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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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W - X
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
John W*oner 76 John W*oner Milford Litchfield
Nela Wadsworth 77 Benjamin Wadsworth Canaan Litchfield
Mary Wakelee 80 Charles H. Wakelee City of New Haven New Haven
George Wakeman 76 Gershon Wakeman Fairfield Fairfield
Mary Wakeman 75 Mrs. Pepper Sherman Fairfield
William Walker 82 Richard Carpenter Thompson Windham
Mrs. Walker 92 Jacob Clarke Willington Tolland
Sarah Wallis 81 James M. G**den Ellington Tolland Gridener
Ichabod Ward 80 Ichabod Ward City of Norwich New London
Ephraim Warfield 70 Chester Wolcott East Windsor Hartford
Rhoda Warna 94 Sylvester Tubs Farmington Hartford
John Warner 84 Rowland Taylor Suffield Hartford
Richard Warner 79 Richard Warner Suffield Hartford
Samuel Warner 84 Samuel Warner Granby Hartford
Loomis Warner 83 Thomas Warner Windsor Hartford
Samuel Warner 80 Stephen Warner Hamden New Haven
Elihu Warner 77 Elihu Warner Killingly Windham
Hessibah Warner 79 Russell Allen Norfolk Litchfield
Esther Warner 93 Esther Warner Chatham Middlesex
Ashbell Warren 78 Ashbel Warren East Hartford Hartford
John B. Wartrons [Watrous?] 86 John B. Wartrons Colchester New London
Enos Waterbury 79 Enos Waterbury Stamford Fairfield
William Waterbury 78 William Waterbury Darien Fairfield
Mary Waterbury 75
New Canaan Fairfield
Ambrose Waterhouse 83 Ambrose Waterhouse Saybrook Middlesex
Willard Watkins 75 William Orcutt Ashford Windham
Judith Watson 87 Moses Packes Plainfield Windham
Thomas Watson 79 George Watson Torrington Litchfield
Levi Watson 79 Levi Watson New Hartford Litchfield
John Watson 76 John Watson East Haddam Middlesex
Ruth Waugh 79 Ruth Waugh Litchfield Litchfield
Abner Way 86 Abner Way Meriden New Haven
Elisha Way 83 Elisha Way East Lyme New London
Lucy Way 84 Jonathan Chapel Lyme New London
Moses Webb 84
Norwalk Fairfield
Abner Weble 81 Abner Weble Windham Windham
Simeon Webster 80 Milton Webster Tolland Tolland
David Weed 92 David Weed Danbury Fairfield
Anna Weed 78 Anna Weed Danbury Fairfield
Jonathan Weed 82 Jonathan Weed Stamford Fairfield
Mary Weed 76 Samuel Bates Darien Fairfield
John Weed 83 Joseph H. Leeds Darien Fairfield
Henry Weed 75 Henry Weed Darien Fairfield
Benjamin Weed 81 Benjamin Weed Darien Fairfield
Daniel Weed 74
New Canaan Fairfield
Prudence Welch 72
Windham Windham
John Welch 82 John Welch Litchfield Litchfield
John Welch 77 John Welch Warren Litchfield
Jonathan Wellman 78 H. Griffin Killingworth Middlesex
Simon Wells 86 Simon Wells Hartford City1 Hartford
Samuel Wells 79 Samuel Wells Stratford Fairfield
Thomas Wells 86 Thomas Well Groton New London
Sarah Welton 81 Isaac B. Castle Waterbury New Haven
Daniel Wescott 86
Wilton Fairfield
Hannah Whaley 81 Jonathan Whaley Weston Fairfield
Jeremiah Wheaton 81 Jeremiah S. Wheaton Pomfret Windham
Roswell Wheaton 80 Roswell Wheaton Roxbury Litchfield
Caroline M. Wheeler 79 Nichols C. Wheeler Fairfield Fairfield
James Wheeler 81 James Wheeler New Fairfield Fairfield
Jonathan Wheeler 78 Jonathan Wheeler Stonington New London
Anna Wheeler 72 Timothy Herrick Brooklyn Windham
Abram Wheldon 78 Abram Wheldon North Branford New Haven
Stephen Whitaker 81 Stephen Whitaker Stafford Tolland
Mary White 78 Mary White Groton New London
Samuel White 82 Samuel White Killingly Windham
Lucinda White 76 Lucinda White Pomfret Windham
Nancy White 93 Martin White Thompson Windham
Thomas White 76 Thomas White Torrington Litchfield
Ephraim White 86 Asa White Colebrook Litchfield
Esther White 77 Daniel White Norfolk Litchfield
Philip White 92 Philip White Chatham Middlesex
Hannah White 80-90 Hannah White Hebron Tolland
David Whitehead 75 David Whitehead Kent Litchfield
Phebe Whitlock 75
Wilton Fairfield
Justus Whitlook 85 Justus Whitlook Weston Fairfield
Abigail Whitman 77 Abigail Whitman Hartford City1 Hartford
Hezekiah Whitmore 84 Hezekiah Whitmore Weathersfield Hartford
Samuel Whitney 83 Warren Whitney Ashford Windham
Olive Whitney 86 Elisha Whitney Washington Litchfield
Sarah Wickham 79 James S. Wickham City of Hartford Hartford
Grant Wicknire 90 Grant Wicknire Litchfield Litchfield
Sarah Wickwire 80 Alvan Wickwire Warren Litchfield
Rebecca Wilcox 77 Rebecca Roberts City of Hartford Hartford
Lucy Wilcox 80 Lucy Wilcox Weathersfield Hartford
Rosanna Wilcox 83 Josiah A. Wilcox Avon Hartford
Jacob Wilcox 82 Norris Wilcox City of New Haven New Haven
Tahpoenes Wilder 79 Thomas Wilder Barkhamstead Litchfield
Lois Willard 80 Stephen Willard City of New Haven New Haven
Benjamin Willard 85 Benjamin Willard Windham Windham
Elnathan Willcox 91 Elnathan Willcox Stratford Fairfield
John Willes 89 Charles Gardner Lebanon New London
Elisha Williams 81 Stephen Francis Weathersfield Hartford
Mary Williams 80 William M. Williams Ledyard New London
Jebanah Williams 82 Nathan Ba*** Ledyard New London Barns; Barnes
Isaac Williams 82 Isaac Williams Stonington New London
Isaac Williams 80 Jonah Witter, Jr. Preston New London
Warcham Williams 81 Wareham Williams North Stonington New London
Catharine Wilsey 74 Lewis German Salisbury Litchfield
Joah Wilson 78 Chester Roberts Simsbury Hartford
Samuel Wilson 79 Samuel Wilson Fairfield Fairfield
John Wilson 76 John Wilson Fairfield Fairfield
Eleanor Wilson 80 Walter Wilson Weston Fairfield
Mercy Wilson 82 Martin Rust Barkhamstead Litchfield
Nathaniel Wilson 76 Nathaniel Wilson Milford Litchfield
John Wilson 78 John Wilson Sharon Litchfield
John Winchel 77 John Winchel Harrington Litchfield
William Wise 80 Timothy Alling City of New Haven New Haven
Eunice Wise 69 Eunice Wise Milford New Haven
Jonah Witter 82 Jonah Witter Preston New London
William Wolcott 86 William Wolcott Weathersfield Hartford
Samuel Wood 82 Samuel Wood Westport Fairfield
John Wood 83 John Wood Lyme New London
Asa Wood 78 Martin Wood Somers Tolland
Ruth Wooden 83 Ruth Finch Wolcott New Haven
Abigail Woodhouse 80 Abigail Woodhouse Weathersfield Hartford
Molly Woodlin 88 Christopher Corlis Thompson Windham
Samuel Woodruff 80 Samuel Woodruff Windsor Hartford
Dorcas Woodruff 76 Henry Mygatte Farmington Hartford
Samuel Woodruff 81 Samuel Woodruff Watertown Litchfield
Asa Woodward 79 Asa Woodworth East Lyme New London
Jerusha Woolcott 84 Ursula Skinner East Windsor Hartford
Mary Woolcott 75 John Williams City of New Haven New Haven
John Woolsey 79
Norwalk Fairfield
Ursula Wooster 79 Ursula Wooster Waterbury New Haven
Dorcas Wordin 76
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Elizabeth Wrid 84
New Canaan Fairfield
Abigail Wright 84 Abigail Wright Weathersfield Hartford
Mabel Wright 73 Mabel Wright Glastonbury Hartford
Margaret Wright 69 Henry J. Wright Canton Hartford
John Wright 78 John Wright Clinton Middlesex
Asher Wright 86 Asher Wright Coventry Tolland

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