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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 16, 2001

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E - H
Seraphina Eager 72 Nahum Eager Northborough Worcester
Jonathan Eames 83 Jonathan Eames Wilmington Middlesex
John Easland 82 John Easland West Stockbridge Berkshire
Luther Eaton 78 Luther Eaton Framingham Middlesex
Ebenezer Eaton 90 Ebenezer Eaton Framingham Middlesex
Josiah Eaton 84 Josiah Eaton Wales Hampden
Cha___ Echard 47
Canton Norfolk
Samuel Eddy 77 Samuel Eddy Colrain Franklin
Elisha Eddy 78 Almshouse Taunton Bristol
John Edmonds 81 Asa E. Edmonds Dudley Worcester
John Edmonds 83 John Edmonds Malden Middlesex
Caleb Edson 85 Nancy Munger Wales Hampden
Seth Edson 89
Dedham Norfolk
Jabez Edwards 77 Joseph Edwards W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
John S. Edwards 76 John S. Edwards Springfield Hampden
Jonathan Edwards 55 J. Edwards City of Salem Essex
Samuel Edwards 87
West Hampton Hampshire
John Eells 87 Richard Parker Lenon Berkshire
John Eglestoh 84 John Egleston, Jr. W. Springfield-Agawam Parish Hampden
Ebenezer Eldredge -- Jacob Eldredge Harwich Barnstable
Abba Eldridge 43 Abba Eldridge Pawtucket Bristol
Sally Ellery 75 William Ellery Gloucester Essex
John Elliot 85 Thomas Allen New Bedford Bristol
Richard Elliot 78 Richard Elliot Danvers Essex
Eben Ellis 78 Eben Ellis Rochester Plymouth
R. Ellis 77 R. Ellis New Salem Franklin
Hannah Ellis 85 Ebenezer Ellis Middleborough Plymouth
Joel Ellis 83 Joel Ellis Attleborough Bristol
Elizabeth Elwell 86 Joseph W. Hillier Gloucester Essex
Enoch Ely 85 Enoch Ely W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
Joseph Ely 83 Joseph Ely W. Springfield-Ireland Hampden
Jube Ely 78 Jube Ely W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
Samuel Emerson 82
Newburyport Essex
Phebe Emerson 67
Lancaster Worcester
William Emerson 80 William Emerson Malden Middlesex
Olive Emes 84
Hadley Hampshire
Nathaniel Emmes 80 Nathaniel Emmes City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Stephen Emory 92 Isaac Cummings Winchendon Worcester
Lovina Engly 80 Joseph Engly Mendon Worcester
Ebenezer Evans 43 Convict in prison Charlestown Middlesex
Joseph Eveleth 81 J. Eveleth City of Salem Essex
Quinda Everton 80 Artem Brown Medway Norfolk
Cyrus Fairbanks 88 Jacob Fairbanks Ashburnham Worcester
William Fairbanks 87
Dedham Norfolk
Levi Fairbanks 85 Levi Fairbanks Gardner Worcester
John Fairbanks 81
Holliston Middlesex
Keziah Fales 86 William Ware Oakham Worcester
Samuel Fallett 86
Worthington Hampshire
Aaron Fanrington 85 Aaron Fanrington Bellingham Norfolk
Beulah Farebank 79 Leonard Farebank Medway Norfolk
Susan S. Farley 70 Susan S. Farley Ipswich Essex
Rufus Farnham 70 Rufus Farnham Hanover Plymouth
Amos Farnsworth 86 Amos Farnsworth Groton Middlesex
Eleazer Farwell 81 Eleazer Farwell Tyngsborough Middlesex
Ammi Faulkner 84 Cyrus Faulkner Millbury Worcester
Hope Faunce 83 Seneca Thomas Middleborough Plymouth
Sarah Faxon 80 William Faxon North Bridgewater Plymouth
Rachel Faxon 79 Minott Newton Braintree Norfolk
Patty Fay 79 Ephraim Ward Southborough Worcester
Martha Fay 79 Martha Fay Southborough Worcester
Patience Fears 91 Patience Fears Gloucester Essex
Stephen Felton 83 Ebenezer Felton Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
Joseph E. Ferdand 87 John F. Conant City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Thaddeus Ferry 80 Roswell Clements Springfield Hampden
Peter Fessenden 78 Peter Fessenden Barre Worcester
Seth Field 79 Seth Field Brookfield Worcester
John Fillebrown 84 Lewis Smith City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Cato Fillebrown 78 John Brown Taunton Bristol
Sarah Filmore 95 William Mann, 2d Petersham Worcester
Sylvanus Fish 85 Sylvanus Fish Falmoth Barnstable
Thomas Fish 77 Thomas Fish Falmoth Barnstable
Ursula Fish 77 Job Fish Pembroke Plymouth
Rebecca Fish 79 Rebecca Fish Dighton Bristol
Nathan Fish 77
Prescott Hampshire
Timothy Fisher 73
Franklin Norfolk
Aaron Fisher 82 James Clark Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
Timothy Fisher 78
Franklin Norfolk
Susan Fisher 77
Franklin Norfolk
Oliver Fisher 85
Medfield Norfolk
Leonard Fisher 74
Franklin Norfolk
Lemuel Fisher 80 Allen Fish Sandwich Barnstable
Jane Fisher 88 Joseph Potter Taunton Bristol
Cyrus Fisher 79
Wrentham Norfolk
Asa Fisher 83
Franklin Norfolk
Israel Fisher 80 J. Fisher Warwick Franklin
Seberry Fisk 79
West Hampton Hampshire
Betsey Fisk 81 Joseph Ballard Framingham Middlesex
Jacob Fisk 77 Jacob Fisk Windsor Berkshire
Zedekiah Fisk 76 Zedekiah Fisk Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
John Fitts 76 David Mighill Georgetown Essex
Patty Flagg 79 William Trask Northbridge Worcester
Jonathan Flagg 83 Jonathan Flagg Holden Worcester
J. C. Flanders 47
Northampton Hampshire
Daniel Flanders 80
Newbury Essex
Joshua Fletcher 78 Joshua Fletcher Ashburnham Worcester
Josiah Fletcher 81 Josiah Fletcher Chelmsford Middlesex
Tilly Flint 82 Tilly Flint Rutland Worcester
William Flint 80 William Flint Danvers Essex
Austin Flint 80 Austin Flint Leicester Worcester
Elizabeth Flint 80 Charles Flint Tyngsborough Middlesex
Jerusha Flint 70 Jerusha Flint Alford Berkshire
Rebecca Flint 84 Rebecca Flint Fitchburg Worcester
Mary Flint 80 Mary Flint Charlestown Middlesex
Samuel Flood 78 John G. Flood Topsfield Essex
Susanna Fogg 76 Charles M. Fogg Braintree Norfolk
Sarah Follansbee 76 Enoch Follansbee West Newbury Essex
Nehemiah Follansbee 81 Nehemiah Follansbee West Newbury Essex
Sarah Follansbee 78
Newbury Essex
Nehemiah Follansbee 81
Newbury Essex
Olive Folsom 77
Newburyport Essex
Elizabeth Foot 88 Salmon Foot New Marlborough Berkshire
Eunice Forbes 79 William Forbes Buckland Franklin
Mary Forbes 83 Ezra Forbes Bridgewater Plymouth
Ameriah Force 82 Ameriah Force Medway Norfolk
Billy Ford 83 Billy Ford Pembroke Plymouth
Joseph Foster 80 Moses Foster Tewksbury Middlesex
Susan Foster 74 Eli Shelden Essex Essex
William Foster 51 William F____ Ashby Middlesex
Hannah Foster 77 Harvey Stratton Northfield Franklin
Gideon Foster 91 Gideon Foster Danvers Essex
Abiatha Fowler 85 A. Fowler Alford Berkshire
Robert Fowler 80 Robert Fowler Salisbury Essex
Ebenezer Fox 78
Roxbury Norfolk
Joel Fox 83 Joel Fox Dracut Middlesex
Seth Fra_v 84
Hatfield Hampshrie
Robert Francis 78 Rober Francis, Jr. Pittsfield Berkshire
Nathaniel Freeman 83 Edward P. Goodrich Pittsfield Berkshire
Elisha Freeman 89 John Freeman Middleborough Plymouth
Deborah Freeman 74 Benjamin Hinckley Barnstable Barnstable
Charles Freeman 76 William A. Freeman Attleborough Bristol
Andrew Freeman 75 Andrew Freeman North Bridgewater Plymouth
Asa French 83
Northampton Hampshire
Jonas French 83 Jonas French Dunstable Middlesex
William French 88 William French Dunstable Middlesex
Christopher French 88 C. French West Stockbridge Berkshire
Molly French 73 Nathaniel French East Bridgewater Plymouth
Sylvanus French 77 Phodolphus Porter Randolph Norfolk
Edward French 79
Sharon Norfolk
Nathaniel French 77
Canton Norfolk
Gideon F. French 80 Elisha Turner Quincy Norfolk
Lucy French 85 Apolles(?) Dean Freetown Bristol
Polly French 80 Polly French Easton Bristol
Nathaniel Friend 76 Nathaniel Friend Beverly Essex
Samuel Frink 75 Samuel Frink Leicester Worcester
Richard Frost 71 Richard Frost Marblehead Essex
John Fry 83 John Blair Otis Berkshire
Lucy Frye 84 Job T. Cole Andover Essex
Nathaniel Full 86 Nathaniel Fuller Ipswich Essex
Eleanor Fuller 76 Charles C. Fuller Charlestown Middlesex
James Fuller 81 James Fuller Ipswich Essex
Azariah Fuller 76 Dixon L. Gill Fitchburg Worcester
Jonathan Fuller 87 Charles Curtis Charlton Worcester
Joseph Fuller 82 Joseph Fuller Sandwich Barnstable
Benjamin Fuller 65 John Edmonds Danvers Essex
Elizabeth Fullum 74 Elizabeth Fullum Fitchburg Worcester
Rachel Furbush 75 Rachel Furbush Andover Essex
Sarah Furniss 89 John Felton Marblehead Essex
Zenas Gage 83 Zenas Gage Barnstable Barnstable
Jonathan Gage 80
Newburyport Essex
John Gage 83 John Gage Methuen Essex
Andrew Gardner 91 Elihn Hemenway Leverett Franklin
Samuel Gardner 76 Samuel Gardner Duxbury Plymouth
David Gardner 85 E. D. Bloss(om?) Hingham Plymouth
Deborah Gardner 75
Plainfield Hampshire
Perez Gardner 78 Perez Gardner Hingham Plymouth
John Gardner 77 Bela White Sandwich Barnstable
Sarah Gardner 71
Northampton Hampshire
Ruth Garnett 77 Ruth Garnett Pembroke Plymouth
Nahum Gassett -- Nahum Gassett Townsend Middlesex
Fanny Gates 77 Henry Gates Monson Hampden
Simon Gates -- Simon Gates Worcester Worcester
William Gates 78 William Gates Marlborough Middlesex
Thomas Gay 86
Franklin Norfolk
Patience Gaylord 73 Patience Gaylord Westfield Hampden
Martha Geary 80
Hatfield Hampshire
John Geer -- John Geer Peru Berkshire
Simeon Gell 86 Simeon Gell Savoy Berkshire
Hannah George 94
Wrentham Norfolk
Timothy Gibbons 78 Lucius Gibbons Granville-East Parish Hampden
Abigail Gibbs 83 L_d_n Turner Charlestown Middlesex
Catharine Gibbs 73 James C. Wild City of Boston-6th ward Suffolk
Joseph Gibbs 78 Joseph Gibbs Wareham Plymouth
Thomas Gibson 87 Jo__ Gibson Ashburnham Worcester
Isaac Giddings 85 Isaac Giddings Andover Essex
Lewis Gifford 85 Lewis Gifford Dartmouth Bristol
Ruth Gilb__t 85 Dexter Bruce Brookfield Worcester
Hannah Gilbert 78 Almshouse Marblehead Essex
Josiah Gilbert 78 Josiah Gilbert Whately Franklin
Daniel Gillmore 82
Wrentham Norfolk
John Gilmore 81 John Gilmore Raynham Bristol
Lucy Glass 80 Nancy Glass Duxbury Plymouth
Oliver Glazier 77 Oliver Glazier West Boylston Worcester
Nancy Glover 74 Nancy Glover Dorchester Norfolk
Joseph Gloyd 76
Plainfield Hampshire
Rachel Gloyd 83
Goshen Hampshire
Samuel Goddard 81
Hopkinton Middlesex
Wiltha Godfrey 75 George C. Godfrey Taunton Bristol
Jerusha Godfrey 79 Jerusha Godfrey Taunton Bristol
Israel Goff 80 Israel Goff Rehoboth Bristol
Joshua Golt 86 Joshua Golt, Jr. Rockport Essex
Nancy Goodarel 69
Lancaster Worcester
Peninah Goodell 83 Sarah Goodell Ludlow Hampden
William Goodell 83 David Goodell Marlborough Middlesex
John Goodnow 78 John Goodnow Sudbury Middlesex
Phebe Goodnow 79
Natick Middlesex
Abner Goodnow 77 A____ G____ Leyden Franklin
George Goodrich 88 Alfred Goodrich Gill Franklin
Abijah Goodrich 86 Joshua Goodrich Fitchburg Worcester
Michael Goodrich 91 Walter Goodrich New Marlborough Berkshire
John Gorham 81 John Gorham Hardwick Worcester
George Gorham 81 Russel Gorham Montgomery Hampden
Benjamin Gould 89
Newburyport Essex
Eli Gould 74 Eli Gould Adams Berkshire
Jonathan Gould 84 Jonathan Gould Millbury Worcester
Mille Gould 79
Ware Hampshire
Lydia Grant 75 Thomas Nichelson Marblehead Essex
Hezekial Grant 75 H. Grant Great Barrington Berkshire
Rhoda Graves 86
Amherst Hampshire
Oliver Graves 79 Oliver Graves Whately Franklin
Reuben Graves 80 Reuben Graves Whately Franklin
John Graves -- J____ _____ Leyden Franklin
Sarah Gray 80 Michael Anderson City of Boston-2d ward Suffolk
Robert Gray 82 Foster King Ashfield Franklin
Tabitha Gray 75 William Styles Andover Essex
Rhoda Greeley 81 Rhoda Greely Salisbury Essex
William Green 85 William Green Ashby Middlesex
Samuel Green 67 Samuel Green Marblehead Essex
Deborah Green 82 George Green Townsend Middlesex
Susanna Green 84 Susanna Green Chelsea Suffolk
Henry Green 8_ Henry Green Williamstown Berkshire
Jonathan Green 80 Jonathan Green Falmoth Barnstable
Samuel Green 80 Samuel Green Bernardstown Franklin
Abigail Greenwood 78
Hopkinton Middlesex
Sally Greenwood 78 Abel Greenwood Framingham Middlesex
Elizabeth Gregory 83 Eli Bradley (?) Lanesborough Berkshire
Joseph Griggs 90 Orlando Griggs Brimfield Hampden
William Grinnell 77 James M. Cranston New Bedford Bristol
Abel Griswold 80 Abel Griswold Westfield Hampden
Mehitable Griswold 84 Mehitable Griswold Springfield Hampden
Susanna Gront 79 William C. Gront Wayland Middlesex
Deborah Gross 87 Lewis Gross Scituate Plymouth
Aseneth Grout 72
Pelham Hampshire
David Grover 84 Robert B. Grover Mansfield Bristol
Amos Guild 87 Amos Guild Stoughton Norfolk
Samuel Guild 77
Franklin Norfolk
Joseph Guild 80
Hatfield Hampshire
Simeon Guilford 87 Willard Gay Pittsfield Berkshire
Francis Guillo 77 Francis Guillo Norton Bristol
Mehitable Guller 78
Newburyport Essex
Moses Gunn 86 Moses Gunn Montague Franklin
Salmon Gunn 80 Henry A. Gunn Montague Franklin
Thankful Gunney -- Samuel Gunney Rochester Plymouth
Levi Gunney 93 Levi Gunney Rochester Plymouth
Samuel Gunnison 53 Samuel Gunnison Andover Essex
Joseph P. Gurney 79 Joseph P. Gurney Abington Plymouth
Asa Gurney 81 Asa Gurney Abington Plymouth
Joseph Gurney 82 Josiah Gurney Ashfield Franklin
Jane Gurney 83 Daniel Gurney Middleborough Plymouth
Zachariah Gurney 78 Zachariah Gurney North Bridgewater Plymouth
William H_land 87 Hannah Litchfield Scituate Plymouth
George Hackett 81 George Hackett Middleborough Plymouth
John Hagar 82 Washington Hagar Phillipston Worcester
Aaron Hager 82 Jesse Hager Athol Worcester
Abraham Hager 85 Joel Temple Rutland Worcester
Nathaniel Hagg 78 Samuel Ryan Waltham Middlesex
Aaron Hagner 81
Princeton Worcester
Calvin Hale 78
Leominster Worcester
Henry Hall 78 Hiram Hall Dennis Barnstable
Eleanor Hall -- Eleanor Hall Harwich Barnstable
Abigail Hall 85 David Hall Yarmouth Barnstable
Jesse Hall 83 Jesse Hall Tolland Hampden
Josiah Hall 90
Walpole Norfolk
Eleanor Hall 77 Samuel Hall Boxford Essex
Lyman Hall 85 Jabez Hall Adams Berkshire
Mary Hall 81 Amy Griswold New Marlborough Berkshire
Benjamin Hallett 80 Benjamin Hallett Barnstable Barnstable
John Hamlen 78
Plainfield Hampshire
Gideon Hammon 86 Gideon Hammon Rochester Plymouth
John D. Hammond 56 Almshouse Marblehead Essex
Hannah Hamson 81 Nancy Butman Marblehead Essex
Wealthy Hancock 77 Wealthy Hancock Wilbraham-North Parish Hampden
Thomas Hancock 76 Thomas Hancock Braintree Norfolk
Ann Hancock 79 Henry K. Hancock City of Boston-11th ward Suffolk
Thomas Handy 86 Isaac Pearce Rehoboth Bristol
Lois Handy 82 Henry P. Young Rochester Plymouth
Mary Handy -- Charles Handy Colrain Franklin
Anna Hannum 82
Southampton Hampshire
Sarah Hanson 77
Newbury Essex
Moses Hanting 82
Hubbardston Worcester
Hannah Hapgood 83
Hubbardston Worcester
Abijah Harding 80 A____ H____ Leyden Franklin
Mary Harding 76 Mary Harding Wellfleet Barnstable
Nathan Harding 88 Henry Harding Wellfleet Barnstable
Lucy Hardy 81 Betsey Peterson Plymouth Plymouth
James Harlow 77 James Harlow Plymouth Plymouth
Jonathan Harrington 81 Jonathan Harrington Shrewsbury Worcester
Relief Harrington 73 Halloway Harrington Shrewsbury Worcester
Eleanor Harrington 83 Eleanor Harrington Hardwick Worcester
Micah Harrington 81 Micah Harrington Paxton Worcester
Levi Harrington 79 Levi Harrington Lexington Middlesex
Noah Harrington 76 Timothy Adam Barre Worcester
Relief Harris 74 Relief Harris Stoughton Norfolk
Ithran Harris 49 Ithran Harris Millbury Worcester
James Harris 86 James Harris Becket Berkshire
Ann Harris 80
Newbury Essex
Mary C. Harriss 68 Hannah Harriss Marblehead Essex
Martin Hart 82 Martin Hart Great Barrington Berkshire
Hannah Hart 85 Almeda Raymond Fall River Bristol
Jesse Hartshorn 78
Foxborough Norfolk
Betsey Hartshorn 78
Franklin Norfolk
Jeremiah Hartshorn 89
Wrentham Norfolk
David Hartshorn 77
Franklin Norfolk
Mary Hartwell 92 George Hartwell Lincoln Middlesex
Daniel Hartwell 84 Daniel Hartwell West Bridgewater Plymouth
Benjamin Hartwell 81 Benjamin Hartwell Shirley Middlesex
Abiel Hartwell 83 Alfred Snell North Bridgewater Plymouth
Anna Harvey 86 Stephen Nichols Monson Hampden
Nancy Harwood 74 Nancy Harwood Danvers Essex
Jacob Harwood 79 Jacob Harwood Shutesburg (y?) Franklin
James Haskell 51 James Haskell Otis Berkshire
Benjamin Haskell 44
Freetown Bristol
William Haskell 79 Charles Haskell, Jr. Gloucester Essex
Roger Haskell 87 Roger Haskell Peru Berkshire
Ednah Haskell 80
Newburyport Essex
Josiah Haskell 84 Josiah Haskett Templeton Worcester
Joshua Haskins 85 Apollos Haskins Middleborough Plymouth
Preserved Haskins 77 Preserved Haskins Taunton Bristol
Henry Haskins 79 Edward Haskins Taunton Bristol
Elijah Haskins 83 Samuel Haskins Taunton Bristol
John Haskins 80 John Haskins Becket Berkshire
Charles Hastings 79 Joseph P. Hastings Ashburnham Worcester
Theophilus Hastings 78 Theophilus Hastings Hardwick Worcester
Lucretia Hastings 79 James Abbott Brookfield Worcester
Jonas Hastings 81 Jonas Hastings Shrewsbury Worcester
Deborah Hatch 76
Chesterfield Hampshire
Luther Hatch 78 Luther Hatch East Bridgewater Plymouth
Anthony Hatch 87 Anthony Hatch Marshfield Plymouth
Joseph Hatch 82 David Bowman Falmoth Barnstable
John Hathaway 86 John Hathaway New Bedford Bristol
Robert Hathaway 77 Robert Hathaway Wargen Worcester
Timothy Hathaway 84 Timothy Hathaway Hardwick Worcester
Jabez Hathaway 83 Jabez Hathaway New Bedford Bristol
Levi Hathaway 78 Levi Hathaway North Brookfield Worcester
Jason Hause 82 Jason Hause Barre Worcester
Pelatiah Hawes 84 Mary Barlett New Braintree Worcester
George Hawes 78
Wrentham Norfolk
David Hawes 81
Wrentham Norfolk
Ebenezer Hawkes 81
Belchertown Hampshire
Elijah Hawley 96 Cooe(?) Danforth Williamstown Berkshire
Betsey Hay 74 Betsey Hay Charlestown Middlesex
Ann Hayden 82
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
John Hayden 55 John Hayden Chilmark Nantucket
Elizabeth Hayden 75 Jonathan _____ City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Joel Hayden 78 Arthur Petry Lee Berkshire
Lewis Hayden 78 Lewis Hayden Harvard Worcester
Nathaniel Hayden 78 Nathaniel Hayden City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Aaron Hayes 78 Aaron Hayes Florida Berkshire
Dinah Haymore 84 Rebecca M____n Lynn Essex
Reuben Haynes 86 Reuben Haynes Gardner Worcester
Sarah H. Haywood 70 Sarah H. Haywood City of Boston-6th ward Suffolk
Dolly Healy 73 Harvey Conant Dudley Worcester
Richard Heard 86 Richard Heard, Jr. Wayland Middlesex
William Heath 77 William Heath Tyringham Berkshire
Abial Heath 75 Enoch Marshall Methuen Essex
Thankful Hedge 72 Thankful Hedge Barnstable Barnstable
Charles Hendley 77 Charles Hendley Acton Middlesex
Sarah Henshaw 83 Josiah Henshaw Brookfield Worcester
John Hentield 84 J. Towne City of Salem Essex
Nathaniel Herd 76 James Peatfield Ipswich Essex
Ezekiel Hersey 79 Ezekiel Hersey Hingham Plymouth
Aaron Heth 85 Alvin Heth Sandisfield Berkshire
Joseph Hewing 76 Joseph Hewing Sheffield Berkshire
Thomas Hewitt 83 Thomas Hewitt Taunton Bristol
Samuel Heywood 81 Samuel Heywood Rutland Worcester
Nathan Hicks 78 Nathan Hicks Rehoboth Bristol
Rebecca Higgins 33 Rebecca Higgins Lynn Essex
Solomon Hill 80 Solomon Hill Ashfield Franklin
David Hill --
City of Boston-8th ward Suffolk
Anna Hill 88 Anna Hill Abington Plymouth
Thomas Hill 79 Pauper West Cambridge Middlesex
Ellen Hill 84 Ellen Hill Tyringham Berkshire
Noah Hill 80 Noah Hill Douglas Worcester
Rebecca Hill 86
Holliston Middlesex
Sarah Hill 81 Sarah Hill Gardner Worcester
Timothy Hiller 80 Timothy Hiller Rochester Plymouth
Jacob Hills 76 Jacob Hills Long Meadow-East Parish Hampden
Sarah Hills 76
Newburyport Essex
Hale Hilton 80 Hale Hilton Beverly Essex
Sylvanus Hinckley 83 Moses H. Bearse Barnstable Barnstable
Prince Hinckley 81 Prince Hinckley Barnstable Barnstable
Chloe Hinckley 78 Chloe Hinckley Barnstable Barnstable
Samuel Hinckley 83 Samuel Hinckley Hardwick Worcester
Samuel Hinckley 83
Northampton Hampshire
John Hix 83 Almshouse Pembroke Plymouth
Leonard Hoar 83 Leonard Hoar, Jr. Lincoln Middlesex
Mary Hoar 78 William Bourne Middleborough Plymouth
Noah Hobart 83 N. Hobart City of Salem Essex
Nathaniel Hobart 76 Nathaniel Hobart North Bridgewater Plymouth
Edmund Hobart 85 Edmund Hobart Hingham Plymouth
Nathaniel Hodges 78 Joseph F. Wadsworth Duxbury Plymouth
Rufus Hodges 84 Leonard Hodges Norton Bristol
William Hodges 85
Walpole Norfolk
Eunice Hodgkins 81 Eunice Hodgkins Gloucester Essex
Amos Holbrook 87
Milton Norfolk
Olive Holbrook 86 Ebenezer Holbrook Wargen Worcester
Nathaniel Holbrook 84 Nathaniel Holbrook Randolph Norfolk
Sally Holbrook 84
Sherborn Middlesex
James Holbrook 85
Wrentham Norfolk
Molly Holbrook 81 John Wales Bellingham Norfolk
Lucy Holbrook 82
Weymouth Norfolk
Joseph Holcomb 81
Worthington Hampshire
Amos Holden 76 Rodney Sage Sheffield Berkshire
Abigail Holden 76 J. B. Holden New Salem Franklin
Susanna Holman 80 Asa Waters Millbury Worcester
Lydia Holmes 89 Oliver Holmes Halifax Plymouth
Robert Holmes 74 Robert Holmes Taunton Bristol
Mary Ann Holmes 49 Mary Ann Holmes Lynn Essex
Silence Holmes 82 Silence Holmes Stoughton Norfolk
Samuel N. Holmes 85 Samuel N. Holmes Plymouth Plymouth
Nathaniel Holmes 75 Nathaniel Holmes Halifax Plymouth
Ebenezer Holmes 77 Richard Walker Swansky Bristol
Cornelius Holmes 85 Cornelius Holmes Bridgewater Plymouth
Sandford Holsey 74
Norwich Hampshire
Ephraim Holt 78
Hubbardston Worcester
Eunice Holt 95 Asa Holt West Boylston Worcester
Sarah Homan 92 Sarah Homan Marblehead Essex
Mrs. Homan 80 John Homan Marblehead Essex
Sarah Homans 68 John Homans City of Boston-7th ward Suffolk
Zibeon Hooker 89 Ezra Nichols Newton Middlesex
Hannah Hooker 82 Hannah Hooker Marblehead Essex
Hannah Hooker 90 Jonathan Winslow Charlton Worcester
Seth Hopkins 80 Daniel Newhall Conway Franklin
John Hopkins 83 John Hopkins Eastham Barnstable
Reliance Hopkins 80 Reliance Hopkins Chatham Barnstable
Polly Horton 87
Milton Norfolk
Lemuel Horton 80 John Edmonds Danvers Essex
Samuel Hoskins 78 Samuel Hoskins Petersham Worcester
David Hosmer 82 David Hosmer Auburn Worcester
Samuel Hosmer 79 Samuel Hosmer Acton Middlesex
Ebenezer Hossum 76 Ebenezer Hossum West Newbury Essex
Jonas Houghton 80 Jonas Houghton Bolton Worcester
Isaac How 82
Holliston Middlesex
David How 81 David How Haverhill Essex
John Howard 85 J. Howard City of Salem Essex
Jonathan Howard 78 Jonathan Howard Charlemont Franklin
Edward Howard 53 Edward Howard Dorchester Norfolk
Andrew Howard 78
Belchertown Hampshire
Job Howard 82 Job Howard Bolton Worcester
Jonas Howard 79 Naham Battles North Bridgewater Plymouth
Martha Howard 80
Canton Norfolk
Hannah Howard 87 Chester Smith Hawley Franklin
Hepsibah Howard 97 Thomas Howard Randolph Norfolk
Oliver Howard 82 Daniel Howard North Bridgewater Plymouth
Jonathan Howe 85 Jonathan Howe Methuen Essex
Molly Howe 77 Jotham Howe Boylston Worcester
Farnham Howe 77
Newbury Essex
Joel Howe 79 Joel Howe Spencer Worcester
Exekiel Howe 84 Ezekiel Howe Framingham Middlesex
Azor Howe 75 Azor Howe Bridgewater Plymouth
John Howe, 1st 77 John Howe, 1st Boylston Worcester
Bethiah Howes 88 David Howes Ashfield Franklin
John Howland 78 John Howland Pittsfield Berkshire
Elizabeth Howland 78 Elizabeth Howland Hardwick Worcester
Benjamin Hows 86
Leominster Worcester
John Hoxie 65
Northampton Hampshire
Betty Hoyt 83 William Hoyt Amesbury Essex
Robert Hoyt 87 Town farm New Braintree Worcester
Joseph Hubbard 81 Joseph Hubbard Rutland Worcester
George Hubbard 85 George Hubbard Granville-East Parish Hampden
William Hubbard 86 Joseph Hubbard Buckland Franklin
Caleb Hubbard 86 Caleb Hubbard Sunderland Franklin
Titus Hubbard 76 Titus Hubbard Tolland Hampden
Sarah Hubson 85 Sarah Lambert Rowley Essex
Sarah Hudson 87 Apolos Fay Hardwick Worcester
Agrippa Hull 79 Agrippa Hull Stockbridge Berkshire
Stephen Hume 86 Richard Hume Windsor Berkshire
Deborah Humphrey 80
Weymouth Norfolk
Hugh Humphrey 90 Daniel Humphrey Great Barrington Berkshire
James Humphreys 87 James Humphreys Dorchester Norfolk
Royal Humphreys 79 Henry Humphreys Athol Worcester
Noah Hunt 77 Noah Hunt Tewksbury Middlesex
Anthony Hunt 84
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Ephraim Hunt 78
Canton Norfolk
Jonathan Hunt 80 Jonathan Hunt Palmer Hampden
Abner Hunt 75
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Winefred Hunt 86 Winefred Hunt Hull Plymouth
Isaac Hurd 84 Isaac Hurd Concord Middlesex
Jonathan Hutchinson 87 Jonathan Hutchinsoon Southwick Hampden
Catharine Hyde 76 Catharine Hyde Newton Middlesex

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