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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 15, 2001

[1] Unable to read a portion of the page and all I could read was "ington" and believe that the town was Limington through a process of elimination in that county.
[2] Same as [1]; could read "merick"
[3] Town of Bowdoin listed in Lincoln Co, is now in Sagadahoc Co.
# Had died since July 1

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E - H
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name Variation
Han*** ***** 77 Hannah Lord Limmerick[2] York
**sia* ***** 78 Joseph Berry Limmerick[2] York
****** ****** 76 Jacob Rhodes Lyman York
****** ****** 89
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 74
Limington[1] York
****** ****** 85
Limington[1] York
Ida ****** 76
Limington[1] York
L*ds ****** 70
Limington[1] York
Libb* ****** 76 Libby Harvey Limington[1] York
Lo*** ****** 76 Rufus Meserve Limington[1] York
Jose** ****** 78 Ambrose P. Rose Limington[1] York
D****** ****** 80 Daniel Small Limington[1] York
****** ****** 82 Ebenezer Sawyer Limington[1] York
Mar* ****** 79 Mary Leavitt Limmerick[2] York
****** ******d 72 Joanna Littlefield Lyman York
Sarah *****ell 84 Stillman Getchell Machias Washington
****** *****k 84
Limington[1] York
Ca**** *****n 94 Joshua Spencer Limington[1] York
Dani*** *****n 75 Daniel Warren Limmerick[2] York
Spe**** *****s 76 Spencer Thomas Limington[1] York
****** ****kett 78
Limington[1] York
Eliza**** ****ll 81 Elizabeth Small Limington[1] York
****** ****rly 79
Limington[1] York
****** ***berts 88 Love Robberts Lebanon York Roberts
Nath*** ***by 77 Nathaniel Libby, Esq. Limmerick[2] York
Wa*** ***gins 75
Limington[1] York Wiggins
Deb*** ***inson 77 Eliakim Robinson Limington[1] York
**iza**** ***thby 80 Elizabeth Boothby Limmerick[2] York
James Eames 78 James Eames Newry Oxford Ames
Jacob Eastman 77 Jacob E****** Parsonsfield York Eastmon
Daniel Eastman 83 Daniel Eastman Cornish York Eastmon
Zechariah Eastman 95 Zechariah Eastman Scarborough Cumberland Eastmon
Sarah Eastmon 78
Fryeburg Oxford Eastman
William Eaton 85 William Eaton Wells York
Eliab Eaton 77 Joshua T. Eaton Strong Franklin
Celia Eddy 78 William Cook Eddington Penobscot Cooke
Thomas Edes 78 Emery Edes Otisfield Cumberland Eads
Eunice Edmuns 83
Belfast Waldo Edmunds
Joshua Elder 76
Dexter Penobscot
Jacob Elliott 77 Jacob Elliott Falmouth Cumberland Eliot; Elliot
Jedediah Elliott 79 John Elliot Windram Cumberland Eliot; Eliott
Robert Ellis 74 Carey Ellis Sidney Kennebec
Jeremiah Elwell 50 Jeremiah Elwell Poland Cumberland
Samuel Emerson 76 Samuel Emerson Kennebunk York
Joseph Emery 63 Alexander Emery Montville Waldo
Abigail Emery 80 Caleb Emery Fairfield Somerset
John Emery 87 Samuel Pollard Bloomfield Somerset
James P. Evans 68 James P. Evans Gardener Kennebec
William Eveans 75
Fryeburg Oxford Evans
Josiah Everett 80 Josiah Everett New Portland Somerset
Lydia Fairbanks 74 George W. Fairbanks Wayne Kennebec
John Fanin 80 John Fanin Bath Lincoln
John Fannington 83 John Fannington Brewer Penobscot
Ralph Farnham 84 Ralph Farnham Acton York
Dorcas Farnham 85 John Farnham Boothbay Lincoln
Nathaniel Farnham 83 Nathaniel Farnham Mercer Somerset
Abigail Farnsworth 90 James Trobridge Waldoboro Lincoln Trowbridge
Simeon Farnum 85
Newburg Penobscot
Ithamas Farrington 84 Ithamas Farrington Livermore Oxford
Abner Farrington 88 Thomas Mallet Warren Lincoln
William Farris 81 William Farris China Kennebec Ferris
Joseph Felker 80 Joseph Felker Embden Somerset
Richard Fennin 79 Elenor Dow Litchfield Kennebec
Elizabeth Fernald 79 Hiram Fernald Elliot York
Lucy Fickett 88 John Fickett Cape Elizabeth Cumberland
Zebulon Fickett 81 Zebulon Fickett Harrington Washington
Rachel Field 88 Paul Winthworth Greenwood Oxford
Ruby Field 81 Galen Field Paris Oxford
Thomas Fields 90 Thomas Fields New Sharon Franklin
John Fifield 78
Fryeburg Oxford
Esther Files 70-80 Esther Files Gorham Cumberland
Thomas Fillebrown 76 Thomas Fillebrown Winthrop Kennebec
Simeon Fish 68 Simeon Fish Patricktown Plantation Lincoln
Jacob Fisher 78 Jacob Fisher Kennebunk York
Elijah Fisher 82 Elijah Fisher, Jr. Livermore Oxford
Abigail Fitts 89 John Smith Litchfield Kennebec
Samuel A. Flagg 78 John Flagg Nobleborough Lincoln
Philip Flanders 82 Phineas Warren Freedom Waldo
*****beth Fletcher 68 Cyrus Fletcher Sumner Oxford
Levi Flint 86 David Pratt Clinton Kennebec
Hannah Fogg 60-70 Hannah Fogg Gorham Cumberland
George Fogg 73 George Fogg Wales Kennebec
Samuel Fogg 83 Samuel Fogg Cornville Somerset
William Forbes 78 William Forbes Bangor Penobscot
****les Ford 82 Charles Ford Sumner Oxford
Joseph Foss 81 Samuel Foss Dixfield and Peru Oxford
Parker Foster 79 Parker Foster Elliot York
Stephen Foster 74 Stephen ****** Leeds Kennebec
Matthew Fowler 77 Matthew Fowler Unity Waldo
Moses Foye 79 Moses Foye, Jr. Berwick York
John Freeman 80 John Freeman Monmouth Kennebec
Sampson Freeman 75 Sampson Freeman Waterville Kennebec
William French 78 William French Canton Oxford
Sarah French 93 Charles French Turner Oxford
Mary French 82 Nancy French Jay Franklin
Elliot Frost 79 Elliot Frost Elliot York
Sarah Frost 76 Joshua Frost Elliot York
Phinehas Frost 46 Phinehas Frost Bethel Oxford
Aaron Fuller 83 Aaron Fuller Otisfield Cumberland
Mary Fuller 89
Hebron Oxford
Hannah Fuller 85 James Chaples Cushing Lincoln
William Fuller 79 William Fuller Gardener Kennebec
Enoch Fuller 85
Winslow Kennebec
Louis Gage 81 Amos Gage Waterford Oxford
Daniel Gage 79 Daniel Gage Bethel Oxford
Joshua Gammon 78 George Webster Cape Elizabeth Cumberland
Joseph Gammond 76 Seba Gammond Norway Oxford
Sarah Gardner 73 Hiram Coburn Buckfield Oxford
John Gardner 79 John Gardner Oxford Oxford
Josiah Garham 80 Josiah Gorham Edgecomb Lincoln
William Gatchell 84 William Gatchell Brunswick Cumberland
Mary Gawen 73 James Goodwin Wells York
Andrew Gentner 81 Andrew Genter Waldoboro Lincoln
Margaret George 78 John Ruggles Thomaston Lincoln
Francis George 77 Francis George Leeds Kennebec
Seth Getchell 86 Susan Stackp*** Waterville Kennebec Stackpole
Pelatiah Gibbs 83 Isaac Noyes Livermore Oxford
Samuel Gilbert 78 Samuel Gilbert Buckfield Oxford
Benjamin Gilbreth 56 Benjamin Gilbreth Augusta Kennebec
John Gilford 76 John Gilford Hollis York
Joseph Gillpatrick 77 Joseph Gillpatrick Kennebunk York Gilpatrick
Sarah Gilman 82 Nathaniel Gilman, Jr. Waterville Kennebec
David Gilman 75
Newburg Penobscot
Samuel Gilmore 77 Samuel Gilmore Brewer Penobscot
Joshua Gilpatrick 82 Benjamin Goodwin Lyman York Gillpatrick
Eliphalet Ginings 75
Farmington Franklin
Nathaniel Gitchel 79 Nathaniel Gitchel Northport Waldo
Consider Glass 81 Consider Glass Guilford Piscataquis
Arnold Glid*en 87 Samuel Cram Howland Penobscot Glidden
Samuel Godding 80 Allen Bangs Poland Cumberland
James Goff 80 William Goff Minot Cumberland Goffe
Timothy Goldthwait 78 Timothy Goldthwait Augusta Kennebec Goldthwaite
John Goodin 77
Hebron Oxford
John Goodmon 89 Alpheus Spring Hiram Oxford Goodman
Eunice Goodwin 72 John Lard Sanford York
Amaziah Goodwin 77 James Goodwin Lyman York
Mary Goodwin 76 Mary Goodwin Lebanon York
***e* Goodwin 79 Reuben Goodwin Lebanon York
Ruth Goodwin 74 Ruth Goodwin Lebanon York
George Goodwin 77 A. D. Goodwin Avon Franklin
Stephen Googins 86 Alexander Googins Saco York
Alexander Goold 88 Alexander Goold Elliot York Gould
John Goold 85 Hiram Goold Elliot York Gould
Josiah Gordin 83
Industry Franklin
Joseph Gordon 81
Belfast Waldo
Daniel Gould 86 Daniel Gould Rumford Oxford
Levi Gould 54 Otis Smith, Jr. Charleston Penobscot
Lucy Gould 79 William W. Dismore Norridgewock Somerset
Silas Gould 83 Perham Gould Wilton Franklin
Martha Gove 69 Martha Gove Lubec Washington
****** Gowell -- Wentworth Goodwin Lebanon York
John Grace 79 Moses Grace Saco York
Huldah Grace 78 Joshua Purrington Bath Lincoln
Sarah Graffam 81 Joseph Graffam Brunswick Cumberland
Daniel Granger 78 Daniel Granger Eastport Washington
Silas Grant 86 Peter Grant Lyman York
Abigail Grant 84 Joshua Grant, Jr. York York
John Greelaw 74 John Greenlaw Brownfield Oxford
Benjamin Greenleaf 80 Benjamin Greenleaf Wiscasset Lincoln
John Greenleaf 84 John Greenleaf Starks Somerset
James Greer 81 James Greer Belmont Waldo
Luther Gregory 60 Luther Gregory Montville Waldo
Benjamin Gross 85 Benjamin Gross, Jr. Bucksport Hancock
Elizabeth Grover 85 Edsel Grover Weld Franklin
Samuel Gurney 76 Samuel Gurney Cape Elizabeth Cumberland
Jacob Gurney 76
Hebron Oxford
David Halbrook 75 David Halbrook Prospect Waldo Holbrook
Benjamin Hale 77 Benjamin Hale Waterford Oxford
Israel Hale 80 Israel Hale Waterford Oxford
Oliver Hale 79 Oliver Hale Waterford Oxford
Charles Hall 85 Jonathan Burnell Baldwin Cumberland
Elizabeth Hall 70 Elizabeth Hall Brunswick Cumberland
Levi Hall -- James Hall Washington Lincoln
Hannah Hall 77 Nathaniel F. N***** China Kennebec
Isaac Hall 94 William Huntt Georgetown Lincoln Hunt
Rhoda Hall 70
Belfast Waldo
Isaac Hall 86 Isaac Hall Knox Waldo
Elisha Hallet 82 Jonathan Hallet Waterville Kennebec
Solomon Hallet 86 Solomon Hallet Waterville Kennebec
Mary Hallowell 85 John Hallowell Windsor Kennebec
Nathaniel Ham 85 John Woodside, 2d Brunswick Cumberland
John Ham 81 Joshua Rayban Leeds Kennebec
John Hamilton 75 John Hamilton Waterborough York
Jonathan Hamilton 85 Abraham Henderson North Berwick York
William Hamilton 78 William Hamilton North Yarmouth Cumberland
Josiah Hammon 77
Corinna Penobscot
Lucy Handy 77 Charles Heath Berlin Franklin
Daniel Haney 86 Amos Young Greenwood Oxford
Robert Hanscom 77 Sally Hanscom Kennebunk Port York
Nathan Hanscom 93 Seth Carson Avon Franklin
Uriah Hanscomb 69 Felard Davis Lyman York
Phebe Harden 83 Seth Hardin Unity Waldo
Elizabeth Harkness 76 Robert Harkness Camden Waldo
Sylvanus Harlow 79
Plymouth Penobscot Harlowe
William Harmon 78 William Harmon Standish Cumberland
John Harris 75 John Harris Bowdoin Lincoln[3]
John Hart 78 John Hart, Jr. Atkinson Piscataquis
Oliver Hartwell 80
Stetson Penobscot
Edward Hartwell 93 Samuel Hartwell St. Albans Somerset
James Harvey 78 James Harvey Bradford Penobscot
Davis Hasgatt 89 Davis Hasgatt Mount Desert Hancock
Josiah Haskell 80 Josiah Haskell Thomaston Lincoln Haskill
Mary Haskill 83 Nathaniel Haskill Knox Waldo Haskell
David Hatch 79 David Hatch Wells York
Samuel Hatch 84 Samuel Ray Minot Cumberland
Ann Hatch 84
Fryeburg Oxford
Philip Hatch 86 Philip Hatch Bristol Lincoln
Walter Hatch 82
Belfast Waldo
Joseph Haws 87 Joseph Hodge Minot Cumberland Hawes
Jonathan Hayden 77 Isaac McKenney Madison Somerset
Amos M. Hayes 85 Amos M. Hayes North Yarmouth Cumberland
William Hayford 78 William Hayford Hartford Oxford
Simeon Haynes 82 Simeon Haynes Swanville Waldo Haines
Susanna Hayward 65 Ambrose Hayward Sidney Kennebec
Jacob Hazen 78 Edmund Hanson Bridgton Cumberland
Hannah Hazen 65 Hannah Hazen Gardener Kennebec
James W. Head 74 James W. Head Warren Lincoln
Levi Heall 83
Nobleborough Lincoln
John Hearl 85 John Hearl South Berwick York
Isaac Heath 83
Whitefield Lincoln
William Heath 76 William Heath Mount Desert Hancock
Charles Heavner 81 Charles Heavner Waldoboro Lincoln
Benjamin Henderson 86 Thomas Smith Webster Lincoln
Sarah Henick 76 Joseph Hay Portland-1st Ward Cumberland
Oliver Herrick 57 Oliver Herrick Lewiston Lincoln
Zadok Hersey 88 Zadok Hersey, Jr. Pembroke Washington
****ni** Hersom 77 Nathaniel Hersom Lebanon York
Elizabeth Heselton 85 Joseph Heselton Winthrop Kennebec Hazelton
Cornelius Heyer 88 Cornelius Heyer Waldoboro Lincoln
Edmund Higgins 83 Edmund Higgins Scarborough Cumberland
Lucy Hilborn 89 Ira Hilborn Minot Cumberland Hillborn; Hilborne
Rebecca Hill 76 William Fogg Elliot York
Noah Hill 50-60 Noah Hill Hollis York
Joseph Hilton 85 Joseph Hilton Wells York
William Hilton 81
Solon Somerset
William H. Hilton 80 William Fox Cornville Somerset
Edith Hinckley 74 Robert W. Hinckley Bluehill Hancock Hinckly
Samuel Hinds 80 Samel Hinds St. George Lincoln
Abigail Hobbs 72 James Hobbs Wells York
Josiah Hobbs 77 Josiah Hobbs Falmouth Cumberland
Stephen Hodgdon 82 Stephen Hodgdon Gilead Oxford
Caleb Hodgdon 87 Thomas Hodgdon Westport Lincoln
Abigail Hodgkins 80 Samuel Crowell Bath Lincoln Crowel; Crowl
Benjamin Hodsdon 83 Andrew Hodsdon Falmouth Cumberland Hodson
Margaret Hoffses 88 James Hoffses Waldoboro Lincoln
Nathaniel Hoit 45 Nathaniel Hoit Edenburg Penobscot Hoyt
Daniel Holden 76 Luther Holden Sweden Oxford
Joseph Holland 79 Joseph Holland Vienna Kennebec
Park Holland 87 Park Holland Eddington Penobscot
Gersham Holmes 75 Gershom D. Holmes Minot Cumberland Holms
Mercy Holmes 70 Mercy Holmes Hartford Oxford
Lydia Holt 76 Hiram Holt Bethel Oxford
Darius Holt 76 Pleamon Holt Norway Oxford
Rachael Hooper 89
Freeport Cumberland
Solomon Hopkins 85 Hannah Cole Biddeford York
Martha Hopkins 69 Richard Hopkins Camden Waldo
Jonathan Horn 85 Simon Ross Shapleigh York
Daniel Horn 88 Frederick Horn Acton York
Jonathan Horsaw 89 Jonathan Horsaw Berwick York
Thomas House 65 John Woodside, 2d Brunswick Cumberland
Joseph Howard 81 Richard Paine Brownfield Oxford Payne
Uriah Howard 77 Darius Howard Phillips Franklin
Mary Howe 81 James Richards Temple Franklin
Sylvenus Hows 77 Sylvenus Hows Vassalborough Kennebec Howes
Jonathan Hubbard 78 John Lord Acton York
Mary Hubbard 75 Mary Hubbard Paris Oxford
Mehitable Hubbard 85
Corinna Penobscot
Daniel Huff 86 Daniel Huff Kennebunk Port York
Daniel Huff 80 Daniel Huff Edgecomb Lincoln
Moses Huff 76 Moses Huff Edgecomb Lincoln
Abigail Hunnewell 78 Ebenezer Howe Standish Cumberland Honeywell
William Hunter 76 Obadiah E. Frost Topsham Lincoln
Thomas Hunter 69 Thomas Hunter Clinton Gore Kennebec
James Hursey 82 James Hursey Sumner Oxford
John Hurton 77 John Hurton Sanford York
Abigail Hutchens 87 Abigail Hutchens Waterborough York Hutchins
William Hutchings 75 William Hutchings Penobscot Hancock
Asa Hutchinson 89 Asa Hutchinson Fayette Kennebec
Mary Hutchinson 81 Robert Patten, Jr. Litchfield Kennebec Patton

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