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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 16, 2001

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M - P
Elijah Macomber 85 Elijah Macomber Dartmouth Bristol
J____h Macomber 83 V____ Macomber Berkley Bristol
Joshua Magoun 79 Joshua Magoun Pembroke Plymouth
William Makepiece 76
Franklin Norfolk
Barzilla Manchester 78 Thomas Allen Westport Bristol
Abigail Mandell 82 Martin Mandell Hardwick Worcester
Patience Mann 80 John Brooks Hanover Plymouth
Mary Mann 83 Mary Mann Hanover Plymouth
Mehitable Mann 83 Josiah Cutting Templeton Worcester
Ebenezer Mann 89 Ebenezer Ma__ Westminster Worcester
Abigail Manning 77
Goshen Hampshire
John Manning 44 John Manning Florida Berkshire
William Manning 83 William Manning Townsend Middlesex
Mary Mansfield 76 Mary Mansfield Lynn Essex
Lydia Marble 77
Northampton Hampshire
Henry Marble 85 Henry Marble Westborough Worcester
Jabez Marble 85 ___l Marble Ashburnham Worcester
Paul Marcy 84 David Pratt Hawley Franklin
Elizabeth Markham 72 Aaron F. Couch Sandisfield Berkshire
Reuben Marsh 78 Reuben Marsh Lee Berkshire
Stephen Marsh 79 Stephen Marsh Sutton Worcester
Deliverence Marsh 82 S. M. Freeman Sturbridge Worcester
Enos Marsh 80 Lucius Marsh Montague Franklin
Lot Marsh 82 Lot Marsh Hingham Plymouth
Dolly Marshall 74 Dolly Marshall Tolland Hampden
Timothy Marshall 83 T. Marshall Holden Worcester
John Marston 84 John Marston Taunton Bristol
Amos Martin 85 Amos Martin Rehoboth Bristol
Elizabeth Martin 84 Charles Allen Randolph Norfolk
_____ Martindale 82 T____ Martin___ Leyden Franklin
Alexander Mason 82 Alexander Mason Seekonk Bristol
Simeon Mason 89 Alvin Streeter Southbridge Worcester
Asahel Matthews 75 Town Farm Leicester Worcester
Andrew Mattison 56 Andrew Mattison Gloucester Essex
Ebenezer Mattoon 85
Amherst Hampshire
Deborah May 74
Sterling Worcester
Eleazer May 83 Eleazer May New Braintree Worcester
Hannah Mayhew 82 Holmes Hayhew Charlemont Franklin
Eleanor McClintock 85 Tryphena McClintock Palmer Hampden
Anguish McCloud 97 Aaron Crowel Brewster Barnstable
James McCullock 84 James McCullock Colrain Franklin
Sarah McFarland 91
Hopkinton Middlesex
James McFarlen 40 James McFarlen City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Edward McGowns 80 James P. Nye Sandwich Barnstable
Jeremiah McIntosh 89 Jeremiah McIntosh Dorchester Norfolk
Elizabeth McMillion 81 Jonathan Cushing City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Benjamin Mead 81 William Mead Rutland Worcester
Tilby Mead 84 Tilby Mead Barre Worcester
Russell Mears 74 Joseph Parkhurst Tewksbury Middlesex
Joseph Merchants 80 Joseph Merchants Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
John Meriam 78 John Meriam Fitchburg Worcester
Joseph Meriam 77 Joseph Meriam Ashburnham Worcester
Martha Merrill 68 Charles A. Frost Chelmsford Middlesex
Hosea Merrills 79 Hosea Merrills Pittsfield Berkshire
Amos Merritt 79 Amos Merritt Charlton Worcester
John Messenger 89 John Messenger Becket Berkshire
Jonathan Messer 81 Jonathan Messer Pepperell Middlesex
William Metcalf 85
Franklin Norfolk
James Metcalf 82
Franklin Norfolk
Barsella Miles 89 B. Miles Rutland Worcester
Bethiah Miller 79 Bethiah Miller Yarmouth Barnstable
Isaac Miller 82 Jesse Miller Tolland Hampden
James Millet 85 James Millet Gloucester Essex
William Millikan 78 William Millikan Washington Berkshire
William Mills 76 William Mills City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Jane Mills 66 William S. Mills Malden Middlesex
Cephas Mills 80 Cephas Mills Tolland Hampden
Day Mitchel 80 Day Mitchel Bradford Essex
Daniel Mixter 85 Azariah Butler Monson Hampden
Timothy Monn 93
Walpole Norfolk
Isaac Monroe 83 Isaac Stearns Lincoln Middlesex
John L. Monroe 85 John L. Monroe Norton Bristol
Sybel Montigue 88
Hadley Hampshire
William Moore 80 William Moore Tolland Hampden
I____ Moore 87 John Moore Wargen Worcester
Nathan Moore 78 Nathan Moore North Brookfield Worcester
Calvin Moore 85
Sterling Worcester
Persis Moore 87 Elijah Crouch Southborough Worcester
Sybel Morcon 93
Hubbardston Worcester
Sarah Morey 75 Daniel Morey Taunton Bristol
Andrew Morgan 79 Andrew Morgan Spencer Worcester
Erastus Morgan 76 Erastus Morgan W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
William Morrill 80 William Morrill Salisbury Essex
Elizabeth Morrill 77 Thomas J. Pratt Amesbury Essex
Hannah Morris 73 Hannah Morris Wellfleet Barnstable
Rhoda Morris 85 Robert Williams Scituate Plymouth
Samuel Morse 81
Hubbardston Worcester
Mark Morse 82 Mark Morse Beverly Essex
Samuel Morse 89 Samuel Morse Upton Worcester
Abigail Morse 87 Clarke Ellis Milford Worcester
Cornelius Morse 83
Foxborough Norfolk
Simeon Morse 80 Simeon Morse Sutton Worcester
Amos Morse 77 Amos Morse, 3d Methuen Essex
Ezra D. Morton 72 Ezra D. Morton Kingston Plymouth
Ezra Mosman 78 Ezra Mosman Stow Middlesex
Nathaniel Mourey 89 Nathaniel Mourey Hinsdale Berkshire
Jonathan Mower 83 J. Mower Holden Worcester
Henry Mowry 80 Henry Mowry Mendon Worcester
William Mugford 77 W. Mugford City of Salem Essex
James Mullen 79 Henry B. Mullen Lynn Essex
Sarah Munn 80 Calvin Munn Monson Hampden
Elisha Munn 84 Elisha Munn Gill Franklin
Elisha Murdock 85 Edward F. Seagraves Uxbridge Worcester
Sarah Murray 87
Newburyport Essex
Benoni Muzzy 78
Natick Middlesex
Jacob Nash 79
Plainfield Hampshire
Samuel Nash 85 Samuel Nash Holden Worcester
_____ Nash 85
Weymouth Norfolk
Jonathan Nash 86 Jonathan Nash Rehoboth Bristol
Betsey Nash 80 Zebulon Nash Pembroke Plymouth
Anna Nash 85 Anna Nash Beverly Essex
Timothy Nash 81
Weymouth Norfolk
Sarah Neagles 71 George Gibson City of Boston-7th ward Suffolk
Joseph Neal 88
Cohasset Norfolk
Daniel Needham 79 Daniel Needham Lynnfield Essex
Anna New 79
Holliston Middlesex
James Newcomb 87 Elisha Rich Wellfleet Barnstable
Bryant Newcomb 78 Bryant Newcomb Braintree Norfolk
Jeremiah Newcomb 81 Jeremiah Newcomb Wellfleet Barnstable
Ruth Newell 81 Welcome Newell New Braintree Worcester
Stephen Newell 82 John Newell Wilbraham-South Parish Hampden
Stephen Newell 80 Moses Newell Sturbridge Worcester
Sarah Newhall 71 Sarah Newhall Lynn Essex
James Newhall 83 James Newhall Lynn Essex
Elizabeth Newton 73 Elizabeth Newton Northborough Worcester
John Newton 82
Middlefield Hampshire
Ebenezer Newton 82 Elijah Bemis Southborough Worcester
Hezekiah Newton 87 C. L. New___ Rutland Worcester
Jeremiah Newton _4 Jeremiah Newton Leyden Franklin
Abigail Nichols 80
Cohasset Norfolk
Lydia Nichols 80
Cohasset Norfolk
Moses Nichols 77 Moses Nichols Plymouth Plymouth
Rebecca Nichols 90 Martin Dunster Gardner Worcester
Asa Nichols 78 Asa Nichols Buckland Franklin
David Nichols 85 David Nichols Brimfield Hampden
Thankful Nichols 80 Thankful Nichols Grafton Worcester
Rebecca Nichols 80 Rebecca Nichols Westminster Worcester
Stephen Nickerson 86 Stephen Nickerson Harwich Barnstable
Salathel Nickerson 80 Salathel Nickerson Chatham Barnstable
Patience Nickerson 82 Patience Nickerson Plymouth Plymouth
Fortunatus Nickols 80 Fortunatus Nickols Westborough Worcester
Thomas Nixon 78 Thomas Nixon Framingham Middlesex
Daniel No____ 83 Daniel N____ Barre Worcester
Hannah Noble 98 Electar Norton Westfield Hampden
Lucy Norris 78
Edgartown Nantucket
Ol_____ Norton 90 Susan Worth Tisbury Nantucket
Love Norton 85
Edgartown Nantucket
Elizabeth Norwood 86 Elizabeth Norwood Manchester Essex
Matthew Noyes 82 Almshouse Abington Plymouth
Silas Noyes 76 Almshouse Bradford Essex
Da__d Noyse 79 Allen Reed, 2d Abington Plymouth
Jacob Nutting 93 Jacob Nutting Groton Middlesex
Jane Nutting 85 Jane Caswell Marblehead Essex
Abigail Nye 86 Abigail Clark Salisbury Essex
Mary Nye 80 Ebenezer Nye Sandwich Barnstable
John O_borne 84
Ware Hampshire
Reuben Olds 79 Reuben Olds Brookfield Worcester
John Oliver 92 John Oliver Acton Middlesex
Ruth Orcutt 84
Cohasset Norfolk
Michael Orcutt 84 Thomas Lorin City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Samuel Orcutt 74 Samuel Orcutt Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
Eliza Organ 75 Edmund Waite Lynn Essex
Ephraim Osborn 75 Ephraim Osborn Fitchburg Worcester
John Osburn 72 John U. Osburn Pembroke Plymouth
Eleazer Owen 79
Belchertown Hampshire
Susan P___ 76 Reuben Blair Brookfield Worcester
Benjamin P___in 80 Dexter Pratt East Bridgewater Plymouth
Abigail P__kins 80 David Perkins Topsfield Essex
Lucy Packard 77 Parley Packard Oakham Worcester
Philip Packard 77
Plainfield Hampshire
Luke Packard 80
East Hampton Hampshire
Freelove Packard 80 Almshouse Easton Bristol
Relief Packard 79 Jesse Packard North Bridgewater Plymouth
Thankful Packard 81 Benjamin Packard Sandwich Barnstable
Caleb Packard 79 Willard Packard Ashfield Franklin
Abigail Paddleford 78 James Paddleford Taunton Bristol
Rhoda Paine 88 Simeon Grover Mansfield Bristol
Susanna Paine 73 Susan Paine Brewster Barnstable
John Park 81 Solomon Bothwich Shrewsbury Worcester
Nehemiah Parker 79
Princeton Worcester
Susanna Parker 77 Susanna Parker City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Hannah Parker 75 Orison Hill Wargen Worcester
Joshua Parker 76 Joshua Parker Groton Middlesex
Mary Parker 79 Ira Parker Long Meadow-West Parish Hampden
William Parker 80 William Parker Reading Middlesex
David Parker 85 Thomas Ramez Reading Middlesex
Aaron Parker 83 Aaron Parker Reading Middlesex
Isaac Parker 82 Isaac Parker Falmoth Barnstable
Stephen Parker 78 Stephen Parker New Braintree Worcester
Elisha Parker 74 Ele_ha Parker Southwick Hampden
Samuel Parkhurst 81 Samuel Parkhurst Chelmsford Middlesex
Jonathan Parks 87 Jonathan Parks North Brookfield Worcester
Josiah Parks 84 Josiah Parks Lincoln Middlesex
Eunice Parks 77 Jonas Parks Lincoln Middlesex
Caleb Parmenter 82 Draper Parmenter Attleborough Bristol
Ebenezer Parmenter 78 Ebenezer Parmenter Sudbury Middlesex
Luther Parmeter 84
Princeton Worcester
M. Parmeter 81 R. L. King Rutland Worcester
Mary Parsons 73
Worthington Hampshire
Bartholomew Parsons 84 Bartholomew Parsons Sheffield Berkshire
Molly Parsons 79 Molly Parsons Gloucester Essex
Ebenezer Parsons 79 Ebenezer Parsons Lynnfield Essex
Seth Parsons 82 Seth Parsons Granville-West Parish Hampden
Joseph Patch 75 Joseph Patch Hamilton Essex
Isaac Patch 78 Isaac Patch Groton Middlesex
Samuel Patrige 87 Samuel Patrige Medway Norfolk
Wethy A. Patterson 77 B. Patterson Great Barrington Berkshire
Mary Patton 81 Freeman Stai___ Tyringham Berkshire
Zeniah Paul 85 Trueman Paul Adams Berkshire
Hannah Paull 86 Hannah Paull Berkley Bristol
William Payns 80 Philo Olds West Stockbridge Berkshire
Sarah Peabody 86 Benjamin Peabody Boxford Essex
Lydia Peabody 75 Joel R. Peabody Topsfield Essex
Rachel Peabody 72 Rachel Peabody City of Boston-3d ward Suffolk
Jane Peabody 78 J. Peabody City of Salem Essex
John Peabody 77 John Peabody Lunenburg Worcester
Francis Peabody 80 E. B. Wilkins Danvers Essex
Ann Pearce 77 Anna Pearce Dighton Bristol
Thomas Pearce 76 Jarvis Wheeler Rehoboth Bristol
Joseph Pearson 82
Sterling Worcester
Sarah Pearson 87
Newburyport Essex
Silas Pearson 83
Newbury Essex
____y Peck 90 Benjamin Peck Rehoboth Bristol
Joseph Peck 83 Solomon L. Peck Monson Hampden
Jeremiah Peck 76 Jeremiah Peck Attleborough Bristol
H__dah Penniman 84 Harris G. P_____ Abington Plymouth
John Peory 88 John Peory Pittsfield Berkshire
Judith Perkins 72 Edwin Perkins W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
Abraham Perkins 93 Abraham Perkins Ipswich Essex
Mary Perkins 78 Simeon Perkins Bridgewater Plymouth
Seth Perry 85 Seth Perry Manson Plymouth
Abel Perry 83
Natick Middlesex
Mary Perry 86 Gilbert Farmer Westford Middlesex
John Perry 81 John Perry Sandwich Barnstable
Elizabeth Perry 84 Elizabeth Perry Hanover Plymouth
Lydia Perry 79 Lydia Perry Seekonk Bristol
Alice Perry 70 John Perry Palmer Hampden
Lois H. Persons 85
Wilmington Middlesex
Jonathan Peterson 86 Sylvano Peter___ Colrain Franklin
Rebecca Peterson 86 Joseph Wadsworth Duxbury Plymouth
Priscilla Peterson 75 Ruth Peterson Duxbury Plymouth
A______ Pettibone 79 A_____ Pettibone Lanesborough Berkshire
Thomas Petton 80 Stephen Spelman Granville-East Parish Hampden
Joshua Petty 85 Moses Petty Westport Bristol
Theodoma Phelps 84
Chesterfield Hampshire
Elijah Phelps 79 George R. Rockw___ Lanesborough Berkshire
Elizabeth Phelps 77
Northampton Hampshire
Deborah Philips 79 Deborah Philips Taunton Bristol
Susanna Phillips 86 Susanna Phillips Easton Bristol
Timothy Phillips 81 Timothy Phillips Bradford Essex
Naomi Phillips 77 Naomi Phillips Harwich Barnstable
Jedediah Philops 85 Jedediah Philops Medway Norfolk
Zenas Phinney 88 Zenas Phinney Hardwick Worcester
Hannah Phipps 77
Hopkinton Middlesex
Benjamin Pickering 82 Benjamin Pickering Mendon Worcester
David Pickering 78 David Pickering Mendon Worcester
Judith Pickett 84 Judith Pickett Beverly Essex
Abel Pierce 85 Charles Weston Weston Middlesex
Mary Pierce 77
Franklin Norfolk
Christopher Pierce 80 Christopher Pierce Pembroke Plymouth
Polly Pierce 83
Chelmsford Middlesex
Joshua Pierce 89 Richard Pierce Charlemont Franklin
Nathan Pierce 80 Nathan Pierce Woburn Middlesex
Mrs. Pierce 75 Abraham Pierce Millbury Worcester
Amos Pierce 78 Amos Pierce Millbury Worcester
Susanna Pierce 82 Susanna Pierce Dorchester Norfolk
Robert Pierce 79 Paul Litchfield Scituate Plymouth
Simeon Pierson 87 Simeon Pierson Scituate Plymouth
David Pike 81 David Pike Phillipston Worcester
Jonathan Pike 48 Jonathan Pike Sutton Worcester
Moses Pike 89 Moses Pike Salisbury Essex
Ruth Pike 78 Ruth Pike Paxton Worcester
Maly Pike 83 David B. Dean Holland Hampden
Benjamin Pike 86 Benjamin Pike Topsfield Essex
Samuel Pilsbury 78
Newburyport Essex
Stephen Pingrey 82 John Pingrey Groton Middlesex
Mercy Pinsley(?) 78
Freetown Bristol
Mary Plimpton 76 George W. Holmes Sturbridge Worcester
Lydia Plimpton 78 Lydia Plimpton Southbridge Worcester
Mary Plimpton 94 Mary Plimpton Sturbridge Worcester
Anna Plimpton 81 Anna Plimpton Sturbridge Worcester
Deborah Pliney 90 Barnabus Pliney Plympton Plymouth
Silas Po__er 80
Hatfield Hampshire
Anna Poland 86 Enoch Bray Gloucester Essex
Jacob Pomeroy 88
Southampton Hampshire
Ebenezer Pomeroy 81
Hadley Hampshire
Simson Pomeroy 86 Simson Pomeroy Springfield Hampden
Jabez Pond 79
Wrentham Norfolk
Elaher Pond 77
Franklin Norfolk
Benjamin Pond 82
Hopkinton Middlesex
Luther Ponteroy 82
Worthington Hampshire
Abigail Poor 88 Daniel Palmer Georgetown Essex
Thomas Pope 82 Dexter C. Thompson Halifax Plymouth
Elnathan Pope 80 Elnathan Pope Fairhaven Bristol
William Porter 77 William Porter Middleborough Plymouth
Mary Porter 85 Mary Porter Beverly Essex
Mary Porter 87 Harvey Porter W. Springfield-Agawam Parish Hampden
Aaron Porter 83 Aaron Porter Danvers Essex
James Potter 82 James Potter Holden Worcester
James Potter 80 Mercy Harkness Adams Berkshire
Rhoda Potter 87 Lovey Potter North Brookfield Worcester
John Powers 86 John Powers Rutland Worcester
Stephen Powers 75
Prescott Hampshire
William Pratt 80
Freetown Bristol
Elizabeth Pratt 74
Hopkinton Middlesex
Nathan Pratt 80 Nathan Pratt Shrewsbury Worcester
Ruth Pratt 67 Ruth Pratt Braintree Norfolk
Isaac Pratt 78 Solomon C. Pratt Sudbury Middlesex
Patience Pratt 76
Weymouth Norfolk
Patience Pratt 79 Patience Pratt Ludlow Hampden
Dier Pratt 86 Dier Pratt Taunton Bristol
Betty Pratt 84
Weymouth Norfolk
Rebecca Pratt 74 John D. Pratt Fitchburg Worcester
Aaron Pratt 78
Cohasset Norfolk
______ Pratt 80
Weymouth Norfolk
Joel Pratt 88
Sterling Worcester
Simeon Pratt 81 Simeon Pratt Bridgewater Plymouth
Hannah Pratt 75
Weymouth Norfolk
Mary Pratt 83 Mary Pratt Chelsea Suffolk
Caleb Pratt 77 Caleb Pratt Chelsea Suffolk
Jesse Pratt 79 Jesse Pratt Buckland Franklin
John Pray 86 Benjamin Curtis Quincy Norfolk
Daniel Prentice 83 Daniel Prentice Townsend Middlesex
John Presbrey 80 John Presbrey Taunton Bristol
William Prescott 72 Merrick Lewis Groton Middlesex
Abel Prescott 80 Abel Prescott Groton Middlesex
John Pressy 83 John Pressy Amesbury Essex
Amasiah Preston 83 Joseph White Plymouth Plymouth
Abel Proctor 86 Lucy Hendley Acton Middlesex
Levi Proctor 73 Levi Proctor Chelmsford Middlesex
W. Prossy 91 M. Saunders City of Salem Essex
Prudence Prouty 81 Prudence Prouty West Boylston Worcester
Rebecca Prouty 79 Eli Prouty Spencer Worcester
Aaron Purbeck 84 A. Purbeck City of Salem Essex
Francis Putnam 84 Silas Putnam Sutton Worcester
Mary Pyncheon 74 George Pyncheon Great Barrington Berkshire

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