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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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O - P
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
John O'Brien 84 Harry Alky Granby Hartford
Ezekiel Obanks 81 Ezekiel Obanks Weston Fairfield
Griswold Odell 79
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Nathan Odell 79
Norwalk Fairfield
Sally Ogden 76 Sally Ogden Fairfield Fairfield
Jonathan Olcott 82 Jonathan Olcott City of Hartford Hartford
Timothy Olmstead 82 Clarissa Tryon Farmington Hartford
Matthew Olmsted 80 Jeremiah Olmsted Bridgefield Fairfield
Stephen Orcutt 83 Stephen Orcutt Stafford Tolland
David Orris 93 Chandler Watten Colebrook Litchfield
Eliada Orsborne 79 Eliada Orsborne Litchfield Litchfield
John Osborn 84 John Osborn Fairfield Fairfield
Jeremiah Osborn 77 Jeremiah Osborn Fairfield Fairfield
Susanna Osborn 77 Daniel Prentiss Washington Litchfield
Elizabeth Osborn 85 William F. Osborn Goshen Litchfield
Abraham Osborne 84 Abraham Osborne Granby Hartford
Isaac Osborne 79 Isaac Osborne Avon Hartford
John T. Otis 81 John T. Otis Colchester New London
Nathan Oviatt 75 Nathan Oviatt Milford New Haven
Samuel Oviatt 77 Samuel Oviatt Milford Litchfield
Andrew Pa***ns 79 Nelson L. Elmer Woodstock Windham Parsons
Jacob Packen 76 Jacob Pachen Reading Fairfield
Hannah Packer 82 Hannah Packer Groton New London
Sabina Packer 77 Sabina Packer Groton New London
John Packer 83 John Packer Ledyard New London
Ebenezer Packes 81 Ebenezer Packes Canterbury Windham
Deliverance S. Painter 75 Henry Painter Roxbury Litchfield
Hannah Palmer 78 Peter Jacocks Berlin Hartford
Iriphena Palmer 86 Timothy Bradley, Jr Branford New Haven
Elisha Palmer 90 Elisha Palmer North Stonington New London
Benjamin Palmer 83 Benjamin Palmer Voluntown Windham
Reuben Palmer 79 Reuben Palmer Norfolk Litchfield
Samuel Palms 85 Samuel Palms East Haddam Middlesex
Adoijah Pangman 82 Gideon P. Pangman Cornwell Litchfield
Amini Panlk 84 Joshua Luce Tolland Tolland
Rosanna Pardee 78 Ceba Munson East Haven New Haven
Daniel Pardu 77 Daniel Pardu Southington Hartford
Stephen Parker 81 Stephen Ives Cheshire New Haven
Asa Parker 83 Asa Parker Coventry Tolland
James Parmalee 79 James Parmalee Durham Middlesex
Constant Parmelee 79 Constant Parmalee Clinton Middlesex
Lydia Parmer 85 Alanson Hall Litchfield Litchfield
Samuel Parsons 79 Samuel Parsons Orange New Haven
Jonathan Pasco 79 Jonathan Pasco East Windsor Hartford
William Patch 79 William Patch Danbury Fairfield
William Patten 88 William Patten Stafford Tolland
Lois Pearl 76 Austin Pearl Willington Tolland
Frederick Pearl 78 Frederick Pearl Willington Tolland
John Pease 87 John Pease Enfield Hartford
Abigail Pease 86 Heber Pease Enfield Hartford
Simeon Pease 82 Simeon Pease Enfield Hartford
Sarah Pease 81 Sarah Pease Somers Tolland
Anna Pease 92 Oliver Pease Somers Tolland
Lois Peck 82 Lois Peck City of New Haven New Haven
Samuel Peck 75 Samuel Peck Milford New Haven
Ward Peck 77 Ward Peck Waterbury New Haven
Phebe Peck 74 Moses Pond Wolcott New Haven
Ellen Peck 90 Job Peck Stratford Fairfield
Mary Peck 83 Levi Peck Stratford Fairfield
Benjamin Peck 78 Benjamin Peck New Fairfield Fairfield
Abijah Peck 83 Abijah Peck Southbury New Haven
Sarah Peck 78 Sarah Peck Lyme New London
Elijah Pect 79 Elijah Pect Bridgeport Fairfield
James Penfield 82 James Penfield Fairfield Fairfield
Simeon Penfield 85 Simeon Penfield Chatham Middlesex
Mary Perrigo 79 Betsey Abel Lisbon New London
Nathaniel Perry 81 Nathaniel Perry Fairfield Fairfield
Mary Perry 86 David B. Perry Fairfield Fairfield
Hannah Peter 78 Hiram Goodale Hebron Tolland
Mary Peters 85 G*** Gunn Danbury Fairfield
Joseph Pettes 81
Norwich (without the city limits) New London
Benjamin Pettis 84 Benjamin Pettis Chatham Middlesex
Elizabeth Phelps 77 Elizabeth Phelps Suffield Hartford
John Phelps 84 John Phelps Colebrook Litchfield
Za***h Phelps 79 Za***h Phelps Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Daniel Phelps 81 Daniel Phelps Hebron Tolland
Amos Phelps 83 Amos Phelps Hebron Tolland
Roger Phelps 77 R. L. Phelps Hebron Tolland
Mary Philips 80 Samuel Cooper Coventry Tolland
Martha S. Phillips 80 Bradford Phillips North Stonington New London
Phineas Picket 83 Phineas Picket Windsor Hartford
Oliver Pickinson 83 Samuel Wright Litchfield Litchfield
John Pierpont 87 John Pierpont North Haven New Haven
Thomas Pilgrim 87 Thomas Pilgrim Lyme New London
Lemuel Pinney 88 Daniel Griggs Tolland Tolland
Sarah Pitts 85 Sarah Pitts Waterbury New Haven
Simon Place 88 Calvin Place Killingly Windham
Gillen Platt 75 Gillen Platt Westport Fairfield
Joseph Platt 75 Joseph Platt Westport Fairfield
Anna Platt 67 Nehemiah Gillett Danbury Fairfield
George Plum 74 George Plum East Haddam Middlesex
Joseph Plumb 81 Clement Fosdeck Lyme New London
William Plumb 91 William Plumb City of Middletown Middlesex
Joseph Polly 82 Joseph Polly City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Abigail Pool 75 Betsey Hawkins Derby New Haven
Abigail Poole 75 William H. Tomlinson Waterbury New Haven
Gideon Popple 94 Gideon Popple Canterbury Windham
Abijah Porter 83 Abijah Porter Berlin Hartford
Mary Porter 74 Mary Porter East Hartford Hartford
Rachel Porter 79 John Porter Litchfield Litchfield
Esther Post 76 Esther Post Canaan Litchfield
Jimmy Post 79 Jimmy Post Clinton Middlesex
Edward Potter 81 Horace Roberts Glastonbury Hartford
John Potter 80 David Page North Branford New Haven
Medad Potter 84 Russell Potter Guilford New Haven
David Potter 79 David Potter Fairfield Fairfield
Income Potter 94 Income Potter Voluntown Windham
Thankful Potter 76 Oliver Pickinson Litchfield Litchfield
Ezra Potter 85 Asa Dickerson Chatham Middlesex
William Pratt 89 William H. Pratt Granby Hartford
Abigail Pratt 78 Abigail Pratt Cornwell Litchfield
Elisha Prentice 74 Elisha Prentice Griswold New Londonq
Absalom Pride 84 Absalom Pride Preston New London
Philip Prince 80 Bristow Swan Preston New London
Ebenezer Prior 95 Ebenezer Prior Enfield Hartford
Chloe Prout 68 Chloe Prout Cornwell Litchfield
Samuel Provost 75 Samuel Provost Stamford Fairfield
Catharine Putname 84 George Sumner City of Hartford Hartford

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