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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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K - L
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Richard Keeney *5 Richard Keeney Manchester Hartford
Medad Kellogg 91 Medad Kellogg Tolland Tolland
Jeremiah M. Kelly 81 Augustus Miles Goshen Litchfield
Agnes Kennada 82 Charles Kennada Voluntown Windham
Lucy Kenneda 76 Thomas Baldwin Chaplin Windham
William Kenney 83 Isaac Kenney Derby New Haven
John K. Kent 81 John K. Kent Suffield Hartford
Frederick Kibber 78 Frederick Kibber Somers Tolland
Elizabeth Kilborn 86 Elihu Denslow City of Hartford Hartford
John Kilby 79 James Hurlbut, 2d Weathersfield Hartford
Jane King 72 Elisha Pember Vernon Tolland
Jabez Kingsberry 84 Jabez Kingsber** Tolland Tolland
Mary Kingsbury 78 Mary Kingsbury City of Hartford Hartford
Alpheus Kingsley 77 Alpheus Kingsley Bozrah New London
Hezekiah Kingsley 81 Hezekiah Kingsley Canterbury Windham
Jaben Kingsley 82 Jaben Kingsley Brooklyn Windham
Freelove Kinney 89 Avery Kinney Voluntown Windham
Nathan Kirtland 77 Nathan Kirtland Westbrook Middlesex
John Knapp 87 Nathaniel W. Knapp Weston Fairfield
Hezekiah Knapp 90 Hezekiah Knapp Stamford Fairfield
William Knapp 84 William Knapp Stamford Fairfield
Nathan Knapp 77
Norwalk Fairfield
Ann Knight 78
Norwalk Fairfield
Hepsebah Knowles 70 Heppy Knowles City of Hartford Hartford
Frederick Knowlton 79 Frederick Knowlton Ashford Windham
Thomas Knowlton 74 Thomas Knowlton Willington Tolland
Betsey Lacey 80 Jesse Lacey Weston Fairfield
Silas Lamb 77 Silas Lamb Groton New London
Lois Lambert 79 Lois Lambert Sharon Litchfield
Elizabeth Lamphere 81 Solomon Lamphere Chaplin Windham
Rufus Landon 81 Henry Landon Salisbury Litchfield
Nathaniel Lane 76 Anson G. Lane Wolcott New Haven
Jonathan Langford 88 Jonathan Langford Groton New London
Adam Larabee 53 Adam Larabee Ledyard New London
Charles Larrabee 58 Park Brown City of New Haven New Haven
Joseph Latham 84 Lebsey Latham East Lyme New London
Christopher Latham 81 Christopher Latham Groton New London
Dixwell Lathrop 87 Dixwell Lathrop Griswold New London
William Lathum 75 William Adams Ledyard New London
Marvil Laurence 75 Marvil Laurence Plainfield Windham
Richard Law 78 Richard Law New London New London
Sarah Lawson 74 Ariel Keys Ashford Windham
Ebenezer Lawson 81 Isaac B. Booth Union Tolland
John Lay 76 John Lay Lyme New London
Phebe Leach 87 Harvey Leach Canterbury Windham
Jonathan Lee 78 Jonathan Lee Madison New Haven
Eber Lee 79 Elah Camp, 2d Durham Middlesex
David Lees 76 Daniel Lee Barkhamstead Litchfield
Silas Leonard 83 Amasa Leonard Kent Litchfield
Bridget Leray 74 Bridget Leray North Stonington New London
Channey Lewis 79 Channey Lewis Southington Hartford
Abel Lewis 79 Abel Lewis Glastonbury Hartford
Elizabeth Lewis 85 Chester Scovill Prospect New Haven
Abiah Lewis 76 Federal Ward Bridgeport Fairfield
Patience Lewis 89 Patience Lewis Stratford Fairfield
Charity Lewis 78 Charity Lewis Stratford Fairfield
Nathan Lewis 85
Huntington Fairfield
Sally Lewis 80 Clark Lewis Colchester New London
Sarah Lewis 86 Sarah Lewis Haddam Middlesex
Ellis Lillibridge 79 Daniel Lillibridge Tolland Tolland
Sarah Lindsley 76 John Lindsley, 2d. North Branford New Haven
Benjamin Lines 78 Benjamin Lines City of New Haven New Haven
Sarah Lines 78 John F. Smith Southbury New Haven
Moses Lippet 89 Nathaniel Lippet Killingly Windham
John Little 79 John Little Darien Fairfield
James Lloyd 76 William Loyd Sharon Litchfield
Noah Lockwood 73 Noah Lockwood Greenwich Fairfield
Messenger Lockwood 75 Messenger Lockwood Greenwich Fairfield
David Lockwood 80 David Lockwood Milford Litchfield
Isaiah Loomies 82
Lebanon New London
Simon Loomies 79
Lebanon New London
John Loomies 88
Lebanon New London
Daniel Loomis 82 Daniel Loomis Coventry Tolland
Frederick Lord 80 Frederick Lord Hartford City1 Hartford
Anna Lord 73
City of Bridgeport Fairfield
Samuel Lord 85 Samuel Lord East Haddam Middlesex
Solomon Loring 78 Solomon Loring Lebanon New London
Lydia Losell 95 John Losell Windham Windham
Prudence Lounsbury 76 Edward E. Mallory Oxford New Haven
Mass Louthworth 78 Lewis Chatfield Stratford Fairfield
Nathaniel Luce 82 Nathaniel Luce Canterbury Windham
Jesse Luddington 84 Joseph Grannis East Haven New Haven
Elisha Lyman 75 Thankful C*** Groton New London
Johanna Lyman 85 Abram Weed Sharon Litchfield
Mary Lyman 88 Martin Lyman Coventry Tolland
Nehemiah W. Lyon 81 Nehemiah Lyon Weston Fairfield
Joshua Lyon 87 Joshua Lyon Greenwich Fairfield

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