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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 27, 2001

1Hartford City (Limits Excepted)

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Q - R
First Name Last Name Age Head of Household City County Possible Name
Hannah Quintard 70 Cyrus Beers Brookfield Fairfield
Lucretia Ramond 80 Jonathan Morgan Colchester New London
Catharine Ramsdell 83 Mary L. Ramsdell City of New Haven New Haven
Timothy Randall 82 Timothy Randall Milford Litchfield
Charles Randall 76 Chalres Randall Milford Litchfield
Jack Randall 84 Jack Randall City of Middletown Middlesex
Amos Ransom 80 Amos Ransom City of Hartford Hartford
James Ransom 78 James Ransom Salem New London
Ruth Rathbone 81 John Rathbone Lisbon New London
Jonathan Rathbun 75 Jonathan Rathbun East Lyme New London
Caleb Ray 82 Jared Stephens Southington Hartford
Gideon Ray 84 Joseph Wilber Griswold New London
Gershom Ray 80 Gershom Ray Voluntown Windham
David Raymond 80 Gould Raymond Stamford Fairfield
Nathaniel Raymond 87
Norwalk Fairfield
Zadok Raymond 76
Wilton Fairfield
Loisa Raymond 81 Edward Raymond Windham Windham
Margaret Raynolds 82 Matilda Raynolds Killingly Windham
Zalmon Read 81 Zalmon Read Reading Fairfield
Justice Reed 79 Justice Reed Torrington Litchfield
Samuel Reed 79 Samuel Reed Tolland Tolland
David Reeler 87 David Reeler Brookfield Fairfield
Huldah Reeler 82 Albert Judson Brookfield Fairfield
Rumas Renedict 74 Hanley Hungerford Sherman Fairfield
Hannah Reynolds 77 Hannah Reynolds East Hartford Hartford
Rhosmantu Rhodus 53 Samuel C. Mervin Milford New Haven
William Rice 78 William Rice Stafford Tolland
Ebenezer Richardson 56 Aaron Freeman Middlebury New Haven
Joseph Richardson 78 Joseph Richardson Thompson Windham
V**l Richmond 76 V**l Richmond Madison New Haven
Sarah Riley 87 D. Buckley Berlin Hartford
Eliphalet Ripley 55 Eliphalet Ripley Windham Windham
Nehemiah Ripley 78 Nehemiah Ripley Windham Windham
George Risley 77 George Risley Somers Tolland
Thomas Roach 73 Thomas Roach Ledyard New London
Ebenezer Robbins 82 Ebenezer Robbins Ashford Windham
Stephen Robbins 79 Amos Robbins Thompson Windham
Daniel Roberts 79 Daniel Roberts East Hartford Hartford
Lucretia Roberts 84 Lucretia Roberts East Hartford Hartford
Abigail Roberts 89 Isaac Roberts East Hartford Hartford
Elijah Roberts 78 Elijah Roberts Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Ebenezer Roberts 82 Harley Bowers Middletown (without the city) Middlesex
Sarah Robertson 78 Sarah Robertson Fairfield Fairfield
Hannah Robertson 84 Alanson Robertson Weston Fairfield
Thomas Robins 75 Thomas Robins Voluntown Windham
Zeruviah Robins 85 Zeruviah Robins Voluntown Windham
John Robinson 79 John Robinson North Branford New Haven
William Robinson 75 William Robinson Stonington New London
Jonathan Robinson 80 Jonathan Robinson Windham Windham
Andrew Robinson 77 Andrew Robinson Windham Windham
Reuben Robinson 81 Reuben Robinson Killingly Windham
Amasa Robinson 77 Amasa Robinson Ashford Windham
Clapp Rockwell 77
Wilton Fairfield
Joseph Rockwell 82 Joseph Rockwell Norfolk Litchfield
Ruth Rogers 83 Ebenezer Rogers North Branford New Haven
Martha Rogers 86 John Jowner Branford New Haven
Heman Rogers 84 Heman Rogers Branford New Haven
Gideon Rogers 79 Gideon Rogers Lyme New London
Thomas Rogers 83 Thomas Rogers Montville New London
Ebenezer Rogers 96 Ebenezer Rogers Salem New London
Hooma Rogers 80 Samuel Rogers Winchester Litchfield
Leonard Rogers 85 Leonard Rogers Vernon Tolland
Abigail Rogers 81 Samuel Colburn, Jr Stafford Tolland
Nathaniel Root 84 Nathaniel Root Coventry Tolland
Lucy Roots 76 Hiram H. Roots Kent Litchfield
Hannah Rose 78 Hannah Rose North Branford New Haven
Mary Rose 87 Mary Rose Ledyard New London
Nathaniel Round 81 Nathaniel Round Ashford Windham
John Rowe 86 John Rowe East Haven New Haven
Silas Rowley 79 Silas Rowley Bloomfield Hartford
Chauncey Royce 83 John Royce Farmington Hartford
Eunice Rudd 87 William R. Dorrance Windham Windham
Phebe Rude 77 Rix Rude Preston New London
Lucy Ruggles 76 Lucy Ruggles Brookfield Fairfield
Sally Runnolds 76 Luke Runnolds Preston New London
Eunice Russell 71 David A. Russell North Branford New Haven
John Russell 78 John Russell Salisbury Litchfield
Lorica Russell 84 Lorica Russell Somers Tolland

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