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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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E - F
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Eunice Eaton 86 Gideon Watkins Farmington Hartford
Josiah Eaton 83 Josiah Eaton Ashford Windham
Solomon Eaton 82 Solomon Eaton Ellington Tolland
Gershom Eccleston 78 Gershom Eccleston North Stonington New London
Elizabeth Ecclestone 95 Caleb Ecclestone North Stonington New London
Mary Eddy 79 James Bussey Killingly Windham
Jabez Edgecomb 77 Jabez Ed***omb Groton New London
Samuel Edgecomb 80 Samuel Ed****mb Groton New London
James Edgerton 82 James Edgerton New London New London
Hezekiah Edwards 79
Trumbull Fairfield
Abigail Edwards 79
Norwalk Fairfield
Rhoda Eldridge 82 John S. Goodale East Windsor Hartford
Amy Ellethorp 86 Samuel E. Fairfield Stafford Tolland
Thomas Elliott 81 Ira Elliott Thompson Windham
Ruth Elmer 78 Oliver S. Elmer Hartford City1 Hartford
Stephen Elmer 86 Stephen Elmer East Windsor Hartford
Grace Elton 83 James Elton Berlin Hartford
Gurdon Ely 80 Gurdon Ely East Haddam Middlesex
Samuel Emmons 79 Samuel Emmons East Haddam Middlesex
Daniel S. Emmons 83 Daniel S. Emmons East Haddam Middlesex
Loisa Eno 76 Chester Eno Simsbury Hartford
Martin Enoe 76 Martin Enoe Somers Tolland
Mary Ensworth 80 Jedediah Ensworth Coventry Tolland
Mary Evaets 91 Mary Evaets Salisbury Litchfield
Moses Evans 81 Moses Evans Manchester Hartford
Allen Evans 79 William Butler Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Abner Everett 77 Abner Everett Bethlehem Litchfield
Peter Every 76 Peter Every Groton New London
Nathan Fairchild 78
Huntington Fairfield
Samuel Fairwether 79 Samuel Fairwether Weston Fairfield
Susan Fanning 81 Sidney Gardner Norwich (without the city limits) New London
Samuel Fargo 79 Samuel Fargo East Haddam Middlesex
Daniel Farman 80 Daniel Farman Killingly Windham
Chloe Farnham 79 Philip Pearl Hampton Windham
James B. Felch 47 James B. Felch Ashford Windham
Eleanor Felley 82 Horace Felley East Windsor Hartford
Benjamin Fenn 84 Benjamin Fenn Middlebury New Haven
Solomon Fenton 81 Solomon Fenton Willington Tolland
Mary Fer 81 Elijah Sparks Glastonbury Hartford
John Field 81 John Field Cheshire New Haven
Edward Field (Mary) 62 Edward Field Waterbury New Haven
Polly Filer 82 Julia Filer Torrington Litchfield
Jemima Filley 84 Hiram E. Stoddard Weathersfield Hartford
John Fisher 84 Laben Fisher Killingly Windham
Eunice Fisk 85 Eunice Fisk Chaplin Windham
Esther Fitch 77
Norwalk Fairfield
Abigail Fitch 85 Jabez Fitch Lebanon New London
Abigail Fitch 88 Elijah Fitch Bolton Tolland
Abijah Flagg 85 Abijah Flagg Hartford City1 Hartford
Aaron Flint 81 Aaron Flint Ashford Windham
Sarah Flint 78 Joshua C. Flint Hebron Tolland
Richard Flood 78 Richard Flood Chatham Middlesex
Elihu Foot 83 Edwin Foot North Branford New Haven
Darius Foot 78 Darius Foot Harrington Litchfield
Eli Forbes 80 Eli Forbes East Haven New Haven
Eunice Ford 75 Stephen B. Ford Milford New Haven
Amos Ford 78 Amos Ford Hampton Windham
William Forsyth 78 William Forsyth Ledyard New London
Saul Foster 85 Frederick Foster Madison New Haven
John Foster 78 John Foster Norwich (without the city limits) New London
________ Foster 78 Joseph Foster, Jr Chaplin Windham
John Foster 92 John Foster East Haddam Middlesex
Charlotte Foster 74 Ephraim Ely Ellington Tolland
Anna Fowl** 86 John F. Williams Woodstock Windham Fowler
Rebecca Fowler 81
Lebanon New London
Chrispus Fox 84 Chrispus Fox Granby Hartford
Thomas Fox 77 Thomas Fox Hartland Hartford
Ezekiel Fox 84 Ezekiel Fox New London New London
John Fox 83 Nehemiah Fox Woodstock Windham
Elijah Francis 80 Elijah Francis Berlin Hartford
Ezra Franklyn 87 Ezra Franklyn Brooklyn Windham
Ichabod C. Frisby 79 Ichabod C. Frisby Southington Hartford
Samuel Frothingham 81 Samuel Frothingham City of Middletown Middlesex
Thomas Frun 77 Thomas Frun Watertown Litchfield
Silas Fuller 65 Silas Fuller City of Hartford Hartford
Wealthy Fuller 83 Wealthy Fuller Lisbon New London
Ebenezer Fuller 80 Ebenezer Fuller Lisbon New London
Nathan Fuller 76 Nathan Fuller Windham Windham
John Fuller 76 Cyrus Fuller Sharon Litchfield
Josiah Fuller 87 Josiah Fuller Mansfield Tolland
Eunice Fuller 77 Chester Fuller Willington Tolland
John Fuller 87 John Fuller Willington Tolland
John Fullerton 81 Rufus Chamberlin Sharon Litchfield

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