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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 19, 2001

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First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City/Town County
Jonathan Uran 85 Jonathan Uran Concord Merrimack
Joshua Veasey 80
Deerfield Rockingham
Lydia Veazey 83 Lydia Veazey Tuftonborough Strafford
Thomas Vincent 79 Stephen Vin**** Woodstock Grafton
John Virgin 57 Samuel Hutchins Concord Merrimack
Jonathan Vittum 59
Sandwich Strafford
William Vose 52 William Vose Keene Cheshire
John Wadleigh 37
Meredith Strafford
Simeon Wadleigh 78
Meredith Strafford
Temperance Walker 81 Temperance Walker Exeter Rockingham
Hannah Walker 87 John Walker Farmington Strafford
Eliakim Walker 87 Benjamin Walker Boscawen Merrimack
Sarah Walker 77 Sarah Walker New Ipswich Hillsborough
Bruce Walker 80 Nathaniel Walker Hebron Grafton
Sally Walker 74 Leonard Morse Lisbon Grafton
Waymouth Wallace 88
Sandwich Strafford
John Wallace 77 John Wallace Franconia Grafton
Abner Ward 85 Abner Ward Sutton Merrimack
Simon Ward 78 Simon Ward Haverhill Grafton
Anna Warker 83 Elisha Garfield, Jr. Langdon Sullivan
Benjamin Warner 83 Benjamin Warner Derry Rockingham
Sarah Washburn 77 Sarah Washburn Tamworth Strafford
Eli Washburn 81 Cyrus Breck Hanover Grafton
John Wason 86 John Wason Chester Rockingham
Deborah Waters 82 Margaret Adams Derry Rockingham
Thomas Watsan 78
Plainfield Sullivan
David Watson 80
New Market Rockingham
Alice Watson 77 Alice Watson Farmington Strafford
John Watson 83
Sandwich Strafford
Mary Watson 89 Nathan Watson Brookfield Strafford
Mary Watson 86 Samuel Watson, 2d Dover Strafford
Patience Watson 75 Joseph Hall Barrington Strafford
John Watts 81 John Watts Alstead Cheshire
Eleanor Watts 78 Gardner Cutler Charlestown Sullivan
Lydia Webster 83 Thomas Webster Salem Rockingham
Anna Webster 85
Sandwich Strafford
Hannah Webster 74 Hannah Webster Alton Strafford
Lydia Weeks 68
Northwood Rockingham
William Weeks 85 William Weeks Hopkinton Merrimack
Anna Welch 84
Portsmouth Rockingham
Ebenezer Wellington 77 William Wellington Walpole Cheshire
Sarah Wells 82
New Hampton Strafford
Samuel S. Wentworth 83 Joseph Wentworth Lancaster Coos
Jacob Wetherbee 81 Jacob Wetherbee Chesterfield Cheshire
Bridgett Wheat 83 Joseph Wheat Canaan Grafton
William Wheeler 80 William Wheeler Loudon(?) Merrimack
John Wheeler 80 Ambrose Gravis Westmoreland Cheshire
Salisbury Wheeler 76
Grantham Sullivan
Lavina Wheeler 78 Amos Stetson Dorchester Grafton
Jonathan Wheelock 81 Lewis Downing Concord Merrimack
Ithamar Wheelock 79 Nathan Blodgett Jaffrey Cheshire
Sarah Whipple 84 Benjamin Whipple Dunbarton Merrimack
Oliver Whipple 89 Rufus Whipple Richmond Cheshire
Stephen Whipple 64 Samuel Garfield Langdon Sullivan
Anna Whitcher 78 Timothy Whitcher Oilford Strafford
Enoch Whitcomb 80 David Whitcomb Surry Cheshire
Abijah Whitcomb 88 Rosewell Whitcomb Swanzey Cheshire
Joseph White 73 Joseph White Ossipee Strafford
Chary White 81 Charles White Westmoreland Cheshire
Stephen White 78 Silas White Fitzwilliam Cheshire
John White 82 Jane White Nelson Cheshire
Rebecca White 78 Samuel White Lancaster Coos
James Whitehouse 89 Nathaniel Whitehouse Tuftonborough Strafford
David Whitman 78 David Whitman Lyme Grafton
Joel Whitney 80 Benjamin B. Morse Fitzwilliam Cheshire
Sarah Whitney 92 David Whitney Fitzwilliam Cheshire
Betty Whitney 85 Silas Whitney Grafton Grafton
Lydia Whitney 88 Isaac Whitney Canaan Grafton
Silas Whitney 73 Silas Whitney Thornton Grafton
Ebenezer Whitteker 86 Peter Whitteker Haverhill Grafton
Prudence Whittemore 77 Prentiss Whittemore Marlow Cheshire
Thomas Whittier 80 Peter Adams Orange Grafton
Rachel Whittle 73 John Whittle, 2d Weare Hillsborough
Rebecca Wier 77 John Wier Westmoreland Cheshire
Winthrop Wiggin 96
Kensington Rockingham
Sarah Wiggin 83 Samuel H**** Loudon(?) Merrimack
Benjamin Wiggin 81 Benjamin Wiggin Tuftonborough Strafford
James Wiggin 80 James Wiggin Tuftonborough Strafford
Asa Wilcox 84 Hollis Wilcox Surry Cheshire
Bening Wilkinson 74
Centre Harbor Strafford
Sarah Willard 34
Portsmouth Rockingham
Aaron Willard 82 Aaron Willard Marlborough Cheshire
Samuel Willey 87 Samuel Willey Conway Strafford
Andrew Willey 85 Andrew Willey Concord Merrimack
Mercy Williams 92 Alexander Williams Grafton Grafton
Sarah Williams 96 Timothy A. Edson Littleton Grafton
Hannah Wills 79 Riley Wills Haverhill Grafton
Robert Willson 81 Robert Willson Derry Rockingham
Joseph Wilmarth 89 Nathan Stark Hanover Grafton
Samuel Wilson 85 William Wilson Stoddard Cheshire
Artemas Wilson 83 Benjamin Wilson Fitzwilliam Cheshire
Warren Wilson 77 Warren Wilson Canaan Grafton
Abel Winship 84 David Cosey Jaffrey Cheshire
Daniel Wise 85 Leonard Wise Winchester Cheshire
Mary Wise 85 Robert Latham Lyme Grafton
Eunice Witt 85 Eunice Witt Chesterfield Cheshire
James Wood 79 James Wood Alstead Cheshire
Ebenezer Wood 86 Ebenezer Wood Washington Sullivan
Joseph Wood 80 Samuel Wood, 2d Lebanon Grafton
Elisha Woodbury 88 Elisha Woodbury, Jr. Salem Rockingham
Elizabeth Woodbury 77 Elizabeth Woodbury Salem Rockingham
Israel Woodbury 80 Israel Woodbury Salem Rockingham
Lot Woodbury 80 Lot Woodbury Bethlehem Grafton
Jeremiah Woodman 79 Jeremiah Woodman Alton Strafford
Thomas Woodman 88
New Hampton Strafford
Jacob Woodward 78 Jacob Woodward Marlborough Cheshire
Tabitha Woodward 90 David Woodward Hanover Grafton
David Wooley 80 David Wooley Hinsdale Cheshire
Abigail Worsley 93 William Greenwood Marlborough Cheshire
Michael Worthen 81 Michael Worthen Chester Rockingham
Peter Wright 88 John Procter Stoddard Cheshire
Philemon Wright 58 Philemon Wright Keene Cheshire
Oliver Wright 81 Edwin Jewell Winchester Cheshire
Nehemiah Wright 83 Nehemiah Wright Nelson Cheshire
Moses Wright 78 Moses Wright, Jr. Unity Sullivan
Jacob Wright 81 Jacob Wright Washington Sullivan
David Wright 83 Zelia Durkee Lebanon Grafton
Aphia Wyman 68 David Gibson Manchester Hillsborough
Lydia Wyman 75
Chatham Strafford
George Yeaton 80 Hannah Furber Wolfsborough Strafford
Moses Yeaton 86 Leavitt H. Yeaton Somersworth Strafford
William York 82
Cornish Sullivan
Benjamin York 79 Benjamin York Landaff Grafton
Isaac Ilsley York 87 Isaac Ilsley York Henuoar* Coos
Eleazer Young 83 Eleazer Young Gilmanton Strafford
Joseph Young 73 Joseph Young Lisbon Grafton
Bela Young 51 Bela Young Lisbon Grafton
Yanaca Young 79 John Young Lyman Grafton
Caleb Young 82 Samuel B*ll* Franconia Grafton
Abigail Youngman 78 Jonas Blood, Jr. Hollis Hillsborough

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