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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

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1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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I - J
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Hezekiah Ingraham 80 Hezekiah Ingraham Preston New London
Ichabod Ires 81 Ichabod Ires Wallingford New Haven
Josiah Irisbie 89 Josiah Irisbie Branford New Haven
Martha Ives 85 Phineas T. Ives Meriden New Haven
Hannah Jacklin *0 Henry C. Woodbridge Manchester Hartford
Daniel Jackson 77 Whitney Jackson Stratford Fairfield
Samuel Jackson 82 Samuel Jackson Bethlehem Litchfield
Asa Jacobs 80 Asa Jacobs Thompson Windham
Lovisa James 82 Lovisa James Warren Litchfield
Phebe Janes 73 Phebe Janes Farmington Hartford
Ruth Janes 77 Josiah Janes Mansfield Tolland
Olive Jaquin 77 Daniel Jaquin Canaan Litchfield
James Jelliff 81
Norwalk Fairfield
William Jennings 74 William Jennings Fairfield Fairfield
Peter Jennings 77 Peter Jennings Fairfield Fairfield
Burret Jennings 81 John Jennings Cornwell Litchfield
Nathan Jennings 86 Elisha Jennings Willington Tolland
Anthony Jerome 59 Anthony Jerome New London New London
Ebenezer Jessup 77 Ebenezer Jessup Greenwich Fairfield
Martin Jethro -- Martin Jethro North Haven New Haven
Nathan H. Jewit 79 Benjamin B***with Lyme New London Beckwith
Alpheus Jewitt 85 Alpheus Jewitt Sharon Litchfield
Benjamin Jinker 80 Benjamin Jinker East Lyme New London
Huldah Johnson 86 Huldah Johnson Meriden New Haven
Abraham W. Johnson 89 Wylly Thompson East Haven New Haven
Nathaniel Johnson 82 Nathaniel Johnson Derby New Haven
Phineas Johnson 79 Chester Matfield Oxford New Haven
Timothy Johnson 82 Timothy Johnson Oxford New Haven
Usual Johnson 80 Usual Johnson Lyme New London
Benoni Johnson 73 Sherman Cloveland Harrington Litchfield
John Johnson 81 John Johnson Chatham Middlesex
Rebecca Johnson 85 Rebecca Johnson Chatham Middlesex
Samuel Johnson 83 Ira Johnson Tolland Tolland
Morris Jones 85 Morris Jones Madison New Haven
Asa Jones 86 Andrew Lathrop Lebanon New London
George Jones 85 George Jones Harrington Litchfield
Lydia Jones 79 Horace Tolles Plymouth Litchfield
John Jones 79 John Jones Saybrook Middlesex
Eleanor Jones 87 Jonathan Clark Somers Tolland
Jamima Jose 80 Lavina Hawly Winchester Litchfield
Esther Judd 82 Henry Judd Berlin Hartford
Sarah Judd 81 Sarah Judd Waterbury New Haven
Thomas Judd 63 Thomas Judd Waterbury New Haven
______ Judd 92 Joseph J. Cass Kent Litchfield
Thomas Judd 86 Chauncey Morriss Canaan Litchfield
Solomon Judd 82 Solomon Judd Coventry Tolland
Naomi Judson 81 Naomi Jud*on Stratford Fairfield
Nehemiah Judson 82 Nehemiah Judson Woodbury Litchfield
Joseph Juiss 79 Benjamin Juiss Meriden New Haven

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