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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 15, 2001

[1] Unable to read a portion of the page and all I could read was "ington" and believe that the town was Limington through a process of elimination in that county.
[2] Same as [1]; could read "merick"
[3] Town of Bowdoin listed in Lincoln Co, is now in Sagadahoc Co.
# Had died since July 1

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M - P
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name Variation
Han*** ***** 77 Hannah Lord Limmerick[2] York
**sia* ***** 78 Joseph Berry Limmerick[2] York
****** ****** 76 Jacob Rhodes Lyman York
****** ****** 89
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 74
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 85
Limington[1] York
Ida ****** 76
Limington[1] York
L*ds ****** 70
Limington[1] York
Libb* ****** 76 Libby Harvey Limington[1] York
Lo*** ****** 76 Rufus Meserve Limington[1] York
Jose** ****** 78 Ambrose P. Rose Limington[1] York
D****** ****** 80 Daniel Small Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82 Ebenezer Sawyer Limington[1] York
Mar* ****** 79 Mary Leavitt Limmerick[2] York
****** ******d 72 Joanna Littlefield Lyman York
Sarah *****ell 84 Stillman Getchell Machias Washington
****** *****k 84
Limington[1] York
Ca**** *****n 94 Joshua Spencer Limington[1] York
Dani*** *****n 75 Daniel Warren Limmerick[2] York
Spe**** *****s 76 Spencer Thomas Limington[1] York
****** ****kett 78
Limington[1] York
Eliza**** ****ll 81 Elizabeth Small Limington[1] York
****** ****rly 79
Limington[1] York
****** ***berts 88 Love Robberts Lebanon York Roberts
Nath*** ***by 77 Nathaniel Libby, Esq. Limmerick[2] York
Wa*** ***gins 75
Limington[1] York Wiggins
Deb*** ***inson 77 Eliakim Robinson Limington[1] York
**iza**** ***thby 80 Elizabeth Boothby Limmerick[2] York
Andrew Mace 83 Andrew Mace Readfield Kennebec
John Maddin 83 Samuel Bassett Waldo Plantation Waldo Madden
Samuel Maddocks 78 Samuel Maddocks Ellsworth Hancock Maddox
William Maine 82
Phipsburg Lincoln
William Mallett 83 Isaac Mallett Topsham Lincoln
Robert Mann 52 Robert Mann Bangor Penobscot
Joseph Mansell 89 Joseph Mansell Bangor Penobscot
Samuel Marble -- William Roberts Harmony Somerset
Matthias March 80-90 Matthias March Gorham Cumberland
William March 84 Newhall P. March Hampden Penobscot
Lydia Marr 72 Reuben Bennett South Berwick York Bennet
Stephen Marsh 79 Thomas D. Marsh Acton York
George D. Marshal -- George D. Marshal Bradford Penobscot Marshall
Benjamin Marshall 49 Benjamin Marshall St. George Lincoln
David Marston 82 David Marston Monmouth Kennebec Marsten
David Martin 71 David Martin Bridgton Cumberland
Elizabeth Martin 66 Elizabeth Martin Portland-7th Ward Cumberland
Joseph Martin 79 Joseph P. Martin Prospect Waldo
Eunice Mason 80 Aaron Mason Bethel Oxford
Ebenezer Mason 77 Ebenezer Mason Vienna Kennebec
Tilley Mason 80 George Pratt Bloomfield Somerset
Aaron Massman 82 Memik Massman Thomaston Lincoln
Desire Mathews 78 James Mathews Vassalborough Kennebec Matthews
Joseph P. Mauton 78 Josiah Elkins Fayette Kennebec
Robert Maxfield 78 Reuben Maxfield North Yarmouth Cumberland
Daniel Maxfield 55 Daniel Maxfield Bradford Penobscot
Robert Maxwell 74 Robert Maxwell Danville Cumberland
William Maxwell 83 William Maxwell Danville Cumberland
He***bah May 89 David Madcaff Poland Cumberland
William Mayberry 82 William Mayberry Raymond Cumberland
James Mayhew 81 James Mayhew, Jr. Bangor Penobscot
James Mayhew 81
Carmel Penobscot
Joseph Maynard 81 Joseph Maynard Madison Somerset
Richard McAlister 78 Richard McAlister Montville Waldo
Alexander McCaslin 77 Alexander McCaslin Penobscot Hancock
Mary McCausland 75 Thomas McCausland Gardener Kennebec
Susannah McDaniel 74 Robert Norton York York
John McDonald 74 John Woodside, 2d Brunswick Cumberland
Peltiah McDonald 86 Peltiah McDonald Standish Cumberland
David McDutlin 66 David McDutlin Winthrop Kennebec
Martha McGill 85 Martha McGill Brunswick Cumberland
Sarah McKenney 74 Rufus McKenney Waterborough York
Jonathan McKenney 80 Jonathan McKenney Scarborough Cumberland McKinney
Joseph McKenny 86 Solomon McKenney Greene Kennebec McKinny; McKinney
Margaret McKinney 70 John S. McKinney Georgetown Lincoln
Hannah McLaughlin 78 Hannah McLaughlin Scarborough Cumberland
William McLellan 80-90 William McLellan Gorham Cumberland McClellan
John McLellan 74 John McLellan Portland-3d Ward Cumberland McClellan
John McLellen 79 Solomon Hutchinson Glenburn Penobscot McClellen; McClellan
Daniel McMannus 74 Daniel McMannus Brunswick Cumberland
John McMannus 80 Henry Meryman Brunswick Cumberland Merryman; Merriman
Michael McNally 88 Arthur McNal** Clinton Kennebec
James Means 86 James Means Brooks Waldo
Anna Mendum 81 William Mendum York York
Margaret Menow 86 Samuel F. Boultie Standish Cumberland
Josiah Merb 85 Josiah Merb Warren Lincoln
Mary Merit 78 Ensign Merit Bremen Lincoln
William Merit 81 William Merit, Jr. Addison Washington
Roger Merril 78 Roger Merril Litchfield Kennebec Merrill
Jacob Merrill 81 Jacob Merrill Kennebunk Port York
John Merrill 81 Edward Harmon Gray Cumberland
John Merrill 80 Nathan L. Merrill Lewiston Lincoln
Abner Merrill 49 Abner Merrill Parkman Piscataquis
Amreah Meso 83 Charles Meso Starks Somerset
Titus Metcalf 86 Titus Metcalf Appleton Waldo
Lemuel Miller 89 Lemuel Miller Kennebunk Port York
Frank Miller 75 James Miller Waldoboro Lincoln
Noah Miller 66 Noah Miller Lincolnville Waldo
John Millet 77 John Millet Kennebunk Port York
Lydia Milliken 79 Sewall Milliken Scarborough Cumberland
John Milliken 78 John Milliken Montville Waldo
John C. Mink 77 John C. Mink Waldoboro Lincoln
Ammi Mitchell 47 Ammi Mitchell Mexico Oxford
James M. Mitchell 80 Benjamin Mitchell Bath Lincoln
Pammey Mitchell 80 Pammey Mitchell Bath Lincoln
Elias Monk 86/87
Hebron Oxford
Rebecca Moody 83 John Moody Sebago Cumberland
Lucy Moody 76 David Moody Minot Cumberland
John Moody 59 John Moody Monmouth Kennebec
Mordecai Moor 102 John Moor Clinton Kennebec Moore
Elizabeth Moore 77 John Moore Biddeford York
Isaac Moore 88 Osborn Moore Edgecomb Lincoln
Nathaniel Moore 84 Nathaniel Moore Edgecomb Lincoln
Josiah Moore 80 Richmond D. Norton Addison Washington
David Moores 84 David Moores Pittston Kennebec Moors
Relief Moors 83 Johnathan Moors Otisfield Cumberland
Mary Morr 97
Freeport Cumberland Moore
Stephen Morrill 65
Rome Kennebec
Moses Morrison 84
Phipsburg Lincoln
Seth Morse 76 Elisha Morse Paris Oxford
Levi Morse 78 Levi Morse Union Lincoln
Daniel Morse 94
Phipsburg Lincoln
Philip Morse 85 Philip Morse Fayette Kennebec
Jacob Morse 75 James Daugherty Sidney Kennebec
David Morse 79 David Morse Lexington Somerset
Thomas Morton 70-80 Thomas Morton Gorham Cumberland
Benjamin Morton 55 Benjamin Morton Standish Cumberland
Joseph Moulton 83 Joseph Moulton Scarborough Cumberland
Elizabeth Mountfort 72 Elizabeth Mountfort Portland-1st Ward Cumberland Monford; Monfort
Samuel Mower 79 Samuel Mower Greene Kennebec
John Mugford 79 John Mugford Windram Cumberland
Edward Mulikin 81 Edmund Hayward Sidney Kennebec
Patrick Mulligan 52 Patrick Mulligan Eastport Washington
Joseph Mun 79
Freeport Cumberland Munn
Amos Munn 79 Amos Munn Kirkland Penobscot
James Murdock 83 James Murdock Minot Cumberland
Thomas Murphey 85 Joseph Murphey Lyman York Murphy
Cotton Murray -- Cotton Murray Cumberland Cumberland
Betsey Nasah 81 Betsey Nasan South Berwick York
Jonathan Nash 87 John Narsh Minot Cumberland
Edward Nason 85 James Nason Kennebunk Port York
John Nayson 84 Abner Dunton Hope Waldo
Isaac Neal 58 Isaac Neal Belmont Waldo
Benjamin Nealey 58 Benjamin Nealey South Berwick York Neeley
Mary Needham 75 Jefferson Needham Norway Oxford
Nathan Nelson 80 Nathan Nelson Oxford Oxford
George Newbegin 76 George Newbegin Parsonsfield York
John Nichels 81 John Nichels Bristol Lincoln Nichols
Estor Nichols 78 Michael Fogg, Jr. Georgetown Lincoln Nichels
Moses Nickerson 76 Moses Nickerson Readfield Kennebec
----------- Nickerson 82
Frankfort Waldo
John Noble 78 James Noble Calaid Washington
Ruth Norris 74 Greenlief K. Norris Monmouth Kennebec
James F. Norris 67 James F. Norris Monmouth Kennebec
Nathaniel Norton 79 Nathaniel N***** Wiscasset Lincoln
May Norton 73 Darius Norton Cushing Lincoln
Noah Norton 92 David Norton Montville Waldo
Elihu Norton 53
Farmington Franklin
Heman Nye 37 Heman Nye Fairfield Somerset
Jonathan Nye 83 Jonathan Nye Fairfield Somerset
John O'Brion 78 William L. O'Brion Cornish York O'Brien
John Oakes 84 John Oakes, Jr. Exeter Penobscot Oaks
Joshua Oaks 81 Ebenezer Oaks Lubec Washington Oakes
Mary Oliver 70 Joseph Berry Georgetown Lincoln
Beulah Ott 82 Memik Massman Thomaston Lincoln
Beulah Ott 82 Robert Thorndike Camden Waldo
Philip Owen 84 Nathaniel Badger Brunswick Cumberland
Hugh Owen 71 Joseph Foss Wales Kennebec
Nehemiah Packard 74 Nehemiah Packard Minot Cumberland
Job Packard 77 Job Packard Buckfield Oxford
James Packard 82 Moses Boynton Unity Waldo
Thomas Paine 84 Thomas Paine Pownal Cumberland Payne
William Paine 79 William Paine Anson Somerset Payne
Peleg Pallman 77 Peleg Pallman Bath Lincoln
Sarah Palmer 80 Benjamin Palmer Bremen Lincoln
Simon Palmer 79 Simon Palmer Windsor Kennebec
Aaron Parker 81 Benjamin Parker Standish Cumberland
Free G. Parker 85 Harriet Goodnow Bucksport Hancock Goodnough
Josiah Parker 76 Josiah Parker New Portland Somerset
Elezer Parlin 83
Freeman Franklin
Josiah Parris 75 Jeremiah Bean Buckfield Oxford
Thomas B. Parsons 51 Thomas B. Parsons Portland-6th Ward Cumberland
Eleazer Parsons 79 Eleazer Parsons Buckfield Oxford
Mary Partridge 90 George Hanscom Poland Cumberland
Nathaniel Patten 79 Mark S. Patten Penobscot Hancock Patton
Benjamin Patten 80
Solon Somerset Patton
Mary Patterson 90
Belfast Waldo
David Paul 79 David Paul Lewiston Lincoln
Samuel Paysons 79 Samuel Paysons Cushing Lincoln
Pe**r Pe*ham 89 David Perham Bangor Penobscot
Charles Peabody 44 Charles Peabody Dixmont Penobscot
John Pearl 41 John Pearl Porter Oxford
John S. Peavy 44 John S. Peavy Exeter Penobscot Peavey
Peace Peirce 69 Samuel Peirce South Berwick York Pierce; Pearce
Hannah Peirce 81 Hannah Peirce South Berwick York Pierce; Pearce
Nathaniel Peirce 92 Nathani** Peirce Orrington Penobscot Pierce; Pearce
Joel Pelton 83 Joel Pelton Madrid Franklin
Thomas Pendexter 68 Thomas Pendexter Parsonsfield York Poindexter
Joseph Penly 83 Joseph Penly Danville Cumberland
Salathiel Penney 83 Atba Penney Waterville Kennebec Penny
Benjamin Penny 79 Benjamin Penny Wells York Penney
Oliver Perkins 42 Oliver Perkins Kennebunk York
Pelatiah Perkins 86 Pelatiah Perkins York York
Ebenezer Perkins 83
Hebron Oxford
Sarah Perkins 77 Luther Perkins Oxford Oxford
Mehitable Perkins 70 Simeon Perkins Paris Oxford
Joseph Perry 79 Joseph Perry Thomaston Lincoln
Job Perry 75 Eben Swett Thomaston Lincoln
David Perry 77
Richmond Lincoln
Joseph Peterson 57 Joseph Peterson Dixfield and Peru Oxford
Abigail Pettee 60 Barry Pettee Sullivan Hancock
William Pettengill 80 William Pettengill, Jr. Leeds Kennebec
Obadiah Pettengill 78 Obadiah Pettengill Leeds Kennebec
Nathaniel Philbric 47 Nathaniel Philbric Mexico Oxford Philbrick
William Philbrick 80 William Philbrick Thorndike Waldo
Mary Phillips 84 George Phillips York York Philips
Silence Phillips 74 Jarius Phillips Turner Oxford Philips
Abigail Phillips 84 Deborah Phillips Turner Oxford Philips
William A. B. Phillips 32 William A. B. Phillips Bangor Penobscot Philips
John Phinney 70-80 John Phinney Gorham Cumberland
William Pickett 76 William Pickett New Gloucester Cumberland
Joseph Pilsbury 84 Joseph Pilsbury Scarborough Cumberland
John Piper 79 Wentworth Viles Madison Somerset
Shubael Pitts 74 James C. Pitts Augusta Kennebec
Seth Pitts 82 Seth Pitts Augusta Kennebec
Lydia Plaisted 72 Ebenezer Moulton Standish Cumberland
Roger Plasted 86 Roger Plasted Buxton York
Isaac Plumer 56 Isaac Plumer Guilford Piscataquis
Edward Plummer 86 Edward Plummer Albion Kennebec
John Plummer 69 Brentnal Searl Freedom Waldo
Daniel Plummer 85 Eli Carr Palermo Waldo
Joseph Pomroy 67 Joseph Pomroy Levant Penobscot Pomeroy
Job Pool 76 Job Pool Falmouth Cumberland Poole
Joshua Pool 78 Nathaniel Cobb Greenwood Oxford Poole
Tyler Porter 82 Tyler Porter Sebago Cumberland
Nehemiah Porter 83 Rufus Porter North Yarmouth Cumberland
Benjamin J. Porter 77 Benjamin J. Porter Camden Waldo
Catharine Porterfield 84 Sarah Johnson Westbrook Cumberland
James Potter 88 Jesse Potter Bowdoin Lincoln[3]
Hugh Potter 78 Hugh Potter Gardener Kennebec
Thaddeus Pratt 85 Samuel Chesley Buckfield Oxford
Dan Pratt 79 Dan Pratt Turner Oxford
Joseph Pratt 82 James Pratt Palmyra Somerset
Lydia Pratt 78 Thomas Pratt Bloomfield Somerset
George Pratt 76 George Pratt Salem Franklin
Abraham Pray 79 Abraham Pray Hallowell Kennebec
Sarah Pray 74 Thomas Pray Chandlerville Somerset
Mary Preble 65 Edward D. Preble Portland-5th Ward Cumberland
Samuel Prescott 83 Samuel Prescott Hallowell Kennebec
Amasa Pribou 81 Amasa Pribou, Jr. Minot Cumberland
Dinah Prince 105 George Woodward York York Woodard
Benjamin Prince 83 Benjamin Prince Falmouth Cumberland
Josiah Procter 79 Josiah Procter Waterford Oxford Proctor
Joseph Pulcifer 75 Joseph Pulcifer Bath Lincoln
Oliver Pullen 78 Franklin Newel Palermo Waldo Newell
Elizabeth Pumpilly 67 Allen Pumpilly Turner Oxford
Tamar Putnam 74 Benjamin Putnam Eddington Penobscot

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