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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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S - T
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Jonathan Sabin 83 Jonathan Sabin Haddam Middlesex
Martha Sackett 80 Martha Sackett Milford New Haven
Benjamin Sackett 78 Benjamin Sackett Warren Litchfield
Simeon Sage 87 Simeon Sage Salisbury Litchfield
Elizabeth W. Sage 83 Elizabeth W. Sage Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
John Salter 83 John Salter Saybrook Middlesex
Peter Sanders 88 Peter Sanders Windham Windham
Jarius Sandford 77 Jarius Sandford City of New Haven New Haven
Elisha Sandford 89 Elisha Sandford Milford New Haven
Rebecca Sands 75 Rebecca Sands Granby Hartford
Archibald Sanford 81 Archibald Sanford Prospect New Haven
Abiah Sanford 95 Zalmon Sanford Reading Fairfield
Ebenezer Sanford 78 Ebenezer Sanford Reading Fairfield
James Sanford 81 James Sanford, Jr Reading Fairfield
Eunice Sanford 84 Stephen Moss Litchfield Litchfield
Strong Sanford 79 Strong Sanford Barkhamstead Litchfield
Sylvia Sardam 63 Solomon Sardam Salisbury Litchfield
Jacob Sargent 70 Jacob Sargent City of Hartford Hartford
Eunice Saully 74 Russel Morgan Bridgeport Fairfield
Thomas Saunders 79 Thomas Saunders Westport Fairfield
Noah Saunders 84 Noah Saunders Stafford Tolland
Seth Savage 84 Amasa Savage Berlin Hartford
Selah Savage 81 Selah Savage Berlin Hartford
Prudence Scarborough 71 Uriah B. Carpenter Ashford Windham
Ezra Scofield 84 Ezra Scofield Stamford Fairfield
Josiah W. Scofield 77 Edward Scofield Stamford Fairfield
Jared Scofield 84 Jared Scofield Stamford Fairfield
Hait Scofield 84 Hair Scofield Stamford Fairfield
Uri Scott 81 Uri Scott Oxford New Haven
Ruth Scott 67 Leverett Luce Tolland Tolland
Joseph Scott 77 Hazzard Hull Willington Tolland
Jacob Scoville 88 Jacob Scoville, 2d Cornwell Litchfield
Jerry Scranton 84 Jerry Scranton Guilford New Haven
Timothy Scranton 88 Timothy Scranton Madison New Haven
David Seares 87 David Seares Ashford Windham
David Sears 85 David Sears Chatham Middlesex
Martha Sedgewick 90 Charles Burr City of Hartford Hartford
Lucy Sedgewick 67 William Sedgewick Hartford City1 Hartford
Ebenezer Seeley 79 Ebenezer Seeley Weston Fairfield
Joseph Seeley 84 Joseph Seeley Weston Fairfield
Joseph Segar 82 Joseph Segar Kent Litchfield
Joseph Selleck 81 Joseph Selleck Stamford Fairfield
Hannah Sessions 86 Joanna D. Session Union Tolland
Timothy Seward 86 Timothy Seward Guilford New Haven
Rebecca Seymond 88
Norwalk Fairfield
Seth Seymond 76
Norwalk Fairfield
Elizabeth Seymour 74 Elizabeth Seymour City of Hartford Hartford
William Seymour 79 Ruel Gridley Bloomfield Hartford
Rebecca Seymour 78 Rebecca Seymour Litchfield Litchfield
Susan Seymour 77 Martin S. Goodwin New Hartford Litchfield
Reuben Sharp 77 Reuben Sharp Pomfret Windham
David Shattuck 82 Giles Shattuck Colchester New London
Samuel Shepard 79 Samuel Shepard Canterbury Windham
David Shepard 82 David Shepard Chatham Middlesex
Lydia Sherman 84 Johiah Wilcox Farmington Hartford
Abigail Sherwood 80 Samuel Perry Fairfield Fairfield
Abigail Sherwood 80 Abigail Sherwood Fairfield Fairfield
Mary Sherwood 79 Burr Sherwood Fairfield Fairfield
Reuben Sherwood 87 Reuben Sherwood Fairfield Fairfield
Abel Shoals 47 Abel Shoals Preston New London
Seth Short 82 William Button Killingly Windham
Arculaus Sibley 79 Arculaus Sibley Thompson Windham
Gideon Sikes 87 Gideon Sikes Suffield Hartford
Elisha N. Sill 79 Elisha N. Sill Windsor Hartford
James Simmons 77 James Simmons Killingly Windham
Lucy Simons 76 Otis Whiton Chaplin Windham
Mehitable Simons 82 Abial Cose Colebrook Litchfield
Elizabeth Sisson 86 Amos ******* Lyme New London
Cleopatra Skinner 74 Cleopatra Skinner Hartland Hartford
David Skinner 88 David Skinner Columbia Tolland
Abner Slade 82 Abner Slade Barkhamstead Litchfield
Esther Slater 77 Chauncey Goodrich Simsbury Hartford
Lucy Slocumb 74 David Man Coventry Tolland
Mehitable Sloughton 79 Mehitable Sloughton East Windsor Hartford
Flora Sloughton 79 Horace Sloughton East Windsor Hartford
Eleanor Sloughton 85 William Sloughton East Windsor Hartford
John W. Smith 56 John W. Smith Hartford City1 Hartford
Richard Smith 82 Jennett Gillett Glastonbury Hartford
Prudence Smith 80 Joseph Smith Granby Hartford
Abiah Smith 72 John Fitch City of New Haven New Haven
John Smith 85 John Smith North Haven New Haven
David Smith 84 David Smith Milford New Haven
Samuel B. Smith 84 Samuel B. Smith Milford New Haven
Stephen Smith 89 Stephen Smith North Branford New Haven
Robert Smith 83 Thomas T. Baldwin Meriden New Haven
Anna Smith 88 Daniel Smith East Haven New Haven
Sarah Smith 81 Degrasse Mallby East Haven New Haven
Jeffrey Smith 78 Jeffrey Smith Madison New Haven
Molly Smith 83
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Benjamin Smith 93 Benjamin Smith Fairfield Fairfield
Mary Smith 69 Mary Smith Fairfield Fairfield
Abel Smith 83 Abel Smith Brookfield Fairfield
Charles Smith 73 Charles Smith Greenwich Fairfield
Samuel Smith 78 Samuel Smith Southbury New Haven
Horace Smith 32 Horace Smith East Lyme New London
Thomas Smith 86 Thomas Smith Ledyard New London
Lydia Smith 73 Elisha Bennet Stonington New London
John Smith 80 John Smith Montville New London
Samuel C. Smith 46 Samuel C. Smith Salem New London
Frederick Smith 78 Thomas Smith Colchester New London
Elijah Smith 76 Elijah Smith Lebanon New London
Isaac Smith 78
New Canaan Fairfield
Benjamin Smith 77 Benjamin Smith Canterbury Windham
Lucy Smith 89 Asher Smith Canterbury Windham
Matthew Smith 80 Matthew Smith Chaplin Windham
_______ Smith 81 George Smith Litchfield Litchfield
Zebina Smith 80 Zebina Smith Winchester Litchfield
Levi Smith 76 Levi Smith Milford Litchfield
Abram Smith 80 Abram Smith Woodbury Litchfield
Theophilus M. Smith 82 Theophilus M. Smith Plymouth Litchfield
Sparro Smith 78 S. Smith Chatham Middlesex
Abisha Smith 86 Abisha Smith Haddam Middlesex
Temperance Smith 76 Temperance Smith East Haddam Middlesex
Roswell Smith 82 Roswell Smith Vernon Tolland
Joseph Snell 85 Joseph Snell Union Tolland
Lucy Snow 87 Edward Chappel Windham Windham
Asell Solomons 82 Asell Solomons Reading Fairfield
Eleanor Sparks 78 Roxana Spark Willington Tolland
Isaac Spencer 80 Isaac Spencer City of Hartford Hartford
Theodore Spencer 81 Theodore Spencer Hartford City1 Hartford
Elihu Spencer 78 Elihu Spencer Waterbury New Haven
Ansel Spencer 76 Ansel Spencer Waterbury New Haven
Hannah Spencer 85 Oliver Spencer Lyme New London
David Spencer 78 David Spencer Hampton Windham
Mitchel Spencer 74 Mitchel Spencer New Hartford Litchfield
Joel Spencer 77 Joel Spencer East Haddam Middlesex
Gardiner Spencer 81 Gardiner Spencer Mansfield Tolland
James Spencer 80 James Spencer Somers Tolland
Thomas Squairs 79 Thomas Squairs Weston Fairfield
David Squire 81 Daniel Squire Manchester Hartford
Ephraim Squire 92 Ephraim Squire Ashford Windham
Philip Squire 83 Philip Squire Ashford Windham
Abner Squires 78 Abner Squires, Jr. City of Hartford Hartford
Calvin Squires 76 John S. Davis Enfield Hartford
Joanna Squires 83 Isaac Squires Sherman Fairfield
David St. John 78
Norwalk Fairfield
Jesse St. John 81
Wilton Fairfield
Enoch St. John 75
New Canaan Fairfield
Elizabeth Stanard 93 Eli Wilson Windsor Hartford
Elijah Stannard 87 Elijah Stannard Westbrook Middlesex
Job Stannard 78 Job Stannard Westbrook Middlesex
John Stannard 80 John Stannard Westbrook Middlesex
Hannah Stanton 72 Charles P. Stanton Stonington New London
Thaddeus Starr 80 Thaddeus Starr Danbury Fairfield
Lavis Stebbens 83
New Canaan Fairfield
Bradford Steele 84 Bradford Steele Derby New Haven
Jemima Steele 77 Oliver W. Steele Ellington Tolland
Othiel Stent 88 Otheil Stent North Branford New Haven
Thomas Stevens 82 Thomas Stevens Granby Hartford
Henry Stevens 75 Horace Stevens Plymouth Litchfield
Amy Stevens 79 Seth Steven Canaan Litchfield
Elias Stevens 76 Elias Stevens Clinton Middlesex
Samuel Stewart 95
Wilton Fairfield
William Stewart 89 William Stewart Voluntown Windham
Joseph Stillman 79 Harriet Stillman Weathersfield Hartford
Daniel Stoddard 79 Daniel Stoddard Ledyard New London
Robert Stoddard 83 William G***h Ledyard New London
Frederick Stoddard 79 Frederick Stoddard Preston New London
Richard Stokes 76 Richard Stokes Westbrook Middlesex
Molly Ston 87 Isaac J. Gum Milford New Haven
Jedediah Ston 83 Jedediah Ston Milford New Haven
John Stone 80 John Stone Guilford New Haven
Albey Stone 78 Albey Stone Pomfret Windham
Phebe Stone 87 Joseph Wheaton Thompson Windham
Thomas Stone 86 Thomas Stone Litchfield Litchfield
Mary Stone 81 Levi W. Stone Kent Litchfield
Daniel Stone 92 Daniel Stone Kent Litchfield
Samuel Stone 86 Samuel Stone Union Tolland
William Storer 75 William Storer City of New Haven New Haven
James Storey 80 Ruel Cook Lisbon New London
Joshua Stow 78 Joshua Stow Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Thomas Stratton 82 Samuel Stratton Bridgeport Fairfield
Elizabeth Strong 74 Hiram Strong East Windsor Hartford
Ephraim Strong 85 William Strong Milford New Haven
John Strong 87 John Strong Woodbury Litchfield
John Strong 79 John Strong Norfolk Litchfield
Rachel Strong 79 Rachel Strong Chatham Middlesex
David Strong 78 David Strong Columbia Tolland
William Sumner 83 William Sumner City of Middletown Middlesex
Ebenezer L. Sweetland 87 E. L. Sweetland Coventry Tolland
Ashna Symonds 82 Ashna Symonds Manchester Hartford
Justus Talcott 80 Justus Talcott Vernon Tolland
Rebecca Talcott 81 Chester Talcott Coventry Tolland
Samuel Talmage 80 Samuel Talmage Cheshire New Haven
Sarah Talmage 82 Sarah Talmage Guilford New Haven
Lydia Tanner 85 Ebenezer Tanner Warren Litchfield
Azariah Taylor 82 Azariah Taylor Glastonbury Hartford
Nancy Taylor 73 Paul L. Taylor Westport Fairfield
Eli Taylor 80 Eli Taylor Danbury Fairfield
Samuel Taylor 78 Samuel Taylor Danbury Fairfield
Elind Taylor 82 Elind Taylor Danbury Fairfield
Eunice Taylor 82 Daniel Summers Newtown Fairfield
Elijah Taylor 81 John Bogue Colchester New London
Elisha Taylor 79 Elisha Taylor Litchfield Litchfield
Prudence Taylor 86 Fanny Taylor Torrington Litchfield
Jesse Taylor 87 Hiram Smith Colebrook Litchfield
Elias Taylor 87 Agur Beardsley Kent Litchfield
Hannah Taylor 79 Samuel Miner Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
John Taylor 83 John Taylor Hebron Tolland
Jared Terrell 82 Horace Terrell Waterbury New Haven
John A. Thomas 70 John A. Thomas East Haven New Haven
John Thomas 80 Miles H. Bidwell Colebrook Litchfield
James Thomas 87 James Thomas Haddam Middlesex
Betsey Thompson 69 Betsey Thompson Enfield Hartford
Alice Thompson 76 Alice Thompson Stratford Fairfield
James Thompson 88 James Thompson North Stonington New London
Moses Thompson 76 Charles W. Thompson Voluntown Windham
Parmelia Thompson 76 Charles M. Thompson Goshen Litchfield
Lydia Thorp 78 Lydia Thorp New Hartford Litchfield
Bezaleel Thrasher 82 Bezaleel Thrasher Weathersfield Hartford
Hannah Thresher 77 Thomas H. Thresher Stafford Tolland
Nathaniel Thurber 80 Nathaniel Thurber Killingly Windham
Timothy Tiffany 86 Timothy Tiffany Hartland Hartford
Soloman Tift 82 John Beneham Groton New London
Elin Tilbals 79 Orrin Tilbals Norfolk Litchfield
Daniel Tilotson 81 Edward Tilotson Farmington Hartford
William Tinker 78 William Tinker East Lyme New London
Mary Tinker 76 Asa Willcox Stonington New London
Mary Tinker 81 James Marvin Colebrook Litchfield
Simon Titus 87 Joseph Titus Sterling Windham
Joseph Titus 82 Joseph Titus, Jr. Washington Litchfield
Lucy Tomlinson 69 Philo Bassett Derby New Haven
Jabez H. Tomlinson 79 Jabez H. Tomlinson Stratford Fairfield
Phebe Tomlinson 75 David Plant Stratford Fairfield
Agur Tomlinson 81
Huntington Fairfield
Oliver Torry 84 Oliver Torry Killingly Windham
Joseph Tourtelott 82 Joseph Tourtelott Thompson Windham
William Town 83 Harmon Shumway Thompson Windham
Eleazer Tracy 75 Anson Gleason Montville New London
Hannah Tracy 88 Elisha Clark Preston New London
Gamaliel R. Tracy 81 James R. Tracy Colchester New London
Elijah Treadway 86 Elijah Treadway Salem New London
Benjamin Treadwell 77 Benjamin Treadwell New Fairfield Fairfield
Cato Treadwell 74
Wilton Fairfield
Russell Treat 82 Russel Treat East Hartford Hartford
James Treat 77 James Treat Preston New London
Elizabeth Treat 82 Seth Cornwell Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Lelia Trowbridge 70 Leman Brockett Orange New Haven
Thomas Trowbridge 77
Norwalk Fairfield
John Trumbell 84 Benjamin Sillaman City of New Haven New Haven
Sarah Trumbull 80 Peter Sanman City of Norwich New London
Joseph Tryon 78 Joseph Tryon Glastonbury Hartford
John Tubs 80 John Tubs East Lyme New London
Robert Tucker 80 Robert Tucker Thompson Windham
Elias Tully 88 Samuel M. Tully Saybrook Middlesex
Thomas Turner 55 Thomas Turner Fairfield Fairfield
Selah Turner 74 Selah Turner Mansfield Tolland
Abel Turney 75 Abel Turney Fairfield Fairfield
Elizabeth Tuttle 75 Isaac Tuttle City of New Haven New Haven
Lucius Tuttle 91 Betsey H. Hall Wolcott New Haven
Edmund Tuttle 76 Edmund Tuttle Westport Fairfield
Aaron Tuttle 84 Aaron Tuttle Southbury New Haven
Julia Tyler 80 Julia Tyler Southington Hartford
John Tyler 74 John Tyler Simsbury Hartford
Anna Tyler 78 Cyral Tyler Wallingford New Haven
Mabel Tyler 74 William Tyler East Haven New Haven
Bishop Tyler 72 Bishop Tyler Griswold New London
Nehemiah Tyler 80 Nehemiah Tyler Haddam Middlesex

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