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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 15, 2001

[1] Unable to read a portion of the page and all I could read was "ington" and believe that the town was Limington through a process of elimination in that county.
[2] Same as [1]; could read "merick"
[3] Town of Bowdoin listed in Lincoln Co, is now in Sagadahoc Co.
# Had died since July 1

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I - L
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name Variation
Han*** ***** 77 Hannah Lord Limmerick[2] York
**sia* ***** 78 Joseph Berry Limmerick[2] York
****** ****** 76 Jacob Rhodes Lyman York
****** ****** 89
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 74
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 85
Limington[1] York
Ida ****** 76
Limington[1] York
L*ds ****** 70
Limington[1] York
Libb* ****** 76 Libby Harvey Limington[1] York
Lo*** ****** 76 Rufus Meserve Limington[1] York
Jose** ****** 78 Ambrose P. Rose Limington[1] York
D****** ****** 80 Daniel Small Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82 Ebenezer Sawyer Limington[1] York
Mar* ****** 79 Mary Leavitt Limmerick[2] York
****** ******d 72 Joanna Littlefield Lyman York
Sarah *****ell 84 Stillman Getchell Machias Washington
****** *****k 84
Limington[1] York
Ca**** *****n 94 Joshua Spencer Limington[1] York
Dani*** *****n 75 Daniel Warren Limmerick[2] York
Spe**** *****s 76 Spencer Thomas Limington[1] York
****** ****kett 78
Limington[1] York
Eliza**** ****ll 81 Elizabeth Small Limington[1] York
****** ****rly 79
Limington[1] York
****** ***berts 88 Love Robberts Lebanon York Roberts
Nath*** ***by 77 Nathaniel Libby, Esq. Limmerick[2] York
Wa*** ***gins 75
Limington[1] York Wiggins
Deb*** ***inson 77 Eliakim Robinson Limington[1] York
**iza**** ***thby 80 Elizabeth Boothby Limmerick[2] York
Phineas Ingalls 82 Phineas Ingalls Bridgton Cumberland
Phebe Ingalls -- Hermance Ingalls Mercer Somerset
Eben**** Inglee 76 Ebenezer Inglee Machias Washington
Joel Ireland 49 Joel Ireland Canton Oxford
Richard Jackman 84 Richard Judkins Fayette Kennebec
Hepribeth Jacobs 85 Theodore Jacobs Sanford York
John Jacobs 85 John Jacobs Mount Vernon Kennebec
Richard Jaques 85 Richard Jaques Castine Hancock Jacques
Lydia Jay 92 Ivory Jay South Berwick York
Samuel M. Jefferd 77 Samuel Jefferd Wells York
Lemuel Jenkins 76 Lemuel Jenkins Clinton Kennebec
Bradbury T. Jepson 54 Bradbury T. Jepson Lewiston Lincoln
Mary Jewett 76 Samuel S. Jewett St. Albans Somerset
Joseph Johnson 77 James Johnson Poland Cumberland
Daniel Johnson 76
Belfast Waldo
Benjamin Johnson 75
Knox Waldo
John Johnston 97 Samuel Trott Perry Washington
Ruth Johnstone 88 Benjamine Johnstone Milford Penobscot
Elizabeth Jones 79 Elizabeth Jones

Cornelius Jones 77 Cornelius Jones Turner Oxford
Sylvester Jones 79 Sylvester Jones Fayette Kennebec
Mehitable Jones 75 Henry Leeman Gardener Kennebec Lehman
Amos Jones 78 Amos Jones, Jr. Unity Waldo
Thomas Jones 62 Thomas Jones Pembroke Washington
Joanna Jordan 76 Joanna Jordan Danville Cumberland Jordon
Timothy Jordan 74 John P. Jordan Norway Oxford Jordon
David Jordon 79 David Jordon Albany Oxford Jordan
Hannah Jourdan 83 John Ward Monroe Waldo
Philip Judkins 82 Leonard Judkins Cambridge Somerset
Daniel Jumper 76 Daniel Jumper, Jr. Harrison Cumberland
John Keen 79 John Keen Turner Oxford Keene
Isaac Keen 86 Josiah Keen Clinton Kennebec Keene
Henry Keler 48 Henry Keler Castine Hancock Keeler
David Keller 82 Alexander Keller St. George Lincoln
Sarah Kelley 78 Jason King Monmouth Kennebec Kelly
Elijah Kellogg 79 Joseph Kellogg Portland-5th Ward Cumberland Kellog
Abigail Kendall 74 David Hudson Fairfield Somerset
David Keniston 82 William Keniston Boothbay Lincoln Kenniston
Jemima Keyes 75 Lorenzo Keyes Jay Franklin
John Kilborn 85 John Kilborn Bridgton Cumberland Kilborne
John Kilgore -- John Kilgore Newry Oxford
James Kilgore 82 James Kilgore Lovell Oxford
Nathaniel Kimbal 83 Nathaniel Kimbal Winthrop Kennebec Kimball
Joseph Kimball 81 Joseph Kimball Bridgton Cumberland Kimbal
John Kincaid 78 John Kincaid Augusta Kennebec Kinkead
Mary King 70 Paul Bowker Minot Cumberland
Abijah Kinney 85 Abijah Kinney Boothbay Lincoln
Azael Kinsley 79 Austin Kinsley Minot Cumberland Kingsley
Daniel Kinsley 82 Daniel Kinsley Minot Cumberland Kingsley
Jonathan Knight 77 Simeon C. Knight Waterborough York
Elizabeth Knight 79 Elizabeth Knight Elliot York
Jacob Knight 83 Jacob Knight Falmouth Cumberland
John Knight 83 John Knight Otisfield Cumberland
Abraham Knight 74 Abraham Knight Poland Cumberland
Daniel Knight 81 Daniel Knight Norway Oxford
Lydia Knowles 84 Caleb C. Knowles Litchfield Kennebec
Dorcas Knowlton 69 Dorcas Knowlton Elliot York
Andrew Knowlton 89
Nobleborough Lincoln
Joseph Knowlton 90 Joseph F. Knowlton Liberty Waldo
James Lamb 69 James Lamb Clinton Kennebec
James Lamb 79 Ira Lam* Leeds Kennebec
Joseph Lancaster 83 Joseph Lancaster Durham Cumberland
John Lancaster 78 John Lancaster Augusta Kennebec
Elizabeth Lancey 74 Daniel T. Robinson Palmyra Somerset
Daniel Landerkin 90 Daniel Landerkin Boothbay Lincoln
Martha Lanson 80 William Lanson Liberty Waldo
Mary Larbree 78 Daniel Larbree Wales Kennebec
James Laria 85 Isaiah Laria Turner Oxford
Jacob Larrabe 76 Jacob Larrabe Danville Cumberland Larraby; Larrabee
Caleb Lassell 79 Ivory Parcher Waterborough York
Asa Lassell 78 Asa Lassell Burnham Waldo
Amos Lawrence 86 Joshua Lawrence Warren Lincoln Laurence
Isaac Lawrence 81 Isaac Lawrence, Jr. Newport Penobscot
Luke Lawyer 80 Luke Lawyer Starks Somerset
George Leach 83 George Leach Danville Cumberland
John Leach 83 Jeremiah Leach Sangerville Piscataquis
Increase Leadbetter 90 Ezra Leadbetter Leeds Kennebec
Enoch Leathers 79 Jonathan Roberts Sangerville Piscataquis
Robert Leathhead 81 Joseph S. Houghton Anson Somerset
Betsey Leavitt 72 Daniel L. Littlefield Sanford York
Ephraim Leighton 72 Ephraim Leighton Augusta Kennebec
Thomas Lement 81 Thomas Lement Bath Lincoln
Caleb Leonard 80 Enoch Merrill Windsor Kennebec Merril
David Lerry 86 Edward L. Lerry Starks Somerset
Nathaniel Levering 77 Nathaniel Levering Winthrop Kennebec
Robert Libby 79 John Pugsley Sebago Cumberland Libbey
Theophilus Libby 47 Theophilus Libby Danville Cumberland Libbey
Edward Libby 70-80 Edward Libby, Jr. Gorham Cumberland Libbey
Abigail Libby 77 Abigail Libby Scarborough Cumberland Libbey
Dorothy Libby 78 Hiram Libby Scarborough Cumberland Libbey
Mark Libby 90 Mark Libby Scarborough Cumberland Libbey
Abigail Libby 76 Sherley Libby Scarborough Cumberland Libbey
Abigail Libby 78 Daniel Libby, Jr. Scarborough Cumberland Libbey
Joseph Libby 92 Ephraim Libby Harrington Washington Libbey
Sherman Lincoln 83 Sherman Linc**n China Kennebec
Loved Lincoln 82 Loved Lincoln Lewiston Lincoln
James Lindsay 84 James Lindsay Leeds Kennebec Lindsey
Joseph Linn 55 Joseph Linn Windsor Kennebec
Thomas Linnen 79 Thomas Linnen Georgetown Lincoln
John Little 84 John Little Bristol Lincoln
Miriam Littlefield 85 Joseph Littlefield, 3d Wells York
Dorothy Littlefield 92 Jesse Taylor Kennebunk York
Susannah Littlefield 81 Samuel Plaisted, Jr. York York
Timothy Littlefield 81 Timothy Littlefield Waterville Kennebec
Moses Littlefield 85 David Simpson Dixmont Penobscot
John Lombard 80-90 John Lombard Gorham Cumberland Lumbard
John Lombard 76 Asa Andrews Otisfield Cumberland Lumbard
Jedediah Lombard 81 Jedediah Lombard Standish Cumberland Lumbard
Mary Longfellow 81 Mary Longfellow Palermo Waldo
Asa Longley 78 Asa Longley Palmyra Somerset
Wentworth Lord 84 Wentworth Lord Parsonsfield York
Elizabeth Lord 78 Elizabeth Lord Lyman York
Daminicus Lord 79 Daminicus Lord Kennebunk York
Samuel Lord 80 Samuel Lord Berwick York
Abigail Lord 79 John L. Thorn Paris Oxford
Robert Low 80 C. L. Lyford Livermore Oxford Lowe
Mary Low 80 Benjamin Patten Bath Lincoln Lowe; Patton
John Lowell 83 Benjamin B. Lowell Gardener Kennebec
Thomas Lowell 78 Thomas Lowell Dixmont Penobscot
Benjamin Lufkin 78 Rufus K. Bunker Mexico Oxford
Hannah Lumbard 68 Emery Lumbard Turner Oxford Lombard
Daniel Lunt 78 Daniel Lunt Falmouth Cumberland
John Lunt 54 John Lunt New Gloucester Cumberland

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