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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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C - D
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Richard Cady 78 Richard Cady Canterbury Windham
Squire Cady 88 Squire Cady Plainfield Windham
Elisha Cady 91 Rachel Richmond Pomfret Windham
Molly Cady 78 Absalom Cady Stafford Tolland
Reuben Camp 85 Reuben Camp Sterling Windham
John Camp 78 John Camp Milford Litchfield
Rejoice Camp 81 Lemuel Camp Durham Middlesex
Manoah Camp 79 Manoah Camp Durham Middlesex
Archibald Campbell 75 Archibald Campbell Salisbury Litchfield
Samuel Candee 87 Samuel Candee Oxford New Haven
Job Candee 80 Daniel Tuckee Oxford New Haven
Jesse Caples 92 Jesse Caples Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Eliphal Carpenter 72 Lucius Carpenter Ashford Windham
Timothy Carpenter 74 Timothy Carpenter Ellington Tolland
John Carrol 79 John Carrol New London New London
Joel Carter 75 Joel Carter City of Hartford Hartford
Lois Carter 82 Benjamin Hart Berlin Hartford
Elthir Carter 78 Elihu Carter Southington Hartford
William Carter 88 Abigail Child Woodstock Windham
Rachel Carter 91 Rachel Carter City of Middletown Middlesex
Tabitha Carver 83 Tabitha Carver Bolton Tolland
Abel Case 84 Abel Case Simsbury Hartford
John M. Case 77 Charles Case Hartland Hartford
Clark Case 55 Francis B. Lee City of Norwich New London
Hannah Caswell 71 Gilbert Huntington Norwich (without the city limits) New London
Deliverance Caswell 85 Jedida Griggs Pomfret Windham
Meriman Catherine 82
Wallingford New Haven
John Cavenan 82 John Cavenan Milford Litchfield
Rebecca Chace 72 Horace Chace North Haven New Haven
Mary Chaffee 81 Samuel Chaffee Enfield Hartford
Chester Chaffee 85 Chester Chaffee Thompson Windham
Abiel Chaffee 79 Abiel Chaffee Woodstock Windham
Joel Chaffee 81 Joel Chaffee Sharon Litchfield
Jabez Chalker 83 Jabez Chalker Durham Middlesex
Oliver Chalker 80 Oliver Chalker Saybrook Middlesex
Moses Chalker 81 Moses Chalker Saybrook Middlesex
Reuben Champion -- Reuben Champion Lyme New London
Phebe Champion 75 Phebe Champion Lyme New London
Stephen Champlin 77
Lebanon New London
Silas Champlin -- Silas Champlin Lyme New London
Guy Chapel 81 Betsey Chapel Montville New London
Anna Chapel 82 Isaac Whipple Montville New London
Lucy Chapel 87 Willard Wickwise Montville New London
Calvin Chapin 76 Calvin Chapin Weathersfield Hartford
Oliver Chapin 82 Oliver Chapin Somers Tolland
Ebenezer Chaplain 90 Ebenezer Chaplain Suffield Hartford
Frederick Chapman 79 Delia Wilson Windsor Hartford
Salathel Chapman 80 Salathel Chapman Simsbury Hartford
James Chapman 89 James Chapman New London New London
Jason Chapman 78
Waterford New London
Esther Chapman 71 Timothy Backus Ashford Windham
Jedediah Chapman 81 Jedediah Chapman Westbrook Middlesex
Lydia Chapman 81 Ashbel Chapman Tolland Tolland
Gideon Chase 79 Daniel Chase New Fairfield Fairfield
Oliver Chase 79 Oliver Chase Killingly Windham
Rhoda Chase 82 Charles Buel Litchfield Litchfield
Dan. Chatfield 79
Huntington Fairfield
Nathaniel Chatman 58 Nathaniel Chatman East Windsor Hartford
Perez Chesbrough 78 Perez Chesbrough Bozrah New London
Mary Chester 76 Willy C***** Groton New London
Henry Chichester 77
Norwalk Fairfield
Hannah Chidsey 83 Hannah Chidsey East Haven New Haven
Willard Child 82 Willard Child Woodstock Windham
Nathan Chittenden 82 Nathan Chittenden Guilford New Haven
Abraham Chittenden 89 H. W. Chittenden Guilford New Haven
Cornelius Chittenden 74 Cornelius Chittenden Westbrook Middlesex
John Chittenden 83 John Chittenden Westbrook Middlesex
Joseph Church 80 Joseph Church Montville New London
Oliver Clapp 80 Betsey Clapp City of Hartford Hartford
Joseph C. Clark 89 Joseph C. Clark Milford New Haven
Elisha Clark 85 Amos Clark Milford New Haven
Isaac Clark 77 Isaac Clark Milford New Haven
Lydia Clark 87 Aaron A. Hitchcock Cheshire New Haven
Daniel Clark 77 Daniel Clark Middlebury New Haven
Jacob Clark 81
Lebanon New London
Mary Clark 75 Mary Clark City of Norwich New London
Eunice Clark 73 George Clark Colchester New London
Amos Clark 78 Amos Clark Chaplin Windham
Amasa Clark 76 Amasa Clark Hampton Windham
David Clark 85 Mary Clark Woodstock Windham
John Clark 85 Thaddeus Clark Woodstock Windham
Lyman Clark 89 Lyman Clark Harrington Litchfield
Champion Clark 79 Edwin Clark Bethlehem Litchfield
Daniel Clark 78 Daniel Clark Sharon Litchfield
George Clark 88 George Clark Cornwell Litchfield
Amos Clark 83 Amos Clark Chatham Middlesex
Stephen Clark 83 Stephen Clark Chatham Middlesex
Rufus Clark 75 Rufus Clark Saybrook Middlesex
George Clark 78 George Clark Saybrook Middlesex
Joseph Clark 78 Joseph Clark Chester Middlesex
Cary Clark 81 Cary C. Clark Bolton Tolland
John Clark 88 John Clark Coventry Tolland
Jonathan Clark 78 Jonathan Clark Somers Tolland
Silas Cleaveland 84 Mason Cleaveland Hampton Windham
Allen Clinton 77
New Canaan Fairfield
Anna Co**wall 86 Alvan Wilcox City of New Haven New Haven Cornwall
John Coan 77 John Coan, Jr. Guilford New Haven
Benjamin Cobb 79 Benjamin Cobb Chatham Middlesex
Timothy Coe 79 Timothy Coe Hartland Hartford
Sarah Colburn 77 James Boyer Newtown Fairfield
Mary Cole 77
Wilton Fairfield
John Coleman 87 John Coleman Bolton Tolland
Benjamin Colt 81 Benjamin Colt City of Norwich New London
Anna Colt 81 Erastus Colt City of Norwich New London
Louis Colton 79 Samuel Colton Bloomfield Hartford
Simeon Comstock 86 Thomas Comstock Groton New London
Sarah Comstock 81 Otis Hilton City of Norwich New London
James Comstock 90 James Comstock Montville New London
Ann Comstock 85
New Canaan Fairfield
Sylvanus Conant 89 Sylvnus Conant Mansfield Tolland
Waitstill Cone 79 Oliver Cone Lyme New London
Daniel H. Cone 87 Ira Loomis Winchester Litchfield
Noadiah Cone 80 Noadiah Cone Haddam Middlesex
Joshua Cone 82 Joshua Cone East Haddam Middlesex
John Conly 41
New Canaan Fairfield
Jonathan Converse 80 Jonathan Converse Thompson Windham
Sarah Converse 79 Parley Converse Stafford Tolland
Sarah Converse 84 Roswell Converse Stafford Tolland
Anice Cook 82 Talcott A. Arnold Weathersfield Hartford
Huldah Cook 86 Huldah Cook Haddam Middlesex
Jacob Cooper 77 Judah Cooper Suffield Hartford
Amasa Copeland 82 Amasa Copeland Pomfret Windham
Daniel Copley 84 Daniel Copley Milford Litchfield
Uriah Corning -- Jedediah Corning Preston New London
George Cornish 79 George Cornish Simsbury Hartford
John Cornwell 80 John Cornwell Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Joshua Couch 82 Joshua Couch Westport Fairfield
Abraham Couch 73 Abraham Couch Reading Fairfield
Ebenezer Covill 81 Ebenezer Covill Thompson Windham
Phebe Cow 71 Ephraim Parsons Haddam Middlesex
Asa Cowdrey 82 James Cowdrey Hartland Hartford
Jabez Cowles 84 Jabez Cowles Berlin Hartford
Catharine Crandall 77 John Merrit Groton New London
Hannah Crawford 72
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Jerusha Crittenden 80 Eleazer Dancomb Newtown Fairfield
Sarah Crocker 82 Joseph Hull Willington Tolland
Louis Crofoot 82 Ephraim Crofoot City of Middletown Middlesex
Sarah Crofut 81 Mos. Crofut Danbury Fairfield
Celia Crossman 82 David Robertson Coventry Tolland
Huldah Crow 74 William Butter New Hartford Litchfield
Rachel Crowell 79 Henry Crowell Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Sally Cu*** 73 Sally Curtis Stratford Fairfield
Cato Cuff 83 Cato Cuff Stonington New London
Lucy Culva 69 Nathan Culva Burlington Hartford
Christopher Culver 87 John Culver New London New London
Mary Curtis 86 Ebenezer Hibbard Woodstock Windham
Lysander Curtis 77 Dilly Curtis Warren Litchfield
Giles Curtiss 85 Giles Curtiss Berlin Hartford
Everard Curtiss 81
Trumbull Fairfield
Benjamin D**ill 83 Benjamin D**ill Groton New London Duhill
Henry Daggett 82 Henry Daggett City of New Haven New Haven
Hulda Daniels 86 Sterling G. Daniels Hartland Hartford
Job Daniels 81 Job Daniels Waterford New London
Grace Darrow 77 Grace Darrow Fairfield Fairfield
Ebenezer Darrow 86 Ebenezer Darrow Waterford New London
David Dart 79 David Dart Montville New London
Phebe Davenport 81 Phebe Davenport East Haven New Haven
Hannah Davidson 74 Hannah Davidson Wallingford New Haven
James Davis 75 James Davis Guilford New Haven
Abigail Davis 78 Zar Winton Newtown Fairfield
Deborah Davis 87 Ichabod Davi* Ledyard New London
Lucy Davis 75 David Caswell North Stonington New London
John Davis 85 John Davis Ashford Windham
Rebecca Davis 76 Thomas Davis Thompson Windham
Mary Davis 76 Joseph Solace Mansfield Tolland
Joseph Davison 82 Joseph Davison Brooklyn Windham
Annis Day 79 Annis Day Killingly Windham
Susanna Day 77 George Day Thompson Windham
John Day 74 John Noble Washington Litchfield
Jerusha Dayton 84 Denra Dayton Stratford Fairfield
Ephraim Dayton 79 Jonathan Lane New London New London
Garritt De Witt 77 Garritt De Witt City of New Haven New Haven
Ebenezer Dean 74 Ebenezer Dean Stamford Fairfield
Samuel Dean 77 Samuel Dean Stamford Fairfield
David Dean 81 David Dean Chaplin Windham
Martha Dean 78 Ethel Dean Cornwell Litchfield
Silas Dean 85 Silas Dean Stafford Tolland
Edm*** Demming 75 Edmund Demming Canaan Litchfield
James Denison 47 James Denison East Lyme New London
Prudence Denison 83 Prudence Denison Preston New London
Lucy Dennison 77 William Clark Hampton Windham
Elijah Denslow 76 Elijah Denslow Windsor Hartford
Lucy Derning 75 Abigail Derning East Hartford Hartford
Silas Dewey 79 Silas Dewey, Jr. Suffield Hartford
Jemima Dewey 83 Jemima Clark Columbia Tolland
Lydia Dewey 72 Alathea Jones Mansfield Tolland
John Dibble 81 Frederic Waterbury Darien Fairfield
Lucy Dickenson 69 Lucy Dickinson Berlin Hartford
Ichabod Dickerson 81 Ichabod Dickerson Stonington New London
Mary Dickinson 88 Joseph Wright Weathersfield Hartford
Mary Dickinson 81 Samuel W. Dickinson Milford New Haven
Daniel Dikeman 83 John Stephenson Westport Fairfield
Rebecca Dikeman 90
Wilton Fairfield
John Dimmick 86 Ezekiel Newell Ellington Tolland
Elijah Dingee 82
Norwalk Fairfield
Susanna Dodd 84 Susanna Dodd City of Hartford Hartford
Lucretia Dodge 80 Lucretia Dart Salem New London
James Donnow -- James Donnow North Haven New Haven
Obed Doolittle 76 Obed Doolittle Watertown Litchfield
Oliver Doresett 68 Phebe Austin Woodstock Windham
Mary Dosset 86 Abby Harding East Lyme New London
Solomon Dowd 82 Solomon Dowd Colchester New London
Daniel Downing 78 Daniel Downing Lisbon New London
Joseph Downs 75 Joseph Downs Westport Fairfield
Noah Drake 82 Noah Drake Torrington Litchfield
Joel Drane 78 Joel Drane Saybrook Middlesex
Asa Driscoll 90 Henry Spencer Stonington New London
Jared Dudley 83 Jared Dudley Guilford New Haven
Eber Dudley 87
Wilton Fairfield
Harmon Dudley 82 Harmon Dudley Chester Middlesex
Samuel Dunham 85 Samuel Dunham Mansfield Tolland
Stephen Dunham 79 Stephen Dunham Coventry Tolland
James Dunham 76 James Dunham Coventry Tolland
George Dunworth 81 Horace Whiton Ashford Windham
William Durand 80 William Durand Milford New Haven
Samuel Durand 79 Samuel Durand Milford New Haven
Susanna Durand 77 Susanna Durand Cheshire New Haven
William Durkee 81 William Durkee, 1st Hampton Windham
Amasa Dutton 86 Amasa Dutton Lebanon New London
Mary A. Dwight 86 Timothy Dwight City of New Haven New Haven
Joseph Dyer 72 Joseph Dyer Granby Hartford

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