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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 16, 2001

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Nathan Underwood 86 Nathan Underwood Harwich Barnstable
John Union 56 Peter Union Marblehead Essex
Nathaniel Upton 85 A. P. Smith Stoneham Middlesex
Jerusha Upton 82 Paul Upton Wilmington Middlesex
Sally Utley 77
Chesterfield Hampshire
J. Vaughan 78 Joseph King New Salem Franklin
Nathaniel Vial 78 Nathaniel Vial Seekonk Bristol
David Vincent 77 David Vincent Ashfield Franklin
Sarah Viner 69 Isaac Viner Cheshire Berkshire
Rebecca Vinson 87
Weymouth Norfolk
Thomas Vinson 85
Weymouth Norfolk
Ruth Wadeworth 82 Bethiel Slorum Bellingham Norfolk
Joseph Wadsworth 82 Benjamin Wadsworth Millbury Worcester
Drusbury Wadsworth 79 Drusbury Wadsworth Duxbury Plymouth
Judith Wait 86
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Rebecca Waite 77 Elizabeth Jackson Leicester Worcester
Sarah Waite 79 Sarah Waite North Brookfield Worcester
Elizabeth Waitt 78 Samuel Waitt Danvers Essex
Timothy Wake_eld 85 Timothy Wake___ Reading Middlesex
Thomas Walcott 83 Paupers Charlestown Middlesex
Ann Waldron 75 Warren Waldron Tisbury Nantucket
Thomas Wales 89 Lewis Bunker North Bridgewater Plymouth
Samuel Wales 80 Samuel Wales Stoughton Norfolk
George Walker 79 George Walker Dighton Bristol
James Walker 90 James Walker Haverhill Essex
Joseph Walker 79
Hopkinton Middlesex
Moses Walker 79 Moses Walker Seekonk Bristol
Jason Walker 80 Jason Walker Brookfield Worcester
James Walker 80 James Walker Taunton Bristol
James Walker 87 James Walker Wales Hampden
Lois Walker 83 John C. Knap Grafton Worcester
Lois Walker 83
Hopkinton Middlesex
Richard Walker 82 Lewis Walker Seekonk Bristol
Silas Walker 96 S. Walker West Boylston Worcester
Zenith Walker 85 B. P. Rice Worcester Worcester
Assenath Walker 77 John V. Leland Grafton Worcester
James Walker 82
Belchertown Hampshire
Betsey Walker 81 Calvin Hunt New Salem Franklin
George Walkup 77 George Walkup Colrain Franklin
Joshua Wallbridge 81 Joshua Wallbridge Wilbraham-North Parish Hampden
Oliver Walton 82 Oliver Walton South Reading Middlesex
Sarah Ward 78 Benjamin Ward Easton Bristol
C. Ward 83 Christopher Ward Brimfield Hampden
William Ward 80 Benjamin Ward Ashburnham Worcester
Caleb Ward 87 Luther Ward Ashfield Franklin
Elias Ware 86
Wrentham Norfolk
Samuel Warfield 84 Samuel Warfield Milford Worcester
Nathaniel Warner 79 James Millet Gloucester Essex
Elias Warner 76 Elias Warner Harvard Worcester
Phineas Warner 76 Phineas Warner New Braintree Worcester
Stephen W. Warner 80 Stephen Warner Monson Hampden
Daniel Warner 81 Daniel Warner Southborough Worcester
Elizabeth Warner 97 Gad Warner New Marlborough Berkshire
Jeduthan Warren 84 Jeduthan Warren, Jr. Westminster Worcester
Charles Warren _0 P____ W Leyden Franklin
Elijah Warren 81 Henry E. Warren Leicester Worcester
Phebe Warren 86 Phebe Warren Plymouth Plymouth
Silas Warren 86 Elijah Warren Upton Worcester
Timothy Warren 79 R. Taylor Ashfield Franklin
Stephen Warren 85 Stephen Warren Ashfield Franklin
Gad Warriner 82 Gad Warringer W. Springfield-Agawam Parrish Hampden
Abraham Washburn 86 Abraham Washburn Hinsdale Berkshire
Thomas Washburn 79 Thomas Washburn Wareham Plymouth
Abiel Washburn 79 George Shaw Middleborough Plymouth
Lucy Washburn 74 Francis Washburn Kingston Plymouth
Elizabeth Washburn 84 Hannah Washburn Hardwick Worcester
Patience Washburn 95
Hadley Hampshire
Lettice Washburn 82 Lettice Washburn Fairhaven Bristol
Israel Washburn 85 Israel Washburn Raynham Bristol
Barzaliel Washington 78 Barzaliel Washington New Bedford Bristol
Jerusha Waterman 75 Jerusha Waterman Duxbury Plymouth
Asa Waters 80 Asa Waters Stoughton Norfolk
Mindwell Waters 77 Mindwell Waters Williamstown Berkshire
Prudence Watheld __ J_____ W____ Heath Franklin
Abial Watkins 86
Hopkinton Middlesex
William Watley 79 Paupers Charlestown Middlesex
Lucy Watson 86 William Watson Spencer Worcester
Daniel Watts 71 Daniel Watts Lynn Essex
Joseph Weaver 83 Joseph Weaver Dartmouth Bristol
John Webb 83
Weymouth Norfolk
Anna Webb 82 Paul Webb Scituate Plymouth
Daniel Webb 77 Daniel Webb Otis Berkshire
John Webber 80 John Webber Bedford Middlesex
Benjamin Webber 86 Benjamin Webber Gloucester Essex
Jonas Welch 86 James Ridgway City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Jonas Welch 87 Jonas Welch Bolton Worcester
Lucy Wells 74 Eleazer M. P. W___ City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Mary Wells 75 Mary Wells Marblehead Essex
Rachel Wentworth 86
Canton Norfolk
Nathaniel Wentworth 80
Canton Norfolk
Margaret Wesley 91 William Pratt East Bridgewater Plymouth
Charles West 81 Charles West Southbridge Worcester
John West 92 Nehemiah Goldsmith Manchester Essex
Ichabod West 75 Ichabod West Sheffield Berkshire
Thomas Westgate 78 Thomas Westgate Fairhaven Bristol
Abigail Weston 77 Abigail Weston Duxbury Plymouth
Eliphus Weston 76 Ira Haskins Middleborough Plymouth
James Weston 79 James Weston Duxbury Plymouth
Levi Weston 83 Levi Weston Duxbury Plymouth
Daniel Wetherbee 83 Daniel Wetherbee Lunenburg Worcester
Salley Wetherby 85
Norwich Hampshire
Joseph Whalon 83 Joseph Whalon Dartmouth Bristol
Joseph Wheat 85 Joseph Wheat Spencer Worcester
Jesse Wheaton 77
Dedham Norfolk
Rachel Wheaton 81 Ephraim Drury Worcester Worcester
Joseph Wheaton 87 Joseph Wheaton Rehoboth Bristol
Zenas Wheeler 84 Zenas Wheeler New Marlborough Berkshire
Me____ Wheeler 69 John W. Wh___ Rowe Franklin
Samuel Wheeler 87 Samuel Wheeler Shutesburg (y?) Franklin
John Wheeler 79
Ware Hampshire
Roby Wheeler 79 William Wheeler Taunton Bristol
Ann Wheeler 87 John Preston, 2d Dorchester Norfolk
Peter Wheeler 76 Peter Wheeler Boxborough Middlesex
Lyman Wheelock 78 Lyman Wheelock Easton Bristol
Paul Wheelock 84 Ephraim Wheelock Spencer Worcester
Dennison Wheelock 87 Davis Wheelock Southbridge Worcester
Abraham Wheelwright 83
Newburyport Essex
David Whipple 81
Greenwich Hampshire
Solomon Whipple 88
Pelham Hampshire
Abel Whitaker 83 Abel Whitaker Seekonk Bristol
Peter Whitaker 86 Joel Whitaker Seekonk Bristol
Sarah Whitcomb 80 Lucien B. Drury Marlborough Middlesex
Abraham Whitcomb 82 Abraham Whitcomb Stow Middlesex
Rachel Whitcomb 75 Rachel Whitcomb Randolph Norfolk
Matilda White 80 Matilda White Mansfield Bristol
Abigail White 78 Moses Holbrook Braintree Norfolk
Asa White 78 Asa White West Bridgewater Plymouth
Bethiah White 83 Bethiah White Middleborough Plymouth
Thomas White 82 Joseph White West Boylston Worcester
John White 81 John White Mansfield Bristol
Lewis White 80 Susan Ashley Long Meadow-East Parish Hampden
Micah White 86 Micah White Randolph Norfolk
Timothy White 79 Timothy White Taunton Bristol
David White 82 David White Douglas Worcester
James White 84 James White Colrain Franklin
Patience White 86
Wrentham Norfolk
Reuben White 90 Reuben White Colrain Franklin
Daniel White 80 Daniel White Acton Middlesex
Samuel Whiting 84 Samuel Whiting Billerica Middlesex
Elkanah Whiting 83
Wrentham Norfolk
Joshua Whiting 82
Dedham Norfolk
Deborah Whiting 80
Chesterfield Hampshire
Dorcas Whitley 77 Dorcas Whitley Springfield Hampden
Samuel Whitmarsh 80
Weymouth Norfolk
Susanna Whitmarsh 71 Susanna Whitmarsh East Bridgewater Plymouth
Isaac Whitmore 85 I___h Whitmore Ashburnham Worcester
Enoch Whitmore 80 Enoch Whitmore Royalston Worcester
Ebenezer Whitney 78 Ebenezer Whitney Montague Franklin
Martha Whitney -- Martha Whitney Worcester Worcester
Hackaliah Whitney 78 Hackaliah Whitney Milford Worcester
Israel Whiton 81 Lyman Barn Hingham Plymouth
Amy Wibber 89 Hugh Pettingill Chelmsford Middlesex
Isaac Wickhams 78 Isaac Wickhams Marshpee Barnstable
Samuel Wicks 75
Norwich Hampshire
William Wiggins 77 William Wiggins Lynn Essex
Abigail Wight 79 Caleb Wight Westford Middlesex
John Wilber 78 John Wilber Nantucket Nantucket
Joseph Wilbur 87 Joseph Wilbur West Stockbridge Berkshire
John Wilbur 78 John Wilbur Nantucket Nantucket
Thomas Wilbur 84 Thomas Wilbur Dartmouth Bristol
Benjamin Wilbur 82
Foxborough Norfolk
Zebulon Wilcott 80
Goshen Hampshire
Susanna Wilcutt 77
Cohasset Norfolk
Catharine Wilcutt 84
Chesterfield Hampshire
Jonathan Wild 80 Jonathan Wild Braintree Norfolk
Levi Wild 82 Levi Wild Braintree Norfolk
John Wilde 86 John Wilde Taunton Bristol
Mary Wilden 93
Lancaster Worcester
Shubal Wilder 81
Northampton Hampshire
Nathaniel Wilder 89 Daniel Wilder Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
James Wilder 77
Sterling Worcester
Hannah Wiley 85 P__er E. Wiley Charlestown Middlesex
Sarah Wilkins 90 Sarah Thomas Middleton Essex
Sylvia Willard 70 Aaron Willard Charlton Worcester
Mary Williams -- Mary Williams Charlton Worcester
Stimpson Williams 76 Stimpson Williams Easton Bristol
Thomas Williams 77 Thomas Williams Stoneham Middlesex
Elizabeth Williams 92 Elizabeth Williams Stoughton Norfolk
Sally Williams 83 Stephen Hathaway Marblehead Essex
Mary Williams 76 Mary Williams Marlborough Middlesex
Stephen Williams 87 Stephen Williams Raynham Bristol
Jo____ T. Williams 80 Joshua S. Williams Dighton Bristol
Hannah Williams 88 Hannah William Westminster Worcester
Silas Williams 76
Prescott Hampshire
Joseph Willis 81 Joseph Willis Lee Berkshire
Susanna Willis 75 Joab Willis Charlemont Franklin
Payson Williston 76
East Hampton Hampshire
Samuel Willoby 84 Samuel Willoby Alford Berkshire
Abigail Willson 81 Abigail Willson Paxton Worcester
Jared Wilson 78
Wrentham Norfolk
Joseph Wilson 78 Town Farm Leicester Worcester
Enoch Wilson 81
Wrentham Norfolk
William Winchester 80 Daniel Gardner Leverett Franklin
Israel Wing 88 Henry Benton Lynn Essex
John Winn 81 John Winn West Boylston Worcester
James Winy 83 James Winy Hinsdale Berkshire
Miriam Wires 90
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Lemuel Withington 80 Jacob Bacon Dorchester Norfolk
Thomas Withington 76 Thomas Withington Dorchester Norfolk
Hannah Witney 81 Henry Sanders Sheffield Berkshire
Sylvanus Wood 81 Benjamin O. Wood Middleborough Plymouth
Abijah Wood 86 Abijah Wood Westminster Worcester
Samuel Wood 75 Samuel Wood West Bridgewater Plymouth
Lydia Wood 74 Lydia Wood Middleborough Plymouth
Li___ Wood 89 Gilford Waldron Dighton Bristol
Judah Wood 79 Samuel Wood, 3d Halifax Plymouth
Hope Wood 74 Hope Wood Middleborough Plymouth
Jemima Wood 82 George Wood Mendon Worcester
Nathan Wood 80 A____ Wood Cheshire Berkshire
Nathan Wood 80 Nathan Wood Milford Worcester
Sylvanus Wood 90 Sylvanus Wood Woburn Middlesex
Abel Wood 84 Abel Wood Westminster Worcester
Patience Wood 81 William Fletcher Brighton Middlesex
David Wood 83 David Wood Lunenburg Worcester
Daniel Wood 79 James Wood Concord Middlesex
David Wood 77 David Wood W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
Amos Wood 83 Amos Wood Buckland Franklin
Amos Wood 85 Micajah Wood Dracut Middlesex
Stephen Wood 93 E. Low City of Salem Essex
Benjamin Woodberry 82 Benjamin Woodberry Beverly Essex
Dudley Woodbridge 80 Dudley Woodbridge Andover Essex
Josiah Woodbury 86 Josiah Woodbury Boxford Essex
Israel Woodbury 84 Israel Woodbury Bolton Worcester
Benjamin Woodcock 88 Benjamin Woodcock Dartmouth Bristol
Caroline Woodcock 79 Joseph Field, Jr. Attleborough Bristol
Elizabeth Woodman 86
Newbury Essex
Amos Woodruff 77 Chester L. Woodruff West Stockbridge Berkshire
Ichabod Woods 80
Pelham Hampshire
Jonathan Woodward 101 Jonathan Woodward Dunstable Middlesex
Daniel Woodward 81 Daniel Woodward Taunton Bristol
Levi Woodward 79 Almshouse Taunton Bristol
Lydia Woodwell 80
Newbury Essex
Susan Wright 84 Joseph Wright Plymouth Plymouth
Peter Wright 80 Elizabeth Wright Littleton Middlesex
Eldad Wright -- Xenophon Turner Northfield Franklin
Patience Wright 73 George E. Wright Plympton Plymouth
Levi Wright 83 Levi Wright Plympton Plymouth
Noah Wright 79 Noah Wright Pepperell Middlesex
Joseph Wright 83 Willard Ellis, Jr. Plympton Plymouth
Eliab Wright 79 Eliab Wright Bellingham Norfolk
Ebenezer Wright 77 Ebenezer Wright Plympton Plymouth
Chloe Wright 73
Northampton Hampshire
Peter Wright 80 Nathan Wright Acton Middlesex
Stephen Wright 81
East Hampton Hampshire
Huldah Yainter 84 Huldah Yainter Leicester Worcester
Thomas Yarbell 82 Abijah Whitney Pepperell Middlesex
William Yarbell 76 William Yarbell Groton Middlesex
David Young 84 Moses Fisk Athol Worcester
Stephen Young 79 Stephen Young Wellfleet Barnstable
Gideon Young 79 Moses P. Rich Scituate Plymouth
Joseph Young 78 Joseph Young Chatham Barnstable
Marsh Zep__rah 78
Worthington Hampshire

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