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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 19, 2001

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I - L
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City/Town County
Nathaniel Ingalls 83 Nathaniel Ingalls Pelham Hillsborough
Luther Ingalls 82 Sylvester Ingalls Hanover Grafton
Moses Ingalls 85 Moses Ingalls Shelburne Coos
Samuel Jackman 91 Samuel Jackman Concord Merrimack
Royal Jackman 49 Royal Jackman Woodstock Grafton
Dorothy Jackson 78 Ephraim Jackson Madbury Strafford
Martha Jackson 93 Noah J. Sanborn Tamworth Strafford
Sarah Jackson 73
Claremont Sullivan
Molly Jacobs 84 Joseph Tuttle Barnstead Strafford
Jabez James 80 Jabez James Oilford Strafford
Eunice Jaques 80 Eunice Jaques Sanbornton Strafford
David Jenkins ** David Jenkins Stoddard Cheshire
Levi Jennison 58 Levi Jennison Langdon Sullivan
Benjamin Jewett 75 Benjamin Jewett Oilford Strafford
Enoch Jewett 83 Andrew Willoby Hollis Hillsborough
Sarah Jewett 76 William B. Nichols Bridgewater Grafton
John Johnson 83
Northwood Rockingham
Abigail Johnson 89 Frederick A. Mitchell Greenfield Hillsborough
Phineas Johnson 93 Phineas Johnson Brookfield Strafford
Joseph Johnson 79 Joseph Johnson Enfield Grafton
Hannah Johnson 81 Thomas Goodhue Enfield Grafton
Samuel Johnson 84 Henry Johnson Wentworth Grafton
Michael Johnson 76 Michael Johnson Haverhill Grafton
Mrs. William Jones 89 Mrs. John Averile Windsor Hillsborough
Sarah Jones 82 George Jones New Boston Hillsborough
John Jones 85 John Jones Winchester Cheshire
Asa Jones 82 Asa Jones Rindge Cheshire
Benjamin Jorden 79 Benjamin Jorden Columbia Coos
Rebecca Joslin ** ***** Joslin Stoddard Cheshire
Nathaniel Joslin ** Nathaniel Joslin Stoddard Cheshire
Sarah Joslin 79 David Joslin Marlborough Cheshire
Sarah Joslyn 75 John Joslyn Surry Cheshire
Thomas K**** 80 Thomas Killom Hillsborough Hillsborough
Caleb Keith 85 Caleb Keith Wentworth Grafton
Jonathan Kelley 79
Centre Harbor Strafford
Micajah Kelley 80 Samuel G. Kelley Gilmanton Strafford
Timothy Kelley 77 Timothy Kelley Hill[s] Grafton
Joel Kelsey 78
Newport Sullivan
Tryphena Kemp 80 Jonas Prichard Mason Hillsborough
Benjamin Kemp 78 David Kemp Sullivan Cheshire
Eliakim Kemp 88 Edmund N*** Sullivan Cheshire
Nathan Kendall 85 Nathan Kendall Amherst Hillsborough
Mary Kendall 81 George Kendall Winchester Cheshire
Daniel Kendrick 81 Nathaniel Kendrick Hanover Grafton
David Kenistan 84
Sandwich Strafford
Ebenezer Keniston 80
Epping Rockingham
Nancy Kenniston 80
Strafford Strafford
Ezekiel Keyes -- Ezekiel Keyes Plymouth Grafton
P. W. Kibbey 76
Newport Sullivan
Phineas Kidder 84 Phineas Kidder Lyndeborough Hillsborough
Eliphalet Kilburn 87 Eliphalet Kilburn, Jr. Boscawen Merrimack
Daniel Killom 84 Daniel Killom Hillsborough Hillsborough
Daniel Kimball 84 Daniel Kimball Hancock Hillsborough
Sargeant Kimball 83
Centre Harbor Strafford
David Kimball 80 David Kimball Nelson Cheshire
Daniel Kimball 77 David Townsend Canaan Grafton
Wills Kimball 80 Elisha Kimball Lebanon Grafton
Abigail Kimball 74 David Ramsay Romney Grafton
Samuel Kimball -- John ***** Plymouth Grafton
James King 75 James King Haverhill Grafton
Zephaniah Kittredge 83 Zephaniah Kittredge Mount Vernon Hillsborough
Solomon Kittredge 85 Solomon Kittredge Mount Vernon Hillsborough
Jonathan Knight 86 Jonathan Knight Bradford Merrimack
Elijah Knight 83 Elijah Knight Keene Cheshire
Sarah Knight 75 Moses Knight Bath Grafton
Abiah Knight 72 Kinsley H. Batchelder Haverhill Grafton
Dorothy Knowles 82 Eleazer Knowles Candia Rockingham
Ezekiel Knowles 85
Deerfield Rockingham
John Knowles 80 Joseph Knowles Moultonborough Strafford
Molly Knox 90 Molly Knox Chichester Merrimack
Samuel Ladd 62
Sandwich Strafford
Enos Lake 84 John E. Lake Rindge Cheshire
Hepsabeth Lake 77 John E. Lake Rindge Cheshire
Winslow Lakin 81 Winslow Lakin Francestown Hillsborough
Nathaniel Lamb 80 Nathaniel Lamb Langdon Sullivan
Daniel Lamprey 81 Daniel Lamprey Hampton Rockingham
Joseph Lamson 80 Joseph Lamson New Boston Hillsborough
Jonathan Lamson 84 Betsey Lamson Mount Vernon Hillsborough
Asaph Lane 81 Asaph Lane Swanzey Cheshire
Samuel Lane 81 Elisha Lane Swanzey Cheshire
Arthur Latham 82 Berer Latham Lyme Grafton
Lois Lathop 75 Thomas Freeman Lebanon Grafton
Catharine Lathrop 78 George H. Lathrop Lebanon Grafton
Reuben Law 8- James Law Sharon Hillsborough
Oliver Lawrence 84 Nathaniel Dow Hancock Hillsborough
Submit Lawrence 82 Luther Lawrence Winchester Cheshire
Wiliam Leach 84 William Leach Newbury Merrimack
Elizabeth Leach 93 Samuel Leach Dunbarton Merrimack
Samuel Lear 78 Samuel L. Lear Epsom Merrimack
Samuel Lear 75 Samuel Lear Effingham Strafford
Polly Leavett 68 Baron T. Leavett Wolfsborough Strafford
Simon Leavitt 87 Thomas C. Leavitt North Hampton Rockingham
Mary Leavitt 75 Mary Leavitt Amherst Hillsborough
Andrew Leavitt 87 William Leavitt Mount Vernon Hillsborough
Amos Leavitt 81
Meredith Strafford
Jonathan Leavitt 81 Jonathan Leavitt Conway Strafford
Nathan Lee 78 Nathan Lee Wolfsborough Strafford
Jacob Leighton 82 Jacob Leighton New Denham Strafford
Mary Leighton 82 Sally Clark Strafford Strafford
Martha Lewis 78 Martha Lewis Marlborough Cheshire
John Lewis 87 William Lew** Lempster Sullivan
Phebe Lewis 78 Titus Hutchinson Littleton Grafton
George Libbey --
Portsmouth Rockingham
James Libbey 89 Samuel White Goshen Sullivan
Samuel Libby 84 Samuel Libby Allenstown Merrimack
Daniel Little 90 Tristram Little Hampstead Rockingham
Joseph Little 79 Joseph Little Boscawen Merrimack
Isaac Littlefield 46 Isaac Littlefield Sutton Merrimack
Lydia Littlehale 82 Penuel Allen Lempster Sullivan
David Livermore 78 David Livermore Hillsborough Hillsborough
Joseph Lo*** 71 Joseph L**** Colebrook Coos
Mary Lock 70
Seabrook Rockingham
Moses Long 79 Moses Long Hopkinton Merrimack
Phebe Long 80 Joseph Long Swanzey Cheshire
John Longee 63 John Lougee Gilmanton Strafford
Sarah Longfellow 88 Stephen Williams Canaan Grafton
Polly Lord 75
Portsmouth Rockingham
Thomas Lord 83 Thomas Lord Freedom Strafford
Daniel Lord 88 Pe*** A. Cook Bradford Merrimack
Theophilus Lorring 81 Moses Brown Raymond Rockingham
Mary Lougee 80 Nathaniel E. Hans[on?] Strafford Strafford
Lydia Lovejoy 80 Sarah Chase Nashua Hillsborough
Samuel Lovejoy 84 William Lovejoy Milford Hillsborough
Ebenezer Lovering 84 Ebenezer Lovering North Hampton Rockingham
Simon Low 85 Simon Low Greenfield Hillsborough
Olive Lowell 76 Olive Lowell Washington Sullivan
Ezra Lowell 83 William Hills Hanover Grafton
Sally Lucas 84 John Lucas Wolfsborough Strafford
George W. Lucas 47 George W. Lucas Lancaster Coos
Mary Lull 76 Moses Lull Weare Hillsborough
Stephen Lund 89 Hosea Lund Warren Grafton

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