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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 19, 2001

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A - D
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City/Town County
Anna Abbot 73 Ann Abbot Hooksett Merrimack
Enoch Abbot 48 Enoch Abbot Bartlett Coos
Phebe Abbott 80 Jeremiah Rann Chester Rockingham
Elias Abbott 82 Elias Abbott Northfield Merrimack
Samuel Abbott 75
Claremont Sullivan
Benjamin Abbott 82 Samuel S. Abbott Dorchester Grafton
Hannah Abbott 85 True Merrill Warren Grafton
Phebe Abbott 74 George Libbey Warren Grafton
John Adams 81 John Adams Stratham Rockingham
Martha Adams 77 Martha Adams Moultonborough Strafford
Thomas Adams 82 John Adams Gilmanton Strafford
Esther Adams 85 John Adams Dunbarton Merrimack
Enoch Adams 86 Samuel Scribner Salisbury Merrimack
Molly Adams 82 Jonas Adams Mason Hillsborough
David Adams 83 Calvin May Gilsum Cheshire
Daniel Adams 89 Alphens Nevers Charlestown Sullivan
Martha Aiken 76 Martha Aiken Chester Rockingham
John Aikens 88 John Aikens Barnstead Strafford
Ichabod Albee 84 Ichabod Albee Westmoreland Cheshire
Caleb Aldrich 75 Caleb Aldrich Sanbornton Strafford
Amos Alexander 79 Amos Alexander Dublin Cheshire
Jabez Alexander 84 Jabez Alexander Lempster Sullivan
William Alexander 76 William Alexander Warren Grafton
Mary Allen 92 Mary Allen Alstead Cheshire
Parthena Allen 81 Howard Benton Lebanon Grafton
Diarca Allen 79 Abner Allen Lebanon Grafton
Allen Anderson 84 Eliza Holmes Londonderry Rockingham
Thomas Anderson 78 Thomas Anderson Chester Rockingham
John Andrews 77 John Andrews Freedom Strafford
Isaac Andrews 84 Isaac Andrews Hillsborough Hillsborough
Thomas Applebee 84 James Applebee Milton Strafford
William Applebee 79 William Applebee Durham Strafford
Daniel Arlin 74 Daniel Arlin Concord Merrimack
William Ash 72 William Ash Franklin Merrimack
Theodore Atkinson 75
Sandwich Strafford
Nathaniel Atkinson 86 Nathaniel Atkinson Boscawen Merrimack
Philip Atwood 84 Philip Atwood Nelson Cheshire
Moses Atwood 79 Elizabeth Sleeper Alexandria Grafton
Moses Austin 85 Moses Austin Salem Rockingham
Daniel Averill 74 Daniel Averill Mount Vernon Hillsborough
Mary Avery 84 Samuel Rollins Barnstead Strafford
Jonathan Bachalder 83
Grantham Sullivan
John Bachelder 79 Levi Locke Epsom Merrimack
Naomi Bacon 77 Uriah Brown Richmond Cheshire
Rebecca Bacon 84 Rebecca Bacon Jaffrey Cheshire
Stephen Badger 82 Stephen Badger Warner Merrimack
Winthrop Bagley 7* Winthrop Bagley Thornton Grafton
Daniel Bailey 84 Daniel Bailey Hollis Hillsborough
Thomas Baker 81 Daniel[?] Baker Alton Strafford
Thomas Baker 83 Thomas Baker Nelson Cheshire
Jacob Baldwin 80 William Baldwin Jaffrey Cheshire
Russell Ballou 76 Russell Ballou Swanzey Cheshire
Timothy Bancroft 82 Timothy Bancroft Nelson Cheshire
Jonathan Barbank 74 Samuel Davis Grafton Grafton
Jethro Barber 79 Jethro Barber Wilmot Merrimack
Sarah Barber 79 John Kimball Grafton Grafton
John Barber 78 Libbeus Hastings Lyman Grafton
Sarah Bardin ** ****iel Gil*on Stoddard Cheshire
Abijah Barker 80 Abijah Barker Antrim Hillsborough
Sarah Barker 84 Moody Barker Antrim Hillsborough
Mary Barker 79 Mary Barker Hancock Hillsborough
Rhoda Barkley 80/90 Russell ********* Lyman Grafton
Edmund Barnard 84 Edmund Barnard Weare Hillsborough
Amos Barnes 84 Amos Barnes Conway Strafford
John Barney 88 John Barney Washington Sullivan
Reuben Barns 84 Reuben Barns Litchfield Hillsborough
Martin Barny 80 Daniel Wh*** Lyman Grafton
Lemuel Barret 75 Lemuel Barret Franconia Grafton
Lemuel Barrett 77 Ezra Barrett Lyman Grafton
J. V. Barron 53 J. V. Barron Oilford Strafford
William Barron 74 William Barron Gilsum Cheshire
Moses Barron 85 Fletcher Barron Lisbon Grafton
Abigail Barron 80 Benjamin M. Bar*** Woodstock Grafton
Thomas Barrows 89 Samuel S. Barrows Lebanon Grafton
Jacob Barrows 82 Jacob Barrows Datton [Dalton] Coos
Jeremiah Barrus 83 Alvin Barrus Richmond Cheshire
Josiah Bartlett 57 Josiah Bartlett Lee Strafford
Ama Bartlett 84 Ama Bartlett Winchester Cheshire
Nathaniel Bartlett 83 John Presey Canaan Grafton
Martha Bassett 83 Nathan Bassett Keene Cheshire
Sampson Bat** 89 Sampson Bat** Canterbury Merrimack
Simon Batchelder 82
Northwood Rockingham
Amos Batchelder 78 Amos Batchelder Francestown Hillsborough
Mark Batchelder 82 Mark Batchelder Andover Merrimack
George Bayley 49 George Bayley Alexandria Grafton
Daniel Bazzell 76 William Bazzell Antrim Hillsborough
Lydia Bean 84 Lydia Bean Danville Rockingham
Benjamin Bean 80 Benjamin Bean Tuftonborough Strafford
Ebenezer Bean 84 Ebenezer Bean Conway Strafford
Jeremiah Bean 74 Jeremiah Bean Wilmot Merrimack
Daniel Bean 84 Daniel Bean Franklin Merrimack
John R. Beckman 86
Seabrook Rockingham
Jemima Beckwith 80 Byron Beckwith Lempster Sullivan
Jonathan Bell 85 Jonathan Bell Goffstown Hillsborough
Susannah Bemes 91 Alvin Stow Littleton Grafton
Jeremiah Benn*** _5 Jeremiah Benn*** Loudon(?) Merrimack
Elizabeth Bennet 86 Benjamin Bennet Alton Strafford
Ebenezer Bennett 78
Northwood Rockingham
Eleazer Bennett 92 John Bennett Durham Strafford
David Bennett 24 David Bennett Pittsfield Merrimack
Susannah Benson 61 Susannah Benson Chichester Merrimack
Elijah Benton 80 Elijah Benton Stewartstown Coos
Caroline N. Berry 43
Portsmouth Rockingham
Eleanor Berry 80 Walter Berry Loudon(?) Merrimack
John Bickford 80
Northwood Rockingham
Abigail Bickford 84 Samuel B. Bickford Epsom Merrimack
Anna Bidwell 84 Anna Bidgwell Langdon Sullivan
Hannah Bills 73 Hannah Bills Amherst Hillsborough
John Bishop 80 Samuel Hervey Lyme Grafton
Samuel Bixby 86 William Bixby Lyme Grafton
William Black 78 William Black Chesterfield Cheshire
Elizabeth Blair 84 James Swan Peterborough Hillsborough
Dolly Blaisdell 75
East Kingston Rockingham
Philip Blaisdell 78
Epping Rockingham
Samuel Blaisdell 75 Osgood Paige Weare Hillsborough
Eleazer Blake 84 Eleazer Blake Rindge Cheshire
Isaac Blake 75 Isaac Blake Thornton Grafton
Joseph Blanchard 84 David Blanchard Acworth Sullivan
Jonathan Blanden 87 Jonathan Blanden Bethlehem Grafton
Solomon Blodget 74 Samuel Blodget Acworth Sullivan
Amos Blodgett 83 Ebenezer Colby, Jr. Sanbornton Strafford
Abel Blood 82 Robert Fulton Bradford Merrimack
Jenett Blue 75
Deerfield Rockingham
Moses Bly 88 Moses Bly Plaistow Rockingham
Betsey Bo*** 95 Jonathan **** Woodstock Grafton
Mary Boardman 85 Samuel Fletcher Concord Merrimack
Benjamin Boardman 83 Benjamin Boardman Bridgewater Grafton
Stephen Bohonon 50 Stephen Bohonon Bristol Grafton
William Bond 80 Silas Bond Charlestown Sullivan
Sarah Bowen 84 Sarah Bowen Rindge Cheshire
William Bowen 85 Peter Bullock Grafton Grafton
Jeremiah Bowen 86 John A. Bowen Landaff Grafton
Jerahmeel Bowers 95 Samuel Hartshorn Hebron Grafton
John Bowley 88 Ezra Tucker Enfield Grafton
Thankful Bowman 76
Claremont Sullivan
George Boyles 55 George Boyles Portsmouth Rockingham
Elias Boynton 85 Elias Boynton Sharon Hillsborough
Berth** Boynton 72 David Boynton Sullivan Cheshire
Benjamin Bradley 79 Benjamin Bradley Canterbury Merrimack
Amos Bragdon 78 Amos Bragdon Milton Strafford
Eleanor Brewster 77 Isaac Brewster Francestown Hillsborough
James Brickett 77 James Brickett Hampstead Rockingham
Gideon Bridgman 86 Thomas Bridgman Dorchester Grafton
Nathaniel Briggs 93 Nathaniel Briggs Orange Grafton
John Brigham 81 Samuel McKeen Acworth Sullivan
Sarah Brimhall 90 Joseph Vaughen Sanbornton Strafford
Asa Britton 77 Asa Britton Chesterfield Cheshire
John Brooks 80 John Brooks Hancock Hillsborough
William Brooks 79 William Brooks Greenfield Hillsborough
Jonas Brooks 85 Jonas Brooks Bethlehem Grafton
Jeremiah Brown 80
Seabrook Rockingham
Jeremiah Brown 76 Jeremiah Brown Jr. North Hampton Rockingham
Joshua Brown 84 Joshua Brown Chester Rockingham
Mariam Brown 80
Seabrook Rockingham
Thomas Brown 80
New Market Rockingham
Charles Brown 78 Charles Brown Moultonborough Strafford
Jemima Brown 71 John Brown Moultonborough Strafford
Thomas Brown 77 Thomas Brown Antrim Hillsborough
James Brown 86 James Brown Henniker Merrimack
Caleb Brown 81 Caleb Brown Franklin Merrimack
Oliver Brown 83 Alexander Willard Chesterfield Cheshire
William Brown 84 William Brown Oxford Grafton
Lydia Brown 86 Jabez Kimball Warren Grafton
Josiah Brton 75 Josiah Barton Romney Grafton
John Bryant 72
Meredith Strafford
Elias Buckman 77 Elias Buckman Hanover Grafton
Nathan Bullard 76 Reuben Greeley Salisbury Merrimack
William Burbank 47 William Burbank Conway Strafford
Sarah Burhigh 87 Peter Burhigh Sanbornton Strafford
Abigail Burley 69 Abigail Burley Gilmanton Strafford
Elizabeth Burley 74 Benjamin Burley Dorchester Grafton
John Burnham 90 George Burnham Derry Rockingham
James Burnham 86 James Burnham Somersworth Strafford
Ruhama Burnham 76 Ruhama Burnham Greenfield Hillsborough
Pike G. Burnham 88 Pike G. Burnham Jackson Coos
John Burns 84 John Burns Whitefield Coos
Isaac Burpee 84 Francis Wright Milford Hillsborough
Nathaniel Burpey 84 Joseph Burpey Boscawen Merrimack
Jonathan Burpey 71 Jonathan Downing Boscawen Merrimack
Jemima Burter 77 Russell Phillips Gilmanton Strafford
Lydia Buss 91 James Gillmore Jaffrey Cheshire
Elias Buswell 85 Dearborn Taylor Sanbornton Strafford
James Buswell 57 James Buswell Sutton Merrimack
Anna Buswell 70 Hammond Buswell Lebanon Grafton
Jonathan Butler 87 Jonathan Butler Lyndeborough Hillsborough
Robert Butterfield 83 Oliver Butterfield Francestown Hillsborough
Henry Buzzell 80 Henry Buzzell Rochester Strafford
Martha Buzzell 73 Jacob P. Buzzell Appleton Strafford
Mary Buzzell 88 Jonathan Buzzell Barrington Strafford
Jared C*** 79 Jared C*** Columbia Coos
William Campbell 89 Richard Fisher Francestown Hillsborough
Lydia Carlisle 83 Lydia Carlisle Westmoreland Cheshire
Ruth Carlton 85 Daniel Carlton Derry Rockingham
Thomas Carlton 77 Thomas Carlton Derry Rockingham
Rebecca Carlton 68 Rebecca Carlton Merrimack Hillsborough
Rebecca Carlton 85 Woodman Carlton Bartlett Coos
David Carpenter 84 David Carpenter Keene Cheshire
Jesse Carr 83 Jesse Carr Northfield Merrimack
Nathan Carr 81 Nathan Carr Unity Sullivan
Sally Carryl 76 Parmelia Carryl Charlestown Sullivan
Jacob Carter -- Henry Carter Exeter Rockingham
John Carter 81 John Carter Concord Merrimack
Michael Carter 76 Michael Carter Goffstown Hillsborough
Nathan Carter 78 Nathan Carter Boscawen Merrimack
Abel Cass 88
Meredith Strafford
Theophilus Cass 84 Jonathan Hall Groton Grafton
Joseph Caswell 81 Joseph Caswell Strafford Strafford
Hannah Center 84 Syntha Claggett Windham Rockingham
Thomas Ch**e 75 George C**** Stewartstown Coos
Abigail Chadwick 76 Abigail Chadwick Hopkinton Merrimack
Joshua Chadwick 85 Joshua Chadwick Rindge Cheshire
Christopher Challis 82
East Kingston Rockingham
Nathaniel Challis 78 Benjamin Challis Charlestown Sullivan
Judith Chamberlain 77 William T. Cate Brookfield Strafford
Elisha Chamberlain 77 Elisha Chamberlain Swanzey Cheshire
Samuel Chandler 76 Samuel Chandler Antrim Hillsborough
Abial Chandler 75 Abial Chandler Stewartstown Coos
Elisha Chapman 70 Elisha Chapman Sanbornton Strafford
Valentine Chapman 82 Valentine Chapman Barnstead Strafford
Richard Chapman 82 Horace Chapman Acworth Sullivan
Sarah Chapman 72 Sarah Chapman Lyme Grafton
Moses Chase 78
Deerfield Rockingham
Mary Chase 76 Bartlett Wise Goshen Sullivan
Samuel Chase 83 Moses Chase Bath Grafton
Charity Chauncy 80 John C. Thompson Ossipee Strafford
Ebenezer Cheeny 77 Ebenezer Cheeny Chesterfield Cheshire
Elizabeth Chellis 80
Kingston Rockingham
Hanah Cheney 86 William Cheney Derry Rockingham
Samuel Cheney 77 Chilis F. Colby Warner Merrimack
John Chesley 89
Northwood Rockingham
James Choat 79 Humphrey Choat Derry Rockingham
David Choate 77 David Choate Enfield Grafton
John Church 80
Sandwich Strafford
Samuel Cilley 87 Samuel Cilley Andover Merrimack
Thomas Cilley 89 Thomas Cilley Weare Hillsborough
Hannah Cilley -- Abraham Morrill Weare Hillsborough
Roswell Clapp 85
Claremont Sullivan
Josiah Clark 80
New Market Rockingham
Nathaniel Clark 74 Nathaniel Clark, Jr. Plaistow Rockingham
Sarah Clark 84 Sarah Clark Chester Rockingham
Anthony Clark 88 Anthony Clark Warner Merrimack
William Clark 83 William Clark Chesterfield Cheshire
Samuel Clark 83
Plainfield Sullivan
Jonathan Clark 84 Jonathan Clark Washington Sullivan
Jonathan Clark 83 Jonathan Clark, Jr. Danbury Grafton
Josiah Clark 82 Josiah Clark Canaan Grafton
Hannah Clark 72 Moses Clark Landaff Grafton
Norman Clark 97 Joseph W**w*** Clarksville Coos
Joseph Cleasby 76 Joseph Cleasby Canterbury Merrimack
Hannah Clement 83 Amos C. Clement Plaistow Rockingham
John Clement 78 John Clement Bath Grafton
Isaac Cli*** 87 William Jack*** Loudon(?) Merrimack
Elizabeth Clough 89 Josiah Clough Sandown Rockingham
John Clough 78 John Clough Wolfsborough Strafford
Oliver Clough 77
Meredith Strafford
Sarah Clough 80 Joseph Clough Canterbury Merrimack
Abner Clough 83 Abner Clough Loudon(?) Merrimack
Joseph Clough 83 Joseph Clough Loudon(?) Merrimack
George Co*** 79 George Co*** Stoddard Cheshire
Ichabod Co____ 79 John T. G. Colby Wolfsborough Strafford
Morrell Coburn 87
Grantham Sullivan
Peter Coffin 81 Peter Coffin Jackson Coos
Judith Cogswell 74 Joseph B. Cogswell Atkinson Rockingham
George Colbath 84 George Colbath Portsmouth Rockingham
Abigail Colburn 85 Nathan Colburn Hollis Hillsborough
Mary Colburn 84 Peter U. Colburn Hollis Hillsborough
Leonard Colburn 44 Leonard Colburn Fitzwilliam Cheshire
Meriam Colburn 83 Benjamin Colburn Lebanon Grafton
Ebenezer Colby 79 Ebenezer Colby Sanbornton Strafford
Benjamin Colby 84 David Farmer Sutton Merrimack
Sarah Colby 80 Milton Aldrich Enfield Grafton
Daniel Cole 82
Plainfield Sullivan
Charles Collburn 77 Charles Colburn Newbury Merrimack
Thomas Colley 85 Thomas Colley Bow Merrimack
Daniel Colley 87 Andrew Elliott Canaan Grafton
Lydia Colley 78 Thomas J. Colley Enfield Grafton
David Collins 82
Sandwich Strafford
Lydia Combs 87 Phebe Turlelot Winchester Cheshire
Samuel Comstock 84 Samuel Comstock, Jr. Marlow Cheshire
Caleb Conant 78 Samuel W. Baker Lyme Grafton
Hannah Connor 88 John Brown Pembroke Merrimack
Stephen Conrey 81 Stephen Conrey Hollis Hillsborough
Betsey Cook 70 Peter Cook Wakefield Strafford
Charlotte Cook 77 Samuel S. Cook Moultonborough Strafford
Ebenezer Cook 80
Sandwich Strafford
Mehitabel Cook 80 John _____ Wakefield Strafford
Francis Cook 81 Abel H. Cook Winchester Cheshire
Sherman Cooper 82
Croydon Sullivan
Clement Corbin 75 Ezborn Corbin Charlestown Sullivan
Samuel Corey 86 Benjamin Corey Gilsum Cheshire
Elihn Corliss 82 Elihn Corliss Oxford Grafton
David Corsen 79 David M. Corsen Milton Strafford
Joseph Cotran 50 John Rogers Northfield Merrimack
Edward Cou***er 77 Edward Cou***er Wilmot Merrimack
Elizabeth Craig 88 Tappan W. Craig Romney Grafton
Betsey Cram 30
Meredith Strafford
Andrew Crook 80 John Crook Piermont Grafton
Joseph Crosby 87 Joseph Crosby Amherst Hillsborough
Moses Cross 79 Moses Cross Hopkinton Merrimack
William Cross 98 William Cross Haverhill Grafton
David Crowell 82 Peter Crowell Londonderry Rockingham
Hannah Crumnet 84 Winthrop Smith Durham Strafford
Am** Cu*** 85 George B. J*** Loudon(?) Merrimack
John Culver 79 John Culver Lyme Grafton
Molly Cummings 76 Charles Cummings Swanzey Cheshire
Asa Currier 79 Asa Currier Sanbornton Strafford
Moses Currier 89 Moses Currier Gilmanton Strafford
Ebenezer Currier 77 Ebenezer Currier Hooksett Merrimack
Nancy Currier 84 Nancy Currier Bow Merrimack
Elizabeth Currier 74 Theophilus Currier Canaan Grafton
Mary Currier 89 Tristram Brown Warren Grafton
Jacob Curtice 89 Jacob Curtice New Boston Hillsborough
John Curtis 78 John Curtis Westmoreland Cheshire
Isaac Palmer Curtis 82 Philbrick Curtis Danbury Grafton
William Curtis 84 W***** C***** Stratford Coos
Daniel Cushing 88 Daniel Cushing Dover Strafford
Seth Cutter 82 Seth Cutter Pelham Hillsborough
Betsey Cutter 87 Betsey Cutter Hudson Hillsborough
Joseph Cutter 88 Joseph Cutter Jaffrey Cheshire
Rachel Cutter 73 Sarah Law Jaffrey Cheshire
Waden Cutter 83
Plainfield Sullivan
Darius Dagget 79 Darius Daggett Westmoreland Cheshire
Thomas Dalloff 81
Meredith Strafford
Michael Dalton 87 Michael Dalton Rye Rockingham
Joseph Dame 82 Asa Dame Durham Strafford
Edward Dame 85 Samuel Smart Goshen Sullivan
Martha Dame 87 Henry S. Perren Oxford Grafton
Benjamin Damon 79 Benjamin Damon Amherst Hillsborough
Joseph Danforth 77
Meredith Strafford
Anna Daniels 86 Hiram Daniels Hill[s] Grafton
John David 85
Kingston Rockingham
Jacob Davis 81
Centre Harbor Strafford
Samuel Davis 48 Samuel Davis Sanbornton Strafford
Winthrop Davis 73 Winthrop Davis New Denham Strafford
Jonathan Davis 80 Jonathan Davis Loudon(?) Merrimack
Samuel Davis 81 Moses Davis Concord Merrimack
Wells Davis 87 Edward Ordway Sutton Merrimack
Josiah Davis 83 Josiah Davis New London Merrimack
Daniel Davis 79 Daniel Davis Sharon Hillsborough
Susanna Davis 84 Aaron Davis Keene Cheshire
David Davis 82
Cornish Sullivan
John Day 88 John Day Weare Hillsborough
Levi Day 87 Lemuel Kendall Hebron Grafton
Joseph Dearborn 78 Joseph Dearborn Greenland Rockingham
Hannah Dearborn 77 Hannah Durgin Lee Strafford
Rebecca Demary 75 John Ela Lebanon Grafton
Moses Dennis 88 Moses Dennis Hancock Hillsborough
Sarah Devinell 77 Sarah Devinell Keene Cheshire
Abigail Diamond 83 Obadiah Diamond Danville Rockingham
Rebecca Diamond 78 John Diamond Peterborough Hillsborough
William Dickey 85 William Dickey Hillsborough Hillsborough
Jennett Dickey 83 Elias Dickey New Boston Hillsborough
Eunice Dickinson 80 Erastus Dickinson Hinsdale Cheshire
Elijah Dinsmore 77 Fox Dinsmore Conway Strafford
Mary Dinsmore 71 Samuel Dinsmore Antrim Hillsborough
John Dinsmore 85 Edmund Dearborn Northfield Merrimack
Samuel Dinsmore 87 Samuel Dunsmore Northfield Merrimack
Hannah Docken 69 Moses Harrison Ossipee Strafford
Eunice Dodge 79 Clark Dodge Winchester Cheshire
Miles Dolloff 67 Miles Dolloff Conway Strafford
Bennaiah Dore 75 Bennaiah Dore Milton Strafford
Jonathan Dore 83 Jonathan Dore Milton Strafford
Daniel Dotey 76 Daniel Dotey Haverhill Grafton
Ruth Dow 82
Kensington Rockingham
Zebulon Dow 84
Epping Rockingham
John Dow 76 John Dow Gilmanton Strafford
Joseph Dow 80 Joseph Dow Chichester Merrimack
Eunice Dow 84 Eunice Dow Stoddard Cheshire
Jesse Dow 86 Thomas Cole Orange Grafton
Jason Downer 84 Jason Downer Lebanon Grafton
James Downer 78 Isaac Farnsworth Lyme Grafton
John Downing 76 James Calep Chester Rockingham
Jabez Downs 78
Claremont Sullivan
John Drake 87 John Drake Effingham Strafford
Hannah Drake 76 James Drake Pittsfield Merrimack
Anna Draper 76
Claremont Sullivan
Andrew Drew 82 Andrew Drew Durham Strafford
Thomas C. Drew 78 Thomas C. Drew Walpole Cheshire
Anna Dudley 81 Abel Dudley Alton Strafford
Polly Dudley 78 Samuel Dudley, Jr.[?] Alton Strafford
John Dungin 83 John Dungin Sanbornton Strafford
Solomon Dunham 82
Newport Sullivan
Sally Durant 83 Susan Durant Exeter Rockingham
Richard Durgin 89
New Hampton Strafford
John Durkee 79 Asa Risley Hanover Grafton
Sarah Dustin 77 Emerson Favor Francestown Hillsborough

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