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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 16, 2001

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I - L
Nathan Ide 81 Nathan Ide, Jr. Dighton Bristol
Jonathan Ingell 85 Jonathan Ingell Taunton Bristol
Jonathan Ingraham 83 Jonathan Ingraham N. (New?) Ashford Berkshire
Sarah Ireson 82 Samuel J. ______ Lynn Essex
Caleb Jackson 86 Caleb Jackson Rowley Essex
Hannah Jackson 76 Almshouse North Bridgewater Plymouth
John Jacobs 81 John Jacobs Carlisle Middlesex
Lemuel Jacobs -- Lemuel Jacobs Scituate Plymouth
Mary James 82 Samuel P. Bassett Marblehead Essex
Hannah Jaques -- Daniel Jaques Tyngsborough Middlesex
Parker Jaques 86
Newbury Essex
William Jaquins 88 William Jaquins New Marlborough Berkshire
Jedediah Jay 86 Lydia Stoddard Hingham Plymouth
William Jemeson 81 William Jemeson City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Calvin Jenkin(s?) 82 Calvin Jenkin(s?) Scituate Plymouth
Alvan Jenkins -- Alvan Jenkins Barnstable Barnstable
Moses Jennison 85 Moses Jennison Shirley Middlesex
Jedediah Jepherson 78 Jedidiah Jepherson Douglas Worcester
John Jepherson 80 John Jepherson Uxbridge Worcester
David Jewet 84 Oliver Jewet Lanesborough Berkshire
Joseph Jewett 79 Joseph Jewett Ashburnham Worcester
Betsey Joel 77 Betsey Joel Manson Plymouth
Silas Johnson 75
Amherst Hampshire
Catharine Johnson 59 Catharine Johnson City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Mary Johnson 74 James B. Johnson City of Boston-11th ward Suffolk
Eleanor Johnson 92 John Johnson Andover Essex
Mary Johnson 84 Mary Johnson Medford Middlesex
William Johnson 79 William Johnson Ashby Middlesex
Nathaniel Johnson 78 Rufus Tenney Acton Middlesex
Lydia Johnson 73 Lydia Johnson Worcester Worcester
Oliver Johonnet 80 Oliver Johonnet City of Boston-4th ward Suffolk
Phineas Jones 78 Phineas Jones Spencer Worcester
Samuel Jones 79
Leominster Worcester
Ezekiel Jones 82 Ezekiel Jones Milford Worcester
Azuba Jones 80 Ephraim Brown Lincoln Middlesex
Lydia Jones 78 Pliny Jones W. Springfield-Ireland Hampden
Isaac Jones 87 Charles B. Jones Monson Hampden
William Jones 82 William J. Sherman Brimfield Hampden
Timothy Jones 78 Henry Graves Ludlow Hampden
Stephen Jones 79 Stephen Jones Shutesburg (y?) Franklin
Edmund Jordan 77 Edmund Jordan Florida Berkshire
Mary Josselyn 78 Mary Josselyn Manson Plymouth
John Josselynn 79 James Goodale Danvers Essex
Oliver Judd 79 Oliver Judd Otis Berkshire
Lydia Keen 78 Lydia Keen Manson Plymouth
Benjamin Keen 84 Benjamin Keen Raynham Bristol
Stephen Keep 75 Stephen Keep Long Meadow-West Parish Hampden
Asa Keith 83 Asa Keith Dudley Worcester
Mary Kelly 83 Samuel Cloutman Marblehead Essex
Amos Kelton 80 Amos Kelton Taunton Bristol
Dudley B. Kemp 86 Dudley B. Kemp Pepperell Middlesex
Asa Kendall 77 Asa Kendall Ashby Middlesex
Nathan Kendall 83 Nathan Kendall Framingham Middlesex
Noah Kendall 87 Noah Kendall Templeton Worcester
Mehitable Kenney -- Lucy Tripp Rochester Plymouth
John Kent 76 John Kent Washington Berkshire
Hannah Kent 65
City of Boston-12th ward Suffolk
Abigail Kent 75 Abigail Kent Duxbury Plymouth
Erastus Kentfield 75
Belchertown Hampshire
Sarah Kerring 71
Dover Norfolk
Peter Kersey 82 J. B. Mayhew Hingham Plymouth
John Kersey 79 S. S. Kersey Hingham Plymouth
Jonathan Keuell 79
Newburyport Essex
Israel Keyes 81
Princeton Worcester
Thomas Kibby 81 Thomas Kibby Shutesburg (y?) Franklin
Hannah Kidder 88 Mary Rand Charlestown Middlesex
Anna Kieth 88 William Curtis, Jr. Stoughton Norfolk
Calvin Kilbern 83
Princeton Worcester
John Kilburn 84 John Kilburn Winchendon Worcester
Edward Kilton 84 Edward Kilton Dorchester Norfolk
Margaret Kilton 79 John Kilton City of Boston-11th ward Suffolk
Thomas Kimball 79 Thomas Kimball Ipswich Essex
Benjamin Kimball 79 Benjamin Kimball Methuen Essex
John King 67 John King Medford Middlesex
Elihu King 81
Northampton Hampshire
Hannah King 79
Chesterfield Hampshire
Peter King 84
Amherst Hampshire
Josiah King 78 Josiah King Norton Bristol
Relief Kingman 84 Relief Kingman Randolph Norfolk
Nathaniel Kingsbury 91
Medfield Norfolk
Timothy Kingsley 81
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Joseph Kinney 85 Althea Soul Duxbury Plymouth
William Kinsman 86 William Kinsman Ipswich Essex
Margaret Knap 82
Franklin Norfolk
Susanna Knapp 73 Edward N. Knapp Taunton Bristol
Philip Knapp 85 Philip Knapp Raynham Bristol
Silas Knight 83 Prince Knight New Braintree Worcester
Elizabeth Knight 76 Elizabeth Knight Salisbury Essex
Ann Knower 82 Thomas Knower Westminster Worcester
Nathan Knowlton 80 Ezra Rice Auburn Worcester
Stephen Knowlton 78 Stephen Knowlton Templeton Worcester
Nathan Knowlton 80 Nathan Knowlton Framingham Middlesex
Cornelius Kollock 84 --Wrentham Norfolk
B__wolf L____n 78 B____ L____ Leyden Franklin
Elnathan Lake 87 William Covel Rehoboth Bristol
Gideon Lake 84 Gideon Lake Colrain Franklin
Rachel Lakeman 85 Rachel Lakeman Beverly Essex
David Lakin 89 David Lakin Groton Middlesex
David Lamb 82 Alfred Mower Oxford Worcester
N___n Lamb -- Calvin Lamb Charlton Worcester
Susan Lamb 82 Ezra L. Bates Phillipston Worcester
Lucy Lambert 82 Elijah Lambert Brimfield Hampden
Samuel Lancaster 83 Samuel Lancaster Ipswich Essex
Caleb Lane 81 Caleb Lane Gloucester Essex
Asa Lane 74 David B. ______ Lanesborough Berkshire
Leavitt Lane 79 Lebbins Stockbridge Hanover Plymouth
Caleb Lane 77 Almshouse Abington Plymouth
David Lane 81 David Lane Bedford Middlesex
Lemuel Lapham 78 Lemuel Lapham Pembroke Plymouth
Asa Lapham 95 Asa Lapham Marshfield Plymouth
Bethshebee Larabee 87
Dover Norfolk
Lavina Larel 79 Daniel Larel Bellingham Norfolk
John Larkin 79 John Larkin Berlin Worcester
Ephraim Larkin 78 John Eddy Fall River Bristol
Thomas Larned 78 Thomas Larned Dudley Worcester
John Larned 81 John Larned Oxford Worcester
Anna Larrabee 85 Sarah Larrabee Danvers Essex
William Laskey 78 Peter Park Lynn Essex
Phebe Lathrop 75 Orville Lathrop Shrewsbury Worcester
Anna Lathrop 79 Nathaniel Billings Long Meadow-East Parish Hampden
Elizabeth Laulor 40
Weymouth Norfolk
John Laurence 78 William N. Laurence Freetown Bristol
Anna Lawrance 80 Anna Lawrance Milford Worcester
Silas Lawrence 92 Silas Lawrence Falmoth Barnstable
Josiah Lawrence 85 Thomas Lawrence Pittsfield Berkshire
Ebenezer Lawrence 85 Ebenezer Lawrence Woburn Middlesex
Luther Lazell 86 Luther Lazell Abington Plymouth
Isaac Lee 79 Isaac Lee Manchester Essex
Thomas Leeds 77 Thomas Leeds Dorchester Norfolk
David Legg 84 Daniel Legg Mendon Worcester
Hannah Leighton 94 Harriet Davis Acton Middlesex
John Leland 86 John Leland Charlestown Middlesex
Timothy Leland 88
Holliston Middlesex
Mary Lemuir 76
City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Anna Lendall 79 Thomas S. Blanchard Manchester Essex
Phineas Leonard 89 Dwight Leonard W. Springfield-Feeding Hills Parish Hampden
Ziba Leonard 84 Paul Leonard Ashfield Franklin
Elizabeth Leonard 85 Caleb Packard Oakham Worcester
Asenath Leonard 80 Susan Allen Freetown Bristol
Jacob Leonard 82 Jacob Leonard Bridgewater Plymouth
Nehemiah Leonard 80
Sharon Norfolk
Samuel Leonard 77 Samuel Leonard Bridgewater Plymouth
Ann Levering 81
Newburyport Essex
Thomas Lewin 81 Thomas Lewin Swansky Bristol
Isaac Lewis 80 Isaac Lewis Wilbraham-North Parish Hampden
George Lewis 80 Washington Crowell Barnstable Barnstable
Jonathan Lewis 81
Weymouth Norfolk
Richard Lewis 89 Richard Lewis Barnstable Barnstable
Darius Lewis 82 Albert Lewis Egremont Berkshire
Esther Lewis 86 George Stanley Great Barrington Berkshire
Hannah Lewis 78 Hannah Lewis Dorchester Norfolk
Hannah Lilly 83 John Lilly City of Boston-3d ward Suffolk
Nathaniel Lincoln 75 Almshouse Taunton Bristol
Jacob Lincoln 79
Lancaster Worcester
Susanna Lincoln 80 Alexander Anderson Hingham Plymouth
Sally Lincoln 74 Joseph Wilbar Taunton Bristol
Ruth Lincoln 99 Schuyler Shepard Mansfield Bristol
Rachel Lincoln 82 Rachel Lincoln Hingham Plymouth
Elizabeth Lincoln 81
Cohasset Norfolk
Anna Lincoln 78 Thompson Tripp(?) Norton Bristol
Mary Lindal 80
Berkley Bristol
Deborah Lindsey 74 Deborah Lindsey Marblehead Essex
Joseph Linton 77
Edgartown Nantucket
Jeremiah Liswell 42 Thomas L___ell W. Springfield-Feeding Hills Parish Hampden
Francis Litchfield 79 S. O. Ruggles Scituate Plymouth
Luther Little 84 Luther Little Marshfield Plymouth
Rebecca Littlefield 75 Rebecca Littlefield Stoughton Norfolk
Aaron Littlefield 81 Aaron Littlefield Randolph Norfolk
Braddyll Livermore 76 Braddyll Livermore Paxton Worcester
Elisha Livermore 90 Calvin Stockwell Oxford Worcester
Abigail Locke 81 Elias Curtis Charlestown Middlesex
Mary Lolly(?) 74
Edgartown Nantucket
Nancy Long 82 Stephen Long Shelburne Franklin
Edmund Longley 93 Thomas Longley Hawley Franklin
Nathaniel Longley 84 Nathaniel Longley Bolton Worcester
Jane Look 83 Alden Look Rochester Plymouth
Jacob Loomis 83 Jacob Loomis Russell Hampden
Elsea Loomis 73 Elsea Loomis Springfield Hampden
Caroline Lord 45 J. R. Covington Charlestown Middlesex
Lydia Loring 79 Levi Morse Halifax Plymouth
Abraham Losee 82
Southampton Hampshire
Solomon Lothrop 79 Solomon Lothrop Norton Bristol
_____us Loud 79
Weymouth Norfolk
David Loud 79 David Loud Braintree Norfolk
_____m Loud 78
Weymouth Norfolk
Anna Loud 80
Weymouth Norfolk
Olive Lovell 83 Pvam(?) Cushing Hull Plymouth
Ruth Lovell 74 Jacob Lovell Abington Plymouth
Mary Lovell 85
Millbury Worcester
Simeon Loving 77 Simeon Loving Plympton Plymouth
Aaron Low 85 Warren Low Essex Essex
Betty Low 54 George Jillson Lynn Essex
John Lowe 80 John Lowe Gloucester Essex
Charlotte Lowe 73 William H. Cutler Ashburnham Worcester
Martin Loyd 78 Hezekiel Putnam City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Betsey Lucas 81 Sylvanua Rogers, Jr. Plymouth Plymouth
Reubah Lucas 82 Ephraim Washburn Plymouth Plymouth
Jerima Lucas 83 Consider Robbins Carver Plymouth
Betsey Lucas 75 Charles Lucas Wareham Plymouth
Mehitable Luce 84 Mehitable Luce Tisbury Nantucket
Anna Luce 85 Shubael Luce Tisbury Nantucket
Thomas Luce 83 Thomas Luce Tisbury Nantucket
Samuel Ludden 79 Samuel Ludden Randolph Norfolk
Naomi Ludington 85 Jason Ludington W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
James Lumberton 78
Ware Hampshire
Mary Lumbnot 83 Phebe Peirce Rochester Plymouth
Asahel Lunduz 75 Asahel Lunduz Lenon Berkshire
Hannah Lunt 82
Newbury Essex
Aaron Luther 77 Mason G. Brown Swansky Bristol
Stephen Luther 79 Stephen Luther Swansky Bristol
Moses Lutkin 83 Moses Lutkin Gloucester Essex
Ann Lye 73 Ann Lye Lynn Essex
Thomas Lyman 83
Northampton Hampshire
Giles Lyman 82
Norwich Hampshire
Thomas Lyon 82 Thomas Lyon Dorchester Norfolk
Lydia Lyon 80 Isaac Lyon Middleborough Plymouth

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