Hollis York
Margaret Bean 82 George W. Grover Bethel Oxford
Oliver Bean 42 Oliver Bean Readfield Kennebec
Gideon Bearse 82
Hebron Oxford
Henry Beedle 80 Henry Beedle South Berwick York
Jacob Bemis 83 Jacob Bemis, Jr. Pownal Cumberland
Thaddeus Bemis 81
Fryeburg Oxford
Christopher Benner 84 James Farley Dennysville Washington
John Bennet 58 John Bennet Brunswick Cumberland Bennett
Jeptha Benson 81 Jeptha Benson Brooksville Hancock
Timothy Berdens 76 John Brooks South Berwick York Brookes
Abigail Berry 73 Abigail Berry York York
Timothy Berry 87 Timothy Brown Cornish York
Zebulon Berry 80 Zebulon Berry Scarborough Cumberland
Thomas Berry 78 Peter Berry Buckfield Oxford
Nathaniel Berry 84 Leo*ard Blanchard Pittston Kennebec
Joseph Besse -- Alden Besse Paris Oxford
Jabez Besse 75 Jabez Besse Wayne Kennebec
James Bibber 84 James Bibber North Yarmouth Cumberland
William Bickford 84 William Bickford Lewiston Lincoln
Olive Bicknell 89 Nathaniel Bicknell Hartford Oxford
Abner Bicknell 76
Frankfort Waldo
Zadoc Bishop 91 Joseph Bishop Leeds Kennebec
Squire Bishop 85 John Tabor Vassalborough Kennebec
Rebecca Blackstone 79
Richmond Lincoln
Deborah Blake 70-80 William Bartlett Gorham Cumberland Bartlet
Willing Blake 78 Willing Blake Warren Lincoln
Robert Blake 87 Robert Blake Fayette Kennebec
John Blake 80 John L. Foy Gardener Kennebec
John Blake 86 Charles Blake Brewer Penobscot
Josiah Blake 80 J. L. Blake Phillips Franklin
Seth Blanchard 81 Seth Blanchard North Yarmouth Cumberland
Solomon Blanchard 77 Charles Blanchard Dresden Lincoln
Sarah Blanchard 86
Richmond Lincoln
Jonathan Blodget 83 Jonathan Blodget Gilead Oxford Blodgett
Hannah Blue 78 Nathaniel Blue Monmouth Kennebec
Aaron Bocker 88 William Voudy York York
Ebenezer Bodwell 55 Ebenezer Bodwell Andover Oxford
Solomon Bolton 82 James Bolton Orrington Penobscot
Jonas Bond 89 William Jenkins Robbinston Washington
****c Bonney 85 Isaac Bonney Sumner Oxford
Anna Booker 75
Richmond Lincoln
Jonathan Boster 86 Harriet Stone Kennebunk York
Thomas Boston 72 Elijah Littlefield Kennebunk Port York
Daniel Bosworth 79 Daniel Bosworth Dennysville Washington
Theodore Bowden 76 Theodore Bowden Penobscot Hancock
Samuel Bowen 76 Barzillar Bowen Brooks Waldo
Sarah Bowen 77 Silvanus Banks Vinalhaven Waldo
Jabes Bowing 82 Jabes Bowing Starks Somerset
Levi Bowker 77 Levi Bowker Machias Washington
Peltiah Boyington 82 Waterman Boyington Mercer Somerset
Joshua Brackett 82 Joshua Brackett Acton York
John Brackett 79 Walker Brackett Harrison Cumberland
Herd Brackett 47 Herd Brackett Windram Cumberland
Nathan Brackett 55 Nathan B**c**t Clinton Kennebec
James Brackett 76 James Brackett Berlin Franklin
Edmund Bradesh 49 Edmund Bradesh Hollis York
Peabody Bradford 82 Lewis Bradford Minot Cumberland
Samuel Bradley 74 Samuel Bradley New Sharon Franklin
John Bragden 86 Enoch Bragden Kennebunk York Bragdon
John Bragdon 80 Nathaniel Bragdon Poland Cumberland Bragden
Jotham Bragdon 42 Jotham Bragdon Denmark Oxford Bragden
Aaron Bragdon 83 Aaron Bragdon Corinth Penobscot Bragden
Lydia Bragg 71 Lydia Bragg Vassalborough Kennebec
William Brakett 88 William Brakett Dixfield and Peru Oxford Brackett
Rebecca Branscomb 95 Charles Branscomb Mount Desert Hancock
Nicholas Bray 89 Edward Brag Harrison Cumberland Bragg
Joseph Bray 76
Anson Somerset
Patience Breck 75 Samuel Breck China Kennebec
Amzi Breth 79 Martin Breth Paris Oxford
Darius Brewster 76 Darius Brewster Thomaston Lincoln
Lucy Brewster 89 William Brewster Camden Waldo
Daniel Bridges 79 John Beedle York York
Edmund Bridges 77 Edmund Bridges Castine Hancock
John Bridgham 86 Garish Bridgham Minot Cumberland
Luch Bridgham 74 Hersey Freeman Minot Cumberland
Naomi Briggs 78 Naomi Briggs Paris Oxford
Thomas Briniyion 85 Thomas Briniyion Bowdoin Lincoln[3]
Widow Samuel Brooks 75 Asahael Brooks Porter Oxford Brookes
James Brown 83 Edmund Cha** Parsonsfield York Chase
Moody Brown 75 Moody Brown Cornish York
Thaddeus Brown 79 Thaddeus Brown Waterford Oxford
Samuel Brown 72 Samuel Brown Oxford Oxford
William Brown 80 William Brown, Jr. Bath Lincoln
Jonathan Brown 68 Jonathan Brown Bowdoinham Lincoln[3]
Mary Brown 73 William G. Brown Monmouth Kennebec
Andrew Brown 79 Andrew Brown Litchfield Kennebec
Jeremiah Brown 79 Cephas Thomas Winthrop Kennebec
Cyril Brown 84 Thomas S. Brown Searsmont Waldo
Asenath Brown 76 Isaac Brown Palermo Waldo
Enoch Brown 89 Samuel Brown Sebec Piscataquis
Joseph Bryant 83 Joseph Bryant Baldwin Cumberland
Abijah Bryant 79 Abijah Bryant Hartford Oxford
Shubal Bumps 81 Benjamin Bumps Thorndike Waldo
Hannah Bumpus 76
Hebron Oxford
Huldah Bumpus 78 Nathaniel Bumpus Paris Oxford
John Burbank 88 Reuben G***** Lyman York Goodwin
Keziah Burgese 80 John True Wayne Kennebec
Jonathan Burgess 81 Jonathan Burgess Vassalborough Kennebec
Jacob Burnheimer 75 Joseph Burnheimer Waldoboro Lincoln
John Burrill 83 John Burrill Sangerville Piscataquis
William Burton 83 William Burton Cushing Lincoln
Isaac Bussel 84 Robert Bussel Columbia Washington
Phineas Butler 82 George Butler Thomaston Lincoln
Jesse Butterfield 88
Farmington Franklin
Jotham Buzzell 48 Jotham Buzzell Pittsfield Somerset
John Calderwood 88 James Calderwood Lincolnville Waldo
Jotham Calvin 80 Jotham Calvin China Kennebec
William Campbell 42 William Campbell Minot Cumberland
James Campbell 81 James Campbell Wales Kennebec
William Campnell 80 Nathan Moul*on, Jr. ParsonsfieldYork Campbell; Moulson; Moulton
Thurston Card 48 Thurston Card Woolwich, Smith, and Fairfield Lincoln
William Carle 77 William Carle Salem Franklin
Jonathan Carleton 79 Jonathan Carleton Vassalborough Kennebec Carlton
Ebenezer Carll 82 Robert Carll Hollis York
Ezra Carlton 76 Ezra Carlton Madrid Franklin
John Carlton, 2d 59
Frankfort Waldo
Thomas Carpenter 76 Thomas Carpenter Waterborough York
William Carr 84
Frankfort Waldo
Abijah Carter 78 Abijah Carter Waterford Oxford
Thomas Carter 63 Thomas Carter Montville Waldo
Mercy Carvill 82 Benjamin Carvill Lewiston Lincoln Carville
Luther Cary 79 Luther Cary Turner Oxford Carey
Isaac Case 79 Isaac Case Readfield Kennebec
Andrew Cashman 79 Isaac Cashman Leeds Kennebec
Moses Cass 82 Moses Cass Cornville Somerset
Simeon Caswell 77 Philip Caswell Harrison Cumberland
Robert M. Causland 82 Robert M. Causland Pittsfield Somerset
Seammon Chadbourn 85 Seammon Chadbourn South Berwick York Chadbourne
Levi Chadbourn 82 Levi Chadbourn Parsonsfield York Chadbourne
Simeon Chadbourn 91 Simeon Chadbourn Lyman York Chadbourne
John Chamberlain 90-100 Orin Dennett Buxton York Chamberlin
Mary Chamberlin 80 Josiah W. Seaver South Berwick York Chamberlain; Seiver
Benjamin Chapman 80
Nobleborough Lincoln
Nathaniel Chandler 80 George Dean Minot Cumberland
John Chandler 82 John Chandler Minot Cumberland
John Chandler 78 John Chandler Augusta Kennebec
Hannah Chandler 75 Hannah Chandler Winthrop Kennebec
Lydia Chaplin 78 John S. Chaplin Waterford Oxford
Isaac Chase 82 Isaac Chase Standish Cumberland
Nathaniel Chase 78 David W. Swett Buckfield Oxford
Thomas Chase 84 Thomas Chase Livermore Oxford
Isaac Chase 80 James Chase Bowdoin Lincoln[3]
Ebenezer Chase 74 Ebenezer Chase Edgecomb Lincoln
Robert Chase 79 William Chase Georgetown Lincoln
Ezekiel Chase 77 Ezekiel Chase Sebec Piscataquis
Isaac Chick 81 Adrial Chick York York
Amos Childs 75 Amos Childs Vassalborough Kennebec
Ebenezer Childs 52
Farmington Franklin
William Chipman 77 William Chipman Oxford Oxford
Ebenezer Choate 75 Ebenezer Choate Bridgton Cumberland Choat
Amos Church 84 Amos Church Augusta Kennebec
Susannah Church 84 Andrew Croswell Mercer Somerset Crosswell
Charles Church 78 Charles Church Phillips Franklin
Jabez Churchell 80 Amos Winslow Buckfield Oxford Churchill
Jabez Churchill 86 Joab Churchill Hartford Oxford Churchell
William Churchill 75 William Churchill Livermore Oxford Churchell
William Clark 88 William Clark Lyman York Clarke
****ence Clark 88 Jonathan Clark Lebanon York Clarke
Charles G. Clark 75 Charles G. Clark Berwick York Clarke
Joseph Clark 74 Joseph Clark Wiscasset Lincoln Clarke
Charles Clark 78 Elan Lyon Augusta Kennebec Clarke
James Clark 77 James Clark, Jr. Newport Penobscot Clarke
James Clark 51
Frankfort Waldo Clarke
William Cleaves 80 William Cleaves Cumberland Cumberland Cleves; Cleeves
Abraham Cleaves 76 Abraham Cleaves Windsor Kennebec Cleves; Cleeves
Benjamin Clough 75 Asa Clough Monmouth Kennebec
John Clough 80 Luther Russell Phillips Franklin
Daniel Cobb 79 Daniel Cobb Portland-5th Ward Cumberland
William Cobb 75
Hebron Oxford
Rowland Cobb 82 Charles Copeland Warren Lincoln
Jephthah Coburn 81 Manly Coburn New Sharon Franklin
Isaac Coffin 84 Issaac Cothn Lyman York
Robert Cofren 75 Robert Cofren Vienna Kennebec
Leighton Colbath 45 Leighton Colbath Exeter Penobscot
Benjamin Colbey 89 Benjamin Colbey Embden Somerset Colby
William Colburn 79 Edward Colburn Orono Penobscot
Henry Colburn 79 Moses Blake Knox Waldo
Thomas Colburn 82 William Webster Wilton Franklin
Ebenezer Colby 81 Ebenezer Colby Newfield York
Samuel Colby 78 Samuel Colby Portland-2d Ward Cumberland
Samuel Colby 79 Samuel Colby Westport Lincoln
James Colby 76 James Colby Webster Lincoln
Mary C. Cole 81 James Cole Waldoboro Lincoln
Samuel Cole 83 Jeremiah Cole Lewiston Lincoln
Edward Cole 59
Frankfort Waldo
Richard Colley 86 Thomas Leighton Cumberland Cumberland Cauley
William Colley 89 Joseph Colley Falmouth Cumberland Cauley
Lemuel Collings 83
Industry Franklin
Daniel Collings 84
Industry Franklin
Joseph Collins 80 Joseph Collins Gardener Kennebec
Solomon Collins 77
Frankfort Waldo
Benjamin Collins 73 Benjamin Collins St. Albans Somerset
Sylvia Conant 84 Silvanus Conant Turner Oxford
John Condon 65 John Condon Penobscot Hancock
Ephraim M. Condra 48
Houlton Aroostook
Samuel Cone 89 Samuel Cone Hampden Penobscot
Daniel Cony 87 Daniel Cony Augusta Kennebec
Sarah Cook 87 Samuel Wentworth Lebanon York Cooke
Saul Cook 82 Saul Cook Litchfield Kennebec Cooke
John Cool 83 John Cool Waterville Kennebec
Joseph Coolidge 79 Joseph Coolidge Canton Oxford Cooledge
William Coombs 86 Joseph Coombs Harpswell Cumberland Combs, Cooms
John Coombs 77 Jesse Easters Harpswell Cumberland Combs, Cooms
Rachel Coombs 79 Samuel Coombs Bowdoinham Lincoln[3]
John Cornish 84 John Cornish Brunswick Cumberland
John Cough 54 John Couch Hallowell Kennebec
Judah Covill 87 William Morey Deer Isle Hancock
Elizabeth Cowan 88 Isaac Cowan Sidney Kennebec Cowen; Cohen
Jane Cowan 75 Jane Cowan Vassalborough Kennebec Cowen; Cohen
Calvin Cowing 88 Calvin Cowing Lisbon Lincoln
Samuel Crafts 77
Hebron Oxford
John Crammer 76 John Crammer Waldoboro Lincoln
Rufus Crane 83 Moses Crane Warren Lincoln
Joseph Crary 83 Joseph Crary Jackson Waldo
William Crawford 82 William Crawford Gardener Kennebec
Benjamin Creesey 83 Benjamin Creesey Falmouth Cumberland
Michael Crips 58 Michael Crips Bowdoinham Lincoln[3]
Samuel Crockett 79 Samuel Crocket Cape Elizabeth Cumberland
Ruth Crooker 80 William Crooker Minot Cumberland Crocker
Michael Crowell 83 Michael Crowell China Kennebec Crowel; Crowl
Manoah Crowell 78 Manoah Crowell Waterville Kennebec Crowel; Crowl
Richard Cummings 45 Richard Cummings Hope Waldo
Abraham Currier 81 Nathaniel Currier Kennebunk Port York
Caleb Curtis 82 Caleb Curtis Topsham Lincoln Curtiss
Benjamin Curtis 83 Benjamin Curtis Monroe Waldo Curtiss
Margaret Cushman 79 Joseph Cushman Norway Oxford
William Cushman 75 William Cushman Hartford Oxford
Sarah Cushman 73 Bartlett H. Cushman Oxford Oxford
***h Cushman 84 Isiah Cushman Sumner Oxford
Gideon Cushmon 89
Hebron Oxford
Mehitable Dacy 94 Jacob Scillenger Poland Cumberland
Trustum Daggtt 80
Industry Franklin Daggett
Ruth Dalino 85 Daniel Greenleaf Starks Somerset
Josiah Davis 90 Enoch H**** Parsonsfield York Davice; Davise; Davys
Isaac Davis 82 Isaac Davis Durham Cumberland Davice; Davise; Davys
Samuel Davis 78 Samuel Davis Standish Cumberland Davice; Davise; Davys
Gashum Davis 71 Gashum Davis Buckfield Oxford Davice; Davise; Davys
Joshua Davis 81 Joshua Davis Canton Oxford Davice; Davise; Davys
Aaron Davis 79 Aaron Davis Warren Lincoln Davice; Davise; Davys
Philip Davis 82 Joseph French Fayette Kennebec Davice; Davise; Davys; Frenche
William Davis 78 William Davis Eddington Penobscot Davice; Davise; Davys
William Davis 83 Lewis Sabin, Jr. Palermo Waldo Davice; Davise; Davys
Mehitable Day 87 John Walker, Jr. Kennebunk York
Nathaniel Day 77 Nathaniel Day Lovell Oxford
Abraham Day 77
Phipsburg Lincoln
George Deab 89 George Miller, 2d Waldoboro Lincoln
Edmund Dean 81 Edmund Dean Paris Oxford
John Dean 81 John Dean Palermo Waldo
Ebenezer Dean 80
Madison Somerset
Gideon Dean 80 Gideon Dean, Jr. Robbinson Washington
Simon Dearborn 77 Aaron Daggett Greene Kennebec
Thomas Decker 86 Thomas Decker Boothbay Lincoln
Jabez Delano 79 Jabez Delano Livermore Oxford
Petty Delano 88 James Copeland Warren Lincoln
David Dennison 79
Freeport Cumberland Denison
Moses Deshon 76 Moses Deshon Waterborough York
Eleazer B. Dickey 80 Eleazer B. Dickey Monroe Waldo
Amasa Dilano 82 Amasa Dilano Gray Cumberland
John Dillingham 77 John Dillingham Minot Cumberland
Lemuel Dillingham 82
Belfast Waldo
Levi Dingley 84 Levi Dingley Harpswell Cumberland
Abigail Dix 90 Elijah Dix Bangor Penobscot
Henry Do** 73 Hannah G**ld Augusta Kennebec
Amos Doane 82 Edward Doane Hampden Penobscot
Oliver Doane 85 James Smith Orrington Penobscot
James Dobbin 88 James Dobbin Falmouth Cumberland
Betsey Dodge 75 Nathan P. Dodge Burnham Waldo
Olive Doe 87 Raymond S. Doe Burnham Waldo
Simon Doe 81 Simon Doe Fairfield Somerset
Matilda Dole 75 William H. Dole Orrington Penobscot
Richard Dolloff 85 John Dolloff Rumford Oxford
Abigail Donneil 79 Deborah Donnel York York
William Dorr 84 John Dorr Augusta Kennebec Doer
Samuel Doten 83 Samuel Doten North Yarmouth Cumberland
Ichabod Doughty 86 Ichabod Doughty Brunswick Cumberland Doty
James Doughty 76 David Doughty Harpswell Cumberland Doty
John Douglass 80 John Douglass Denmark Oxford Douglas
Elisha Douglass 71 Elisha Douglass Burnham Waldo Douglas
Mary H. Downe 68 Mary H. Downe Bangor Penobscot Down
John Downing 74 John Downing, Jr. Minot Cumberland
Samuel Downing 75 Samuel Downing Minot Cumberland
Aaron Downs 79 Aaron Downs Berwick York
Richard Dresser 81 Paul Dresser Buxton York
Aaron Dresser 81 Mickel Holland Danville Cumberland
Levi Dresser 79 Job A. Dresser Lovell Oxford
Elijah Dresser 89 Trius Dresser Turner Oxford
Jerusha Drew 83 Mercy Drew Buckfield Oxford
Joshua Dun 81 Joshua Dun Andover North Surplus Oxford Dunn
Elijah Dunbar 85
Nobleborough Lincoln
David Dunbar 83 David Dunbar Penobscot Hancock
Jacob Dunbar 98 Moses Gardiner Pembroke Washington
Moses Dunham 84 Otis Alley Hartford Oxford
Ammi Dunham 75 Daniel Curtis Jefferson Lincoln Curtiss
Dorcas Dunlap 76 Dorcas Dunlap Topsham Lincoln
James Dunlap 88 James Dunlap Litchfield Kennebec
Allen Dwelley 78 Allen Dwelley West Half Township No. 6 Penobscot
John Dwelly 74
Frankfort Waldo
Hannah Dyer 77 Catharine Dyer Cape Elizabeth Cumberland
Mary Dyer 76 Leonard Dyer Harpswell Cumberland
James Dyer 86 Henry Dyer New Sharon Franklin

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