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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 15, 2001

[1] Unable to read a portion of the page and all I could read was "ington" and believe that the town was Limington through a process of elimination in that county.
[2] Same as [1]; could read "merick"
[3] Town of Bowdoin listed in Lincoln Co, is now in Sagadahoc Co.
# Had died since July 1

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U - Z
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name Variation
Han*** ***** 77 Hannah Lord Limmerick[2] York
**sia* ***** 78 Joseph Berry Limmerick[2] York
****** ****** 76 Jacob Rhodes Lyman York
****** ****** 89
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 74
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 85
Limington[1] York
Ida ****** 76
Limington[1] York
L*ds ****** 70
Limington[1] York
Libb* ****** 76 Libby Harvey Limington[1] York
Lo*** ****** 76 Rufus Meserve Limington[1] York
Jose** ****** 78 Ambrose P. Rose Limington[1] York
D****** ****** 80 Daniel Small Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82 Ebenezer Sawyer Limington[1] York
Mar* ****** 79 Mary Leavitt Limmerick[2] York
****** ******d 72 Joanna Littlefield Lyman York
Sarah *****ell 84 Stillman Getchell Machias Washington
****** *****k 84
Limington[1] York
Ca**** *****n 94 Joshua Spencer Limington[1] York
Dani*** *****n 75 Daniel Warren Limmerick[2] York
Spe**** *****s 76 Spencer Thomas Limington[1] York
****** ****kett 78
Limington[1] York
Eliza**** ****ll 81 Elizabeth Small Limington[1] York
****** ****rly 79
Limington[1] York
****** ***berts 88 Love Robberts Lebanon York Roberts
Nath*** ***by 77 Nathaniel Libby, Esq. Limmerick[2] York
Wa*** ***gins 75
Limington[1] York Wiggins
Deb*** ***inson 77 Eliakim Robinson Limington[1] York
**iza**** ***thby 80 Elizabeth Boothby Limmerick[2] York
George Ulmer 80 James P. Brown Hope Waldo
William Vance 80 William Vance Readfield Kennebec
Catharine Vanner 77 Andrew Vanner Waldoboro Lincoln
Joel Varnum 78 Joel Varnum Temple Franklin
John Wade 85 John Wade Lincolnville Waldo
James Wagg 86 Joshua Miller, 2d Durham Cumberland
Hannah Wakefield 77 Joshua Wakefield Kennebunk York
James Walch 50 James Walch Woolwich, Smith, and Fairfield Lincoln
Charles Walker 80 Charles Walker, Jr. Harrison Cumberland
Josiah Walker 84 Josiah Walker Pownal Cumberland
Samuel Walker 80 Joseph Whitten Bowdoin Lincoln[3]
Timothy Walker 82 Luther Small Freedom Waldo
Samuel C. Walker 50
Madison Somerset
William Walker 73
Madison Somerset
Benjamin Walton 78 Benjamin Walton Chester Penobscot
Nehemiah Ward 55 Nehemiah Ward Windsor Kennebec
Joseph Wardwell 80 Aaron Graham Rumford Oxford
Jerson Ware 84 Vinal Ware Union Lincoln Weare
Aaron Warren 83 Walter Warren Wells York
Keziah Warren 84 John Pitts Shapleigh York
Joshua Warren 83 Joshua Warren Hollis York
Nathan Warren 77 Thomas Warren Minot Cumberland
Abijah Warren 78 Abijah Warren Sumner Oxford
Pelatiah Warren 86 Charles Warren Monmouth Kennebec
Richard Warren 85 Jared Warren Vassalborough Kennebec
George W. Warren 39 George W. Warren Lincolnville Waldo
John Warson 86 John Warson Brooksville Hancock
Ebenezer Washburn 78 Ebenezer Washbarn Hartford Oxford
Eunice Watson 84 Benjamin Foster Bowdoinham Lincoln[3]
Thomas Watson 77 Thaddeus Shepardson Brooksville Hancock
Hannah Watterhouse 84 Joseph Watterhouse Kennebunk York Waterhouse
Samuel Watts 85 Samuel Watts Jonesborough Washington
Bethsheba Waugh 89 John Waugh Starks Somerset
Jeremiah Weare 83 Jeremiah Weare York York Ware; Weir
Edward Webb 80-90 William Peter Gorham Cumberland
Ezekiel Webber 80-87 Ezekiel Webber Boothbay Lincoln Weber
Abigail Webber 79
Richmond Lincoln Weber
Nancy Weber 73 Noah Weber Georgetown Lincoln Webber
Noah Wedgwood 84 Allen He** Parsonsfield York
Bethiah Weeks 78 Noah Chandler Wayne Kennebec
James Weeks 81 James Weeks Webster Lincoln
James Welch 76 Abel Welch Gray Cumberland
William Welch 85
Richmond Lincoln
Mary Wellman 78 Fanny Wellman Bremen Lincoln
Mary Wells 76 John Wells Vienna Kennebec
Ichabod Wentworth 52 Ichabod Wentworth North Berwick York
Timothy Wentworth 93 Timothy Wentworth Berwick York
Foster Wentworth 75 Foster Wentworth Webster Lincoln
Lemuel Wentworth 86 Daniel Hilt Hope Waldo
Widow of Paul Wentworth 76 Stephen Wentworth Knox Waldo
Obadiah Wetherel 95 George Shaw Albion Kennebec
James Weymouth 81 James Weymouth Belmont Waldo
Joseph Wheelwright 88 Joseph Wheelwright Wells York
John Wheler 90 Jesse Hiscock Wilton Franklin Wheeler
Peggy Wherren 79 John Lydston Elliot York
Charles White 90 William White Belmont Waldo Wight
Susannah Whitehouse 84 Susannah Whitehouse Smithfield Somerset
Samuel Whiten 83 Thomas B. Whiten Wilton Franklin
Sampson Whiting 75 Sampson Whiting Denmark Oxford
John Whiting 82 Leonard Whiting Hartland Somerset
Jacob Whitman 86 Jabez Taylor Buckfield Oxford
Daniel Whitmore 81 Jesse Whitmore Unity Waldo
Joseph Whitmore 84 Joseph Whitmore Deer Isle Hancock
Eleanor Whitney 57
Dearborn Kennebec
Ebenezer Whitney 79 Ebenezer Whitney Clinton Kennebec
Isaac Whitney 83 Isaac Whitney Lisbon Lincoln
Jacob Whitney 77 Jacob Whitney Phillips Franklin
Jane Whitten 78 Libbey Smith Topsham Lincoln
Richard Whitten 77 Richard Whitten Troy Waldo
Solomon Whitten 86 Benjamin Emery S. Rowhegan Somerset
Nathan Wiggin 80 Nathan Wiggin Parsonsfield York
Joseph Wight 82 Joseph Wight Raymond Cumberland White
Thomas Wilber 74 Thomas Wilbert New Portland Somerset
Asa Wilbur 80 David Wilbur Augusta Kennebec
John Wilcox 80 Washington Wilcox Monmouth Kennebec
Benjamin Wildes 78 Thomas Wildes Kennebunk Port York
Ezra Willard 72 Amasa Willard Mercer Somerset
Joseph Williams 90 Moses Williams Wells York
John Williams 79
Wiscasset Lincoln
Anna Williams 79 Anna Williams Anson Somerset
Sarah Willis 79 Sarah Willis Minot Cumberland
Martha Willman 77 Jacob Willman Searsmont Waldo
Betsey Wilson 82 Betsey Wilson Kittery York Willson
John Wilson 78 John Wilson Embden Somerset Willson
Anna Winch 80
Freeman Franklin
Jonathan Wingate 82 Lot Wedgwood Parsonsfield York
John Winship 80 John Winship Otisfield Cumberland
Elizabeth Winslow 75
Freeport Cumberland
Daniel Wise 78 Daniel Wise Kennebunk York
Elizabeth Witham 83 Luther Grow York York
****eel Withee 75 David Hayden Hartland Somerset
Zoe Withee 78
Industry Franklin
John Witherell 82 Rufus Witherell Monmouth Kennebec
Josiah Wood 92 Josiah Wood Porter Oxford
Samuel Wood 81 Samuel Wood Winthrop Kennebec
Sybil Wood 81 Samuel Smith Norridgewock Somerset
Benjamin Woodbury 78 Benjamin Woodbury Buckfield Oxford
Joseph Woodford 78 W. H. Woodford Readfield Kennebec
James Woodman 87 James Woodman Buxton York
Joshua Woodman 83 Joshua Woodman Buxton York
Jesse Woods 75 James L. Woods Wilton Franklin
James Wormwood 87 James Wormwood Cornish York
William Worster 86 Samuel Worster Sanford York
Isaac Worthing 78 Nathan Worthing Palermo Waldo
John Wright 82 John Wright Woolwich, Smith, and Fairfield Lincoln
Joseph Wright 78 Joseph Wright Woolwich, Smith, and Fairfield Lincoln
Thomas Wutting 72 Thomas Wutting Wilton Franklin
Reuben Wyman 77 Reuben Wyman Fairfield Somerset
John Wyman 64 William Wyman S. Rowhegan Somerset
John Yarrow -- Worster Yarrow Washington Lincoln
William R. York 83 William R. York Falmouth Cumberland
Isaac York 81 Isaac York Standish Cumberland
Benjamin R. York 79 Benjamin R. York Mexico Oxford
Patty Young 74 Patty Young Kennebunk York
Hannah Young 83 Hannah Young York York
James Young 80 James Young Fayette Kennebec
Benjamin Young 90 Benjamin Young Mercer Somerset
William Young 87 William Young Starks Somerset
Elizabeth Zouldthwait 62 Jacob R. Cole Biddeford York Gouldthwait

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