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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 16, 2001

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A - D
Anna ______ 85 _______ Rowe Franklin
Martha Abbot 77 Martha Abbot Rockport Essex
John Adams 73 John Adams Hinsdale Berkshire
Ansel Adams 78 Ansel Adams Barnstable Barnstable
Dolly Adams 85 Nehemiah Adams Gloucester Essex
Jonathan Adams 87 William Adams Medway Norfolk
Elizabeth Adams 73 Ralph Smith City of Boston-6th ward Suffolk
Miriam Adams 76 Miriam Adams Brookfield Worcester
William Adams 78 William Adams Chelmsford Middlesex
Joan Adams 83 Benjamin Adams Carlisle Middlesex
Elias Adams 76 Elias Adams Spencer Worcester
Jonathan Adams 81 Jonathan Adam Lunenburg Worcester
Reuben Adams 80 Enoch Adam Lunenburg Worcester
Peter Adams 98 Peter Adams Taunton Bristol
Daniel Adams, Jr. 80
Newbury Essex
John Adlington 76 John Adlington Plymouth Plymouth
Miriam Akins 86 William Blacklord Gloucester Essex
Reuben Alb__ 77 Reuben Alb__ Cheshire Berkshire
Caleb Alber 75 Caleb Alber Milford Worcester
Asa Albu 87 Asa H. Albu Erving Franklin
Isaiah Alden 81 Isaiah Alden Duxbury Plymouth
Humphrey Alden 77 Joseph Shockley Middleborough Plymouth
Elijah Alden 78 Martha Taft Sturbridge Worcester
Judah Alden 89 Judah Alden Duxbury Plymouth
Nathan Alden 89 Nathan Alden East Bridgewater Plymouth
Simeon Alden 76 Simeon Alden Randolph Norfolk
Elijah Alden 77 Almshouse West Bridgewater Plymouth
Simeon Alexander 83 Samuel Alexander Northfield Franklin
Elisha Alexander 86 Josiah Alexander Northfield Franklin
James Alger 85 James Alger Bridgewater Plymouth
Ambrose Allen 79 Ambrose Allen Marblehead Essex
Elizabeth Allen 78
Wrentham Norfolk
Catharine Allen 80 Calvin Hunter Springfield Hampden
Nathaniel Allen 81 Luther Allen Manchester Essex
Hannah Allen 69 Samuel Allen City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Anna Allen 80 Thomas Reed Dorchester Norfolk
Abigail Allen 83 Michael Ma___ W. Springfield-First Parish Hampden
David Allen 88 David Allen Sheffield Berkshire
Isaac Allen 82 Isaac Allen Manchester Essex
Nathan Allen 87
Medfield Norfolk
Stephen Allis 82 Stephen Allis Buckland Franklin
Dorothy Alva_d 82
West Hampton Hampshire
Doteas Ames 94 Simeon Ames Andover Essex
Titus Amidon 77 Titus Amidon Wilbraham-North Parish Hampden
David Anderson 79 James Anderson Shelburne Franklin
Thomas Andres 84(?) Thomas Andres Berkley Bristol
Henry Andress 77 Henry Andress Middleborough Plymouth
Mary Andrews 84 Hannah Austin Sheffield Berkshire
Olive Andrews 87 Ca____ Andrews Raynham Bristol
Nathan Andrews 78 Nathan A. Andrews Norton Bristol
Moses Andrews 85 Moses Andrews Montague Franklin
Lemuel Andrews 79
Ware Hampshire
Stephen Andrews 81
Ware Hampshire
William Andrews 81 William Andrews Essex Essex
William F. Andrews 78 William F. Andrews Ipswich Essex
Joanna Andrews 96 Joanna Andrews Gloucester Essex
Stephen Angell 75
Norwich Hampshire
Elizabeth Angier 79 Anna Fay Southborough Worcester
John Annable 80 John A. Barter Beverly Essex
Sally Annis 72 William Annis City of Boston-3d ward Suffolk
Job Aplin 83 Isaac Vaughn Carver Plymouth
Brownell Armsby 82 Lemuel M. Armsby New Bedford Bristol
Timothy Armstrong 79 Timothy Armstrong Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
Ruth Arnold 82 Ruth Arnold City of Boston-4th ward Suffolk
Edward Arnold 92 Galen Arnold Duxbury Plymouth
Lydia Ashport 86 Lydia Ashport Bridgewater Plymouth
Caleb Atherton 79 David Holmes Mansfield Bristol
Luther Atkin 82 Luther Atkin Westfield Hampden
John Atkinson 75
Prescott Hampshire
Oliver Atwell 85
West Hampton Hampshire
Philip Atwood 81 Philip Atwood Warwick Franklin
Isaac Austin 84 Frye Austin Methuen Essex
John Avery 82 John Avery Conway Franklin
Mansford Avery 85
Southampton Hampshire
Jonathan Avery 84 Elihn Avery Charlemont Franklin
Joshua Avery 76 Joshua Avery Sandwich Barnstable
J____ B____ 75 J____ B____ Leyden Franklin
Isaac B_____ 77 A_____ B_____ Berkley Bristol
L___ B___l 78 Samuel C____ Tyringham Berkshire
Mary Babbitt 76 Edward B. Babbitt Charlestown Middlesex
Elisha Babcock 79
Northampton Hampshire
Reuben Babcock 88 Jesse Wood Westborough Worcester
Ellen Bacon 75 James Sprague Spencer Worcester
Ebenezer Bacon 57
Natick Middlesex
Jabez Bacon 83 Jabez Bacon Barnstable Barnstable
Joseph Bacon 78 Joseph Bacon Peru Berkshire
Edmund Badger 69 Edmund Badger Adams Berkshire
Philip Bagley 84
Newburyport Essex
Bethia Bagnele 84 Sameul W. Bagnele Plymouth Plymouth
Israel Bailey 93
Canton Norfolk
Jonas Bailey 89
Sterling Worcester
Silas Bailey 84 Silas Bailey Northborough Worcester
Abigail Bailey 73 Abigail Bailey Dorchester Norfolk
Jonathan Bailey 82 Benjamin Robinson Townsend Middlesex
Jonathan Baird 85 Jonathan Baird Harvard Worcester
George Baker 64 George Baker Yarmouth Barnstable
Amos Baker 84 James Baker Lincoln Middlesex
Abigail Baker 76 Dwelly Baker Marshfield Plymouth
Abigail Baker 74
Sterling Worcester
Samuel Baker, 3d 40 Samuel Baker, 3d Dennis Barnstable
Suellien Bal___ 79 Edward B___ Savoy Berkshire
Micah Balcom 82 Joseph Balcom Marlborough Middlesex
James Baldwin 81 James Baldwin Egremont Berkshire
Sarah Baldwin 70 William French City of Boston-3d ward Suffolk
Esther Baldwin 82 William Baldwin Tewksbury Middlesex
Huldah Ball 79 Huldah Ball Palmer Hampden
Jonathan Bancroft 80 Jonathan Bancroft Pepperell Middlesex
Benjamin Bancroft 87 Isaac Lincoln Millbury Worcester
Jonathan Bancroft 79 Jonathan Bancroft Dracut Middlesex
Electa Bangs 75 Electa Bangs New Salem Franklin
Desire Bangs 78 Oliver Shattuck Springfield Hampden
Jesse Barden 80
Walpole Norfolk
Samuel Bardwell 83 Ezra Bardwell Montague Franklin
Reuben Bardwell 86 Moses Dole Shelburne Franklin
Obadiah Bardwell 82 Obadiah Bardwell Williamstown Berkshire
Hannah Barker 84 Mr. Bu__ Methuen Essex
J. Bowen Barker 87 J. Bowen Barker Manson Plymouth
Lucy Barley 73 James Barley Andover Essex
Elisha Barnard 77 Elisha Barnard Shelburne Franklin
Richard Barnard 81 Richard Barnard Pittsfield Berkshire
Bathsheba Barnes 73 Bathsheba Barnes Plymouth Plymouth
Rebecca Barnes 76 Rufus Barnes Wargen Worcester
Silas Barnes 76 Theodore Avery West Stockbridge Berkshire
Josiah Barns 88 Moses Barns Dudley Worcester
Stephen Barnum 80 M. Millard Egremont Berkshire
Benjamin Barrett 82 H. P. Barrett Brookfield Worcester
Thomas Barrett 81 Thomas Barrett Beverly Essex
Jonathan Barrett 79 Samuel Nurse Northborough Worcester
Andrew Barrister 78 Linus Barrister Brookfield Worcester
Thomas Barrows 81 Thomas Barrows Rochester Plymouth
Robert Barry 68 Paupers Charlestown Middlesex
Mary Bartlett 86 Eli Bartlett North Brookfield Worcester
Elijah Bartlett 82
Northampton Hampshire
Rachel Bartlett 82
West Hampton Hampshire
Daniel Bartlett 86
Hadley Hampshire
Lucretia Barton 70 Lucretia Barton Charlton Worcester
John Bass 81
Leominster Worcester
Nathaniel Bassett 89 Nathaniel Bassett Lee Berkshire
Cornelius Bassett 79 Cornelius Bassett Lee Berkshire
Caleb Bassett 83 Caleb Bassett Middleborough Plymouth
Lydia Bassett 80 Anselm Bassett Taunton Bristol
Isaac Bassett 81 J. P. Ba_____ Barre Worcester
Enoch Batchelder 84 Levi Batchelder Upton Worcester
Silvia Bates 86 Silvia Bates Wareham Plymouth
Priscilla Bates 81
Cohasset Norfolk
[Tha]ddeus Bates 84
Weymouth Norfolk
Cornelius Bates 78 Cornelius Bates Scituate Plymouth
Benjamin Bates 80 Jared Whiting Hanover Plymouth
Sebeus Bates 80 William H. Bates Windsor Berkshire
Lemuel Bates 85
Southampton Hampshire
Aaron Bates 82
Southampton Hampshire
Elizabeth Bates 74
Weymouth Norfolk
Mary Battell 78
Dover Norfolk
Rebecca Batts 84 William Newhall Lynn Essex
Rhoda Baxter 80 Dwight Boyce Tisbury Nantucket
Hodizah Baylies 83 Hodizah Baylies Dighton Bristol
Joseph Beal 88
Cohasset Norfolk
___riah Beals 84
Weymouth Norfolk
Celia Beals 78
Cohasset Norfolk
Lydia Beals 78 Lydia Beals City of Boston-3d ward Suffolk
Josiah Beaman 86 P. Hemenway Shutesburg (y?) Franklin
Benjamin Bearce 82 Philip M. Tew Pembroke Plymouth
Rebecca Bearse 84 Melinda Eldridge Barnstable Barnstable
Mary Beck 82
Newburyport Essex
Jacob Belcher 79 Jacob Belcher Framingham Middlesex
Hannah Belcher 83 Hannah Belcher Framingham Middlesex
Walter Bell 78 William Bell Colrain Franklin
Sarah Bellows 77 Stephen Pepper South Hadley Hampshire
Lydia Bellows 81 Stephen Bellows Shrewsbury Worcester
Amasa Bemia 82 Amasa Bemis Spencer Worcester
Jonas Bemis 79 Jonas Bemis Spencer Worcester
Hannah Bemis 76 Reubin Bemis Spencer Worcester
George Bender 89
City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
James Bennett 82 James Bennett Billerica Middlesex
Stephen Bennett 74 Stephen Bennett Middleborough Plymouth
Caleb Bennett 81 Caleb Bennett Stockbridge Berkshire
Isaac Benson 80 Isaac Benson Middleborough Plymouth
Jonah Benson 81 Jonah Benson, Jr. Bridgewater Plymouth
Abel Benson 74 Abel Benson Framingham Middlesex
Zebulon Benton 80 Loring Benton Florida Berkshire
Polly Berry 69 Rachel Tapley Lynn Essex
Betsey Berry 79 Betsey Berry Yarmouth Barnstable
Hannah Berry 84 Hannah Berry Andover Essex
Silas Bessey 79 Constant Bessey Wareham Plymouth
Leonard Bettes 69 Leonard Bettes Sandisfield Berkshire
Jonas Bigelow 83 Jonas Bigelow North Brookfield Worcester
Alpheus Bigelow 83 Alpheus Bigelow Weston Middlesex
Humphrey Bigelow 78 Isaac Tower, 2d Charlton Worcester
John Bigelow 85 S. O. Barker Worcester Worcester
Benjamin Billings 79 Benjamin Billings Mansfield Bristol
Sarah Billings 80
Canton Norfolk
Benjamin Bisbee 80 Benjamin Bisbee Stoughton Norfolk
John Bisbee 84 John Bisbee Plympton Plymouth
Sam___ Bisby 76
Canton Norfolk
Newman Bishop 82 Newman Bishop Russell Hampden
Susan Biss 78 John M. Bliss Cheshire Berkshire
Samuel Bixby 84 Samuel Bixby Millbury Worcester
Olivia Bixby 85 Solomon Perley Boxford Essex
Marcy Blair 80 Benjamin Blair Brookfield Worcester
Charles Blake 69 Marshall S. Mead Northfield Franklin
Marcy Blake 78 Caleb Blake Taunton Bristol
George Blake 82 George Blake Springfield Hampden
Jason Blake 84 Benjamin Swe(et?) Norton Bristol
Amos Blanchard 74 Amos Blanchard Lynn Essex
Jeremiah Blanchard 78
Newburyport Essex
Mary Blanchard 90
Weymouth Norfolk
Martha Blanding 79 Martha Blanding Rehoboth Bristol
Mary Blesdill 77 Lydia Staph__ Charlestown Middlesex
Nathan Bliss 77 Nathan Bliss Royalston Worcester
Gaius Bliss 79 Gaius Bliss Long Meadow-West Parish Hampden
Francis Bliss 47 Francis Bliss Springfield Hampden
Asa Bliss 79 Asa Bliss Rehoboth Bristol
William Bliss 82 William Bliss New Bedford Bristol
Ruth Blockman 73
Canton Norfolk
William Blodgett -- William Blodgett Tyngsborough Middlesex
John H. Boardman 87 Aaron Cogswell, Jr. Ipswich Essex
Isaas Bock 83
Sterling Worcester
David Bolcom 86 David Bolcom Douglas Worcester
Joseph Bond 79
Wilmington Middlesex
Baly Bond 80 Harvey Russell Brimfield Hampden
Ezekiel Bonney 78 Ezekiel Bonney Manson Plymouth
Joseph Bontwell 83 Joseph Bontwell Reading Middlesex
Ephraim Boomer 77 Ephraim Boomer Fall River Bristol
Elias Bordman 82 Benjamin L. Boardman South Reading Middlesex
Bethia Bottom 82 Martin Leonard Bridgewater Plymouth
Nathaniel Bourne 86 Nathaniel Bourne Falmoth Barnstable
Zuriel Bourne 84 Zuriel Bourne Falmoth Barnstable
John Bourne 81 John Bourne Marshfield Plymouth
Samuel Bowden 89 Samuel Bowden Marblehead Essex
Mabel Bowe 82 Asa Austin W. Springfield-Agawam Parish Hampden
Priscilla Bowen 69 Priscilla Bowen Rehoboth Bristol
Joel Bowen 79 Joel Bowen Seekonk Bristol
Mary Bowers 93 Milton Bowers Attleborough Bristol
Abiah Bowers 82 Peter Bowers Dracut Middlesex
Molly Bowers 99 Caroline M. Read Pawtucket Bristol
Edmond Bowker 83 Edmond Bowker Milford Worcester
John Bowker 78
Hopkinton Middlesex
John Bowman 81 John Bowman Ashburnham Worcester
John Boyden 76 John Boyden Conway Franklin
Josiah Boyden 77 Josiah Boyden Conway Franklin
Rebecca Brackett 83 Isaac Brackett Weston Middlesex
Susanna Brackett 77 Martin Brackett Buckland Franklin
Daniel Bradbury 77 Daniel Bradbury Haverhill Essex
James Bradbury 79
Newburyport Essex
James Bradford 63
City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Mary Bradford 86 Samuel Jones City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Noah Bradford 77 Ezekiel Bryant Kingston Plymouth
David Bradly 82 E. S. Bradly West Stockbridge Berkshire
Lydia Brag 86
Newburyport Essex
Martha Bragdon 71
Newburyport Essex
Sylvanus Braman 87 Sylvanus B. Braman Norton Bristol
James Brecher 63
Edgartown Nantucket
Daniel Brett 78 Daniel S. Brett New Bedford Bristol
Isaac Brewer 78 Isaac Brewer New Marlborough Berkshire
Hannah Bridges 82 Richard Caswell Marblehead Essex
Sybel Bridgman 78
West Hampton Hampshire
Elizabeth Briggs 74 Elizabeth Briggs Attleborough Bristol
Jesse Briggs 83 Jesse Briggs Wareham Plymouth
Leonard Briggs 90 Sylvanus Lovell Middleborough Plymouth
Elisha Briggs 79 Elisha Briggs Scituate Plymouth
James Briggs 81 James Briggs Dighton Bristol
Samuel Briggs 76 Samuel Briggs Plympton Plymouth
Sarah Briggs 81 Sarah Briggs Dighton Bristol
Benjamin Briggs 80 Benjamin Briggs Williamstown Berkshire
Abizer Briggs 87 Abizer Briggs Dighton Bristol
Deborah Briggs 80
Cohasset Norfolk
Deborah Briggs 79 Deborah Briggs Rochester Plymouth
Lucy Briggs 77 Lucy Burgess Plymouth Plymouth
Elizabeth Brigham 83 Reuben Moore Sudbury Middlesex
Amariah Brigham 85 Amariah Brigham Millbury Worcester
Betty Brigham 69 Betty Brigham Marlborough Middlesex
Anna Brigham 83 Anna Brigham Barre Worcester
Alice Brigham 84 Alice Brigham Northborough Worcester
Eunice Brigham 72 Luke Robinson Watertown Middlesex
Peleg Brightman 77 Peleg Brightman Fall River Bristol
Andrew Broga 82 Andrew Broga Becket Berkshire
Samuel Brooker 79 Samuel Brooker Washington Berkshire
Reuben Brooks 78 Reuben Brooks Pittsfield Berkshire
Nathan Brooks 82
Northampton Hampshire
Ebenezer Brooks 77 Asa Reed Gardner Worcester
Benjamin Brown 96 William Eager Berlin Worcester
Edward Brown 84 George F. Brown City of Salem Essex
Gersham Brown 79
Worthington Hampshire
Joseph Brown 80 Joseph Bower Sheffield Berkshire
Sarah Brown 77 Calvin Taylor Stow Middlesex
Oliver Brown 85 Abel Davis Templeton Worcester
William B. Brown 58 William B. Brown Charlestown Middlesex
Isaiah Brown 88 Isaiah Brown Whately Franklin
Jacob Brown 77 Jacob Brown Clarksburg Berkshire
James Brown 87 James Brown Hamilton Essex
Andrew Brown 85 E. Brooks Holden Worcester
Nathan Brown 82 Nathan Brown, Jr. Southbridge Worcester
Stephen Brown 82 Stephen Brown Hamilton Essex
Isaac Brown 80 Charles Miles Marlborough Middlesex
Robert Brown 76
Belchertown Hampshire
Ebenezer Brown 82 Ebenezer Brown Newton Middlesex
Mary Brown 79 Artemas C. Pickering Dudley Worcester
Samuel Brown 75 Samuel Brown Chelmsford Middlesex
David Brown 83 David Brown Attleborough Bristol
Mary Brown 75 Mary Brown Marblehead Essex
Mary Brown 76 Mary Brown Beverly Essex
Silas Bruce 76 Warren Stratton Northfield Franklin
Hannah Bruce 77 Hannah Bruce Lynn Essex
Betsey Bryant 71 William B____ Rutland Worcester
Mary Bryant 80 Mary Bryant Stoneham Middlesex
David Bryant 78 David Bryant Leicester Worcester
Patrick Bryant 75
Chesterfield Hampshire
Hannah Bubibeer 78 John Bubibeer Charlestown Middlesex
Nathan Buck 58
Cohasset Norfolk
Reuben Buckman 81 Herman McIntyre Sheffield Berkshire
John Bullard 82
Medfield Norfolk
Ruth Bullard 79 Calvin Walker Charlemont Franklin
Asa Bullard 85 John Albee Sturbridge Worcester
Stephen Bumphrey 87 Stephen Bumphrey W. Springfield-Feeding Hills Parish Hampden
Mesey Bumpus 87 Mesey Bumpus Wareham Plymouth
Daniel Bumpus 79 Edmund P. Bumpus Carver Plymouth
Axy Bumpus 71 Axy Bumpus Wareham Plymouth
Edward Bumpus 86 Edward Bumpus Carver Plymouth
Sulivan Burbank 63 Sulivan Burbank Lexington Middlesex
Elizabeth Burbank 81 John Burbank Wargen Worcester
Mehitable Burbank 95 J. W. Reed Bradford Essex
Thomas Burbeck 84 Joseph Wheelock Mendon Worcester
Thomas Burbuk 80 Samuel Connant Littleton Middlesex
Bilota Burden 78 Aaron Burden Mendon Worcester
Nathaniel Burden 85 Nathaniel Burden Charlton Worcester
Jane Burges 80 Jane Burges Manchester Essex
Sarah Burgess 83 Sarah Burgess Duxbury Plymouth
John Burgess 74 John Burgess Plymouth Plymouth
Benjamin Burlingame 57 Benjamin Burlingame Savoy Berkshire
Polly Burnap 74 Polly Burnap Fitchburg Worcester
Joseph Burnell 83
Chesterfield Hampshire
Benjamin Burnham 85 Benjamin Burnham Essex Essex
Jemima Burnham 84
City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
John Burnham 85 John Burnham Ipswich Essex
Ruth Burnham 73 Andrew Burnham Gloucester Essex
Sarah Burnham 79 Sarah Burnham Essex Essex
Nathaniel Burpee 79 Almshouse Georgetown Essex
Seth Burr 82 Almshouse East Bridgewater Plymouth
Mary Burr 89
Canton Norfolk
Elizabeth Burr 76 Ebenezer P_____ Freetown Bristol
Reuben Burt 80 Reuben Burt, Jr. Springfield Hampden
Joel Burt 84
West Hampton Hampshire
Asa Burton 87 Thomas W____ Rowe Franklin
Elizabeth Burton 69 Charles Burton Leicester Worcester
Ziba Bush 74 Ziba Bush Tyringham Berkshire
Austus Bushee 76 Daniel Brightman Fall River Bristol
Joseph Bussey 89 Joseph Bussey Dorchester Norfolk
Abigail Butler 79 Abigail Butler Essex Essex
Rebecca Butman 69 Rebecca Butman Beverly Essex
Philip Butterfield 82 F. M. Hamblet Long Meadow-East Parish Hampden
Olive Buttles 79 R & L Buttles Granville-East Parish Hampden
Elijah Button 85 Justus Bedortha Wilbraham-South Parish Hampden
Thomas Butts 84 Thomas Butts Fall River Bristol
A____ C____ __ A____ C____ Cheshrie Berkshire
Jonathan Cady 87 Jonathan Cady Webster Worcester
Zuba Cahoon -- Zuba Cahoon Harwich Barnstable
Jemima Cain 87 Samuel Cain, Jr. Taunton Bristol
John Caldwell 84 Rufus Caldwell Northfield Franklin
Esther Calkins 77 Mary Calkins Wilbraham-North Parish Hampden
Jeremiah Campbell 88 Jeremiah Campbell Hardwick Worcester
Daniel Canfield 80 Daniel Canfield Lenon Berkshire
Olive Cannon 78 John Cannon Tyringham Berkshire
Samuel Capen 80 Samuel Capen Dorchester Norfolk
Jonathan Carey 83 Jonathan Carey North Bridgewater Plymouth
Sarah Carleton 91 Isaac Carleton Saugus Essex
Samuel Carleton 89 Samuel Carleton Boxford Essex
Benjamin Carlton 84 Sarah Carlton Andover Essex
Ezra Carpenter 88 --Foxborough Norfolk
Mary Carr 81 John Hinkson Salisbury Essex
James Carter 80 Jonas K. Putney Shirley Middlesex
Isaac Carter 76 Isaac Carter Clarksburg Berkshire
Joshua Carter 81 Joshua Carter Millbury Worcester
John Carver 91 C____ Carver Norton Bristol
Ebenezer Case 83 Ebenezer Case Barnstable Barnstable
Samuel Cash 78 Samuel Cash Harwich Barnstable
Mary Cash 92 George Ramsdell Marblehead Essex
Richard Caswell 83 Lewis Hinchman City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Jedediah Caswell 87 Jedediah Caswell Middleborough Plymouth
Hannah Caswell 73 Sarah Knapp Marblehead Essex
William Catham 84 William Catham Manchester Essex
Timothy Catlin 87 Timothy Catlin Ashfield Franklin
S_____ Ch_____ 77 S_____ Cha____ Berkley Bristol
Ezekiel Chace 80 Ezekiel Chace Fall River Bristol
Ephraim Chaffee 79 David Burt Wilbraham-South Parish Hampden
Olive Chaffee 78 Daniel Chaffee Wilbraham-South Parish Hampden
Molly Chamberlin 75 Calvin Chamberlin East Bridgewater Plymouth
Patience Chamberlin 83 Patience Chamberlin Abington Plymouth
Nathaniel Chamberlin 83 Nathaniel Chamberlin Williamstown Berkshire
Thomas Chandler 87 Samuel Chandler Duxbury Plymouth
Freelove Chandler 84 Dimond Chandler Long Meadow-West Parish Hampden
Howard Chandler 81 Howard Chandler Duxbury Plymouth
Joshua Chandler 84 Joshua Chandler Rochester Plymouth
Zebedee Chandler 76 Zebedee Chandler Plympton Plymouth
Joan Chandler 85 William Chandler Westford Middlesex
Lucy Chapin 73 John Porter Buckland Franklin
Paul Chapin 85 Patty Pease Monson Hampden
Thomas Charles 82 Thomas Charles Brimfield Hampden
Lydia Chase 87
Newbury Essex
Grindal Chase 83 Josiah R. Deane Oakham Worcester
Lydia Chase 85 Uriah Hopkinson Bradford Essex
Samuel Chase 79 Samuel Chase Dennis Barnstable
Richard Chase 80 Richard Chase Otis Berkshire
Jared Chase 79 Jared Chase Fairhaven Bristol
Reuben Chase 78 Reuben Chase Yarmouth Barnstable
John Chase 84 Barton Chase Attleborough Bristol
Leonard Chase 38 Leonard Chase Barnstable Barnstable
Moses Cheeney 80
Newbury Essex
Sarah Cheever 86 Jacob Cheever Malden Middlesex
Abijah Cheever 81 Abijah Cheever Saugus Essex
Mrs. Cheever 75 Mrs. Cheever Marblehead Essex
Molly Cheny 80 Molly Cheny Holden Worcester
Esther Chickering 79
Dover Norfolk
Susanna Child 83 Samuel May Charlton Worcester
Reuben Childs 85 Reuben Childs Conway Franklin
Zilpha Childs 78 D____ C____ Cheshire Berkshire
Miriam Choate 68 David Choate Essex Essex
Eba Church 77 William J. Church Northfield Franklin
Rachel Church 88
Hubbardston Worcester
Sarah Church 81 Jonathan Church Rochester Plymouth
Earl Church 81 Joseph M. Church Rochester Plymouth
Silas Church 89 Joshua Church Templeton Worcester
Anthony Church 79 Cyrus Church Becket Berkshire
Elijah Churchill 81
Chester Hampden
Lillis Churchill 86 Seymour Churchill Stockbridge Berkshire
Samuel Churchill 80 Samuel Churchill Halifax Plymouth
David Clap 81 Theophila C. Clap Dorchester Norfolk
Simeon Clapp 80
Northampton Hampshire
Timothy Clapp 87
Southampton Hampshire
Martha Clapp 85 Thomas Clapp Scituate Plymouth
Elizabeth Clapp 82 S____ R____ Leyden Franklin
Rachel Clapp 80 N. B. Sylvester Scituate Plymouth
Jerusha Clark 81 Lucius W. Clark Amesbury Essex
Julia Clark 72 James Clark Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
Lemuel Clark 89 Lemuel Clark Southbridge Worcester
Thomas Clark 76 Thomas Clark New Marlborough Berkshire
M_____ Clark -- Cal__ D____ Leyden Franklin
Elizabeth Clark 73 Elizabeth Clark Rowley Essex
Amy Clark 80 A. S. Sta_____ W. Springfield-Agawam Parish Hampden
Justus Clark 83 Moses Montague Sunderland Franklin
Ellen Clark 90
Newburyport Essex
Sylvanus Clark 80 Sylvanus Clark Sunderland Franklin
David Clark 82 Lewis L. Willard Ashburnham Worcester
Asa Clark 76
Sherborn Middlesex
Joshua Clark 84 Peter Clark Rockport Essex
Submit Clark 78
West Hampton Hampshire
Judith Clark 79 Judith Clark City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
William Clark 87
Sherburn Middlesex
William Clark 82 John Pitcher Rochester Plymouth
Bethiah Clark 90 Luther Thayer Randolph Norfolk
Esther Clark 80
Northampton Hampshire
William Clark 88
Belchertown Hampshire
Richard Clark 78 William Seckell Taunton Bristol
Judah Clark 83
Amherst Hampshire
Mehitable Clark 79 James H. Clark Rochester Plymouth
Susanna Clark 71
Plainfield Hampshire
Joseph Clark 84 Joseph Clark Middleborough Plymouth
Hannah Clark 93 Hannah Clark Braintree Norfolk
Ezra Clark 79 Ezra Clark Taunton Bristol
Abijah Clarke 85
Franklin Norfolk
David Clary 80 David Clary Montague Franklin
Henry Cleaveland 97 Cyrus Cleaveland Dalton Berkshire
John Clement 51 Ira Worcester Ipswich Essex
Nathan Clifford 82 Nathan Clifford Tisbury Nantucket
Jacob Cline 79 Jacob Cline Egremont Berkshire
William Clough 99 William Clough Dracut Middlesex
Daniel Clough 77 Daniel Clough Haverhill Essex
Deliverance Cobb 76 Seneca Thomas Middleborough Plymouth
Isaiah Cobb 80 Isaiah Cobb Rochester Plymouth
Nehemiah Cobb 88 Nehemiah Cobb Carver Plymouth
Betsey Cobbern 87
Leominster Worcester
Mary Coburn 76 Julia Carter Dracut Middlesex
Rachel Coburn 78 Nathaniel B. Coburn Dracut Middlesex
Catharine Coffin 83
Newburyport Essex
Hulda__ Coffin 81
Edgartown Nantucket
Violet Coffin 78 Violet Coffin Barnstable Barnstable
Isaac Coit 86
Norwich Hampshire
Lewis Colburn 88
Dedham Norfolk
Joseph Colburn 82 William Colburn Lincoln Middlesex
Samuel Cole 88 Samuel Cole Beverly Essex
P_____ Cole 79 Otis Cole N. (New?) Ashford Berkshire
Simeon Cole 78 Simeon Cole Boxford Essex
Andrew Cole 85 Andrew Cole Middleborough Plymouth
Charles Cole 80 Alfred Litchfield Scituate Plymouth
Joseph Cole 96 Joseph Cole Middleborough Plymouth
Elethe Coleman 77 Elisha Barnard Shelburne Franklin
Asa Coles 82 Benjamin Coles Great Barrington Berkshire
Lydia Colgrove 75 Jeremiah Colgrove Adams Berkshire
Nathan S. Colkins 86
Norwich Hampshire
Elizabeth Colley 84 Edward ___ley Marblehead Essex
Jason Collier 96 Jason Collier Oxford Worcester
Moses Collins 83 Moses Collins Salisbury Essex
Nancy Colman 77 --Wrentham Norfolk
Abigail Colton 78 Jesse Me_____ W. Springfield-First Parish Hampden
John Combs 83 Levi Combs Wargen Worcester
Oliver Comee 83 --Foxborough Norfolk
James Conant 84 James Conant Oakham Worcester
Susanna Conant 73 Luther Spear Oakham Worcester
Elizabeth Conant 82 Artemas Conant Stow Middlesex
Daniel Cone 81 Daniel Cone Peru Berkshire
Alexander Conkey 87
Prescott Hampshire
Elisha Converse 82 Elisha Converse Brookfield Worcester
David Cook 87 David Cook, Jr. Royalston Worcester
Judith Cook 80 William Cook Scituate Plymouth
Bulah Cook 84 Daniel Evans Warwick Franklin
Sarah Cook 80 Thomas J. Cook Abington Plymouth
Silas Cook 88
Pelham Hampshire
John Coolege 75
Leominster Worcester
Charles Cooley 84 Luther B. Bliss Wilbraham-North Parish Hampden
Roger Cooley 79 Roger Cooley W. Springfield-First Parish Hampden
Peneller Cooley 82 Abner Cooley Springfield Hampden
Joel Coolidge 81 Joel Coolidge Framingham Middlesex
Daniel Coolidge 87
Sherburn Middlesex
John Coomer 93 Calvin Wood Seekonk Bristol
Rebecca Copeland 83 Joseph Copeland City of Boston-11th ward Suffolk
Asa Copland 84 Asa Copland Braintree Norfolk
Benjamin Copley 78 Benjamin Copley W. Springfield-Feeding Hills Parish Hampden
Joshua Corbin 82 Carlton Corbin Dudley Worcester
Experience Corbin 84
Hadley Hampshire
Elizabeth Corthell 75 Elizabeth Corthell Hingham Plymouth
Jeremiah Corvet 76 Jeremiah Corvet New Marlborough Berkshire
Ann Cory 83 Ann Cory Westport Bristol
Lydia Cotherell 82 John Cotherely(?) Abington Plymouth
Robert Cottle 83 Robert Cottle Westport Bristol
Elias Cotton 84 Elias Cotton City of Boston-6th ward Suffolk
Ebenezer Covel 82 Ebenezer Covel Kingston Plymouth
James Cowden 84 James Cowden Rutland Worcester
Nathaniel Cowdry 84 Nathaniel Cowdry South Reading Middlesex
Abigail Cowell 47 Abigail Cowell Marblehead Essex
Willis Coy 76
Amherst Hampshire
Graves Crafts 80 Graves Crafts Whately Franklin
Mary Crafts 77 Mary Crafts North Bridgewater Plymouth
Susan Craig 86 A. and W. Craig Auburn Worcester
Nathan Craige 86 Nathan Craige Spencer Worcester
Moses Craige 85
Wrentham Norfolk
Levi Crandall 80 Levi Crandall Long Meadow-West Parish Hampden
Elizabeth Crane 85
Canton Norfolk
J____ Crane 94 Ab___ Crane Berkley Bristol
William Crittenden 86 William S. Crittenden Otis Berkshire
Levi Crittenden 82 Asa Cone Richmond Berkshire
James Crocker -- James Crocker Templeton Worcester
Lydia Crocker 87 Haman Crocker Carver Plymouth
George Crocker 84 Nathan Hatching Fall River Bristol
Polly Crocker 79 James Crocker Salisbury Essex
John Crosby 80 John Crosby Chelmsford Middlesex
Peggy Crosman 81
Edgartown Nantucket
Abijah Cross 82 Abijah Cross, Jr. Methuen Essex
Mary Crowningshield -- James Armstrong Charlestown Middlesex
Elijah Cummings 77 Elijah Cummings Topsfield Essex
Noble Cummings 80 Noble Cummings Somerset Bristol
Joseph Cummings 83
Sharon Norfolk
Elizabeth Cunill 69 Daniel Conant City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Thomas Curtis 83 Thomas Curtis Stoughton Norfolk
Philip Curtis 85
Sharon Norfolk
Nancy Curtis 67 Nancy Curtis Abington Plymouth
Lasha(?) Curtis 83 Job Curtis Scituate Plymouth
Mary Curtiss 81 Mary Curtiss Marblehead Essex
Vinson Curtiss 78
Plainfield Hampshire
Jonathan Cushing 81 Jonathan Cushing Hingham Plymouth
Charles Cushing 76 Calvin Wood Seekonk Bristol
Alice Cushing 83 Nathaniel Cushing Scituate Plymouth
Abel Cushing 76
Chesterfield Hampshire
Mary Cushman 83
Amherst Hampshire
Jonah Cushman 81 Alden Cushman Becket Berkshire
Jacob Cushman 92 Jacob Cushman Plympton Plymouth
Joseph Cushman 85 Bartholomew Cushman Attleborough Bristol
Saba Cushman 77 Mary Perkins Kingston Plymouth
Benjamin Cushman 78 Amos Fuller Plympton Plymouth
James Cussell 84 Edmund D. Cussell City of Boston-3d ward Suffolk
William Custis 79
Newbury Essex
Sarah Cutler 82 Christopher Cutler Sudbury Middlesex
Oliver Cutler 78
Medfield Norfolk
William Cutter 82 Paschal Sprague Charlestown Middlesex
Rebecca Cutter 75 Rebecca Cutter Medford Middlesex
Earl Cutting 82 Earl Cutting Phillipston Worcester
Fanny Dade 74 William Dade Gloucester Essex
William Daggett 83 Zebina Horr Seekonk Bristol
James Dalrymple 83 James Dalrymple Marlborough Middlesex
Isaac Damon 78
Chesterfield Hampshire
Luther Damon 84 Luther Damon Scituate Plymouth
Mercy Damon 75
Chesterfield Hampshire
Joseph Damon 81 Joseph Damon Reading Middlesex
Daniel Damon 83 Daniel Damon Reading Middlesex
Thomas Danforth 79 Thomas Danforth Norton Bristol
John Danforth 83 Jonathan B. Averell Tewksbury Middlesex
Lydia Danforth 77 Lydia Danforth Saugus Essex
Nathan Daniels 91
Franklin Norfolk
John Daniels 77 John Daniels Pittsfield Berkshire
Mary Daniels 77
Franklin Norfolk
Tabitha Darby 75 Almshouse Marblehead Essex
Zelek Darling 79 Zelek Darling Sutton Worcester
Mary Darling 86
Sterling Worcester
John Darling 80 Daniel G. Darling Northfield Franklin
Samuel Darling 80 Samuel Darling Bellingham Norfolk
Priscilla Darling 76
City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Levi Dart 76 Levi Dart Springfield Hampden
Moses Davenport 84
Newburyport Essex
John Davidson 77 John Davidson Otis Berkshire
James Davidson 88 James Davidson Stockbridge Berkshire
Margaret Davis 73
Chesterfield Hampshire
Betsey Davis 81 Timothy Davis Framingham Middlesex
Moses Davis 88
Newbury Essex
Hannah Davis 85
Newburyport Essex
Squire Davis 78 Joseph Davis Royalston Worcester
Edmund Davis 78 Perry Davis Taunton Bristol
Samuel Davis 75 Samuel Davis Chelmsford Middlesex
Abel Davis 83 Abel Davis Concord Middlesex
Thomas Davis 86
Lancaster Worcester
Susan Davis 84 Experience Tucker Gloucester Essex
Augustus Davis 80 Horatio Roberts Gill Franklin
Lucy Davis 76 Lucy Somes Gloucester Essex
Ruth Davis 81 A____ Davis Savoy Berkshire
Jacob Dawes 77 Jacob Dawes Windsor Berkshire
Reuben Daws 95 Peleg Simmons Duxbury Plymouth
John Day 87 Joseph Day Winchendon Worcester
Enos Dean 78 Enos Dean Taunton Bristol
Lemuel Dean 85 Lemuel Dean Taunton Bristol
Mary Dean 78 Mary Dean Taunton Bristol
Adena Dean 75
Franklin Norfolk
Seth Dean 83 Seth Dean Raynham Bristol
Temperance Dean 85 Leander B. Dean Taunton Bristol
Susanna Delano 92 Susanna Delano Marshfield Plymouth
Margaret Delano 79 Jesse Delano Duxbury Plymouth
Oliver Delano 81 Oliver Delano Duxbury Plymouth
Simeon Demoranville 76 Simeon Demoranville Fairhaven Bristol
Adonijah Dennis 80 Adonijah Dennis Hardwick Worcester
Isaac Dennison 78 Isaac Dennison Gloucester Essex
Elizabeth Devereux 83 Joshua Goss Marblehead Essex
Elijah Dewing 78 Elijah Dewing Medway Norfolk
Nathan Dexter 82 Isaac Tower Charlton Worcester
James Dickey 95 James Dickey Charlton Worcester
Samuel Dickinson 88 Willard Dickinson Harvard Worcester
John Dickinson 82
Amherst Hampshire
Simeon Dickinson 83
Amherst Hampshire
Levi Dickinson 85
Hadley Hampshire
Ebenezer Dickinson 87
Plainfield Hampshire
Rachel Dickson 73 Rachel Dickson Charlestown Middlesex
Joanna Dike 76 Joanna Dike Westminster Worcester
Mileah Dill 84 Mileah Dill Hingham Plymouth
Mary Dill 73 William Pope Hull Plymouth
Braddock Dimmock 79 Braddock Dimmock Falmoth Barnstable
Mary Doane 89 James Long Harwich Barnstable
Thomas Dodge 77 Almshouse Beverly Essex
Abraham Dodge 75
Newburyport Essex
Mary Dolbear 75 Joel Dolbear Templeton Worcester
Molly Dole 78
Newbury Essex
Rebecca Dole 77 Almira Wyman Waltham Middlesex
William Dolliver 81 William Dolliver Gloucester Essex
Mary Dorathy 77 Rachel Sanderson Shutesburg (y?) Franklin
Edward Dorr 81 Edward Dorr Salisbury Essex
Susanna Doty 86 Amos Combs Rochester Plymouth
Samuel Dow 87 William B. Hardin City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Hannah Dowell 84
Newburyport Essex
Naomi Downes 80 John Downes Charlestown Middlesex
Joseph Dows 84 Joseph Dows Billerica Middlesex
Ruth Drake 77 Ruth Drake Mansfield Bristol
Lot Drake 80
Worthington Hampshire
Chloe Drake 77 Benjamin Drake Stoughton Norfolk
Adam Drake 81 Cynthia K. Drake Easton Bristol
William Drake 79 William Drake Middleborough Plymouth
Simeon Draper 75 Simeon Draper Brookfield Worcester
Sus___ Dresser 88 Benjamin Dresser Rowley Essex
Wealthy Drew 83 Wealthy Drew Duxbury Plymouth
Thankful D. Drew 90 Elisha Ford Kingston Plymouth
Eleazer Drewry 85 Eleazer Drewry Westminster Worcester
Sarah Drown 80 Sarah Drown Taunton Bristol
William Drury 82 William Drury Worcester Worcester
Artemas Dryden 83 Artemas Dryden Holden Worcester
Philippi Dunbar 82 Peter Kersey, Jr. Hingham Plymouth
N_bby Dunbar 77 S. L. Fearin Hingham Plymouth
Josiah Dunbar 76
Belchertown Hampshire
Experience Dunham 74 Experience Dunham Mansfield Bristol
Widow Dunn 85 John Dunn Petersham Worcester
Rachel Dunn 80
Chelmsford Middlesex
Azabia Dunsett 80 John Leney Williamstown Berkshire
Silas Dunton 79 Silas Dunton Sturbridge Worcester
James Dunton 80 Elijah Bemis Southborough Worcester
Isaac Durant 83 Ebenezer Blood Westford Middlesex
Joseph Durfee 90 Joseph Durfee Freetown Bristol
Hannah Dwinnell 87 Solomon Dwinnell Millbury Worcester
Ruth Dyer 80 Ruth Dyer Abington Plymouth

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