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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 19, 2001

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First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City/Town County
John Y. Randall 55 John Y. Randall Rye Rockingham
Sarah Randall 79 Sarah Randall Portsmouth Rockingham
Rachel Randall 75 Benjamin Andrews Somersworth Strafford
Supply Reed 85 David Currier Acworth Sullivan
Keziah Reed 76 Keziah Reed Washington Sullivan
Elijah Rekord 84
Grantham Sullivan
Sarah Remicks 76 Sarah Remicks Derry Rockingham
James Renolds 88 James Renold Tuftonborough Strafford
Mary Rermick 78 Solomon Waldson Barrington Strafford
Hannah Rice 86 Stephen Rice Chesterfield Cheshire
Jonathan Richards 49 Jonathan Richards Alton Strafford
Theodore Richards 76 George W. Richards Sutton Merrimack
Mary Richardson 78 Mary Richardson Raymond Rockingham
Abigail Richardson 90 Samuel Richardson Moultonborough Strafford
Sarah Richardson 94 James Griffin Pelham Hillsborough
Levina Richardson 77 Jesse Hemmingway Gilsum Cheshire
Abijah Richardson 79 Abijah Richardson Dublin Cheshire
Joshua Richardson 82 Joshua W. Richardson Canaan Grafton
Reuben Ricker 82 Reuben Ricker Dover Strafford
Elizabeth Rider 84 Lydia S**** Stratford Coos
Abigail Right 86
Northwood Rockingham
Abijah Ring 65
Deerfield Rockingham
Asa Risley 86 Asa Risley Hanover Grafton
Nathaniel Rix 74 Nathaniel Rix Haverhill Grafton
William Rixford 85 William Rixford, Jr. Winchester Cheshire
Joseph Robbin 82 Joseph Robbin Jaffrey Cheshire
Abigail Robbins 75 Charles D. Robbins Hillsborough Hillsborough
Elizabeth Roberts 77 John Roberts Appleton Strafford
Elizabeth Roberts 80 James C. Roberts Milton Strafford
John Roberts 84 John Garvin Somersworth Strafford
Joseph Roberts 78 Joseph Roberts Farmington Strafford
Martha Roberts 79 Lydia Twombly Somersworth Strafford
Daniel Robertson 79
Cornish Sullivan
James Robinson 58 James Robinson Rye Rockingham
Joseph Robinson 81
Deerfield Rockingham
John Robinson 80
Meredith Strafford
Levi Robinson 86
New Hampton Strafford
Eunice Rogers 88 Eunice Sergent Oxford Grafton
Francis Rollins 79
Deerfield Rockingham
Sarah Rollins 77
Epping Rockingham
John Rollins 81 John Rollins Alton Strafford
Eliphalet Rollins 81 Eliphalet Rollins Wilmot Merrimack
Robert Rollins 84 Beri Bartlett Bath Grafton
Abraham Rose 80 Abraham Rose Lyndeborough Hillsborough
John Ross 83 Luke Sumner Bristol Grafton
Thomas Ross 79 David M. Pelton Hanover Grafton
Lemuel Rovel 84 Lemuel Rovel Langdon Sullivan
Enoch Rowe 82 Enoch Rowe Exeter Rockingham
William Rowell 91
Derry Rockingham
Sarah Rowen 78 Jacob Rowen Wentworth Grafton
Samuel Rumels 86 John Hanson Rochester Strafford
Lydia Rundlet 90 Thomas Rundlet Bedford Hillsborough
Reuben Rundlett 77 Reuben Rundlett Bridgewater Grafton
Joseph Runnels 81 Joseph Runnels Concord Merrimack
Daniel Russell 85 Denizen Gould Hillsborough Hillsborough
Jedediah Russell 88 Ebenezer Russell Lyndeborough Hillsborough
Jonathan Russell 87
Meredith Strafford
Moot Russell -- Moot Russell Plymouth Grafton
William Rust 84 Aaron Priest Walpole Cheshire
Ruth S**** 82 Elijah S **** Thornton Grafton
Mary Sanborn 76 Simon M. Sanborn Chester Rockingham
Anna Sanborn 82 Simon Mason Pittsfield Merrimack
Dolly Sanborn 76 Dolly Sanborn Sanbornton Strafford
Lucy Sanborn 88 Elisha Hibbard Haverhill Grafton
Lydia Sanborn 84 He*** S****n Lyman Grafton
Josiah Sanborn, 2d 80
Sanbornton Strafford
John Sanders 83 John Sanders Sanbornton Strafford
Lydia Sanders 74
Grantham Sullivan
Dinah Sands 74 Dinah Sands Gilmanton Strafford
Benjamin Sanhone 81 Benjamin Sanhone Bristol Grafton
Sarah Sargeant 83 Joseph Dame Rochester Strafford
William Sargent 78 William Sargent Newbury Merrimack
Eunice Sargent 84 John Marshall Epsom Merrimack
Joshua Sargent 82 Joshua Sargent Lyndeborough Hillsborough
Joseph Sargent 89 Caleb Sargent Warner Merrimack
Phineas Sargent 94 George W. Sargent Hill[s] Grafton
Martha Sawyer 79 Israel Sawyer Oilford Strafford
Edward Sawyer 79 Edmund Sawyer Franklin Merrimack
Mary Sawyer 82 Lyman Ga*e Sullivan Cheshire
Joseph Sawyer 87 Wilson Gleason Westmoreland Cheshire
Abel Sawyer 88 Jonathan P. Sawyer Oxford Grafton
Mary Scott 88 Abel Dickinson Swanzey Cheshire
Mary Scott 72 Charles T. Scott Lyme Grafton
Samuel Scripture 79 Samuel Scripture Nelson Cheshire
Jonathan Seavey 81 Jonathan Seavey Hampton Rockingham
Daniel Seavey 77 Daniel Seavey Loudon(?) Merrimack
Jacob Selingham 79 Jacob Selingham Woodstock Grafton
Mehitable Severance 71 Benjamin Severance Tuftonborough Strafford
Abel Severance 85 John Severance Bradford Merrimack
Olive Seward 92 Oliver Heaton Keene Cheshire
John Shannon 83 Meny Lane Chester Rockingham
Lydia Shannon 84 Josiah Morse Chester Rockingham
Abraham Shattuck 84 Abraham Shattuck Washington Sullivan
Joseph Shaw 90
Northwood Rockingham
Abiather Shaw 81 Abiather Shaw Westmoreland Cheshire
Eunice Shepard 77 Charles Shepard Bedford Hillsborough
Morrill Shepherd 75 Morrill Shepherd Canterbury Merrimack
John Shirley 85 Harry Shirley Fitzwilliam Cheshire
John Shory 85 Lyford Shory Wolfsborough Strafford
Judith Showell 81 Nathaniel George Danville Rockingham
Benjamin Shute 81 Benjamin Shute Derry Rockingham
Lassell Silsby 85 Joel Fletcher Lempster Sullivan
Samuel Simmons 83 Caleb Ward Hanover Grafton
Bridge Simonds 82 Hiram A. Simonds Lebanon Grafton
James Simonds 79 James Simonds Landaff Grafton
Noah Sinclare 49 Noah Sinclare Bartlett Coos
Rachel Sincler 81
New Hampton Strafford
Samuel Sischo 84 Samuel Sischo Goshen Sullivan
Timothy Skinner 79 Barton Skinner Westmoreland Cheshire
Samuel Slade 78 Samuel Slade Alstead Cheshire
William Slade 83 Allen Slade Alstead Cheshire
Betsey Sleeper 81 Colby Sleeper Alexandria Grafton
Temperance Sloan 75 Asahel Sloan Lyme Grafton
Henry Sloper 81 Priscilla Maxwell Oxford Grafton
Benjamin Sluper 81 Joseph Sluper[?] Alton Strafford
Dudley Smart 82 Dudley Smart Chichester Merrimack
Jonathan Smart 82 Asa R. Smith Sanbornton Strafford
Samuel Smart 77 Samuel Smart Wentworth Grafton
Moses Smart 85 Moses Smart Romney [Rumney] Grafton
David Smiley 80 David Smiley Peterborough Hillsborough
Alexander Smith 42 Alexander Smith Portsmouth Rockingham
Betsy Smith 79 Ephraim Philbrick Rye Rockingham
Jacob Smith 83 Jacob Smith Raymond Rockingham
Abigail Smith 79 Abigail Smith Gilmanton Strafford
Benjamin Smith 82
New Hampton Strafford
Eliphalet Smith 76
Sandwich Strafford
Elisha Smith 63 Elisha Smith Tuftonborough Strafford
Henry Smith 79 Josiah C. Smith Sanbornton Strafford
Ithiel Smith 69 Ithiel Smith Gilmanton Strafford
John Smith 80
New Hampton Strafford
Joseph Smith 80
New Hampton Strafford
Londa Smith 78
Chatham Strafford
Louchance Smith 89 Mark Smith Sanbornton Strafford
Moody Smith 82 Moody Smith Hopkinton Merrimack
Abraham Smith 85 Abraham Smith Bradford Merrimack
Samuel Smith 82 David Ware Gilsum Cheshire
Nathan Smith 76 Nathan Smith Fitzwilliam Cheshire
Francis Smith 87 Silas Smith Rindge Cheshire
Edna Smith 73
Grantham Sullivan
Rebecca Smith 77 Oliver Ellsworth Wentworth Grafton
Hannah Smith 76 Ebenezer Wetherby Lisbon Grafton
Ivory Snow 78 Joseph Snow Swanzey Cheshire
John Snow 80 John Snow Dublin Cheshire
Ivory Soule 80 Ivory Soule Hinsdale Cheshire
Philip Spalding 85
Plainfield Sullivan
Emma Spaulding 81 Gardner Spaulding Washington Sullivan
Martha Speed 77 Martha Speed Exeter Rockingham
Seth Spencer 80 Seth Spencer Bridgewater Grafton
Ebenezer Sperry 84
Claremont Sullivan
Abigail Sperry 89
Claremont Sullivan
Rebecca Stacey 77 William Stacey Stoddard Cheshire
Sally Stanley 77 Sally Stanley Lancaster Coos
John Starbird 85 John Starbird Durham Strafford
Waitstill Starkey 80 William Woodward Richmond Cheshire
John Stearns 80
Deerfield Rockingham
Abigail Stearns 74 Moulton Mace Manchester Hillsborough
Ephraim Stearns 85 Stephen Stearns Walpole Cheshire
Elias Stearns 86 Elias Stearns Haverhill Grafton
Benjamin Stephenson 52 Benjamin Stephenson Lancaster Coos
Maria Stevens 88 Tristram Kimball Salem Rockingham
Ephraim Stevens 82 Ephraim Stevens Manchester Hillsborough
Eleanor[?] Stevens 74 George W. Stevens Appleton Strafford
Simon Stevens 76 John Stevens Sutton Merrimack
Jonathan Stevens 96 John Hubbart Sutton Merrimack
Asa Stevens 79 Sarah Mead Washington Sullivan
James Stevens 83 James Stevens Enfield Grafton
Molly Stevens 87 Rutus Stevens Wentworth Grafton
Isaac Stevens 88 Isaac Stevens Stratford Coos
Mary Stickney 77 Comfort Leach Hampton Rockingham
Elizabeth Stickney 82 Gersham Hanson Concord Merrimack
Charles Stickney 42 Charles Stickney Grafton Grafton
Daniel Stickney 79 Hiram Stickney Enfield Grafton
Sarah Stillson 89 William Stillson Durham Strafford
Andrew Stimpson 81 Andrew Stimpson Hudson Hillsborough
Janette Stinson 89 John Stinson, 3d Dunbarton Merrimack
Lemuel Stoddard 81 Asa S****** Colebrook Coos
Jemima Stone 86 David Stone Swanzey Cheshire
Permela Stowell 83
Grantham Sullivan
Polly Stratton 74 John Town Jaffrey Cheshire
Richard Straw 85 Richard Straw Warner Merrimack
Mary Straw 80 Moses Straw Hill[s] Grafton
Stephen Strong 77 Stephen Strong Moultonborough Strafford
Hosea Sturdavant 77
Centre Harbor Strafford
Benjamin Sullivan 77 Benjamin Sullivan Tamworth Strafford
Elizabeth Sumner 78 William S. Sumner New Denham Strafford
Phineas Swain 77 Phineas Swain Candia Rockingham
Dudley Swain 81 Dudley Swain Sanbornton Strafford
Jeremiah Swain 81 Jeremiah Swain Sanbornton Strafford
Mariam Swain 78
Meredith Strafford
Benjamin Swayer 83 Benjamin Sawyer Nelson Cheshire
Abraham P. Sweat 80 Abraham P. Sweat Bradford Merrimack
Stockman Sweatt 80 Alden Sweatt Hanover Grafton
Thomas R. Swett 79 Thomas R. Swett Pittsfield Merrimack
Moses T***sell 86 Moses Tr**sell New London Merrimack
Ruth Tabor 77 Ruth Tabor Hopkinton Merrimack
Philip Tabor 79
Cornish Sullivan
Relief Taft 78 Nathaniel Rundletts Exeter Rockingham
Hannah Taylor 81 John Moore, Jr. Candia Rockingham
John Taylor 83 William Taylor Sanbornton Strafford
Jonathan Taylor 75 Joseph Rowe Gilmanton Strafford
Richard Taylor 89 Richard Taylor Freedom Strafford
Eliphalet Taylor 82 Eliphalet Taylor Alstead Cheshire
Tamer Taylor 74 Gilman R. Taylor Camptown Grafton
Mary Tayntor 89 John Wiswell Marlborough Cheshire
Ephraim Tebbetts 86 Robert Tebbetts Barnstead Strafford
Robert Tebbetts 81 Robert Tebbetts Barnstead Strafford
Edmund Tenney 84 Edmund Tenney Pelham Hillsborough
Molly Tenney 80 Eliphalet Blake Alexandria Grafton
David Tenney 81 David Tenney Hanover Grafton
Benjamin Thatcher 79 Levi Thatcher Marlborough Cheshire
Thomas Thissell 80 Thomas Thisell, Jr. Pelham Hillsborough
John Thompson 79 Thomas Thompson Antrim Hillsborough
David Thompson 83 David Thompson Oilford Strafford
Dorcas Thompson 69
Sandwich Strafford
John Thompson 52 John Thompson Ossipee Strafford
Benjamin Thompson 79 Benjamin Thompson Salisbury Merrimack
The heirs of Robert and Charlotte N. R. Thorne One aged Do. 17 19

Portsmouth Rockingham
William Thorns 79 William Thorns Conway Strafford
Joshua Thornton 75 Joshua Thornton Lyman Grafton
Sarah Ti______ 78 Jeremiah Wingate[?] Farmington Strafford
Edmund Tibbets 78 Edmund Tibbets Brookfield Strafford
James Tibbets 76
Centre Harbor Strafford
Margaret Tibbets 76 Nathaniel Tibbets Dover Strafford
John Tilton -- Timothy Tilton Exeter Rockingham
Daniel Tilton 82
Meredith Strafford
Judith Tilton 69
New Hampton Strafford
Barney Tisdale 84 Barney Tisdale Hanover Grafton
John Todd 83 John Todd Peterborough Hillsborough
Benjamin Tolman 84 Benjamin Tolman Troy Cheshire
Mary Tosey 83 Elias Toser Roxbury Cheshire
Jonathan Towle 85 Jonathan Towle Eaton Strafford
Elisha Towne 77 Matthew W. Towne Alstead Cheshire
Moses Towns 86 Moses Towns Chichester Merrimack
David Townsend 84 David Townsend Dubin Cheshire
Benjamin True 76 Osgood True Chester Rockingham
John True 78 John True Pittsfield Merrimack
Jabez True 82 Jabez True Salisbury Merrimack
Mary Tuck 86 John Tuck Lempster Sullivan
Moses Turner 86 Moses Turner, Jr. Candia Rockingham
Betsey Tuttle 76
New Market Rockingham
Ebenezer Twambly 81 Ebenezer Twambly Lancaster Coos
Nathan Twining 86 Nathan Twining Alstead Cheshire
John Twombley 80 Paul Brock Madbury Strafford
Jonathan Tylor 89 James Haniman Coventry Grafton

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