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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, January 16, 2001

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David Quill 63 David Quill Marblehead Essex
Sarah Radloff 82 James Radloff Seekonk Bristol
Lydia Ramsdell 72 Lydia Ramsdell East Bridgewater Plymouth
Sarah Ramsden 99 Reuben Ramsden City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Gersham Randall 90
Northampton Hampshire
William Rawson 89 Caleb Rawson Northbridge Worcester
Ebenezer Ray 81 Ebenezer Ray Beverly Essex
Deborah Raymond 73 Deborah Raymond Plymouth Plymouth
Mary Rea 81 Nathaniel B. Marsh Charlestown Middlesex
Isaac Reed 84 Isaac Reed Woburn Middlesex
Elijah Reed 80 Pard(en?) Wor(del?) Fall River Bristol
Samuel Reed 78 Samuel Reed Wendan (Wendell?) Franklin
Joshua Reed 77 Joshua Reed Woburn Middlesex
Josiah Reed 82 Josiah Reed Townsend Middlesex
Samuel Reed 82 Samuel F. Reed Westfield Hampden
Isaac Reed 87 Moses Reed Northfield Franklin
Sarah Reed 94 Jesse Reed Abington Plymouth
George Reed 82 George Reed Taunton Bristol
Lemuel Reed 76 Lemuel Reed Dartmouth Bristol
Abijah Reed 86 Samuel Farwell Westford Middlesex
Thomas Reed 101 Thomas Reed Williamstown Berkshire
John Reed 79 John Reed Dartmouth Bristol
Elihu Reed 75 Gilbert Farmer Westford Middlesex
John Remington 80 John Remington Mendon Worcester
John Reynolds 77 Uriah Holmes Fall River Bristol
Zachariah Rhodes 85 Zachariah Rhodes City of Boston-11th ward Suffolk
William Rice 80 William Rice Brookfield Worcester
Amos Rice 80 Amos Rice Brookfield Worcester
Phineas Rice 78 Phineas Rice Framingham Middlesex
Uriah Rice 83 Uriah Rice Framingham Middlesex
Mary Rice 78 Nathan Rice Oakham Worcester
Jonathan Rice 80 Alpheus Rice Ludlow Hampden
Lucy Rice 79
Natick Middlesex
Josiah Rice 76 Josiah Rice Leverett Franklin
Martin Rice 91 Samuel Upton Charlemont Franklin
Edmund Rice 85 Edmund Rice Wayland Middlesex
Zilpher Rice 84 Samuel Brooks, 2d Ashburnham Worcester
Joseph Rich 78 Joseph Rich Thuro Barnstable
Nathan Richards 80 Nathan Richards Attleborough Bristol
Solomon Richards 89 Solomon Richards Newton Middlesex
Mercy Richards 82
Newburyport Essex
James Richards 83
Plainfield Hampshire
William Richardson 82 William Richardson Dracut Middlesex
Lydia Richardson 72 Ch. Richardson Brookfield Worcester
Abel Richardson 86 Abel Richardson Ashby Middlesex
E. Richardson 80 E. Richardson Brookfield Worcester
John Richardson 88 Ben Richardson Methuen Essex
Jane Richardson 80 Asa Caldwell Charlestown Middlesex
Mercy Richardson 84 Jeremiah D. Richardson Medway Norfolk
Lydia Richardson 72
Franklin Norfolk
James Richmond 80 James Richmond Freetown Bristol
Eunice Richmond 86 Asa Richmond Taunton Bristol
Priscilla Richmond 75
Freetown Bristol
Thomas Richmond 76 Thomas Richmond Grafton Worcester
Susanna Richmond 79 Zimri Richmond Springfield Hampden
Phebe Richmond 84 Lydia Richmond Raynham Bristol
Ezra Richmond 88 Ezra Richmond Brookfield Worcester
Samuel Rickett 80 Aaron Spalding Leyden Franklin
Mary Ricknell 81
Weymouth Norfolk
Stephen Rider 80 Joseph E. Smith Rochester Plymouth
Jerusha Ripley 85 Simeon Churchill Plympton Plymouth
Rebecca Ripley 82
Weymouth Norfolk
Mary Ripley 76 William Ripley Plymouth Plymouth
Hezekiah Ripley 83 Hezekiah Ripley Kingston Plymouth
Peter Rix 60 Peter Rix Marblehead Essex
Henry Rixford 85 K_amar S_ow Grafton Worcester
Abner Robbins 82 Emanuel Spindle Dennis Barnstable
Huldah Robbins 75 Jedediah Robbins Westford Middlesex
Samuel Robbins 78 Samuel Robbins, Jr. Middleborough Plymouth
William Robbins 82 Edmund Robbins Plymouth Plymouth
Tabitha Roberts 86 Isaac Southwick Grafton Worcester
John T. Roberts 80 Susan Lawrence Wayland Middlesex
Thomas Robins 79
Leominster Worcester
Anna Robinson 86 Ann Robinson Taunton Bristol
Naomi Robinson 76 Naomi Robinson Long Meadow-West Parish Hampden
Abigail Robinson 79 Abigail Robinson Raynham Bristol
Chloe D. Robinson 74 Jonas Larnet Oxford Worcester
Jonathan Robinson 80 Jonathan Robinson Gloucester Essex
Susanna Robinson 75 Susanna Robinson Oakham Worcester
Obed Robinson 78 Obed Robinson Attleborough Bristol
Ebenezer Robinson 82 Ebenezer Robinson Taunton Bristol
Levi Robinson 78 Levi Robinson Lee Berkshire
Zaccheus Robinson 75 Zaccheus Robinson Stow Middlesex
Frost Rockwood -- Frost Rockwood Worcester Worcester
Anna Rockwood 84
Franklin Norfolk
Isaac Rodgers 82 Isaac Rodgers Norton Bristol
Jonathan Rodgers 85 J. Rodgers Holden Worcester
Patty Rogers 75 Samuel Rogers Stow Middlesex
Richard Rogers 82 Alvah Rogers Orleans Barnstable
Hannah Rogers 82 Hannah Rogers Orleans Barnstable
Rebecca Rogers 77
Newburyport Essex
Bethial Rogers 93 Bethial Rogers, Jr. Marshfield Plymouth
Daniel Rogers 81 Eunice Mayo Brewster Barnstable
Aaron Rogers 78
Newbury Essex
Rachel Rogers 75 Constant Oakman Marshfield Plymouth
Thomas Rogers 88 Hatel Oakman Marshfield Plymouth
Hezekiah Rogers 89 Yates Rogers Orleans Barnstable
Joel Root 85 Joel Root Sheffield Berkshire
Zenas Root 76 Zenas Root Pittsfield Berkshire
Lucy Root 73 Ralph Cushman Bernardstown Franklin
Elias Root 78
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Sylvester Roper 77
Sterling Worcester
Elizabeth Roper 79
Sterling Worcester
Thomas Rose 82 Thomas Rose Dighton Bristol
Noah Rositer 81 Noah Rossiter Richmond Berkshire
Thankful Ross 79 Esther Gilbert Brookfield Worcester
Elizabeth Ross 82 Elizabeth Ross Danvers Essex
Timothy Ross 89 Hezekiah B. Perkins Topsfield Essex
Thomas Ross 85 Thomas Ross Ipswich Essex
Daniel Ross 83 Daniel Ross Ipswich Essex
Jeremiah Ross 85 Thomas Foster Ipswich Essex
Jane Roundey 73 Jane Roundey Marblehead Essex
Sarah Roundey 88 Sarah Roundey Marblehead Essex
Amos Rounds 76 Amos Rounds Taunton Bristol
Isaac Rowe 86 David Brewer Rockport Essex
Solomon Rowe 86 Richard Edgar Gloucester Essex
Betsey Rowe 78 Samuel Parker Rockport Essex
Thomas Rowley 87
Southampton Hampshire
Joseph Ru__ll 85 Joseph Ru__ll Cambridge Middlesex
Nathaniel Rudd 87 John W. Rudd Becket Berkshire
Lucy Ruggles 83 Gardner Ruggles Hardwick Worcester
Olive Ruggles 80 Martin Ruggles Hardwick Worcester
Thomas Runnell 72
Roxbury Norfolk
Enos Runnels 83 Enos Runnels Boxford Essex
Asa Russel 87 Nabby Mills Williamstown Berkshire
Rebecca Russell 77 Peabody Russell Boxford Essex
Amos Russell 93 Thomas Heald, Jr. Carlisle Middlesex
Sarah Russell 78 Samuel Porter Marblehead Essex
Chandler Russell 76 Susan Whitcomb Dorchester Norfolk
Bill Russell 77 Bill Russell Billerica Middlesex
Henry Russell 83 Henry Russell Ipswich Essex
Jerusha Rust 83 Jerusha Rust Gloucester Essex
John Rutherford 79
Newburyport Essex
Samuel Sabins 84 Samuel Sabins Dartmouth Bristol
Samuel Sales 77
Wrentham Norfolk
Daniel Sallvy 73
Foxborough Norfolk
Isaiah Sampson 82 Isaiah Sampson Pembroke Plymouth
Jonathan Sampson 81 Jonathan Sampson Ashburnham Worcester
Abner Sampson 88 Abner Sampson Duxbury Plymouth
Andrew Sampson 91 Andrew Sampson Duxbury Plymouth
Howland Sampson 85 Howland Sampson Duxbury Plymouth
Samuel Sampson 76 Samuel Sampson Middleborough Plymouth
Amos Samson 78 Amos Samson Charlestown Middlesex
Asa Sanderson 81 Asa Sanderson Whately Franklin
Sophia Sanderson 78 Jonathan Sanderson Petersham Worcester
Isaac Sanderson 82 Isaac Sanderson Whately Franklin
David Sandford 81 Stephen Sandford Egremont Berkshire
Daniel Sanger 79 Daniel Sanger Washington Berkshire
Margaret Savage 84 Margaret Savage Marblehead Essex
Daniel Savles (Sayles?) 82
Franklin Norfolk
Levi Sawin 79
Dover Norfolk
Abner Sawin 77 Abner Sawin Westminster Worcester
Abigail Sawin 79
Natick Middlesex
Job Sawle 84 Job Sawle Westport Bristol
Benjamin Sawyer 82 Benjamin Sawyer Bolton Worcester
Jude Sawyer 89 Jude Sawyer Gardner Worcester
Polly Sawyer 71 Samuel Houghton Grafton Worcester
Mehitable Scott 77 James T. Scott Rowley Essex
Deborah Scott 76 Amos A. Wales Bellingham Norfolk
Phineas Scott 84 Phineas Scott Hawley Franklin
Eunice Scott 77 Medad Field Northfield Franklin
Barnabas Seares 75
Amherst Hampshire
Hannah Searles 82 Samuel Searles Townsend Middlesex
Roland Sears 77
Prescott Hampshire
Earl Sears 78 Earl Sears Middleborough Plymouth
Abigail Sears 85 Asarelah Sears Ashfield Franklin
Mercy Sears 77 William Sears Halifax Plymouth
Hannah Sears 84 Hannah F___ Barre Worcester
Abram Seely 79 Gilbert Ford Great Barrington Berkshire
Caleb Segar 89 K_amar S_ow Grafton Worcester
Mehitable Segel 82 William Hall Newton Middlesex
Asa Selden 80 Jesse Selden Ashfield Franklin
Abigail Selman 87 Eleazer Johnson City of Boston-4th ward Suffolk
James Sever 78 James Sever Kingston Plymouth
Joseph Shattuck 82 Joseph Shattuck Andover Essex
George Shaw 77 George Shaw Colrain Franklin
Lydia Shaw 87 Lydia Shaw Westport Bristol
Shipman Shaw 78 Samuel Shaw New Salem Franklin
Josiah Shaw 77
Plainfield Hampshire
Sarah Shaw 84
Weymouth Norfolk
John Shaw 85 John Shaw Monson Hampden
Asa Shaw 92
Chesterfield Hampshire
Joseph Shaw 88 Joseph Shaw Raynham Bristol
Joel Shed 81 Joel Shed Tewksbury Middlesex
Edward Shehane --
Danvers Essex
John Sheldon 91 Amasa Harrington Adams Berkshire
Joseph Shepard 86 Amos Shepard Buckland Franklin
Joel Shepherd 75 Joel Shepherd Montague Franklin
Prudence Shepherd 82 John Shepherd Phillipston Worcester
Polly Sherman 78 George Sherman Plympton Plymouth
Caleb Sherman 78 Caleb Sherman Conway Franklin
William B. Sherman 8_ William B. Sherman Williamstown Berkshire
Eunice Sherman 87 Zebina Fletcher Holland Hampden
David Shields 84 David Shields Wilbraham-North Parish Hampden
John Sholes 78 Edward Carnes City of Boston-1st ward Suffolk
Moses Short 80
Newbury Essex
Samuel Shumway 91 L. Shumway Sturbridge Worcester
Lucy Shumway 79 Samuel Shumway, 2d Sturbridge Worcester
Benjamin Shumway 88 ___iel Nel__n Rowe Franklin
Gideon Shurt(liff?) 78 Nathaniel Shaw Carver Plymouth
Sarah Shurtliff 73 Zenas Washburn Plympton Plymouth
Daniel Sibley 83 Daniel Sibley, Jr. Sutton Worcester
Patience Silloway 77
Newburyport Essex
Daniel Silver 77 Daniel Silver Haverhill Essex
Eliza Simonds 49 Eliza Simond Lynn Essex
Lucy Simonds 82 Joshua Sawyer Templeton Worcester
James Simpson 83 James Simpson Haverhill Essex
Oliver Simson(?) 82 Alvin Studley Abington Plymouth
Sevia Sivzer 98 Sevia Sivzer Brimfield Hampden
Anthony Sizer 87 Anthony Sizer Blandford Hampden
Amos Skeele 92 Amos Skeele Springfield Hampden
John Skinner 82 Paupers Charlestown Middlesex
Sarah Skinner 89 Joseph Skinner Rutland Worcester
Lucy Skitt 77
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Ephraim Slaughter 85 Sylvanus Slaughter Westfield Hampden
Elizabeth Smaledge 84 Stephen D. Salmon City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Sarah Smith 85
Hatfield Hampshire
Thankful Smith 85 George Smith Tisbury Nantucket
Samuel Smith 89 Samuel Smith Middleborough Plymouth
Bezaleel Smith 78 Bazaleel Smith Conway Franklin
Josiah Smith 83 Josiah Smith Wareham Plymouth
Jonathan Smith 79 Benjamin Walcot Springfield Hampden
Samuel Smith 83 Samuel Smith Shrewsbury Worcester
Thomas Smith 82 Thomas Smith Sutton Worcester
Mary Smith 84 Samuel Fren__ Barre Worcester
Lemuel Smith 81 Jesse Pierce Stoughton Norfolk
Aaron Smith 34 Aaron Smith Woburn Middlesex
Jeremiah Smith 85
Walpole Norfolk
Thomas Smith 78
Hadley Hampshire
Sally Smith 77 Sally Smith Charlton Worcester
Hannah Smith 75 Emory Smith Buckland Franklin
Joel Smith 82 ____ S_____ Leyden Franklin
Daniel Smith 85 Daniel Smith Ipswich Essex
Polly Smith 74 Henry Smith Harvard Worcester
Par__ns Smith 66 Elijah F. Valentine Cambridge Middlesex
John Smith 87
Hadley Hampshire
Joseph Smith 90
Hadley Hampshire
Jesse Smith 83 Jesse Smith City of Salem Essex
Isaac Smith 76 Isaac Smith Lexington Middlesex
Simeon Smith 86 Simeon Smith W. Springfield-First Parish Hampden
Catharine Smith 93
Hubbardston Worcester
Caroline Smith 80
Edgartown Nantucket
Abisha Smith 79 Seth Smith Norton Bristol
Abigail Smith 85 Ebenezer Smith Harwich Barnstable
Isaac Smith 80 Isaac Smith Beverly Essex
Oliver Smith 78
Pelham Hampshire
Simon Smith 81 Daniel Smith Westfield Hampden
Levi Smith 83 Levi Smith Westborough Worcester
Benjamin Smith 76 Benjamin Smith Westborough Worcester
Israel Smith 85 Israel Smith Brookfield Worcester
Marcy Snow 78 Marcy Snow Easton Bristol
Jacob Snow 82 Jacob Snow Windsor Berkshire
Solomon Snow 85
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Isaac Snow 82 Isaac Snow Orleans Barnstable
Levi Snow 80 Edward C. Snow Becket Berkshire
Elizabeth Snow 81 Stephen Snow Becket Berkshire
Shubal Snow 80 Shubal Snow West Stockbridge Berkshire
Moses Somerby 80
Newburyport Essex
Laban Souther 77 Laban Souther Scituate Plymouth
Nathaniel Sowtell 80 Nathaniel Sowtell Pepperell Middlesex
Joseph Sowtell, 2d 76 Joseph Sowtell, 2d Groton Middlesex
Jabez Sparrow 86 Jabez Sparrow Orleans Barnstable
Benjamin Spaulding 85 Benjamin Spaulding Sheffield Berkshire
Elizabeth Spear 75 Perry Dawley Bellingham Norfolk
Elizabeth Spear 80 Elizabeth Spear City of Boston-11th ward Suffolk
Luther Spear 80 Luther Spear Shutesburg (y?) Franklin
Enoch Sperry 79 Enoch Sperry Alford Berkshire
Annes Spiller 76 Annes Spiller Rowley Essex
Thomas Spiller 83 Thomas Spiller Ipswich Essex
Seth Sprague 80 Seth Sprague Duxbury Plymouth
Uriah Sprague 92 Uriah Sprague Duxbury Plymouth
Nathan Sprout 77
Amherst Hampshire
Thomas Squires 75
Belchertown Hampshire
Nancy Stacey 86 Asa Hooper Marblehead Essex
Caleb Stacey 79 Caleb Stacey Springfield Hampden
Sarah Stacy 76
Prescott Hampshire
John Stacy 81 Nathaniel Stacy Harvard Worcester
Jem____ Stanford 93 Ebenezer Stanford Rowe Franklin
Mary Staniford 82 Mary Staniford Ipswich Essex
John Stannard 84 John Stannard New Marlborough Berkshire
Tryphina Starks 76 Willard Starks Adams Berkshire
Nathaniel Stearns 76
Medfield Norfolk
George Stearns 80 Samuel Hyde Newton Middlesex
Mary Stearns 75 P. Stearns West Boylston Worcester
Alice Stearns 70
Ware Hampshire
Timothy Stebbins 78 Timothy Stebbins Westfield Hampden
David Stebbins 80 David Stebbins Wilbraham-South Parish Hampden
Louisa Stebbins 77 Rawson Harmon New Marlborough Berkshire
James Stebbins 79 Samuel Markham Long Meadow-East Parish Hampden
Mary Stephens 87 Polly Proctor Marblehead Essex
Sally Stetson 78 Abel Stetson Pembroke Plymouth
Martha Stetson 82 Samuel Stetson Scituate Plymouth
Patty Stetson 82 Jotham Stetson Medford Middlesex
Ebenezer Stetson 79 Ebenezer Stetson Dighton Bristol
Hannah Stevens 90 Jonathan Blake Springfield Hampden
Joseph Stevens 83 Joseph Stevens Salisbury Essex
William Stevens 88 Lemuel Stevens Plymouth Plymouth
Jeduthan Stevens 74 Jeduthan Stevens North Brookfield Worcester
Zachariah Stevens 75 Zachariah Stevens Gloucester Essex
John Stevens 82 John Jewell City of Boston-2d ward Suffolk
Stephen Stevens 83 Stephen Stevens Sheffield Berkshire
Abraham Stevens 83 Nathan Stevens Barre Worcester
John Stevenson 82 John Stevenson Springfield Hampden
Abigail Stickney 82 William Stickney Andover Essex
John Stills 82 John Stills N. (New?) Ashford Berkshire
Leonard Stimpson 82 Lemuel Stipson Ashburnham Worcester
Jonathan Stockman 78 Jonathan Stockman Salisbury Essex
Elizabeth Stockwell 77 Robert Hodge City of Boston-2d ward Suffolk
Eli Stockwell 80 Eli Stockwell Douglas Worcester
Lucy Stoddard 75 Sally Walker Duxbury Plymouth
Mary Stoddard 74 W. A. Hessey Hingham Plymouth
Susan Stoddard 78 Susan Stoddard Hingham Plymouth
Noah Stoddard 85 Noah Stoddard Fairhaven Bristol
Lucy Stodder 82 Susan Fisk City of Boston-5th ward Suffolk
Jonas Stone 72 Jonas Stone Shrewsbury Worcester
Ambrose Stone 83
Goshen Hampshire
John Stone 83 John Stone Cambridge Middlesex
John Stone 77
Worthington Hampshire
Jonas Stone 85 Jonas Stone Rutland Worcester
Nehemiah B. Stone 80 N. B. Stone Charlton Worcester
Joseph Stone 78
Dedham Norfolk
James Stone 83 James Stone Phillipston Worcester
Lemuel Stone 87 Reuben Whitney Harvard Worcester
James Story 77 James Story Rockport Essex
Ruth Stow 78 Ruth Stow Stow Middlesex
Israel Stowell 84 Israel Stowell Hingham Plymouth
Martha Stratton 76 Samuel Stratton Holden Worcester
Samuel Street 86
Plainfield Hampshire
Nathan Streeter 89 Aldrich Streeter Northbridge Worcester
Rhoda Streeter 88 George Been Mendon Worcester
Naomi Strickland 78 Warner C. Lemon Palmer Hampden
Levi Strong 60
Northampton Hampshire
John Studley(?) 80 John Studley(?) Scituate Plymouth
Abigail Sturdifant 73 Willard Howard North Bridgewater Plymouth
Barschel Sturtevant 77 Barschel Sturtevant South Reading Middlesex
Zenas Sturtevant 72 Zenas Sturtevant Halifax Plymouth
Abigail Sturtevant 92 John Sturtevant Halifax Plymouth
Darius Sumner 84 Darius Sumner Milford Worcester
Joshua Swan 85 Joshua Swan Methuen Essex
John Sweetser 80 John Sweetser South Reading Middlesex
Cornelius Sweetser 94 Stephen Sweetser South Reading Middlesex
Orpha Swift 77
Hatfield Hampshire
Rebecca Swift 74 Melatiah Lawrence Falmoth Barnstable
Caleb Sylvester 87 Caleb Sylvester Townsend Middlesex
Joseph Sylvester 76 Joseph Sylvester North Bridgewater Plymouth
Elizabeth Symmes 83 Edward Symmes Medford Middlesex
Stoddard T__man 84 Stoddard T__man Colrain Franklin
Thomas Taber 75 James B. Watkins New Bedford Bristol
Josiah Taft 84 Josiah Taft Petersham Worcester
Israel Taft 79 Israel Taft Northbridge Worcester
Moses Taft 80 Newell Taft Uxbridge Worcester
Enos Taft 84 Enos Taft Mendon Worcester
George Taft 80 Arnold Aldritch, Jr. Mendon Worcester
Josiah Talbot 84
Sharon Norfolk
James Talman 78 William Cudworth Fall River Bristol
William Tanner -- Henry Tanner Worcester Worcester
William Tappan 80
Newburyport Essex
Abigail Tarbox 87 John Coates Lynn Essex
Juletta Tarebant 78
Franklin Norfolk
Annis Tarr 78 Annis Tarr Rockport Essex
Jabez Tarr 81 Jabez Tarr Rockport Essex
Susanna Tarrey 85 Barker C. Young Abington Plymouth
Samuel Taylor 84 Samuel Taylor Yarmouth Barnstable
James Taylor 82 James B. Taylor Southwick Hampden
Samuel Taylor 79 Samuel Taylor Palmer Hampden
Marcia Taylor 72 Marcia Taylor Duxbury Plymouth
Ezekiel Taylor 83 J. Taylor Ashfield Franklin
Jemima Taylor 87
Middlefield Hampshire
David Taylor 77 David Taylor Orleans Barnstable
James Taylor 78 James Taylor Dennis Barnstable
Obed Taylor 78 Obed Taylor Montague Franklin
Reuben Taylor 78
Northampton Hampshire
John Taylor -- John Taylor Wellfleet Barnstable
Eunice Taylor 82 Asa Rogers Orleans Barnstable
Hannah Taylor 85 Wid. Julius Dart Springfield Hampden
Joseph Telt 81 Louisa R______ W. Springfield-First Parish Hampden
Ephraim Temple 80 Levi Holden Gardner Worcester
Mary Temple 81 John Temple Adams Berkshire
Stephen Temple 76 Stephen Temple Cheshire Berkshire
Gideon Tenney 80 Gideon Tenney Gill Franklin
Polly Thacker 82 Polly Thacker Yarmouth Barnstable
James Thatcher 83 James Thatcher Plymouth Plymouth
Gridley Thaxier(?) 84 Gridley Thaxier Abington Plymouth
Elizabeth Thayer 86 Jechonias Thayer Braintree Norfolk
Persis Thayer 63 Zachariah ______ Chelsea Suffolk
Lydia Thayer 86 Lydia Thayer Randolph Norfolk
Phebe Thayer 84
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
Elizabeth Thayer 82 Aminadah Thayer Randolph Norfolk
Eliphaz Thayer 78 Eliphaz Thayer Braintree Norfolk
Lydia Thayer 88 Lydia Thayer Braintree Norfolk
E_____ Thayer 83 Parmo S_____ East Bridgewater Plymouth
Jonathan Thayer 76
Amherst Hampshire
Rachel Thayer 78 John Niles Randolph Norfolk
Rhoda Thayer 81
Franklin Norfolk
Richard Thayer 81 Richard Thayer West Bridgewater Plymouth
Ruth Thayer 80 Alexander Maxfield Monson Hampden
Buller Thayer 70 Carlton Thayer Springfield Hampden
Abijah Thayer 85 Abijah Thayer New Salem Franklin
Stephen Thayer 86 George Walker Petersham Worcester
Sevia Thayer 81 Alfred Nelson Wales Hampden
Lydia Thayer, 2d 82 Gardner Penniman Braintree Norfolk
Henry Tho_n __ C___ T___ Leyden Franklin
Elijah Thomas 79 Elijah Thomas Lenon Berkshire
Edward Thomas 81 James G. Cushman Middleborough Plymouth
Seth Thomas 86 Mary Carver Middleborough Plymouth
Isabella Thomas 76 Isabella Thomas Plymouth Plymouth
Noah Thomas 80 Henry L. Thomas Plympton Plymouth
Arispa Thomas 77 Eleazer Thomas Middleborough Plymouth
Averick Thomas 74 Ebenezer S. Thomas Pembroke Plymouth
Soloman Thomas 79
Norwich Hampshire
Gardner Thomas 80 Gardner Thomas Fall River Bristol
Zebedee Thompson 81 Zebedee Thompson Halifax Plymouth
Mary Thompson 78
Woburn Middlesex
Mary Thompson 84 Mary Thompson Charlestown Middlesex
Ebenezer Thompson 86 Jabez P. Thompson Halifax Plymouth
Joseph Thompson 84 J. Thompson City of Salem Essex
William Thompson 83 William Thompson Marblehead Essex
Benjamin Thompson 77 Benjamin Thompson Middleborough Plymouth
Sarah Thompson 78 Curtis Searles Marlborough Middlesex
Samuel Thompson 80
Amherst Hampshire
Moses Thompson 78 Moses Thompson Middleborough Plymouth
Deborah Thompson 91 Abner Wood Middleborough Plymouth
George Thomson 84 George Thomas Sturbridge Worcester
Hezekiah Thorndike 86 Hezekiah Thorndike Chelmsford Middlesex
Eunice Thorning 84 Mary Wood Lexington Middlesex
Thomas Thorp 84 Thomas Thorp Acton Middlesex
Nicholas Thwing 82 William Park Newton Middlesex
Jonathan Tidd 84 William Tidd Woburn Middlesex
Lydia Tilden 79 Lydia Tilden Hanover Plymouth
Wales Tilden 81 Wales Tilden Marshfield Plymouth
Cornelius Tileston 83
Williamsitt (Williamsburg?) Hampshire
James Tilley 93 Nathan Aldritch Uxbridge Worcester
Thomas Tindley 48 Thomas Tindley Marblehead Essex
Samuel Tingley 83 Samuel Tingley Attleborough Bristol
Elizabeth Tinkham 90 Levi Handy Rochester Plymouth
___min Tirrell 81
Weymouth Norfolk
Joseph Titus 80 A. F. Lunt Mansfield Bristol
Isaac Toby 90 John Toby Hawley Franklin
Asa Todd 81
Chesterfield Hampshire
Philip Torrey 80 Philip Torrey East Bridgewater Plymouth
Joseph Torry 86
Chesterfield Hampshire
Mary Tower 72 Charles Tower Stow Middlesex
Jerusha Tower 84 E. T. Fogg Scituate Plymouth
Lear Tower 93
Worthington Hampshire
Beth_heba Tower 82 Moses Tower Hingham Plymouth
Joshua Town 85 Ebenezer Town Topsfield Essex
Margaret Townsend 77 Reuben Townsend Ashburnham Worcester
Moses Townsend 82 M. Townsend City of Salem Essex
Dan Townsley 76 Dan Townsley Buckland Franklin
Samuel Trash 83
Roxbury Norfolk
Jesse Trask 74 Isaac Gibbs New Salem Franklin
Lydia Traverse 82 John Williams Weston Middlesex
Susanna Treadwell 93 Susanna Treadwell Ipswich Essex
Marty Trefry 78 Mary Trefry Marblehead Essex
Francis Tripp 80 Francis Tripp Westport Bristol
Samuel Trowbridge 83 Samuel Trowbridge Newton Middlesex
Mary Trowbridge 85 Charles Trowbridge Framingham Middlesex
Sarah Tucker 76
Newburyport Essex
Nathaniel Tucker 79 Nathaniel Tucker Gloucester Essex
Ezra Tucker 90 Joel Tucker Monson Hampden
Benjamin Tucker 78 Benjamin Tucker Uxbridge Worcester
Daniel Tucker 80 Woodward Tucker Middleborough Plymouth
Ezra Tupper 78 E. Tupper Monson Hampden
Patience Tupper 92 Patience Tupper Fairhaven Bristol
Hezekiah Turner 88
Dedham Norfolk
Elijah Turner 79 Elijah Turner Savoy Berkshire
Seth Turner 84 Seth Turner Randolph Norfolk
Lydia Turner 77 Samuel A. Turner Scituate Plymouth
John Turner 79 John Turner Scituate Plymouth
Hannah Turner 96 Asa Turner Templeton Worcester
Caleb Tuttle 79 Caleb Tuttle W. Springfield-Ireland Parish Hampden
Stephen Twist 75 Stephen Twist Marblehead Essex
Moses Tyler 82 Moses Tyler Harvard Worcester
Jacob Tyrell 80 Jacob Tyrell Orange Franklin

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1840 Census of Pensioners-MA
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