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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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M - N
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Mary Mack 78 P. R. Gilbert Hebron Tolland
Hannah Macvin 79
Norwalk Fairfield
David Main 88 David Main North Stonington New London
David Mallery 86 David Mallery Cornwell Litchfield
Miles Mallet 77 Miles Mallet Orange New Haven
Anna Mallett 82 Anna Mallett Fairfield Fairfield
Andrew Mann 85 Caleb Hubbard Hebron Tolland
Joseph Mann 78 Joseph Mann Hebron Tolland
Sarah Manning 78 Mansur Manning Canterbury Windham
Seabry Manning 76 Gamaliel Manning Windham Windham
Mary Manning 93 Walter Kingsley Windham Windham
Andrew Manning 86 Lathrop Manning Willington Tolland
Martha Manross 75 Elisha Manross Bristol Hartford
John Markham 83 John Markham Chatham Middlesex
Mabel Marsh 77 Marcus Marsh Manchester Hartford
Roswell Marsh 79 Roswell Marsh New Hartford Litchfield
Salome Marsh 77 Miles Marsh New Hartford Litchfield
Amasa Martin 76 Amasa Martin Hampton Windham
Nathaniel F. Martin 80 Nathaniel F. Martin Hampton Windham
Martha Martin 79 Martha Martin Mansfield Tolland
John Mash 82 John Mash Barkhamstead Litchfield
Elijah Mason 83 Jacob Lyon Woodstock Windham
Elisha Mason 81 Elisha Mason Litchfield Litchfield
Joseph Mason 85 Chester Emmons Litchfield Litchfield
Samuel Matha 75 Samuel Matha Darien Fairfield
Joseph Matthews 88 Nathan Matthews Thompson Windham
David Mawin 81
Norwalk Fairfield
Adonijah Maxam 86 Clark Maxam Sharon Litchfield
Rebecca May 83 Sylvester May Weathersfield Hartford
Lebues Maynard 76 A. F. Maynard New London New London
Ebenezer Maynard 82
Waterford New London
Jabez Maynerd 83 Jabez Maynerd East Haddam Middlesex
Pompey McCuffe 80 Pompey McCuffe Windham Windham
John McEwen 96 Aaron Beard Stratford Fairfield
Elizabeth McKee 85 Elizabeth McKee Manchester Hartford
James McLean 85 Ogden McLean Glastonbury Hartford
Jacob Meach 82 Jacob Meach Preston New London
Uriah Mead 80 Uriah Mead New Fairfield Fairfield
Ezra Mead 82 Ezra Mead Bridgefield Fairfield
Thomas Mead 76 Thomas Mead Bridgefield Fairfield
Jeremiah Mead 85 Seth Mead Bridgefield Fairfield
Smith Mead 80 Seely Mead Greenwich Fairfield
Thad. Mead 76
Wilton Fairfield
Joseph Meeker 80 Silas Meeker Westport Fairfield
Mabel Meigs 83 Isaac Meigs Guilford New Haven
Marcus Meraman 78 Marcus Meraman City of New Haven New Haven
Joel Merchant 78 Joel Merchant Reading Fairfield
Tabitha Merchant 82 Samuel Merchant Sharon Litchfield
Sarah Merrell 85 Elijah F. Merrell Waterbury New Haven
Amasa Merriam 82 Amasa Merriam Meriden New Haven
Jared Merrill 49 Jared Merrill Waterbury New Haven
Nathaniel Merrills 80 Nathaniel Merrills Canaan Litchfield
Lois Merriman 76 Lois Merriman Hamden New Haven
Anne Merriman 76 George F. Merriman Watertown Litchfield
Hannah Merritt 82
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Reuben Messenger 87 Reuben Messenger New Hartford Litchfield
Ebenezer Metcalf 83 Ebenezer Metcalf Lebanon New London
Daniel Miles 89 Daniel Miles Glastonbury Hartford
Lucinda Miles 77 Stephen Smith, 2d East Haven New Haven
Mercy Miles 76 Samuel Stocking Waterbury New Haven
Samuel Miles 84 Charles H. Dear Goshen Litchfield
Joseph Millard 77 Joseph Millard Bloomfield Hartford
Leavitt Millard 80 Leavitt Millard Vernon Tolland
Rosanna Miller 77 John Miller Suffield Hartford
Roswell Miller 80 Roswell Miller Windsor Hartford
Ebenezer Miller 76 Ebenezer Miller Torrington Litchfield
Solomon Mills 84 Solomon Mills Greenwich Fairfield
Joseph Miner 84 Joseph Miner Wolcott New Haven
Seth Miner 82 Seth miner Lyme New London
Rhoda Miner 75 Erastus Bramble Lyme New London
Eli Mitchel 72
Monroe Fairfield
Amny Mix 82 Amny Mix Hartford City1 Hartford
Ransom Mix 48 Ransom Mix Waterbury New Haven
John Monro 87 Woodward Page Branford New Haven
Susanna Monroe 79 Susanna Monroe Canterbury Windham
Eneas Monson 76 A. E. Monson City of New Haven New Haven
Abraham Morehouse 82 Abraham Morehouse Fairfield Fairfield
Ann Morehouse 83 Ann Morehouse Fairfield Fairfield
Nicholas Morgan 78 Nicholas Morgan Groton New London
Oliver Morgan 79 Stephen Stoddard Ledyard New London
Desire Morgan 74 Charles Morgan Norwich (without the city limits) New London
William A. Morgan 85 Griswold A. Morgan Lebanon New London
Daniel Morgan 78 Daniel Morgan Chatham Middlesex
Abigail Morgan 78 Charles Morgan Somers Tolland
Elijah Morley 72 Elijah Morley Coventry Tolland
Edmund Morris 82 Edmund Morris Branford New Haven
Mary Morris 74 Mary Morris Derby New Haven
Sarah Morse 83 William Morse Berlin Hartford
Moses Morse 89 Chauncey Morse Farmington Hartford
Ruth Morton 78 Ruth Morton East Windsor Hartford
Esther Moses 76 Evelin Kilborn Barkhamstead Litchfield
Martin Moses 79 Martin Moses Barkhamstead Litchfield
Martha Moss 90 Lery Catlin Litchfield Litchfield
Elizabeth Mugs 84 Thomas Lee Berlin Hartford
Mary Mulkins 86 Job Lawton Griswold New London
Hezekiah Munsell 87 Hezekiah Munsell East Windsor Hartford
Eunice Munsell 86 Rodney Munsell Windsor Hartford
Jonathan Munson 84 Chauncy Munson North Branford New Haven
Mabel Munson 80 Mabel Munson Prospect New Haven
Medad Munson 83 Medad Munson Barkhamstead Litchfield
Hannah Murray 87
Norwalk Fairfield
John Murtins 55 John Murtins Waterford New London
John G. Muson 32 John G. Muson New London New London
Anna Nash 68 Keeler Nash Westport Fairfield
Henry Nearing 82 Henry Nearing Milford Litchfield
Nathan Nettleton 76 Nathan Nettleton Milford New Haven
Stedman Newbury 89 Stedman Newbury Waterford New London
Stiles Nichols 79 Stiles Nichols City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Ephraim Nichols 81 Ephraim Nichols Fairfield Fairfield
Enos Nichols 80 Enos Nichols Danbury Fairfield
Sylvanus Nichols 77 Sylvanus Nichol Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Thaddeus Nichols 78 Thaddeus Nichols City of Middletown Middlesex
James Nicolson 52 James Nicolson City of New Haven New Haven
Elisha Niles 79 Elisha Niles Chatham Middlesex
Roswell Noble 82 Roswell F. Noble Simsbury Hartford
Levi North 80 Levi North Berlin Hartford
Anna Northrop 78 Thoams Lawrence Milford New Haven
Isaac Northrop 80 William Hargee Woodbridge New Haven
Clarina Northrop 78 Clarina Northrop Brookfield Fairfield
Phebe Norton 71 Henry Norton Berlin Hartford
Anna Norton 83 Emily Pitkin East Hartford Hartford
William Noyes 76 William Noyes Ledyard New London

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