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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 19, 2001

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E - H
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City/Town County
Jonathan Eames 84 Jonathan Eames Swanzey Cheshire
Olive Eastman 76 John Follinsbee Londonderry Rockingham
Samuel Eastman 79 Samuel Eastman Hopkinton Merrimack
Henry Eastman 77
Grantham Sullivan
James Eastman 86 Moses Eastman Haverhill Grafton
Susanna Eastman 77 William Eastman Whitefield Coos
David Eaton 83
Seabrook Rockingham
Sarah Eaton 70
Seabrook Rockingham
Sylvanus Eaton 84
Seabrook Rockingham
John Eaton 77 John Eaton Newbury Merrimack
Samuel Eaton 82 Samuel Eaton Hancock Hillsborough
Joseph Eaton 81 Lewis Martin Greenfield Hillsborough
William Eaton 74
Chatham Strafford
John Eaton 80
Grantham Sullivan
Gardner Edmunds 46 Gardner Edmunds Chichester Merrimack
Cynthia Eldrige 74 Cynthia Eldrige Walpole Cheshire
Jacob Eliot 84 Jacob Eliot Chester Rockingham
John Elliot 84 John Elliot Concord Merrimack
William Elliott 88 John Hobart Dorchester Grafton
Elizabeth Emerson 78 John Hill Windham Rockingham
Mark Emerson 78 Simeon P. Locke Epsom Merrimack
Peter Emerson 82 Manchester Manchester Hillsborough
Hannah Emerson 91 Joshua F. Emerson Durham Strafford
Daniel Emery 79 Eben. White Wilmot Merrimack
John Emery 93 John Emery New Ipswich Hillsborough
Jane Etherage 76
Sandwich Strafford
Huldah Evans 76 Huldah Evans Concord Merrimack
Joseph Evans 85 John Withington Warner Merrimack
Nathaniel Evans ** ****iel Evans Stoddard Cheshire
Levi Everett 79 Levi Everett New London Merrimack
George Every 81
Plainfield Sullivan
Judith Fall 81 Samuel H. Allard Eaton Strafford
Naomi Farmer 87
New Hampton Strafford
Israel Farnum 81 Mark D. Perkins Mount Vernon Hillsborough
Isaac Farrar 79 Isaac Farrar Hillsborough Hillsborough
Ebenezer Farrington 83 Ebenezer Farrington Greenfield Hillsborough
Eunice Faulkner 69 Eunice Faulkner Rindge Cheshire
James Faxon 75 James Faxon Washington Sullivan
Sarah Fay 77 Sarah Fay Walpole Cheshire
Chloe Fay 77 Joseph Fay Lebanon Grafton
Nicholas Felch 85
Seabrook Rockingham
Moses Fellows 85 Moses Fellows Salisbury Merrimack
Josiah Fellows 87 David C. Will** Bristol Grafton
Ezekiel Fellows 86 Joseph Fellows Bridgewater Grafton
Joseph Felt 82 Joseph Felt Nelson Cheshire
Naomi Felt 81 Naomi Felt Nelson Cheshire
Mathias Felton 84 Mathias Felton Fitzwilliam Cheshire
John Ferguson 83 Daniel Ferguson Bedford Hillsborough
Moses Ferrin 80 Samuel Ferrin Eaton Strafford
Hannah Ferrin 79 Jonathan Ferrin Thornton Grafton
John Fields 84 John H. Colburn Merrimack Hillsborough
Abraham Fiheld 85 Daniel Fiheld Salisbury Merrimack
Eleazer Fish 75 Joseph Waugh Nashua Hillsborough
Mehitable Fisher 78 Winslow Lakin Francestown Hillsborough
Thomas Fisher 79 Phineas Butterfield Francestown Hillsborough
George Fishley 80 George Fishley Portsmouth Rockingham
David Fisk 83 David Fisk, 3d Amherst Hillsborough
Ephraim Fisk 84 Ephraim Fisk, Jr. Hopkinton Merrimack
William Fisk 52 William Fisk Datton [Dalton] Coos
Dolly Fitts 72 Nathaniel Fitts Sandown Rockingham
Abner Flanders 85 Nancy Haniford Northfield Merrimack
David Flanders 83 Amos H*** Franklin Merrimack
Mary Flanders 79 Reuben S. Long Danbury Grafton
Moses Flanders 78 Daniel Smith Enfield Grafton
Peter Fletcher 77 Peter Fletcher Hancock Hillsborough
Simeon Fletcher 80 Simeon Fletcher Greenfield Hillsborough
Lydia Fogg 72
Kensington Rockingham
Sarah Fogg 82
Northwood Rockingham
Jeremiah Fogg 81 Charles Fogg Hancock Hillsborough
Stephen Fogg 30
Meredith Strafford
Eleanor Follansbee 80 John Follansbee Francestown Hillsborough
Nathan Follansbee 78 Nathan Follansbee Enfield Grafton
Asa Folsom 86
Deerfield Rockingham
Mary Folsom 85 Mary Folsom Gilmanton Strafford
Joseph Forestall 82 Joseph Forestall Troy Cheshire
George Foss 83 George Foss, Jr. Strafford Strafford
John Foss 85 John F*** Thornton Grafton
Luna Foster 76 Luna Foster Gilsum Cheshire
Abner Foster 79 Abner Foster Rindge Cheshire
Ezra Foster 78 Ezra Foster Littleton Grafton
David Fowler 60 David Fowler Bristol Grafton
Elisha Fox 82 Franklin Fox Enfield Grafton
Jonathan Franklin 87 Jonathan Franklin Lyme Grafton
Enoch Freeman 86 Enoch Freeman Lebanon Grafton
Rachel French 82 Daniel Lanabee Merrimack Hillsborough
Asa French 98 Asa French Concord Merrimack
Jonathan French 80 Jonathan French Enfield Grafton
Reuben French 80 Reuben French Romney Grafton
Gordon Fruse 78
Epping Rockingham
Noah Full 82 Noah Fuller Lempster Sullivan
Daniel Fuller 79 Daniel Fuller Francestown Hillsborough
Rufus Fuller 79 Parley Martin Bradford Merrimack
Joseph Fuller 86
Claremont Sullivan
Lemuel Fuller 83 Lemuel Fuller Hebron Grafton
Betsey Furber 95
Northwood Rockingham
Elizabeth Furber 82 Joshua Furber Somersworth Strafford
Betty Furguson 76
Sandwich Strafford
Tha*** Gage 86 David Gage Franklin Merrimack
Elizabeth Gage 85 Nathan Gage Pelham Hillsborough
Abel Gage 80 Abel Gage Pelham Hillsborough
Archibald Gamble 78 Samuel Gamble Manchester Hillsborough
Christopher Gardner 77
Wendell Sullivan
Samuel Garfield 83 John Colburn Alstead Cheshire
Hannah Garland 81 Ham Garland Appleton Strafford
James Garland 87 William Mason Effingham Strafford
Richard Garland 77 Richard Garland Bartlett Coos
David Garnsey 76 Abner Garnsey Landaff Grafton
Jonas Gary 79 Joseph Butler Marlborough Cheshire
William Gate aka Nute 49 William Gates Jackson Coos
George Gates 86 Mary Hutchinson Antrim Hillsborough
Micah Gates 77 Besey Green Mason Hillsborough
Ezra Gates 82 Isaac F. Allen Haverhill Grafton
John Gault 77 Daniel Gault Bedford Hillsborough
Samuel George 84
Seabrook Rockingham
Samuel George 78
Wendell Sullivan
Zubah Gerould 77 Roxana Thur***n Stoddard Cheshire
John Gilbert 76 John Gilbert Lebanon Grafton
Jonathan Gilman 52
Sandwich Strafford
Moses Gilman 47 Moses Gilman, Jr. Sanbornton Strafford
Sally Gilman 78 Polly Gilman Tamworth Strafford
Tabatha Gilman 82 Thomas Potter Concord Merrimack
James Gilman 86 James Gilman Mason Hillsborough
Abigail Gilman 85
Springfield Sullivan
Jeremiah Gilman 79
Unity Sullivan
John Gilson 79 John Gilson Merrimack Hillsborough
Eleazer Gilson 83 Joseph F. Jet** Brookline Hillsborough
Phineas Gleason 83 Phineas Gleason Dublin Cheshire
Eleanor Gleeson 80 Jeremiah Gleeson Loudon(?) Merrimack
Eli Glenis 76 Thomas Glenis Eaton Strafford
William Glines 80 Lewis Davis Andover Merrimack
Sarah Glynn 74 Sarah Glynn Haverhill Grafton
Mary Godfrey 74 Josiah Nudd Hampton Rockingham
Betsey Goodrich 77 Draco Goodrich Westmoreland Cheshire
Hezekiah Goodrich 83 Pearl K. Hutchings Hanover Grafton
Thaddeus Goodwin 87 Thaddeus Goodwin Hillsborough Hillsborough
Samuel Goodwin 93 James Goodwin Northfield Merrimack
Mary Goodwin 82
Claremont Sullivan
Abigail Gorden 83
Meredith Strafford
Hannah Gorden 75
Meredith Strafford
Ephraim Goss 74 Ephraim Goss Amherst Hillsborough
Ruth Goss 77 Cyrus Goss Henniker Merrimack
Mary Gou** 79 George Gould Hillsborough Hillsborough
Ames Gould 79 Aaron P. Gould Piermont Grafton
Ebenezer Gove 85 William Gove Wentworth Grafton
John Grant 50 John Grant Portsmouth Rockingham
Dorothy Grant 86 John Grant Epsom Merrimack
William Graves 83 William Graves Washington Sullivan
John Gray 75 John Gray, Jr. Rochester Strafford
Joseph Gray 79 James B. Gray Wilton Hillsborough
Matthew Greeley 80 Matthew Greeley Enfield Grafton
Joseph Green 79 Nicholas Rollins Stratham Rockingham
Mary Green 80 William Caswell Rye Rockingham
Ezra Green 94 Ezra Green Dover Strafford
Elizabeth Green 70 Elizabeth Green Swanzey Cheshire
Francis Green 85 Harry Green Rindge Cheshire
Mary Green 81 Bradbury Green Enfield Grafton
Mary Greenleaf 77 Mary Greenleaf Henniker Merrimack
Benjamin Griffin 74 Benjamin Griffin Londonderry Rockingham
Hannah Griffin 82 Daniel Griffin New Boston Hillsborough
Anna Griffin 84 Nancy Morrill Concord Merrimack
Hannah Griggs 87 Philip E. Bundy Oxford Grafton
Mary Gutterson 79 Rhoda Gutterson Gilmanton Strafford
Joseph Hackett 48 Jo**ph H***** Columbia Coos
Phebe Hadley 85 Thomas Hadley Peterborough Hillsborough
William Hadley 93 George French Lebanon Grafton
Abner Hagget 81 Peter Twiss Peterborough Hillsborough
Thomas Haines 79 Thomas Haines Concord Merrimack
Daniel Hale 84 Daniel Hale Bradford Merrimack
William Hale 79 William P. Hale Hollis Hillsborough
John Hale 84 Aaron Hale Oxford Grafton
Timothy Hall 81 Timothy Hall Pembroke Merrimack
Elizabeth Hall 82
Plainfield Sullivan
Silas Hall 84 Nathaniel Hall Lebanon Grafton
Lydia Hall 71 Lydia Hall Bartlett Coos
Benjamin Ham 85 Benjamin Ham Farmington Strafford
Phineas Hamblett 85 Benjamin Hamblett Keene Cheshire
Mary Hamingway 86 Aaron B. Kidder Roxbury Cheshire
Esther Hammond 84 Esther D. Hammond Dunbarton Merrimack
David Hammond 84 David Hammond Bow Merrimack
Abigail Handerson 81
Claremont Sullivan
Sarah Hanson 76 John Hasty Newtown Rockingham
Isaac Hanson 82 Isaac Hanson Farmington Strafford
Joseph Haradon 81 Josiah Warren New Boston Hillsborough
Sarah Hardy 75 Benjamin M. Buckminster Antrim Hillsborough
Lucy Hardy 79 Elias Hardy Dublin Cheshire
Jesse Hardy 79 Jesse Hardy Bath Grafton
Moses Harmon 84 Moses Harmon Freedom Strafford
Pelatiah Harmon 84 Pelatiah Harmon Freedom Strafford
Eunice Harris 79
New Hampton Strafford
Walter Harris 79 Walter Harris Dunbarton Merrimack
Aby Harris 76 Absalom Harris Bath Grafton
Martha Harriss 96 Dudley W. Jones Salem Rockingham
Sarah Hastings 76 Sarah Hastings Salem Rockingham
Benjamin Hastings 72 Benjamin Hastings Sullivan Cheshire
Thomas Hatch 82 Thomas Hatch Bethlehem Grafton
Betsey Hawkley 73 Adams Millikin Charlestown Sullivan
Joanna Hayes 90 Joseph L. C*** Loudon(?) Merrimack
Nathaniel Hayford 84 Warren Hayford Tamworth Strafford
Martha Hayley 82
Epping Rockingham
Mary Hazelton 84 Sarah Neal Hebron Grafton
Drusilla Head 76 Andrew Nealy Tamworth Strafford
Elizabeth Heard 84
Chatham Strafford
John Heath 80 John Heath Chester Rockingham
Richard Heath 78 Richard Heath Chester Rockingham
Eunice Heath 85
Springfield Sullivan
Elizabeth Heath -- Samuel C. Heath Plymouth Grafton
Francis Henry 86 Francis Henry, 2d Chesterfield Cheshire
James Herbert 81 Samuel Herbert Romney Grafton
Josiah Herrick 76 Josiah Herrick Antrim Hillsborough
Mary Herrick 85 Elijah Stockwell Wilton Hillsborough
Ebenezer Herrick 81 Ebenezer Herrick Marlborough Cheshire
Daniel Hervey 76 Philander Allen Lyme Grafton
Ella Heywood 73 John Heywood Mount Vernon Hillsborough
Benjamin Hicks 85 Benjamin Hicks, Jr. Jefferson Coos
Amasa Highland 80 Ira Highland Westmoreland Cheshire
Simeon Hildreth 82
Plainfield Sullivan
Ebenezer Hill 82 Ebenezer Hill Wakefield Strafford
Lucy Hill 83 John Hill Barnstead Strafford
Daniel Hill 77 Daniel Hill Mason Hillsborough
Rosilla Hill 83 David Hill Swanzey Cheshire
Jonathan Hilliard 80 Jonathan B. Hilliard Gilmanton Strafford
Asa Hinkley 80 Asa Hinkley Haverhill Grafton
Phineas Hodgden 81 John Hodgden Lancaster Coos
Hanson Hodgdon 82
Kensington Rockingham
Ann Hodgdon 78 Olive Abbott Somersworth Strafford
John Hodgkins 50 John Hodgkins Portsmouth Rockingham
Abel Hodgman 82 Abel Hodgman Brookline Hillsborough
John Hodskins 76 Frederick S. Hodskins Charlestown Sullivan
William Hogg 79 Nathan Conner Londonderry Rockingham
Abner Hogg 81 Abner Hogg New Boston Hillsborough
William Hogg 85 Benjamin Colby Weare Hillsborough
Miriam Hoit 72 Jonathan H. Hoit Concord Merrimack
Hannah Hoit 80 Elisha Hoit Brookline Hillsborough
Martha Holbrook --
Portsmouth Rockingham
Sarah Holbrook 75 Thomas G. Holbrook Bedford Hillsborough
Asa Holden 82 Aaron G. Holden Langdon Sullivan
Geroge Holems 78 Jesse Wilder Stoddard Cheshire
James Holland 79 James Holland Walpole Cheshire
William Holley 75 William Holley Greenfield Hillsborough
Lazarus Holmes 86 Lazarus Holmes Jefferson Coos
Sarah Homan -- Leonard G**** Plymouth Grafton
Aaron Hontoon 83
Epping Rockingham
Leavitt Hook 43 Leavitt Hook Chichester Merrimack
William Hopkins 77 William Hopkins Francestown Hillsborough
Ebenezer Horn 85 Ebenezer Horn Moultonborough Strafford
Hannah Horn 75 Jonathan Copp, 2d Moultonborough Strafford
Ichabod Horn 81 Ichabod Horn Tuftonborough Strafford
Eli Hoskins 81 Eli Hoskins Lyman Grafton
Lydia Hough 79 Clark Hough Lebanon Grafton
Ruth Houston 68 Charles Houston Hanover Grafton
David How 75 David How Epsom Merrimack
Polly How 79 Oliver Whitcomb Henniker Merrimack
Micah How 81 Micah How Bradford Merrimack
Mary Howard 72 Levi Howard Amherst Hillsborough
James Howard 71 James Howard Conway Strafford
Sarah Howard 83 Samuel Howard Alstead Cheshire
Benjamin Howard 80 Benjamin Howard Swanzey Cheshire
Lydia Howard 87 Elijah Howard Lisbon Grafton
Elizabeth Howe 71 Jacob Davis New Boston Hillsborough
Benjamin Howe 53 Caleb C. Daggett Westmoreland Cheshire
Lucy Howe 75 Thomas Goodhue Enfield Grafton
Jonathan Howe 79 Jonathan Howe Enfield Grafton
Moses Hoyt 86 William Huntington Danville Rockingham
Moses Hoyt 67 Moses Hoyt Derry Rockingham
Sarah Hoyt 92 Sarah Hoyt Rochester Strafford
Joseph B. Hoyt 78 Joseph B. Hoyt Warner Merrimack
Nathan Hoyt 77 Enoch Brainard Bridgewater Grafton
Nathaniel Hubbard 75 Stephen Lovejoy Hollis Hillsborough
Ruth Huckins 78 John Huckins Madbury Strafford
Samuel Hudson 78 Samuel Hudson Littleton Grafton
Mehitable Huges 93 John Huges Windham Rockingham
Anna Huggins 80
Springfield Sullivan
Joseph Hull 80 Anthony Gu** Lempster Sullivan
Anna Hunt 81 Jacob Hunt Gilmanton Strafford
Israel Hunt 82 Israel Hunt Nashua Hillsborough
Nathan Hunt 80 Nathan Hunt Jaffrey Cheshire
Susanna Huntoon 77
Unity Sullivan
Judith Huntoon 86 Daniel Carter Littleton Grafton
Moses Huntoon 84 George Huntoon Whitefield Coos
George Huntoon 49 George Huntoon Whitefield Coos
Ann Huntress 91
Portsmouth Rockingham
Mary Huntress 81 Mary Huntress Newington Rockingham
Amy Hurlburt 77 Amasa Hurlburt Lebanon Grafton
Solomon Hutchins 80 Solomon Hutchins Wakefield Strafford
Levi Hutchins 78 Levi Hutchins Concord Merrimack
Alpheas Hutchins 47 Alpheas Hutchins Northumberland Coos
Mehitable Hutchinson 87 James Hutchinson Gilmanton Strafford

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